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Trademark dispute resolved: Man UFC from FM22 onwards

Manchester United will be renamed to Man UFC on Football Manager 2022 and that settles the trademark dispute on a no admission basis.

By on Aug 06, 2021   8801 views   7 comments
News - Trademark dispute resolved: Man UFC from FM22 onwards
As Sports Interactive announced today, the legal case between Man Utd and Sega has finally been settled.

This dispute has negatively affected the Football Manager community in recent years, leading to drastic changes in sharing graphic packs on the official SI forums as well as here on FM Scout.

While the situation with graphic packs won't change for us, the good news is that the dispute between the club and Sega/SI is no more.

The following text was posted on behalf of the official FM account on social media.

Manchester United and Sega have agreed a settlement to amicably resolve their trademark dispute relating to Football Manager. Both parties are pleased to resolve this matter to their mutual satisfaction.

From FM22 onwards, the Manchester United football club will be named ‘Manchester UFC’ or ‘Man UFC’. These name changes have been made purely to settle the dispute on a no admissions basis.

SEGA and Sports Interactive maintain that they do not need a license to use the ‘Manchester United’ name but have made the change as a gesture of goodwill so that both parties can move on.

As you know, there are more clubs without their official names in the game. The reason behind it, is exclusive licensing elsewhere (e.g. on PES / FIFA) or other copyright restrictions (e.g. Brazilian clubs).

Of course this won't stop the FM community from utilizing editor tools or name-fix mods to change unlicensed names of clubs, competitions or people, as long as SI keep such modding possible.

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Discussion: Trademark dispute resolved: Man UFC from FM22 onwards

7 comments have been posted so far.

  • BellRyder's avatar
    Ah yes... everyone in the stadium should chant their new name next time... Man Ultimate Fighting Championship
  • Richardcharlston's avatar
    As a Leeds fan I edit their name anyway
  • richbell82's avatar
    I have played fm since it it was CM on floppy disc. I know we have license fix, it’s not about that for me. FM reaches so many people from so many nations now. For United to be so arrogant and yet also foolish for turning down worldwide FREE advertising of their brand. It could end up costing United millions of support and fans for years to come. SI or Sega have never misrepresented the club in any way over many years of the game. The game doesn’t sell copies solely because of one club.
    If anything FM has helped get United more because of games like this and FIFA.
    Thank heavens for editing IF United don’t demand that the club cannot be edited and they have something in place to stop it.
    Only time will tell… All I can say is please don’t ruin the game for the younger generation!!!
  • LandonDonovan10's avatar
    chill guys we got licence fix :)
  • gladman1's avatar
    Typical united, bitter b@@@@@@s
  • richbell82's avatar
    next thing it'll be no player names. We will have Rarcus Mashford, Fruno Bernades etc etc.
    I have been a United fan since i was a little lad. I am TOTALLY ashamed of my club for this. I bet the cheeky T%$TS use FM for finding players before sending scouts places to watch players.
    Shocking and disgusting behaviour from Manchester United aka Manchester UFC aka Man UFC.
    Sort your s*^t out United!!!!!!
  • Broto's avatar
    i mean, Man UFC or Manchester UFC is okay by me, is better than man red, or Zebre or piemonte calcio
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