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FM 2020 FLUT skin dark - Version 2.0

A "dark" skin for the regular career mode of Football Manager 2020 - Version 2.0, released on 5 April 2020

By Updated on Apr 05, 2020   174158 views   592 comments
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Downloads: 50244 / Size: 180.4 MB / Added: 2019-11-03
Football Manager 2020 Skins - FM 2020 FLUT skin dark - Version 2.0

FM 2020 FLUT skin dark - Version 2.0

Skin for FM 2020 regular career mode and widescreen (1920x1080).

This is the FLUT Skin ("dark" version) for FM20. As usual, the Flut skin is completely full of changes when you compare with the default skin.

In FLUT Skin you can find the instant result option, the background/opacity selector, compatibility of player picture (in player overview panel) with DF11 and Scope facepacks styles, the animated intro match and much more!!!
Many panels were changed or tweaked!!

The Skin pack also includes:
1. “Round country flags”, “round continents logos” and default logos specially made in metallic style by brian-q from sourtitoutsi. Those graphics will be displayed in the title bar.
2. Background maps for confederations, also made by brian-q. Thank you brian by your great work and for your collaboration!!!
3. Several alternative files for alternative panels layout:
- Alt. for sidebar for those who want to use a coloured sidebar according each club colour.
- Five alts. for club overview panel
- Alt. for player overview panel with the layout I used in FlusSkin 1.8
- Alt for player overview without background boxes as default
- An alt client object browser file for those who prefer playing with a solid background instead of pictures backgrounds (stadiums, cities, etc)

You can download the 2D packs prepared for Flutskin (titlebar and player overview panel). For that you should search for that kits pack elsewhere since the download link in FMScout is down due copyright issues.

You also can download the stadiums megapack and the citypics released by DAZS8 (thank you, my friend)

NOW the player profile always shows the front and the back kits (even if you don't have the 2d kits for Flutskin). This is a new "creation". It was hard to find a way to make it work but i'm proud with that new stuff and I believe this is a great news for all the Flutskin fans!!!

Main changes in 2.0 version
- New Club Overview panel
- New Team Report panel
- New Match Titlebar
- New news panel

Here are the screenshots of that changes

Once again I would like to thank you to all FM Fans who support my work and also to all skin makers. A special thank you to PATRES10 from fmslovakia for the 2D default kits (especially tailor-made for FlutSkin).

As always FlutSkin is completely free to download and I hope you enjoy it. However, if you want, you can reward my work donating whatever amount you wish. Any small amount is really appreciated.

You can do so by clicking the button down below:

Resolution requirements:
This skin was made to work properly in 1920x1080 (1080p) full screen mode, sidebar icons only. As a result, some panels won’t work properly in other resolutions (and also in 1920x1080 windowed mode).

How to add Flut Skin in FM20

Download and extract the .rar file (using either 7-Zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for Mac).

Place the "fm2020flutskin_dark" folder here:
Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\skins

  1. Create the folder "skins" if it doesn't exist.
  2. Start FM20 and go to Preferences screen and then into the Interface tab.
  3. You should see FM 2020 Flut Skin dark - Version 2.0 as an option in the skin drop down of the Overview box.
  4. Hit the Confirm button.

Please note this skin is provided as is. It has nothing to do with Sports Interactive or SEGA and won't be supported by them.

Download Now
Downloads: 50244 / Size: 180.4 MB / Added: 2019-11-03
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Discussion: FM 2020 FLUT skin dark - Version 2.0

592 comments have been posted so far.

  • Enz0's avatar
    Boas, como posso alterar a resolução de ecra para esta skin?
  • qwerqw's avatar
    Hi Flut, thank you for the Skin - I use it since yesterday -it is great!
    Can someone explain to me how to make the assistant Coach make Substitution within the game? Or where do I find those informations? Skin best practice? My Coach does not while chosing/using immediatlly result. Thanks.
  • BHGooner's avatar

    Any way to permanently change default background, without it reverting back on it's own?

  • FCK2017's avatar
    where can i get version 1.8 again. Great job
  • DexterHovis's avatar
    Flut, I've always been astonished by your patience in answering all the queries from people asking how to skin the skin. As DAZS8 said people should use it as is unless they are reporting bugs.
  • Copywriter's avatar
    @Flut keep on the good work. I use your skin since your first one. Thanks mate and keep it updated for yourself so that we also can enjoy it!
  • Magic1111's avatar
    Flut, please excuse me! You are right. I will use the skin in future as it is, because it is the best. Therefore, will no longer post anything and enjoy your work quietly!

  • DAZS8's avatar
    Well said Flut
    Having read some of these comments over the last few days it is a constant reminder to me of my time skinning and also makes me so very happy I stopped.
    People think you have nothing better to do than answer constant requests he has said this has to stop.
    Use the skin as its made.....FFS
  • filip991's avatar
    Thank you brother for your great effort. Sorry for the annoyance and everyday issues. I think your skin is the best, I use it for the second, third series.
    I'm not going to bother you anymore, sorry for this one, just here is a recent photo to try again to insert these hidden attributes, since nothing you wrote cannot find me.

    When you say code you mean id="hhax"?
    I don't have anywhere to "hhat" text in the player overview panel.
    If you can just help me again what should I do to have this?

    Thanks again, and going ahead with the work is great!

    and one short, sorry again. as you can see in this photo I do not have a front jersey next to the picture of the players (and I don't think the jerseys I have in the graphics are not stand, but a default)
  • EdwinK85's avatar
    Hi Flut, i'm on a macbook air, resolution 1440x900. I put the folder as you said in the skins folder, but at interface it is now showing up in the options.
    Is this because my resolution is not supporting it? Or is it maybe the fact that i'm using the temporary free version? Thanks
  • vonreichsm's avatar
    Thanks for your hard work flut and i´m with you. Have a nice day and hope you stay healthy.
  • richbell82's avatar
    God bless you Flut!! I shall have another go in the morning.
    Thank you so much for always being there and assisting with all the advice you give.
    Sincere apologies for stressing you out. Certainly not my intentions for sure. Happy gaming
  • Flut's avatar
    Dear all: enough is enough! I always tried to answer your questions. I also tried to adjust the skin not only according my taste but considering your taste (that's why also I tried to do alts xmls for some panels).....and, believe me, I consider that is a natural consequence of sharing my "work". I really love to work in the skin and, as I believe you know, in spite of the fact that I put a button for donation, and the donations keep going just a few, that is not my main objetive or concern. I really love edit a skin. Skinning is a great hobby for my free time. But, I really don't know if some of you imagine the hard work behind the changes, sometimes even small changes.
    Everyday some of you make more and more requests in order to change the skin according your taste...even without read the text I include in the skin thread, even without try to read the comments before asking (and so many times I already answered the question you do...). Now,I can't manage all your requests. I'm tired to do it and, I must confess, a little bit angry (it might be effects of these difficult times we are living....).
    Thus, please, stop asking for changes!!
    In opposite, I really appreciate when you report bugs and please keep reporting.
    Sorry for this outburst but, as I said in the beginning of this message....enough is enough!
  • Flut's avatar
    Filip: 1. Yes. There is. I take a look again in the panel (line 2385). You should strictly following the steps I told you in my last comment.

    2. Please read my comment to richbell82

    3. Yes but it implies a hard work. I can’t explain easily what you should do for that. Sorry.

    kfnielsen: go to player attributes panel for scouting centre.xml and do the same you did in the other xml

    richbell82 : I didn’t really understand why you have edited the inbox content in training focus panel.xml….

    You only must change the player overview panel here:

    <widget class="player_attributes_panel" file="player/player attributes panel3abox" id="patt" late_loading="true">


    <widget class="player_attributes_panel" file="player attributes panel3" id="patt" late_loading="true">

    And, in player overview big selector panel1.xml

    <widget class="player_attributes_panel" id="paxe" late_loading="true" file="player attributes panel3">
    <translation id="title" translation_id="229822" type="use" value="Attributes" />


    <widget class="player_attributes_panel" id="paxe" late_loading="true" file="player/player attributes panel3abox">
    <translation id="title" translation_id="229822" type="use" value="Attributes" />

    cancann : use the alt client object browser.xml I included in the alt folder.
  • filip991's avatar
    1. There is no id = ”hhat” panel at all in the player overview panel.
    How much do i understand i need to find and enter hhax instead of hhat?
    hhat i only have in player personal details panel2.

    2. Why do I not see marked position-related ratings when I switch to attributes?

    3. Is it possible to move this far right panel containing the season statistics to the center below the attribute?
  • kfnielsen's avatar
    Hi again
    Flut wich panel do I alter to non box this screenie
  • richbell82's avatar
    Hi Flut, i have made the changes as instructed (I think) but no change.

    I have attached screen shots of the files I made changes to...
  • cancann's avatar
    Hi Flut! Thank you very much! I have a question:

    Is it able to delete all backgrounds? That I only have a black backgorund instead?

    Thank you very much! Best greetings from Germany!
  • Doddo04's avatar
    Hi Flut thanks for your fantastic work. I love the new player and club overview in version 1.9
  • Magic1111's avatar
    Flut, you are really the best! For real! The service for your fans is incredible!

    I know modders from other games that are offended when we users don't like something. But you respond to the requests, really great!

    Unfortunately, due to various settings that take time, I have not got past the first day in FM, so I have not yet seen the "Weekly process" screen.
    Are fixtures and results included in the "Game processing panel" again? This is very important to me, and you had included it in version 1.8 of your FM19 skin.
  • Flut's avatar
    Hi DAZS8: thank you!!!!!!! :) :) :)

    Hi richbell. Please look in the thread. I already explained how can be done (highlighting the attributes without boxes). The only difference concerning the commnet where I explained that and now, is the fact that you should find in the player overview box the line with “player/player attributes panel3abox" instead of “player/player attributes panel3box".

    Hi Rekoshooter: You can find the code in tactics icon info panel overview16.xml
    The code is

    <widget class="object_portrait_picture" id="pict" scale_picture="true" image_alignment="right,bottom">
    <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="all" inset="7,0,47,0" />

    <record id="object_property">
    <integer id="get_property" value="objt"/>
    <integer id="set_property" value="objt"/>

    Hi Magic1111 and Teknik Direktör:
    the request you did are answered by the alts I upload and put in my last comment.

    Magic: I didn’t include the sidebar matching to the club colours and I don’t intend to do it. Sorry.

    yanzhihh928: see your fmscout mail.

    1. I don’t intend to return to the hidden sidebar. Sorry.
    2. Open the player overview panel and copy the code between lines 2385 and 2511
    Paste that code, for instance, in line 2631
    Change id=”hhat” for “hhax”
    Refresh the player overview panel choosing other player
    Search in the drop down arrows in what are now the new hidden attributes
  • DAZS8's avatar
    Flut you are a star...thanks for the alt files my friend
  • Flut's avatar
    Hi all: since some of you expressed your preference for the old player overview panels and club overview panel, I decided to do some alts for you. Here are the alts (3 different alternative club overview panels and 1 alternative player overview panel). Enjoy it.

  • filip991's avatar
    I have two questions:
    1. How can the slider on the left have small icons and disappear?
    2. How do I put a panel with hidden attributes in a window other than the top right corner?
  • yanzhihh928's avatar
    master, can you consider adding the attribute of "fatigue" to the interface of quick Substitution?

    It's easy to replace players who are more vulnerable

    Fmnation's skin shows fatigue

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