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Leagues Megapack 2022 by qwert2

Create all closed and inactive tournaments and you will be able to play 225 Leagues in the world when the pack is complete.

By Updated on Nov 20, 2021   40856 views   73 comments
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Downloads: 7329 / Added: 2021-11-12
Football Manager 2022 League Updates - Leagues Megapack 2022 by qwert2

Leagues Megapack 2022 by qwert2

Create all closed and inactive tournaments and you will be able to play 225 Leagues in the world when the pack is complete.


Playable Leagues included

Afghanistan Premier League 2022 ADD
Albania Super 2022 ADD
Algerian League 1 Football Manager 2022 ADD
American Samoan Senior League 2022 ADD
Andorra First Division 2022 ADD
Angolan Championship 2022 ADD
Anguilla FA Senior Male League 2022 ADD
Antigua and Barbuda Premier Division 2022 ADD
Armenia High League 2022 ADD
Aruba Division di H 2022 ADD
Azerbaijan Premier League 2022 ADD
Bahamas Senior League 2022 ADD
Bahraini NBB League Football Manager 2022 ADD
Bangladesh Premier League 2022 ADD
Barbados BFA Digicel Premier League 2022 ADD
Belize Premier Football League 2022 ADD
Benin First Division 2022 ADD
Bermuda Premier Division 2022 ADD
Bhutan Th A Division 2022 ADD
Bolivia Premier Division 2022 ADD
Bonaire Kam 2022 ADD
Bosnian Premier League 2022 ADD
Botswana League 2022 ADD
British Virgin Premier League 2022 ADD
Burundi Division 2022 ADD
Brunei Super League 2022 ADD
Burkina Faso First Division 2022 ADD
Canadian Premier League 2022 ADD
Cambodia League 2022 ADD
Cameroonian First Division 2022 ADD
Cape Verde d First Division 2022 ADD
Cayman Islands Premier League 2022 ADD
Central African First Division 2022 ADD
Chad Premier Division 2022 ADD
Chinese Taipei Football Premier League 2022 ADD
Comoros First Division 2022 ADD
Congolese First Division 2022 ADD
Cook Islands Round Cup 2022 ADD
Costa Rica Primera División 2022 ADD
Crimea Premier League 2022 ADD
Cuba National League 2022 ADD
Curacao Se Pag á 2022 ADD
Cyprus First Division 2022 ADD
Djibouti First Division 2022 ADD
Dominican First Division 2022 ADD
Dominican Rep. Liga de F 2022 ADD
DR Congo First Division 2022 ADD
East Timorese Premier Division 2022 ADD
Ecuadorian Serie 2022 ADD
Egyptian League Football Manager 2022 ADD
El Salvador Primera División 2022 ADD
Eq. Guinea First Division 2022 ADD
Eritrea Division 2022 ADD
Estonian First League 2022 ADD
Ethiopia Division 2022 ADD
Faroe Islands Premier League 2022 ADD
Fiji National Football League 2022 ADD
French Guiana 2022 ADD
Gambia First Division 2022 ADD
Georgian National League 2022 ADD
Grenadaa Premier Division 2022 ADD
Guadeloupe Division D'Honeur 2022 ADD
Guam Soccer League 2022 ADD
Guatemala Liga Nacional de 2022 ADD
Guinea-Bissau First Division 2022 ADD
Guyana Elite League 2022 ADD
Ghanaian Premier Division 2022 ADD
Gibraltar First Division 2022 ADD
Guinea League 2022 ADD
Haiti Championat National 2022 ADD
Honduras Liga Nacional de 2022 ADD
Iranian Professional League 2022 ADD
Iraqi Premier League 2022 ADD
Ivorian Premier Division 2022 ADD
Jamaica League 2022 ADD
Japan Nihon-League 2022 ADD
Jordanian Professional League 2022 ADD
Kazakhstan First League 2022 ADD
Kenya First Division 2022 ADD
Kiribati National Championship 2022 ADD
Kosovo Super league 2022 ADD
Kuwait Premier League 2022 ADD
Laos Premier League 2022 ADD
Latvia Higher League 2022 ADD
Lebanese Premier League 2022 ADD
Lesotho First Division 2022 ADD
Liberia Premier League 2022 ADD
Libyan Premier League 2022 ADD
Lithuania 1 League 2022 ADD
Luxembourg First Division 2022 ADD
Macau First Division 2022 ADD
FYR Macedonian First League 2022 ADD
Madagascar Division 2022 ADD
Malawi Division 2022 ADD
Maldives Dhivehi League 2022 ADD
Mali Premier Division 2022 ADD
Malaysian Super League 2022 ADD
Malta Premier League 2022 ADD
Martinique Division d ' Honeur 2022 ADD
Mauritania Division 2022 ADD
Mauritius Division 2022 ADD
Mayotte Division 2022 ADD
Micronesia League 2022 ADD
Moldovan Divizia Naţională 2022 ADD
Mongolia Premier League 2022 ADD
Montenegro First League 2022 ADD
Montserrat Championship 2022 ADD
Morocco Gr National de Football 2022 ADD
Mozambique Premier Division 2022 ADD
Myanmar National League 2022 ADD
Namibia First Division 2022 ADD
Nepal A-Division League 2022 ADD
New Caledonia Super League 2022 ADD
New Zealand Premiership 2022 ADD
Nicaragua Primera Division 2022 ADD
Niger First Division 2022 ADD
Nigerian Premier League 2022 ADD
North Korean Premier Football League 2022 ADD
Northern Mariana League Division A 2022 ADD
Oman League Football Manager 2022 ADD
Pakistani Premier League 2022 ADD
Palestine League 2022 ADD
Panama Liga de Fu 2022 ADD
Papua New Guinea National League 2022 ADD
Paraguay First Division 2022 ADD
Philippines Football League 2022 ADD
Puerto Rico Soccer League 2022 ADD
Qatar Stars League Football Manager 2022 ADD
Reunion D1 Regionale 2022 ADD
Rwanda First Division 2022 ADD
Saint Barthélemy Ligue 2022 ADD
Saint-Martin Championship 2022 ADD
Samoa Premier League 2022 ADD
San Marino League 2022 ADD
Saudi Professional League 2022 ADD
Senegal First Division 2022 ADD
Seychelles Division 2022 ADD
Sierra Leone First Division 2022 ADD
Sint Maarten Championship 2022 ADD
São Tomé and Príncipe Primeira Divisão 2022 ADD
Solomon Islands S-League 2022 ADD
South Sudan Division 2022 ADD
Sri Lankan Football Premier League 2022 ADD
ST Kitts & Nevis Super League 2022 ADD
St Lucia First Division 2022 ADD
St Pierre & Miquelon Division 2022 ADD
St Vincent Club Championship 2022 ADD
Sudan Premier League 2022 ADD
Suriname SVB Topklasse 2022 ADD
Swaziland Division 2022 ADD
Syrian Premier League 2022 ADD
Tahiti First Division 2022 ADD
Tajikistan High League 2022 ADD
Tanzania Division 2022 ADD
Thai League 2022 ADD
Togo First Division 2022 ADD
Trinidad & Tobago Pro League 2022 ADD
Tunisian League 2022 ADD
Turkmenistan Higher League 2022 ADD
Turks and Caicos Islands Premier League 2022 ADD
Tuvalu Division 2022 ADD
UAE Arabian Gulf League 2022 ADD
Ugandan Super League 2022 ADD
US Virgin Islands FA Club Championship 2022 ADD
Uzbekistan Superleague 2022 ADD
Vanuatu Port Vila Premier Division 2022 ADD
Venezuelan Premier Division 2022 ADD
Vietnam V-League Division One 2022 ADD
Wallis & Futuna Division 2022 ADD
Yemen First Division 2022 ADD
Zambian Premier League 2022 ADD
Zanzibar Division 2022 ADD
Zimbabwe Premier Division 2022 ADD

International & Continental

African Games 2022 ADD
Afro-Asian Cup of Nations 2022 ADD
Arab Club Championship 2022 ADD
Asian Champions League 2022 ADD
Asian/European Cup 2022 Add a new cup ADD
Asian Super Cup 2022 Add a new cup ADD
Central American Games 2022 ADD
Central American and Caribbean Games 2022 ADD
CONCACAF Champions League 2022 ADD
Gulf Club Champions League 2022 ADD
Gulf Cup of Nations 2022 ADD
Gulf Cup of Nations U19 2022 ADD
Gulf Cup of Nations U23 2022 ADD
Czech - Slovakian Super Cup 2022 Add a new cup ADD
South East Asian Under 19 Championship 2022 ADD
Saudi-Egyptian Super Cup 2022 ADD
West Asian Football Federation Championship 2022 ADD
West Asian Football Federation Under 23 2022 ADD

If you like and want to support the hours of work you can donate.

ALL BY qwert2


Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 7329 / Added: 2021-11-12
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Discussion: Leagues Megapack 2022 by qwert2

73 comments have been posted so far.

  • carabinieri1983's avatar
    thanks for yout great work, but many countries are not available and missing from your list.
  • Draskulla's avatar
    First of all, great work putting this together.

    But there is a big problem keeping me from continuing my save. In the champions league, there are 4 Armenian teams, 4 Kazakh teams, 4 Andorran teams etc, and I, a premier league winner, have to play multiple games to qualify for CL. What can I do to fix this? @qwert2
  • HaZoN's avatar
    bro the amount of work you put it it's mental, you are crazy bro lmao
  • Mediocre_Jake's avatar
    Any chance you can add the Caribbean cups so the smaller nations there can qualify for the CONCACAF Champions League?

    The Caribbean Club Shield is missing, so no small nations can qualify for Caribbean Club Championship. Which is the stepping stone to get to the CONCACAF League and the CONCACAF Champions League.
  • formillo75's avatar
    e aggiornate un po gli ultimi camionati mancanti??????? come e possibile che ne mancano ancora cazzo
  • kjarus's avatar
    As some has mentioned, once you load it messes up the coefficients and you end up with weird CL/EL competitions spots. That happens even if you exclude all the cups and just load only the European leagues from this package.
  • Desertik's avatar
    Hello Peru 3rd div is planned ?
  • formillo75's avatar
    potresti sbloccare il campionato paraguaiano grazie
  • iphone4567s's avatar
  • suss1690's avatar
    Firstly brilliant work qwert2, I always wait for your league pack before starting my Hexagon challenge.
    Just wondering if there is a work around or fix for the qualification for Champions league for some of the added leagues, as it appears all small clubs getting direct access to CL and larger clubs are being demoted to Europa League, any help much appreciated, cheers
  • gelagiuna1995's avatar
    Pls restored georgia league
  • L0L0_Z's avatar
    Hi :v:
    I'm also waiting for New Zealand and Vietnam DBs 2022 thanks for all ;^)
  • ffdtekken's avatar
    Czech - Slovakian Super Cup 2022
    Asian/European Cup 2022

    either these two mess coefficent rank, i try to unthick some cups and found these two has related to europe rank
  • formillo75's avatar
    ricontrollare bene x favore grazie
  • formillo75's avatar
    manca il campionato del paraguay e montenegro
  • JoeP95's avatar
    Redownloaded just to make sure yeah still no moldovan league my building a nation save is on hold for now
  • JoeP95's avatar
    moldovan league doesnt download :(
  • richie90's avatar
    hi but japan league is not showing the player.
  • RedEye's avatar
    nope, my coefficent rank still mess up even after update to new version

    Just unselect all the cup competitions when you are starting new game. Don't know why that messes it up?
  • gelagiuna1995's avatar
    restored georgian league pls not good format
  • unmanaged's avatar
    Thanks for your job!

    The following leagues are missing from the list:
    Burundi Division 2022 
    Canadian Premier League 2022 
    Comoros First Division 2022 
    Congolese First Division 2022 
    Crimea Premier League 2022 
    Guinea League 2022 
    Gulf Club Champions League 2022 
    Guyana Elite League 2022 
    Iraqi Premier League 2022 
    Jordanian Professional League 2022 
    Laos Premier League 2022 
    Malaysian Super League 2022 
    Martinique Division d ' Honeur 2022 
    Mauritania Division 2022 
    Mauritius Division 2022 
    Mayotte Division 2022 
    Micronesia League 2022 
    Moldovan Divizia Naţională 2022 
    Mongolia Premier League 2022 
    Montenegro First League 2022 
    Montserrat Championship 2022 
    Myanmar National League 2022 
    Namibia First Division 2022 
    Nepal A-Division League 2022 
    New Caledonia Super League 2022 
    New Zealand Premiership 2022 
    Nicaragua Primera Division 2022 
    North Korean Premier Football League 2022 
    Northern Mariana League Division A 2022 
    Oman League Football Manager 2022 
    Pakistani Premier League 2022 
    Palestine League 2022 
    Panama Liga de Fu 2022 
    Papua New Guinea National League 2022 
    Paraguay First Division 2022 
    Philippines Football League 2022 
    Puerto Rico Soccer League 2022 
    Reunion D1 Regionale 2022 
    Rwanda First Division 2022 
    Saint Barthélemy Ligue 2022 
    Saint-Martin Championship 2022 
    Samoa Premier League 2022 
    São Tomé and Príncipe Primeira Divisão 2022 
    Saudi-Egyptian Super Cup 2022 
    South East Asian Under 19 Championship 2022 
    Togo First Division 2022 
    Vietnam V-League Division One 2022 
  • Freke's avatar
    More missing countries.

    Congo, Crimea, Iraq, New Zealand, Norther Korea, Panama, Puerto Rico.
  • Freke's avatar
    Thank you for the update!

    Missing Mongolia, Canada, Namibia, Nicaragua and Kyrgyztan. Would be great if you can add them.
  • mjb_mufc's avatar
    What you have done is great, so thank you! I would love it though if you could create a Commonwealth Cup. Other ideas are British Isles Cup so it involves the UK teams and other British territories such as the Cayman Islands, Gibratar, Isle of Man, British Virgin Islands and so on. I also think it would be a cool thing to have just before the Community Shield a British Champions Cup and British Cup Winners Cup so for example the champions of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland all play each other at somewhere like Wembley and the winner of the league wins the competition and something simalar for the winners of the main nations cup for example the FA Cup. You'd have to becareful though that if a teams wins the double then the runners up of the cup will play in the cup compeition. One last idea is to have a Nordic Cup that consists of teams from Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland and Denmark can all play each other.
  • Godenzonen's avatar
    Good morning Mate, will you make the Netherlands' lower leagues?!

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