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FMonline Forum FM14 Real Fixtures & Results

Created real fixtures and results of 40 competitions to use with Football Manager 2014. Use this with FarOer 1430 file from our transfers update pack.

By Updated on Oct 04, 2014   34674 views   33 comments
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Downloads: 6403 / Size: 621.2 kB / Added: 2014-06-28
FM 2014 Data Updates - FMonline Forum FM14 Real Fixtures & Results
We, an hotblooded italian FM community, have created the real fixtures and results of:
  • Spain: Liga BBVA, Liga Adelante
  • Netherlands: Eredivise
  • France: Ligue 1, Ligue 2, National
  • Germany: Bundesliga, Zweite Liga, 3.Liga
  • Italy: Serie A, Serie B, Lega Pro Prima Divisione, Lega Pro Seconda Divisione
  • Portugal: Liga ZON Sagres, Liga2 Cabovisao
  • Russia: SOGAZ Prem'er Liga
  • Ukraine: Prem'er Liha
  • England: Premier League, Championship, League One, League Two
  • Denmark: Superligaen
  • Wales: Premier League, stagione regolare
  • Australia: A-League, stagione regolare
  • Turkey: Super Lig
  • Greece: Souper Ligka Ellada
  • Scotland: Scottish Premiership, Championship, League 1, League 2
  • Switzerland: Raiffeisen Super League
  • Austria: tipp3-Bundesliga
  • Gibraltar: Prima Divisione
  • Polonia: T-Mobile Ekstraklasa
  • Croatia: 1.HNL
  • Belgium: Jupiler Pro league
  • Romania: Liga I

The results of Cups, Playoffs and Playouts are random; *some championships
Parma has a 2 points deduction so they can't go in Europa League
If these files are used without starting from future dates, only the fixtures will be loaded. I suggest to use the FarOer 1430 file from the FMonline Forum FM14 Transfers Update DB.
We have assigned a 100 points deduction to Siena and Padova for the 13/14 and 14/15 seasons to make them relegate (they failed to enroll to their series)

Versione 1.5 Update Changelog:
This update has some great news: we have added other results like 3.Liga, Liga2 Cabovisao, Jupiler Pro League and Lega Pro Prima and Seconda Divisione.
Some of the championship, like England, Italy, Germany, Portugal and Netherlands, have the winner of the playoffs/playout replicated, so you'll have the real 14/15 seasons in the 99% of the cases (the method work 9 times on 10).
You will also find two files for Italy, one named Risultati Reali Italia (recreate the 13/14 results "on field" without deduction for amministrative reasons - this can be used starting on July 2013 or May 2014) and one named Campionato Italiani 2014 REALI (some teams have been swapped or suffered deduction points for recreating the 14/15 start of the season - The Serie D is unlocked, but it has to be removed when the game is created, before the season update)

Download and extract the files to :
C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2014\Editor Data*
*if doesn't exist, you have to create it

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Download Now
Downloads: 6403 / Size: 621.2 kB / Added: 2014-06-28
ArchaonDaniels's avatar
About ArchaonDaniels

I'm Daniel, proud founder and admin of Football Manager Online Forum, a young italian community. I can do pretty much everything with FM add-ons like kits, databases, faces, logos, ect! My lucky number is 27

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Discussion: FMonline Forum FM14 Real Fixtures & Results

33 comments have been posted so far.

  • Florin8's avatar
    A me non va e non riesco a capire perchè, metto tutti i file e anche il FarOer nell'editor data, poi quando faccio nuova partita, quando compare elaborazione dati, prima di comparire la schermata dove devi scegliere i campionati, mi va in crash...e non so perche...ho visto qualcosa del tradurre i nomi dei file in inglese, ma non penso che serva, e se devo farlo lo devo fare cambiando l'intero nome...tipo "Risultati reali-Italia" in "Real results-Italy"??? o solamente il nome della nazione, comunque non penso che sia per questo che non va. Non mi compare un errore mi da solo crash, cioe quella schermata dove ti dice che il gioco e andato in crash, e poi esce.
  • ArchaonDaniels's avatar
    File updated to version 1.6! Added France - Championnat National and Romania - Liga I
  • Florin8's avatar
    @ArchaonDaniels: Thank you man! You are doing a great job, and I would like to try it too, but you know...NO MY COUNTRY NO PARTY! ;)
  • ArchaonDaniels's avatar
    @Florin8: Will do it for the next ;)
  • Florin8's avatar
    I can't belive you made the 2013/2014 fixtures & results for the GIBRALTAR LEAGUE and you don't made it for the ROMANIA LEAGUE!!!
  • ArchaonDaniels's avatar
    File Updated on version 1.5.2; Italy and Spain files has been updated (Arezzo is now in Lega Pro - Real Murcia suffered deduction to have them relegated)
  • ArchaonDaniels's avatar
    @Timmzeh: try again! It worked for me :)
  • Timmzeh's avatar
    Download link down?
  • ArchaonDaniels's avatar
    @joeykey6: the fixtures are referring to the 13/14 season, not the 14/15! You'll only have, when the season skip, the 14/15 teams ;)
  • joeykey6's avatar
    Hi! I put all the files from folder "FMonline Forum FM14 Risultati Reali" into Editor data and started from May 2014, but when the new 14/15 fixture released it's always a random one. I play only English premier league, so I only chose England and Faroer island files. I even changed the file name from italian to english "England" as kuevi10 said, but it still didn't work. The other Transfer update package worked well. My game version is 14.3.1. Could you please help me solve this problem? Thanks!
  • ArchaonDaniels's avatar
    @iad: What Database you choose creating the game? Normal or 14.3?
  • iad's avatar
    Got an error when starting up refering to the Gibralter cup comp or something, 12 teams instead of 8 it said....
  • DAZS8's avatar
    Great work guys.....lots of detail...a quality update.
  • ArchaonDaniels's avatar
    Version 1.5 released! Full changelog in the first post!
  • ArchaonDaniels's avatar
    Statistics can't be reproduced for players ;)
  • angelfflu's avatar
    The players too the real results? Its for commence a season in 2014 2015 and the players arent 0 in stadistics 2013 2014
  • oko030's avatar
    Edit: worked it out, sorry.
    (You have to select Faroe Islands as a playable nation).
  • oko030's avatar
    Hi ArchaonDaniels.

    Forgive me for being a dummy, but I've put everything in the editor data folder but there is no option when setting up a new game to start in May 2014... am I doing something wrong?

    (I can see all the necessary files and have ticked them and everything but when I load the game up it starts in July 2013).
  • ArchaonDaniels's avatar
    Version 1.4 released; added T-Mobile Ekstraklasa and 1.HNL
  • ArchaonDaniels's avatar
    I'll put Poland in my WIP list ;)
  • senac's avatar
    Great work. Any chance for real fixtures for Poland?
    If you need any help feel free to PM me
  • ArchaonDaniels's avatar
    We have updated to version 1.3 and included the 13/14 SkyBet League Two real results

  • Vibe's avatar
    Well I put the files in the editor data folder and activated them when starting a new game.I don't know what else to do?The game starts in 2014 so the Far Oer file was good,only the results were random.
  • ArchaonDaniels's avatar
    @Vibe: have you loaded correctly the FarOer and the Real Results file?
  • Vibe's avatar
    I used it with the Far Oer 2014 file but unfortunately the results were completely random.Parma were truly docked 2 points but Fiorentina won Serie A so I guess it partially worked.What to do?

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