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FusionDB FM23 Skin: Evolution Dark v1.4 (18/03/2023 update)

Dark skin for Football Manager 2023 from the Italian group FusionDB.

By Updated on Mar 18, 2023   112832 views   18 comments
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Downloads: 26717 / Size: 18.3 MB / Added: 2022-11-20
Football Manager 2023 Skins - FusionDB FM23 Skin: Evolution Dark v1.4 (18/03/2023 update)
Based on Fusion DB - EVOLUTION FM22 Skin Dark v1.4

Release Notes
- New panels in player profile
- General Fixes
- New Backgrounds
- New font colors more readable

- % for condition
- Fix card scouting players
- New card scouting players
- New Preview Competition Panel
- Instant Result (External Package)

- Fix Cam 2D
- Fix Replay
- Fix Scout Centre
- Name of the stadium visible during the match
- changes to the tablet
- general fixes

- Fix UEFA Competition Scorebar

It is a dark skin, restful for the eyes, with a colour scheme based on warm, soft colours such as ochre, yellow and orange that stand out against an anthracite background without straining the eyes, making it ideal for those who play long sessions.

FM's main panels, player profile and club profile, have been arranged so that all important information is under control and within easy reach.

A resolution of 1920x1080 or higher is recommended to display the skin and its panels correctly.

FusionDB Skin - Screenshots

How to install the FusionDB skin

Extract downloaded zip file and put the folder "FusionDB - EVOLUTION SKIN DARK v1.4" in the following path:

Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2023\skin

users\*yourusername*\library\application support\sports interactive\football manager 2023\skin

If skin folder is missing just create it.

External Package Instant Result
Download Instant Result
Copy files inside package in panels\match and panels\team

For more details follow the official forum thread.



FME Zealand

Download Now
Downloads: 26717 / Size: 18.3 MB / Added: 2022-11-20
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Discussion: FusionDB FM23 Skin: Evolution Dark v1.4 (18/03/2023 update)

18 comments have been posted so far.

  • chrgross's avatar
    Great skin love it. Anyway we can get a light skin version ? :-)
  • Zizu00's avatar
    Hello, great skin I use it since fm 22.But how can I change the condition in match from % to normal (with the heart icon)?
  • stalin76's avatar
    Oh man I love this skin so much, I would definetely play this if only you fixed instant results and this
  • mscottdm's avatar
    On the next update you could add the progress panels on the individual training page.
  • onurx's avatar
    how to add instant result?
  • Peerkke's avatar
    i cant get the instant result working, can somebody help me?
  • Mood's avatar
    I love your Skin but i still have the % for condition problem :(
  • mscottdm's avatar
    Could you add the progress panel on your next update ?
  • Nomax88's avatar
    Champion's League playing time display is still invisible
  • FusionDB's avatar
    @Mcoiso, grazie mille. potresti gentilmente mettere uno screen sul nostro forum così vediamo di che si tratta? grazie :)
  • Mcoiso's avatar
    @FusionDB ottimo lavoro, ho notato che manca il tasto per saltare il replay.
  • diguvejuqome's avatar
    @FusionDB Thank you for sharing this pretty skin with us. I especially enjoy the selection of colors and backgrounds. There's one thing I'd like to see on a player page (either one). I'd like to see the proficiency of a player's both feet. Your skin shows their "preferred foot" but not how proficient he is with either of them.
  • FusionDB's avatar
    Version 1.1 with UEFA Comps Scorebar Fixed
  • FusionDB's avatar
    @ccfcpaul we are working on it
  • ccfcpaul's avatar
    The time during matches has disappeared
  • lowfreqs's avatar
    Best FM 23 skin for me.
  • jordiam's avatar
    would be possible to add the instant result button in the next update? the skin is almost perfect but that add would be just awesome.

  • kkk812's avatar
    Very beautiful skin, highly recommend this. AAAAA
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