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FMonline Forum FM14 Transfers Update DB

Transfers Updated on 4/10; created missing and new players and staff. Plus a file that enables you to start the game on 28/5/2014.

By Updated on Oct 04, 2014   56846 views   47 comments
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Downloads: 13678 / Size: 823.0 kB / Added: 2014-06-28
FM 2014 Data Updates - FMonline Forum FM14 Transfers Update DB
FMonline Forum, an hotblooded italian FM community, is proud to release the FMonline Forum FM14 Transfers Update DB, a new transfers database which is divided into 3 files:
  • FMonline Forum FM14 Transfers Update DB
  • Wonderkids
  • FarOer 1430 *updated, now you can start on 28/5/2014

In the Transfers Update you'll have transfers updated on 4/10, managerial changes, board changes, some players and staff created, and more.
With the Wonderkids file you can have access to the most talented young players and to some skills changes, based on the season.
The FarOer 1430 file gives you the opportunity to start the game on 28/5/2014 (can use in combination to the Real Fixtures & Results)

List of Changes:
  • Trasfers of player and staff updated on 4/10
    New Wonderkids
    Created missing players/staff
    Skills and roles as been updated
    Injuries updated
    Erased duplicated players
    Updated CA & PA

All the players which are going to be released by the clubs, will see the contract expired on 31/7. The reason of this is because if you start from May 2014, all the contract that are ending on 30/6 will take an automatic renew.
We have fixed some transfers to avoid the failure of the negotiations (like ter Stegen and Claudio Bravo to Barcelona)
All these files are compatible with all the products made by FMonline Forum
The Transfers Update, with the last version, will be compatible with an all new FMonline Forum Exclusive, that will be released very soon!

Download and extract the files to :
C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2014\Editor Data*
*if doesn't exist, you have to create it

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Download Now
Downloads: 13678 / Size: 823.0 kB / Added: 2014-06-28
ArchaonDaniels's avatar
About ArchaonDaniels

I'm Daniel, proud founder and admin of Football Manager Online Forum, a young italian community. I can do pretty much everything with FM add-ons like kits, databases, faces, logos, ect! My lucky number is 27

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Discussion: FMonline Forum FM14 Transfers Update DB

47 comments have been posted so far.

  • babass's avatar
  • Naufal H's avatar
    Thanks mate, you're do the best
  • ArchaonDaniels's avatar
    File updated to version 1.7! Transfers Updated on 4/10
  • ArchaonDaniels's avatar
    @ninja.bandit: have you loaded the England Real Fixtures file?

    @tieio: same, have you loaded the England Real Fixtures file? If no, it's just normal to have the tables not reals :) - and for the transfers, they are set in the real date, so at the beginning of the game, transfer players are still in their original squad (like Suarez, start in Liverpool and then transfer to Barcelona)
  • tieio's avatar
    Did not work. Used the .xml to start in 2014, that works correctly but the .dbc files did nothing. I verified that I had no other update files and I started with the 14.3 update, Liverpool were 7th, wtf? They still have the starting 14.3 roster with Suarez and all. Looked around the EPL and all the rosters are 14.3 default, even though I have the .dbc files selected. I am no noob, this just did not work at all for me.
  • ninja.bandit's avatar
    Still not working properly. I just started game in May 2014 and for example, Liverpool finished 8th and not playing CL next season.
  • ArchaonDaniels's avatar
    @eriefakhri: Have you loaded the game with the 14.3 database? Essien and Mata are default transfers on 14.3 and if you still have them at Chelsea means you have used the 14.0 database :)
  • eriefakhri's avatar
    Great work but some transfers are still not quite right e.g. Essien and Mata are still at chelsea.
  • ArchaonDaniels's avatar
    @iad: if you want to try our newest file, you have to download it and start a new game; if you have started a game already, it's better to continue that ;)
  • iad's avatar
    If I download the newest update, will I have to start again ? :(
  • Emehara's avatar
    @iad-Thank you,it's all good now.
  • ArchaonDaniels's avatar
    File updated to version 1.6.2! Transfers updated on 16/9

    The Transfers Update, with the last version (1.6.2), will be compatible with an all new FMonline Forum Exclusive, that will be released very soon! So be sure to download it!

    @iad: I've checked in the editor and I can't find in Rojo something to be related to the ownership percentage... will check it more deeply and try something to fix this!
  • iad's avatar
    @Emehara - you have to select Faroe islands as a league to run in the background and then have the game start from start of their season (2014)hope this helps
  • iad's avatar
    Marcos Rojo for Man Utd has been transferred but cant play unless I purchase the remaining 75 percent from his agent !! tried using the real time editor but no options to remove agent .... help !!
  • Emehara's avatar
    I cann't start game in 2014.How to do it?
  • teuku's avatar
    it works,thanks mate!
  • ArchaonDaniels's avatar
    File Updated at version 1.6! Transfers Updated on 11/9, updated CA and PA, updated wonderkids, created new players and staff
  • Joe's avatar
    Please update this sooner!! Thanks!
  • ArchaonDaniels's avatar
    @gralex: if I remember well, Greece was one of the first I'd update on the transfers; maybe some are missing but I will recontrol it for the next update (it will be released on 9 or 10 Sep)
  • gralex's avatar
    Hi guys and congratulations about the excellent job.Two questions please...

    1)Does the patch include Greek transfers as well?

    2)Is there gonna be an update for the transfers of 1st september?

    Thanks for your time..
  • iad's avatar
    thanks for the reply, was my fault, i was running 14.0 instead of 14.3 ... done now. will try using the in game editor for a few premier league transfers. thanks again !
  • d3nz3l's avatar
    - Erdi Can Sehit signs for Fenerbahce -5years-( he will be new wonderkid in fm 2015 for sure)

    - Ertugrul Taskiran renews his contract wit Fenerbahce to 2020
  • ArchaonDaniels's avatar
    @d3nz3l: I can put Turkey in my WIP for real results, so Fenerbahce will win the 13/14 season

    Erkin will be fixed in the next release
  • d3nz3l's avatar
    Are u a huge galatasaray fan ?? Can you fix turkish super league ?

    - 2013/2014 champion - Fenerbahçe SK! (
    - Caner Erkin signed a new contract with Fenerbahce!
  • ArchaonDaniels's avatar
    @Albast17: il DB è creato con per il DB 14.3 quindi è possibile che ti dia problemi con alcuni trasferimenti. Per quanto riguarda le faroer dovresti essere in grado di caricarle anche con il DB Normale: assicurati di aver scelto anche la nazione come giocabile o guarda soltanto

    @tborawak: I'll check it in the game ;) - In the editor he has no co-ownership setted so I've to find a way to eliminate that

    @orionlight: Have you followed the right steps? You have to load the FarOer files as a editor data when you create the game and then choose FarOer as a playable (or watch only) nation

    @iad: about Mata.. he is in Manchester United in the editor and ingame (checked it right now); have you loaded the 14.0 DB? For the next version you'll have to wait like 10 days or so (we have to wait also for the Turkish and Russian market) (and btw, Blind transfers on Man Utd in this version ;) )

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