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Mustermann v1.6 FM22 Skin

A simple, clean skin for FM22; ideal for those playing at higher resolutions who don't want to be bombarded with information they rarely (or never) use.

By Updated on Feb 25, 2022   38828 views   53 comments
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Downloads: 7123 / Size: 1.9 MB / Added: 2021-11-29
Football Manager 2022 Skins - Mustermann v1.6 FM22 Skin
A simple, clean skin, ideal for those playing at higher resolutions who don't want to be bombarded with information they rarely (or never) use.

QHD version for 2560x1440 (up to 110% zoom) and FHD version for 1920x1080 (up to 100% zoom)


"It's different, I'll give you that"
"You sure do like boxes and the colour grey"
"I don't play your stupid football spreadsheet game. Stop asking me for a quote!"

Mustermann Skin - Features

  • Customisable colour scheme, frame style and player layout (instructions in zip file)
  • Attributes shown in Scouting Card
  • Inobtrusive Pros & Cons layout, minimizing unused blank space for non-scouted players.
  • Unique home and player profile panels, including combined Scouting Centre with Reports summary, full Medical Centre & Team injuries panel, Player Training Feedback

Mustermann Skin - Screenshots

Alternative Colors

How to install the Mustermann skin on FM22

1. Extract the contents of the downloaded .rar archive by using a free tool such as 7-zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for Mac.

2. Move the Mustermann folder of choice (QHD is for wide screens and FHD is for regular screens) to your skins folder, which is located by default at:
Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2022 > skins


- Blues: Dark blue-Grey background, silver text, with blue accents
- Maroon: Slate grey background, beige text, with maroon and light pink accents
- Teal & Orange: Dark brown background, cream text, with teal & orange accents
- Teal & Salmon:Dark blue-grey background, light grey text, with teal & salmon accents

INSTRUCTIONS: Open the folder for the preferred colour scheme and COPY the contents to the main skin folder. This will only replace the necessary files.

Bugs/Future Requests

If you notice any bugs/issues, please do get in touch, and I will see if they can be resolved.
Similarly, if you have any requests for future features, please let me know, although for full transparency I have no intention of adding any information pertaining to hidden information (CA/PA etc...)

Patch Notes

  • Removed customised scout report views
  • Edited visualisation on player overview
  • Adjustments to pre-match tactics page on FHD version to prevent players at bottom of screen being inaccessible
  • Translation fixes
  • Updated layout for FHD version
  • Added Team Colour for FHD version
  • Fixed: "Quit to Start Screen" not available - intro panel removed
  • Added Team Colour skin
  • Fixed: Unable to pin data hub reports from Player -> Reports -> Player Performance
  • Fixed: Deadline Day: text unreadable for selected row on sidebar
  • Added alternative scorecard layouts
  • Added tabbed player overview to allow greater focus on the areas that matter to you
  • Removed alternative player overview folder, with functionality available from selectors on profile
  • Added Instant Result button
  • Updated player pop-up to include preferred foot, personality, attribute analyser and traits
  • Added alternative layouts with both footedness shown
  • Added new frame type ("double border")
  • Fixed: Unable to leave inbox with unread messages when "icons only" on sidebar
  • Fixed: Alternative colour schemes not working on FHD - fix expected on 29/11/21
  • Fixed: Key stats not visible when using alternative role & duty overview on FHD - fix expected on 29/11/21
  • Updated Attribute Analyser to fit colour scheme

Known Issues

  • Club Info not showing for some users (still under investigation)

Future Plans

  • Light version
  • Graphical attribute version (non-numeric attributes)

Usage Rights

This skin is completely free for personal use, but may not be sold or placed behind a paywall.
If you plan on using the skin publicly, or repurposing a unique element for own skin, please provide credit and a link to this post.
If, for whatever reason, you are so enamoured with this skin you want to send me a coffee, feel free to donate via PayPal.


sebastian_starttrbts & Tyburn - whose work on creating non-numeric attribute skins inspired me to learn myself
Michaeltmurrayuk - for his base skins, and assistance in various skinning queries
wkdsoul - for his assistance in various skinning queries
bluestillidie00 - scouring through the xmls for TCS taught me a lot about how half of this stuff works, as well as his assistance in various skinning queries
Wozzie - for fixtures and results panels for club overview
Heffem - for training selectors on player profile

Download Now
Downloads: 7123 / Size: 1.9 MB / Added: 2021-11-29
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Discussion: Mustermann v1.6 FM22 Skin

53 comments have been posted so far.

  • Umbersun78's avatar
    Cannot find the way to change the colour schemes. It says you have alternative colour combinations in the zip file + instructions but I found none.
  • Umbersun78's avatar
    Just downloaded it for the first time and immediately loved it. I've been using the FLUT skin for a few years but now I have a new favourite one. Clean, useful and looks nice.
    In the 3D matches I would like to see 2 changes only: Show the name of the player that assisted the goal and show the clubs names in the score, instead of the abbreviated letters only.
  • gimn85's avatar
    @likeastar20 - this is controlled by panels/player/player overview panel.xml

    Line 7 defines the sizes of the information:

    <layout class="vertical_arrange" vertical_layout="6,300,2,44,2,17,15,2,200,2,-1" offset="0" inset="0" gap="0" draw_horizontal_dividers="false"/>

    300 is the container for the player picture. Changing this will impact the scorecards, too - so you may need to make edits to panels/player/mustermann/vertical.xml too.

    Here you'll probably need to change the values which for vertical_layout="15,60", and the text size which is currently size="18"
  • likeastar20's avatar
    How do i make the player face smaller ? What file should i edit?
  • gimn85's avatar
    @jcs1249 - the fix has now been rolled out officially.
  • gimn85's avatar
    @hutoew - Unfortunately not. I don't use the in-game editor, and would be unable to test.

    @Juegodeposicion - maybe in the future, but I can't make any promises. With a graphical attribute skin and light skin already planned, I will essentially be supporting 8 different skins, so it might end up being just too many to maintain.
  • hutoew's avatar
    Do you have a plan add hidden attributes panel?

    fantastic skin !
  • Juegodeposicion's avatar
    Is there any chance to make this awesome skin to be suitable for lower res (for ex: 1366x768? Thank you! Keep up the good work!
  • gimn85's avatar
    @vinlando - no worries. There are some files that only "load" when you boot up the game, so require a full restart to come into effect. Evidently this is one of them!
  • vinlando's avatar
    I thought clearing cache and reloading skin was enough, but restarting the game fixed the start screen thing, forgot to update after my initial comment.
  • gimn85's avatar
    @jcs1249 - super, thank you for getting back. Looks like I'll need to add that change to the next release!!
  • jcs1249's avatar
    That fixed it. Thank you so much!
  • gimn85's avatar
    @Juegodeposicion - I've just downloaded myself and had no warning either during virus scan or whilst trying to extract.

    It might be worth downloading again and seeing if the problem persists. I can assure you there isn't a virus (but then I would say that!)
  • Juegodeposicion's avatar

    why does it say that the file contains a virus?
  • gimn85's avatar
    @vinlando - 1.4 fixed the "Quit to Start Screen" issue in all versions, including QHD. The problem was caused by the customised intro panel (the one when you open FM to begin with). The only difference between 1.3 and 1.4 for QHD was that fix.

    If you're using 1.3, you can achieve the same by deleting the following files:

    panels/game/intro panel.xml
    graphics/main menu (whole folder)
  • gimn85's avatar
    @jcs1249 - the issue might be with the following file:

    panels/match/tactics with embedded section tabs panel.

    Download the replacement file below and place it in the aforementioned folder (panels/match), and let me know if that's sorted it out:
  • vinlando's avatar
    Was 1.4 just fixing the FHD version? I'm using QHD (blue) and it's still greyed out for me.
  • jcs1249's avatar
    My monitor resolution is 1920x1080 and I'm using the FHD version.
  • gimn85's avatar
    @jcs1249 - can you tell me which skin you are using, and the resolution of your monitor?
  • gimn85's avatar
    @Juegodeposicion - if you want to remove the scorecards, you'll need to edit the following file:


    On row 5 change horizontal_layout="330,100" to horizontal_layout="330"

    Then delete rows 51-133.
  • jcs1249's avatar
    Also I'm unable to scroll to see the rest of the team on the bench during the team selection screen. If I filter to include U-23 players I am able to scroll down to see the rest of the bench, but not if I filter it to just senior team. It cuts off about two players.

    Update: On 100% zoom it cuts off. Works when zoomed out 85%.
  • jcs1249's avatar
    Great skin! Is there a reason why the stadium images aren't showing? Wondering if it's something on my part or a bug. Thanks!
  • Juegodeposicion's avatar
    Is it possible for me to remove the stats on the player overview page (the ones that appear near the player's face pack)?
  • gimn85's avatar
    @gate13 - not currently, but it's something I can look at introducing for a future release.
  • gate13's avatar
    fantastic skin, are the stadiums showing in the schedule tab too? i.e. on the right of the schedule page where all the fixtures are shown.

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