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FM22 Increase Realism Megapack by Daveincid

This megapack improves several values for all Nations in-game to increase realism in FM 2022 to a whole new level.

By Updated on Oct 01, 2022   300495 views   130 comments
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Downloads: 57522 / Size: 8.0 MB / Added: 2021-12-01
Football Manager 2022 Data Updates - FM22 Increase Realism Megapack by Daveincid
Hello, everyone!

I'm very happy to announce my "Increase Realism"-Megapack OCTOBER Update for Football Manager 22!

This mega pack improves various in-game parameters in over 220 nations to take the realism of Football Manager to the next level!

ll files were created and calculated with the help of my own database to guarantee consistency across all countries.

FM22 "Increase-Realism" Megapack OCTOBER Update Explainer Video


  1. Follow me on Twitter and YouTube to stay up to date.

  2. If you want early access to my updates or even more content, check out Patreon.

  3. Delete all previous files from the “Editor-Data” folder.

  4. Make sure you don't use any other files that don't work with my Megapack. This applies to all themes that my mod covers.

  5. The Megapack is in most cases compatible with all league files (DaveTheEditor's Around the Globe Megapack is recommended) as well as transfer updates and all possible graphical adjustments.

  6. My resources are very limited, so I don't answer questions like "Is your work compatible with X or Y?” - If the general instructions in point 5 are not enough for you, I constantly update a list of files on Patreon which I personally recommend.

  7. If you have urgent questions that cannot be answered from the text, please send me a private message here in the forum, on Twitter, Discord or in the official SI-Forum

  8. I will answer the (most) questions. ;) 

  9. The same goes for criticism or bugs. Please do not spam in this thread, there are users who run around screaming at the slightest mistake. I want to prevent this, because often there is no bug at all. Thank you! :)

  10. If you don't want to write me a private message, you can also leave your feedback on the shared Discord-Server of DaveTheEditor and me.

  11. If you need help with the correct installation, you can find it here on Youtube.

  12. If you are looking for tips & tricks to make your save game more realistic, you can get some input here in this video.

  13. Many thanks to NorsemanLP, who did the graphic design and translation of this post! Follow him on Twitter, he also creates other graphic content for FM22, like the FM.Zweierkette Skin!

  14. For FM-Fanpages: Write me a private message first, if you want to publish my work on your Fanpage.

  15. For File-Creators: All copying of my work (even in part) is forbidden and I reserve the right to take action against it.

If you have used my previous versions please remove all the files from the editor-data-folder before installing the Update.

Ensure that you do not use other mods which may conflict with my megapack like:
Youth Ratings, Market Values, Transfer Preferences, Sponsorship, Finances, Languages, League Reputations, Awards, Derbies Injuries or Club Data.


This file changes the "youth ratings", the "importance of football" and the "development status" of all countries. The main purpose of the changes is to provide a more realistic balance of power after more than 10 years. Nations have different development potential based on over 15 different criteria.

  • The global distribution of talent was slightly increased.
  • Each nation was individually calculated with over 15 different criteria. For example HDI (Human Development Index), national and international audience average, population, financial resources and many more!
  • Individually adjusted development potential.

Salaries are based much more on real data available worldwide. A player from Cameroon no longer earns 500,000 euros, but perhaps 30,000 euros per year.

World-class players earn much more, up to 50 million euros gross per year. By default, the end of the line for salaries is in the 20 million euro range.

The market values have been adjusted worldwide in order to reflect the resulting transfer sums more realistically.

Important: The market value system in Football Manager differs fundamentally from that of “” and is therefore not really suitable for comparison.

The sponsor values have been adjusted worldwide to better balance the finances. In addition, I have calculated individual maximum values for each nation. This is to improve realism, especially in smaller countries, where they grow together with the nation in case of great success. Highly recommended for a "Build a Nation"-Game. ;)

I have researched all nations on which have a preference for players with a certain nationality and adjusted them accordingly. Over 200 nations have been edited!

Not only the nationalities have been adjusted, but also the age preferences. There are certain nations that clearly stand out as "training leagues" based on various data. (Very high percentage of players under the age of 24).

The following nations are affected:

  • Denmark
  • Slovakia
  • Latvia
  • Austria
  • Ireland
  • Estonia
  • Albania
  • Belgium
  • Switzerland
  • Croatia
  • Slovenia
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Ghana
  • Venezuela
  • Canada

There are clubs where the national transfer preference is not sufficient or would misrepresent the club. A total of 58 clubs from 38 nations were edited. All clubs were constantly edited according to the same selection criteria.

Among others these are:

  • FC Nordsjaelland (Ghana)
  • Asteras Tripolis (Argentina, Spain)
  • Benfica Lisbon (Brazil)
  • Wolverhampton Wanderes (Portugal)

In Austria and Germany there is a small bug with the taxes at the moment, which leads to the fact that clubs do not deliver enough taxes to the state. The consequence of this is increasing transfer sums, salaries and thus an overvaluation of the Austrian and German leagues in long-term save games. This has now been corrected.

I have made adjustments in 95 nations concerning the years until citizenship. What sounds easy is quite tricky. The sources are sometimes different and unfortunately in the editor you cannot select the options "Will be naturalised if he has good relations with local politicians" or "Will be naturalised if he invests 1 Million euros in the country". ;)

The impact of this file is simply enormous! It corrects countless reputation values of existing awards and classifies them correctly according to my database.

You will see the effects especially in the player's reputation and therefore in his market value development and his transfer ambitions. The best player in a weak league will now be much more difficult to keep, because he will now recognise his status in his own league better and thus react accordingly.

If you do manage to convince such players to stay, this will have a positive impact on your club's reputation due to the higher player reputation. - If you can afford it. It is quite tricky to make the right decisions here.

These changes are the most important changes to make the game more balanced.

I have also created countless new awards to further support the above. 

Not all of them are in reality, but they are essential for the balance of the game. Even in the base game, some awards are fictional. In smaller nations or youth tournaments, awards are not always given in real life. However, they receive a lot of media attention, which leads to a higher reputation of the players. 

This process is represented by awards. Therefore, it was essential for me to create awards for competitions like the German A-Bundesliga, the highest youth leagues in Spain, Italy, England, etc. to better represent the hype around all these 15-year-old "next Messis or Ronaldos".

Please note:
To see the awards, the league must be playable. I also recommend setting at least one nation per continent as playable, otherwise the continental awards will not be visible.

This file adds over 300 missing derbies from clubs and national teams in over 50 countries. It also contains over 1000 reputation adjustments to create a cross-country balance.

Among others, derbies are included such as:

  • "Volga Derby" between Rubin Kazan and Krylia Sovietov.
  • "La guerra del futbol" between El Salvador and Honduras.
  • The "Derby of Ghana" between Asante Kotoko and Accra Hearts of Oak SC and many more

This file adds various missing data of over 1500 1st and 2nd league clubs in over 150 nations:

  • Club nickname
  • City location
  • Stadium corrections
  • 89 new stadiums
  • Rivalries
  • Foundation dates
  • Club colours

The adjustments have a significant impact on the long-term dynamics!

In the "Pre-Game Editor" most sponsorship deals have the option "Renew Revenue" ticked. This is comparable to an arcade racing game like "Need for Speed", where you are actually leading 2 laps, but suddenly the second-placed driver appears in the rear-view mirror. This invisible "rubber band" also exists in FM.

In other words, no matter how bad a club does, sponsorship deals are always similar to those in the editor. This protects especially the very big clubs from crashing. This is now a thing of the past!

I have now made these adjustments worldwide for all 1st and 2nd division teams.



The entire world is now covered with real data. From the population of a small village in the Ghanaian desert to the correct altitude of small villages near mountain tops somewhere in Peru.

  • 5500+ Cities edited
  • 1800+ local regions edited
  • Added missing coordinates of 1800+ cities
  • Missing elevation data of 4200+ cities
  • All cities now have a city attractiveness stored

These changes may have an impact on:

  • The distribution of birthplaces of NewGens
  • Travel costs
  • Sponsor deals
  • Contract negotiations
  • Player condition/injuries
I'm sure there are more influences, but I'm not aware of them yet. ;)


  • 100+ new languages created
  • Language difficulty increased by 30% to prevent players from learning the language too fast
  • 181 nations edited in total
  • 1800+ local regions edited
  • adjusted many individual cities
  • and much more!
These changes represent the linguistic diversity of all countries in much more detail. Besides the official languages of a nation, unofficial languages are also included. These are supposed to represent those people who speak a 2nd or even 3rd language without having their 1st or 2nd nationality.

For example, I speak a little Spanish, but have no family connection to any Spanish-speaking nation. It is meant to represent school/university language skills to some extent. All data is from existing sources such as Wikipedia etc.

German version:
The German version is in an extra folder. If you want to play with it, delete the English version and replace it with this one.

This file by "DaveTheEditor" is now included again. It adds 24 agreements between nations. You can find this information in the nation tab overview!

This file slightly reduces the gap between the top leagues and all others in Europe. It also slightly strengthens the top leagues outside Europe and should improve the balance in long term save games.

I have adjusted ticket prices in nations where they are calculated incorrectly, which often leads to much too rich teams in certain nations. This mainly affects South America (Bolivia, Colombia, Venezuela etc.) but also other nations like Iran, Iraq. It is unfortunately still not possible to add the correct prices. At least the values are now more realistic and prevent that clubs or whole nations could easily cover their stadium with gold.

The currencies now correspond to 10.07.22 (where data is available, otherwise the next possible date was taken).

The injury file has been "reactivated" and should primarily lower the high CA (Current Ability) of older players and boost the rotation, which in turn benefits the young players both in terms of CA and their reputation.

There is an extra file in German. Do not use both at the same time.

Each club in the database has received an increase of X from the existing values ("youth facilities", "training facilities", "importance youth" and "youth training"). The difference between the clubs has not changed. This is extremely important to better balance the global balance of newgens as well as their development.

Minor adjustments to improve club behaviour.

This file increases the attribute "youth training" of all managers by 2. It is a new approach to encourage managers to focus more on young players and to reduce the too high average age of clubs in general. Whether it fulfils this function is not clear with the mass of changes. It does no harm and if it only has a positive impact of 1%, then I am happy. ;)

In FM22 older players stay too strong for too long. This leads to the fact that after 10+ years the age structure is completely unrealistic.

Part of this is also the responsibility of the research team:
  1. The physical attributes of older players are not adjusted every year in some cases.
  2. The current ability (CA) of older players is in some cases not adjusted every year.
  3. The injury susceptibility of older players is not always adjusted on an ongoing basis.
My adjustments:
All players in the DB have the following attributes reduced by 1-2:
  • Basic fitness
Mo Salah can still win the Ballon d'Or with 37, but the chance is now much smaller. ;) 
Overall it has a positive impact on the whole database and that's all I care about. ;)

This file should better represent the current "state of mind" in the clubs.

Most clubs were very well edited, but some were too good and some too bad. Mainly media reports and the current table of the biggest nations were included. As the new Manchester United manager, your first dressing room speech will probably be rather sobering.

This file was created following a complaint from a user that Jürgen Klopp "always" signs for ManC after his time at Liverpool. This won't happen anymore I see a lot of potential in future updates of this file.

For a better game balance I have lowered all national team reputations by 5%.

This helps to curb the too strong increase of the league reputation and (not 100% sure yet) encourages the AI to nominate younger players to the national team.

All national teams now have the correct attendances added. Unfortunately Football Manager does not implement this 1:1 and the number of spectators in the game is often much higher than it should be. I have taken this into account in my adjustments.

Some player salaries have been adjusted. This affects players who were still on their old salaries, especially after moving to a lower-class club, which logically has a very negative effect on club finances. I have deleted my changes for Mbappé again, as it is now included in pr0's update.

I have created a new league file for China. It is almost identical to the default version and contains only small adjustments to the league rules. One rule leads to far too low transfer fees being paid (not even 1 million euros for foreigners), although the clubs have a lot of money. This means that the clubs are now behaving much more realistically.

I have optimised the following 5 nations to make the game run faster overall: Japan, Portugal, Sweden, Romania and Austria. These adjustments result in speed improvements between 10-40% (depending on the selected setup). You can find out more in the YT video.

Please note:
It is not compatible with other league files of the same nation.
The performance improvement depends strongly on the hardware. So it can be bigger or smaller than in my tests.

I have integrated climate change into the game. Specifically, this means that with a small probability (approx. 5%) higher temperatures occur in all regions of the world than those entered by default. For example, in London, temperatures of up to 42 degrees can be reached in rare cases. Previously, the maximum was 32 degrees. This may have an influence on the fitness of the players. So it is definitely worth taking a closer look at the weather forecast for the next match. ;)

As already mentioned, I have deliberately kept the probability on a low level which seems realistic to me.

I'm annoyed that I hadn't noticed this. The TV money is set far too low, causing some clubs to miss out on more than 10 million euros a year! I only noticed it now because the Belgian league itself is financially stable enough and therefore slipped through my control mechanism. This problem has now been corrected.

In these countries, especially in the lower leagues (level 3 or lower), there are many board changes, strangely high sponsor revenues as well as new stadium construction. This made it enormously difficult for me to show the finances correctly at this level. Until today, I didn't know why the AI was behaving so strangely. Now I know! The stadium requirements for the league are often not met. In real life this often happens too, but "pragmatic" solutions are always found. In the FM, however, this does not work. To solve this problem, I have changed the regulations from League 3 onwards. This stabilises the finances considerably! Through this change, I was able to drastically reduce sponsorship income, which is also more in line with reality. The lower leagues of the biggest nations are now much more realistic! It annoys me that I could only fix the error now, but better late than never. ;)

HOW TO INSTALL "Increase Realism Megapack" in FM22
Place all files (not the folder) in "Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2022/editor data".


Download Now
Downloads: 57522 / Size: 8.0 MB / Added: 2021-12-01
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Discussion: FM22 Increase Realism Megapack by Daveincid

130 comments have been posted so far.

  • Daveincid's avatar
    FM23 “Increase-Realism”-Megapack December EARLY-ACCESS is now released on Patreon
    - 22 files in total
    - 400k+ changes
    - NT age bug fixed for top nations
    - realistic player development
    - better financial behaviour
    - better AI squad management
    - increased game difficulty & so much more!

  • Zakarus's avatar
    I can't wait for this to come to FM23 sweet
  • Daveincid's avatar
    FM23 “Increase-Realism”-Megapack December BETA is now released on Patreon

    - 20 files in total
    - 400k+ changes
    - NT age bug fixed for top nations
    - realistic player development
    - better financial behaviour
    - better AI squad management
    - increased game difficulty & so much more!

    More content:
    4 custom db setups

    December BETA test save in 2030

  • Daveincid's avatar
    FM23 “Increase-Realism”-Megapack Dezember ALPHA is now released on Patreon

    - 20 files in total
    - 400k+ changes
    - NT age bug fixed for top nations
    - realistic player development
    - better financial behaviour
    - better AI squad management
    - increased game difficulty & so much more!

  • Daveincid's avatar
    Quick information about my schedule for my FM23 "Increase Realism" Megapack December Update:

    Alpha-Version: 11th November
    Beta-Version: 18th November
    Early-Access: 25th November

    All of the above are available on Patreon

    Public Release: 2nd or 9th December
    For more informations about the first update, take a look at my social media platforms like:

  • Daveincid's avatar
    1. out of 2632 englisch newgens in my test-save in 2028, 36 of them speak at least basic welsh, 25 good and 6 fluent. So either it's a very old file of mine or from a different creator. This issue isn't existent in my work.
    2.About Iran and Afghanistan: No plans to change this at this point
    3. India won the competition in over 50% IRL, so the chance that they are going to win it in most cases is just accurate. Simulating this competition on full detail would probably icrease the chance of other winners slightly.
  • HH2010's avatar
    Dear @Daveincid , the geographics and languages may contain a bug. Most of the newgens in England get welsh as the main language. Also, can you move Iran and Afghanistan out of West Asian and South Asian federations respectively? I don't know why SportsInteractive doesn't fix that. Moreover, can you underpower India so that they dont win SAFF championship all the time.
  • Daveincid's avatar
    - XXL longterm simulation until 2028 with all leagues
    - comparison with FM22
    - changes "under the hood"
    - is it "longterm-stable" already?
    - when will my "Increase Realism Megapack" be released?

    Let's find out ;)
  • Daveincid's avatar
    FM22 “Increase Realism”-Megapack OCTOBER Update (FINAL UPDATE) is now released

    Thank you to everyone who supported me during this (FM)-year! <3 I hope you guys enjoyed playing with my mod

    Next stop: FM23! But first I'm on holidays for 2 weeks

    I wish you all a good time! (and a lot of patience while waiting for FM23)
    David aka Daveincid
  • Daveincid's avatar
    FM22 "Increase Realism Megapack" OCTOBER UPDATE FINAL VERSION (EARLY-ACCESS) is now released on Patreon
    - Major financial improvements for Japan, China & South Korea
    - League rules fixes for Belgium, France, Italy & Spain
    - Oceanian leagues finances fix
    - Final polishing of everything

  • Daveincid's avatar
    FM22 "Increase Realism Megapack" OCTOBER UPDATE FINAL VERSION (BETA) is now released on Patreon
    - Major financial improvements for Japan, China & South Korea
    - League rules fixes for Belgium, France, Italy & Spain
    - Oceanian leagues finances fix
    - Final polishing of everything :D

  • Daveincid's avatar
    FM22 "Increase Realism Megapack" OCTOBER UPDATE FINAL VERSION (ALPHA) is now released on Patreon
    - Major improvements for Japan, China & South Korea
    - Belgian TV money fix
    - Oceanian leagues finances fix
    - Final polishing of everything :D

  • Daveincid's avatar
    FM22 “Increase Realism”-Megapack SEPTEMBER Update is now released
    Check out the video below for all the changes + PREVIEW for FM23
    September Update

  • Daveincid's avatar
    Your assumption is correct. If you didn't see any explicit mention of the 5 subs rule then because it's not part of my pack. I would clearly mention such big changes. It wouldn't change anything if I would add the statement on the top because there will always be people who don't read it and still ask the question anyway ;)

  • SiriPsycho100's avatar
    @Davincid I didn't see any explicit mention of the 5 subs rule either way in the megapack description so going to assume that it isn't included. FYI @lobeo @danzera07

    Perhaps you could add a statement towards the top of the description explicitly addressing the 5 subs rule question to reduce repetitive comments instead of curtly directing them to read post each time (would also enable CTRL+f which would be helpful for quickly checking). tbf I was actually wondering the same thing and I think it's reasonable to speculate that it might given the theme of your megapack.

    Appreciate your work and so just some constructive feedback/suggestion.
  • Daveincid's avatar
  • rayenon's avatar
    Do you have a exact date of the public September update (I know that it has been delayed according to your tweet)? I am looking forward to starting a new save using your mods.
  • Daveincid's avatar
    If you read the post then you will know.
  • Lobeo's avatar
    One question please. Does this database have the 5 subs rule? Thank you in advance.
  • Daveincid's avatar
    Quick info:
    The public release of my FM22 "Increase Realism" -Megapack September update will be delayed at least until next week
  • Daveincid's avatar
    FM22 "Increase Realism Megapack" SEPTEMBER EARLY-ACCESS is now released on Patreon
    - “climate change” is now included in the game
    - club/transfer preferences improvements
    - smaller improvements of general AI-behaviour
    - 7 files updated in total

  • Daveincid's avatar
    Early-Access-Day of my "Increase Realism"-Megapack September Update
    The last chance for 1 person to win the latest version via Twitter to play it 1 week before public release!
    Good luck!
  • Daveincid's avatar
    1. you already asked that question on need to post it several times on different platforms
    2. Such questions should be send via PM, as written in my post
    3. You kinda missunderstood how transfer values work, especially if you do not use all files (which I recomend because they are often connected), so the result can be influenced in a negative way

    Thank you:)

    you already asked pr0 about those changes. Most of those changes are not part of my plans I'm sorry.
  • Rohagung's avatar
    Does anyone able to sell a player with full value? especially the most highest value one or mid (price/range, 50 to 100 m euro).

    i noticed the file only affected (transfer value) but not affected the hidden value or guide value. which is useless if we can't sell them in their transfer value range.

    what i mean is we got dynamic transfer value with the files but we cant even sell it based on their their transfer value, its different with fm vanilla, i still can sell above the transfer value.

    im still using july update and im only using 7 files in total because i dont want all the changes.

    i have watched the youtube for august update but the voice is too small and im not native speakers so its hard for me to understand.
  • SiriPsycho100's avatar
    I hope Sports Interactive just incorporates your updates into their base game lol Seems like you do a much better job of getting the balance and realism right than they do.

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