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FM19 Tactic: Redesigned Four Four Two!

Old traditional 4-4-2 redesigned by Adrianight! Another game breaker tactic for FM 2019, as every year. With the new Four Four Two, you will rock challenges!

By on Dec 01, 2018   117720 views   10 comments
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Downloads: 34111 / Size: 42.4 kB / Added: 2018-12-01
Football Manager 2019 Tactics - FM19 Tactic: Redesigned Four Four Two!
Hey all,

As I do every year, I created a game breaker tactic for FM 19. To find detailed information about me, you can check 4-3-2-1 Forechecking.

Before last patch it was super broken, I had 2 unbeaten championship before patch. Last patch was a bit of a nerf to the tactic but it's still super strong.

I know most of you like classic 4-4-2 and it's not that easy to make a 4-4-2 tactic work really well, while there are better formations for the game engine. But this time I made it work.

This 4-4-2 tactic has 2 points and I need to underline them. First thing is;
This tactic works the same way with traditional 4-4-2 (strong wing plays) and when you have 2 strong wing players and 1-2 strikers who are strong in the air, the tactic will work amazingly well.

Second and most important part is;
While a classic 4-4-2 tactic is more direct and relies on long balls, this tactic (I named it Four Four Two) works with short passes, strong possession play.
Most of the games you will have %55+ possession superiority.
One last thing is really strong team defence.

Four four two tested with Wisla Krakow, Galatasaray, Hamburg and QPR. High level challenge or underdog it worked really well both.

Key roles for the tactic are wingers. We don't need reverse wings here. Our right midfielder should have strong right foot and left midfielder strong left foot with good speed, acceleration, crossing, balance skills. We will seek for wing players who use touchline and cross the ball to the strikers.
Inside forward type of players don't work here. Please pay attention to it.

Some screenshots from games which will give you an idea about Four Four Two.

My Galatasaray setup:

Some results from my Wisla Krakow save:

See how I dominated Polish League with Four Four Two - Wisla Krakow

Give it a try and please feel free to share your experience with Four Four Two. Good luck!

Download Now
Downloads: 34111 / Size: 42.4 kB / Added: 2018-12-01
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Discussion: FM19 Tactic: Redesigned Four Four Two!

10 comments have been posted so far.

  • kudos666's avatar
    I spent hours searching for good wingers and target men.. eventually managed to get a few ok ones for my Cambridge Team, but I really struggled with this tactic.
  • Adrianight's avatar
    happy that worked for you <3
    Last patch made it a bit better compare previous patch.
  • Taranci's avatar
    Biggest fan of your tactics here. Again a superior tactic. I won dutch league with Herenveen first season with double!

    Good job!
  • Mozes's avatar
    Hi! Can you explain why you chose a Carrilero there? I find that to be a strange fit
  • Adrianight's avatar
    Yes its still super broken. Im winning everything by any team that i manage.
  • ilyes92300's avatar
    hello she works with 19.2 patch ?
  • TheFMProject's avatar
    Any suggestions of teams to try this tactic with ?
  • melton08's avatar
    Can I get the player instructions please? On iPad so cannot download tactic, thanks in advance!
  • Edwin's avatar
    Have you tried playing with a more positive mentality?
  • Legionista1916's avatar
    It looks very nice :) is this tactic up to the latest version 19.1.5?
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