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GS STATS: The most significant Genie Scout feature ever

GS STATS provides you with in-depth statistically based year-by-year player development progress throughout the entire career. Plus transfer value development.

By on Nov 21, 2017   48247 views   5 comments
News - GS STATS: The most significant Genie Scout feature ever
I'm happy to announce the most significant feature ever implemented in Genie Scout: GS STATS.

GS STATS provides you with in-depth statistically based year-by-year player development progress throughout their entire career: from the beginning of your saved game until their retirement. Moreover, you get access to transfer value development and actual transfer fee statistics as well!

The concept is close to the 'History Points' feature, but instead of looking back GS STATS allows you to see the future!

How it works

Starting from the beta 1 GS collects game statistics from GS users on a yearly basis*. Then this data is aggregated and processed at our server to deliver you the most accurate and reliable player development data.

GS STATS is 100% statistically based; it means there no assumptions or formulae used, only the real game data statistics collected from thousands of users in all game types.

We also made sure to collect enough data during the beta test to cover 100% of the database. So even if you create Huge DB game with all the players included, you will get complete statistics on every real player in the world until season 2034/35!

What benefits does it bring to you?

Transfer fee stats introduced in the beta 7 provides you with actual season-by-season statistics on transfers ever made. It helps to understand the amount you should pay for the player you're interested in; or the maximum fee you can receive for own player in the current season.

Sale Value during season 2017/18 based on the transfer fees stats data, and it proved to be much more accurate than the formula used. It helps you to create the most efficient squad at the beginning of the game.

GS STATS provides you with the development of every skill, positional or role rating, ability, reputation, and display/transfer value. It allows making plans for the years ahead.

GS STATS will help you understand:

  • Which skill, when exactly and to what extent will change in coming years. You will be able to find the best way to utilize the player in the future.

  • How significantly and when exactly rating will begin to decrease, to let you prepare an equivalent replacement for a key player.

  • How fast young player will progress and at what age he will reach his potential to become a valuable player of the first team.

  • How long the particular player will be playing on the highest level.

  • When is the perfect time to sell the player to either receive maximum profit or not to lose much money for the experienced player.

And last, but not least: GS STATS provides us with valuable and detailed data required to create reliable and accurate statistical models predicting potential and year-by-year progress for regen players.

* You can deactivate data collection in GS options, but we strongly recommend to keep sharing the stats which makes GS STATS more accurate.

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Discussion: GS STATS: The most significant Genie Scout feature ever

5 comments have been posted so far.

  • kidys's avatar
    And what do the numbers below on the X-axis mean? In the FM Genie Scout 22g?
  • manhhadao's avatar
    I made a donation on fm genie scout 18g with the [email protected]
    But after 4 days i still havent received the email with the tool key.
    Please check if there is any problem. Thanks
  • Genie's avatar
    Of course, it's impossible to get statistics on regen players, since they're randomly generated in every game. But GS STATS provides with valuable and accurate stats on the real players. It also helps you to understand FM mechanics better, to make more deliberated decisions in your game.

    For the regens I'm planning to add a prediction of their progress a bit later. Statistical models will be developed using the stats collected which will forecast it.
  • InvertedWingbacks's avatar
    Man, I wish something like this could work on Mac!
  • grimmjow200's avatar
    Is GSStats legit accurate when it comes to deciding when to sell players? Also, is the Year-by-Year stat?

    How exactly can you determine this? I know you said it's all based on stats, but to predict the future (years when they will start to drop in CA + years it's best to sell) cannot be based on stats (that don't even exist since the player is not even at that age yet).

    Unless you are saying that FM18 is much more predictable than we are lead to believe?
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