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FM Genie Scout 2009 v1.00 b103

Updated March 1st, 2009 - v1.00 build 103

By Updated on Mar 02, 2009   603329 views   46 comments
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Downloads: 280840 / Size: 3.3 MB / Added: 2008-11-14
FM 2009 Scout Utilities - FM Genie Scout 2009 v1.00 b103
FM Genie Scout 2009 new and final version is finally here!!!! And it's Patch 9.3.0 compatible!!

Current version: v1.00 build 103 Released: March 1st, 2009

Eugene Come Out Of Hiding - Interview with Eugene Tarabanovsky. Genie Scout Creator Reveals
FM Genie Scout Official Homepage

List of changes
from build 102 to build 103
- added 9.3 version support
- fixed a bug with general/positional rating view in the history
- calculation of the coaching training rating is adapted to 9.3 patch now
- changed staff rating calculation algorithm
- slightly tuned player rating calculation algorithm
- fixed loading data errors

This version doesn't work with compressed save games, so make sure you disable that option in FM preferences, save your game again and then try to load it in Genie Scout.

Please post here for any bugs / problems you might encounter!

You will also find link to download a video presentation of the most wanted FM 2009 utility. The version you can see is XE alpha build 97.
We have prepared and categorized an exclusive list of the new features, as we saw them on the video.

New Features [compared to Genie Scout 2008]

===== Interface =====
- Serious revamp has been done on the interface.
- Thanks to a new version of Integrated development environment - IDE - being used, Ribbon components are now available.
- Thus functionality of the main menu has improved.
- You can now view a list of recent games and the options' description.
- Program parameters (windows' and buttons' size and location) can also now be saved as 'Layout'.
- The main search panels and control elements are located on the Ribbon's main panel.
- Also Ribbon can be minimized
- Quick access panel can now be set up. Main control elements can be moved to the window title.
- It is also possible to hide the unused search panels.

===== Search Engine =====
- Search engine is now improved.
- Now you don't have to use filter to search on basic criteria.
- Unicode text is now totally supported. Now you can search using nonstandard symbols
- It's enough to enter several symbols from different words. The word order does not matter anymore.

===== Rating System =====
- Rating system has changed drastically.
- First, some changes in profile attributes' influence on positional rating are introduced.
- Second, the skill which allows to use both feet is now also taken into account.
For example, let's compare two attacking midfielders. Let's start with finding a player who can use both feet with the same effect (Said Boutahar), and a left-footed player (Jose Ortiz). Jose Ortiz is better than his opponent (speaking of the main parameters). But both of them have similar rating. It is because Said Boutahar can work with the ball using both feet, and due to that
these two different-styled playmakers are alike in terms of effectiveness. It is proved by practice.
- In players, stronger and weaker attributes are either strongly above or strongly below average are rated. Stronger points are shown green, weaker ones are shown in red. It gives you a piece of information to form an overall impression on the player.
- Players' potential rating system has been created from scratch. By terms of practical investigation, all the attributes are divided into several groups, and each group has its own rules in calculating potential attributes. Some of the physical skills change only a bit comparing to technical and psychological ones. Change of the others does not depend on Current Ability value. Also, depending on the player's position, some attributes might change or not.
- The last innovation might possibly help the newbies to get into Football Manager quicker and the experienced ones to find something new for them.

===== User Guides =====
- Hints for all the parameters are introduced, from Sale Value to Jadedness and Adaptability. For example, Marking. How good player is at marking opponents. If a defender has poor Marking it doesn't necessarily mean he'll be a load of rubbish. However, you'll definitely want to avoid playing a Man-Marking tactic. If your defenders can't mark for toffee, perhaps consider a Sweeper system or have them defend deeper than you would otherwise like. A Hard Tackling play goes nicely with Marking to soften up the opposition...
- The official manual, "Hints and Tips for Football Manager by Marc Vaughan & Nick Habershon" and other sources have been used for the needed materials.
For example Consistency. How consistently players perform from match to match. On the basis that there is no player that will perform to his current ability 100% of the time, the ratio of what consistency means in terms of how often a player plays at his CA is as follows.
> 20 Consistency = 20/25 games played at CA
> 10 Consistency = 10/25 games played at CA
> 1 Consistency = 1/25 games played at CA
Please note that physical attributes are not taken into consideration when it comes to consistency. Only the technical and mental attributes are marked down depending on consistency.
Consistency is a particularly important attribute.

"FC Volyn" test game is created using the official Football Manager 2009 Demo.

if you have trouble watching the 1st image, click here

History and Credits
This software is created by Eugene Tarabanovsky. Eugene is from Ukraine and one of the most popular personalities throughout the FM community for his stunning work with FM Genie Scout 2007 and FM Genie Scout 2008.

Current Status
The current version is v1.00 build 103. Eugene returned from retirement and picked us as to be the official FM Genie Scout homepage.

Older versions
If you are looking for the Genie Scout 2008 version, you can still find it here.


How to watch the video?
Unzip the downloaded file and double click the extracted one.

Download Now
Downloads: 280840 / Size: 3.3 MB / Added: 2008-11-14
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Discussion: FM Genie Scout 2009 v1.00 b103

46 comments have been posted so far.

  • Stardog's avatar
    Please change the GUI back to how it was before.

    This "ribbon" thing is horrible and useless and gives you 100 ways to access the same dialog box. A "position" attribute input is also missing from it.

    There are no tooltips on the buttons at the top which is a pain in the ass.

    If you "minimise ribbon" then add a player to the shortlist, then click My Shortlist, the ribbon appears again but the shortlist is empty. You have to click My Shortlist 2/3 more times to get the list of players to appear. Basically it doesn't work with the ribbon minimised.

    Please return to the old layout which makes 100x more sense than this labyrinth!!!!
  • zxxxxxxz's avatar
    how do you solve database 1242 error
  • mushy's avatar
    Please help..I'm getting 'invalid Zstream operation' and my game is not loading. It was working fine before?
  • baspursfan's avatar
    Please Make a version for Mac next year!!!!
  • RedArmy20's avatar
    the download link works fine now
  • catbeen's avatar
    plizz help me
    i can't download fm genie scout

    it say access forbidden.....
  • RedArmy20's avatar
    your training setup sucks.
  • RamezGhaly's avatar
    RamezGhaly13 years ago
    most players dont reach their potential.
    i play them weekly when they are young and they still dont reach their potential. whats wrong?
  • RedArmy20's avatar
    press download again when your at filefront, or press that button click here.
  • faithless's avatar
    i can't download it

    it says access forbidden..

    plz help me
  • RamezGhaly's avatar
    TrueBlue13 years ago
    this is great, thanks
  • RamezGhaly's avatar
    trangtuan57813 years ago
    how can i download this program?????????????
  • RamezGhaly's avatar
    lujo_198713 years ago
    i wanna know how can i browse divisions. i know that in older version for 9.1 patch i could do that. and when i updated to 9.3 and downloaded genie scout for that FM 2009 version, when i load the game on scout, i get message that says: "The Language database must be loaded to have an ability searching by Division."

    can this be solved?
  • RamezGhaly's avatar
    RamezGhaly13 years ago
    Unknown Database version : 1245

    does anyone know what to do for this msg?
  • RamezGhaly's avatar
    dastef13 years ago
    Hey i have a problem with the data ... if i try to load the data i receive this message:

    "Unknown Database version : 1245

    What can i do?

    Sorry for my bad english


  • RamezGhaly's avatar
    quinterorene13 years ago
    Wow..just wow.. Love this site :)
  • Stam's avatar
    Please post here for any bugs / problems.
  • hutoew's avatar
    I found problem

    "Error Loading Entity Number : 20736
    File Position : 40357040
    Database Version : 1245
    Data file seems to be corrupt. Want to read 4 bytes, could only read 3 bytes"

  • RamezGhaly's avatar
    k_boss13 years ago
    oh my god
    i waited so long, check every hour for it
  • RedArmy20's avatar
    this utility has just been updated :) hopefully now it will work for everyone :)
  • RamezGhaly's avatar
    giannis8013 years ago
    i have the same problem as griff137.can any1 help?
  • SantaBJ's avatar
    Assuming it's because of the 9.2 patch...which would suck, because that means I can't update. Don't want to lose the scout.
  • griff137's avatar
    I have d same problem as Watsonc10 and grover.
    can any1 help?
  • RamezGhaly's avatar
    grover13 years ago
    Watsonc10 got the same problem with that wrong database thing, how did u fix it?
  • RamezGhaly's avatar
    craig13 years ago
    i need some help. tried downloading the new scout (can i just say in the wheni try to load my game, it is not recognising the version.


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