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Livid'20 v1.2.2 - Dark FM20 Skin by Entreaty

Livid is back once again, now available for Football Manager 2020.

By Updated on Dec 07, 2019   25869 views   38 comments
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Downloads: 6558 / Size: 9.0 MB / Added: 2019-11-25
Football Manager 2020 Skins - Livid'20 v1.2.2 - Dark FM20 Skin by Entreaty


-Redesigned Club Overview Panel
-Redesigned Player Overview Panel

-Simple, dark and modern design

-Instant Result Button

-DF11 Facepack support (other facepacks should work as well)

THIS ISN'T THE FINAL VERSION OF THE SKIN I will try to update the skin as much as my time allows me to. I will consider some requests, but if you really want something changed/customized for you, please consider donating here


-v1.1- Redesigned tab bar buttons.
-v1.2- General improvements to boxes and their colors.
-v1.2.2 - Changed attribute analyser, fixed a couple of boxes. Added DF11 panels for staff profiles.



-DF11 skin


Thanks to Wozzie, EVO Skin and TCS'19 for inspiration.

Download Now
Downloads: 6558 / Size: 9.0 MB / Added: 2019-11-25
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Discussion: Livid'20 v1.2.2 - Dark FM20 Skin by Entreaty

38 comments have been posted so far.

  • DemonSoul's avatar
    talked to fast :D

    I dont know what you did with the green stuff LOL

    Heres another one thats not supposed to be like this i think:
  • DemonSoul's avatar
    @entreaty yah now its working, im back to using the skin now :D

    Still no idea how to fix the M and m for the portuguese language that me and some other's were talking about?
  • Entreaty's avatar
    @DemonSoul @bezman

    Should be fixed now, apparently it was only fixed for player search but not for other screens in previous version.
  • Den1s's avatar
    Nevermind i found it, if anyone else wants that

    you can edit colors in
    Livid'20 v1.2.1\settings\Livid'20 settings.xml
    profile attribute colors

    to remove boxes go to
    Livid'20 v1.2.1\panels\player\player attributes panel.xml
    and delete
    Attribute Value
  • Den1s's avatar
    Hey its a very neat skin, just how can I change the player attributes back to regular view without boxes, or at least change the colors of the boxes cause Im very used to different colors for attributes?
  • bezman's avatar
    Hi there Entreaty great skin just don't understand why the green is happening and as you can see i have the latest version of your skin.
  • Valter Barreira's avatar
    It worked! Thanks, keep the good work!
  • DemonSoul's avatar
    @entreaty i just download it and i still have it exactly the same i dunno
  • Entreaty's avatar

    It should work normally, make sure you downloaded the 1.2.1 version/


    Thank you very much, I'll see what I can do about it, polygon should be easy to fix.

    @Valter Barreira

    Skin is designed for 1920x1080 though it "should" work on other resolutions. It's just that some boxes may not work as intended (which seems to be the case here). Try messing with row_height inside panels/player/player attributes panel.xml (line 11).


    Not sure what button that is, everything seems to be working normally.
  • proton6's avatar
    Your overview button does not work on the team info
  • Valter Barreira's avatar
    Hi, I'm using a 13" MacBook Pro with 1280x800 resolution and even with 85% zoom, i can't see all atributes without scrolling. What can I do? Maybe setting a smaller font in atributes?
  • Valkyrie's avatar
    Good job mate, best skin so far, honestly. You seem to be the only skinner who understands the proper use of space on the screen.

    However, there are 2 things I would kindly suggest as an ideea for a future update / 2nd version to go along with this version:

    1. Reduce the contrast of the text over background, so it doesn't blast as much light to our eyes. It's not a big issue, but a little bit of "decontrast" or / and "desaturate" would go a long long way.
    2. The polygon attribute analyzer, is there any chance we could have the classic one ? Again, the only reason I am even bringing it up is because of the contrast. The default one in FM20 (like the one you are using is very high in saturation and contrast).

    Congratulations, you have done the best skin for FM20 so far.
  • DemonSoul's avatar
    The green thing is still the same for me after downloading the new version
  • DemonSoul's avatar
    Thank you , i dunno about the M and m thing but i guess could be a worst thing :)

    A question, when you change anything on the skin do you, touch the file that is needed to change the boxes? So i can just backup the file and overwrite when you change things or you change that file often?
  • Entreaty's avatar
    Sorry idk how you can fix that right now, try asking in SI forums.
    The green thing is fixed now.
  • DemonSoul's avatar
    The hell happened here? this wasn't before:
  • DemonSoul's avatar

    What some people are talking is this : bellow eduardo face, his price says

    140 M, it should be 140 m

    another example :

    should say 600 m instaed of 600 M , its probably because of portuguese language ?

    It's defenetly the Portuguese language , because in English it says "k" instead of "m" , how can this be fixed?
  • DemonSoul's avatar
    And now we have the staff pictures, thank you so much :)
  • Jgd's avatar
    @Entreaty im using Portuguese
  • Tompoller's avatar
    @Entreaty La Liga
  • Entreaty's avatar

    I'm not sure what the issue here is, it's displaying K for thousands and M for millions normally on my end. What language are you using?
  • Jgd's avatar
    Love the skin! but m8, can u fix the M / m thing on player value? cause a player who is valued 100.000 is shown as 100M should be an easy fix
  • Entreaty's avatar

    I'll probably redesign staff panel when I get some free time.


    Not sure what's up with that one. Works fine on my end.
  • Entreaty's avatar
    Thanks, you can remove attribute boxes if you wish.

    Open panels/player/player attributes panel.xml and delete appearance="boxes/custom/attributes/paper" on 23rd line. Also change use_attribute_colour_as_bg="true" to "false"
  • Goodname's avatar
    The skin in beautiful but the stats of the players are so ugly

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