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Sir Alex Ferguson's Asymmetric GoalStorm

Sir Alex Ferguson's basic dominating formation and tactic for Football Manager 2015. Controlling Possesion - Scoring Goals and Defending Very Well.

By Updated on Nov 11, 2014   101104 views   19 comments
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Downloads: 31436 / Size: 622 B / Added: 2014-11-09
FM 2015 Tactics - Sir Alex Ferguson's Asymmetric GoalStorm
After an amazingly successful era at FM2014, I created a new tactic that combines a possession attacking build-up play with a cautious and effective defending functionality that also begins dangerous counter attacks.

A full pitch formation - using all the positions and width of the pitch to create a balanced and dominating weapon that can be adapted and used by any team level - from top class to lower leagues just by making minor adjustments.

7-8 players attacking, 6-7 players defending, but the keys are the DM and AMCR Players for Defence and Attack.

First results far before team tactical learning

1st official match vs Arsenal = half time 1-5 winning

Attack positioning - overloading as usual

Useful Adjustments
Complete Wing Backs can be set to Full Backs

Download Now
Downloads: 31436 / Size: 622 B / Added: 2014-11-09
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Discussion: Sir Alex Ferguson's Asymmetric GoalStorm

19 comments have been posted so far.

  • kimjusub's avatar
    Can I ask you to do me a favor?
    15.3.1 tactics upload.
  • dotraw's avatar
    I can't import .tac files...
  • leighpepin's avatar
    Brilliant tactic. I had been managing Swansea with a different more defensive tactic and doing well - (7th- then 5th, then 4th) but no where near challenging for title. I was offered Arsenal job, took it but found my previous tactic to be fa too defensive. Teams were sitting back. Switched to this half way through my first season and it's worked a dream. For OI I show all offensive players onto weaker foot and only have closing down on wide players or attacking midfielders. I'm 6 points clear at top of table with 5 games to go, was 4th and 5 points behind when I changed tactic. Going to try it with my Falkirk save now.
  • Guilhermebima's avatar
    Hi guys. I don`t see the tatic when I try to import it. Would anyone help me?
  • Username's avatar
    If he hasn't said anything about OI's then just use your assitant...
  • latrinis's avatar
    Thank U! The tactic has immediate effect ! Great job !
  • JordvnKN's avatar
    There are no player instructions or opposition instructions?
  • JordvnKN's avatar
    What do you set for opposition instructions?
  • JordvnKN's avatar
    This tactic works great for me in my ManUtd career, also what do you set for opposition instructions?
  • GAOBR's avatar
    What size is your pitch?
  • TipNinja's avatar
    Just about to try this with a youth heavy Bristol City squad, will post results in time
  • akridas-4-'s avatar
    i tried this on chelsea but i fail!
  • Marck's avatar
    works on us to 15.1.3
  • Tsegas's avatar

    After fitness training for tactical training

    During Season training

    and altering depending on the opponent if necessary

    Thank you guys for trying all this. Enjoy!
  • knolex's avatar
    I think Marck is right. I tried this tactic and it comes with team instructions.

    The mentality is "normal" and training team is "flexible" what i think it is standard.

    And in the player instructions, does not have anything.

    I used this tactic in FM 2014 and i will try to put similar and see if it works. :D

    Great tactic by the way, thanks for the upload, and if you can leave here the final instructions or update the tactic would be great.

    Keep up the good work, thank you.
  • Wakesta's avatar
    I think Marck is asking what are the team instructions for this.
  • Wakesta's avatar
    What would the training schedule be on this?
  • Tsegas's avatar
    Aren't the setting build in the tactic?
    and also on the right of the first photo of this page?
    What kind of settings you mean?
  • Marck's avatar
    there is no player settings?
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