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How to manage Set-Pieces on Football Manager

Effective set-piece routines for attacking / defending corners and free-kicks, as well as throw-ins. This guide includes personal recommendations and doesn't cover all possible ways to set up set-pieces. Written for Football Manager 2015.

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Football Manager Guides - How to manage Set-Pieces on Football Manager

Throw-Ins: Short

Most teams utilise short throw-ins at all times. The idea of this is to retain possession of the ball. However, you do not want to be boxed in by the opposition once the throw has been taken. This routine that I have put together should give your players enough passing options to retain the ball. It works for both Short & Quick throw-ins.

This is the throw-in routine for the left hand side. For the right hand side, just reverse the full-back roles and the winger roles. You have the players closest to the touchline coming short for the ball. That is, in this case, the DL, MCL and AML. They become the three targets for the throw taker to aim for, or two if you consider the thrower will be either the DL or the AML. The striker moves towards the near post area to be in a position where he can receive the pass AFTER the throw. This way you’re thinking two moves ahead with your throw-ins. the AMC will move to the edge of the area to be in an advanced position, while the winger on the opposite side moves forward to stretch the opposition defensive line. To retain shape, the opposite MC and the opposite full-back stay in their normal positions, as do the two DCs. This covers the most ground effectively and keeps a good shape for your throw-ins.

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