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The Gaia Project for FM15

The Gaia project brings you to an alternate football universe where there are no more the players and the competitions we used to know. To use with Football Manager 2015.

By on Jul 26, 2015   38309 views   36 comments
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Downloads: 1468 / Size: 76.1 MB / Added: 2015-07-26
FM 2015 Custom Scenarios - The Gaia Project for FM15

I. General information

First of all, I would like to apologize for my English and for the French in the screenshots.

I am a huge fan of fantasy databases. This one I made (with the help of other people) during the last months. I hope you will enjoy it, at least as much as I enjoyed creating it. I call it the Gaia project.

The Gaia project brings you to an alternate universe where there are no more the players and the competitions we used to know.
  • No CR7 and Messi
  • No Premier League
  • Bye-bye FIFA World Cup

320 clubs have been created and separated in 16 new countries.
Each team has a particularity, it generates newgens with dual nationalities (one nationality from Gaia and one real nationality).

The 16 countries of the update can be separated in 2 categories:

1) The ones with nationalities according to geographic repartition

- Soloriore : From the latin "Rising Sun", asiatic nationalities
- Nordik : Easy to guess, nationalities from Scandinavia, baltics countries + Russia + Alaska + Canada
- Megaokeanos : Frome the Ancient Greek "Great Ocean", oceanian nationalities
- Marenostrum : From the latin "Our Sea", name given by the Romans to the Mediterranean Sea, mediterranean nationalities
- Abya Yala : Name chosen in 1992 by the Native Americans for the American continent, Central and South American nationalities
- Melagea : From the Ancient Greek "Black Land", African nationalities
- Tropico : Not very hard to find, caribbean nationalities (+USA)
- Ereb : From the phoenician Europe, European nationalities (except the North countries and the Mediterrannean ones)

2) The ones with nationalities according a specifity (Cultural, Geopolitical...)

- Micro : From the Ancient Greek Little, nationalities from the smallest countries in the world (San Marin, Monaco...)
- Panorama : Nationalities from country with a natural wonder (Niagara Fall, Krakatoa...)
- Architectura : Nationalities from country with an architectural masterpiece (Eiffel Tower...)
- Imperia : From the latin Empire, nationalities from country with a ancient great empire
- Gasteria : From the Ancient Greek Stomach, nationalities from country with a food or drink known worldwide.
- Trademark : Nationalities from country where come from the biggest companies.
- Theos : From the Ancient Greek Gods, nationalities from country with one kind of religion.
- Scire : From the latin Knowledge, nationailities from countries where come from the greatest scientists.

II. Statistics and credits

In summary, this update contains:

16 new countries to discover
51 competitions to win (national, continental and international)
150 represented nationalities
150 individual awards
320 clubs with their unique identity
800 created staff and players

But mostly a complete graphic pack including flags, logos, kits and faces of the created items.

For this, I would like to say THANKS to some members of the French forum:
Iracus, Fgcb33140 and Rogvi for their help and tips
Kinmar for the flags creation
Thom91286, Krysler76, Bzr, Loriot, SaintCyp, Mattbigs, maxbig2505 Matthews974, Billouga, Sigchel, Santos1114 and Wence for the logos and kits creation.

Take note that this graphic pack (and the update) represent more than 6 months of (more or less) hard work from all these members.

III. Download Links

Editor data files

18 files, 1 for each country, 1 for continental competitions, 1 for international competitions to place in the editor data folder:
Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2015/editor data/
Use the big red "Download Now" button.

Launch steps
- Choose the 18 files during database creation (use the default one!)
- Choose the Gaia countries you want (I suggest you all of them for a total immersion :) )
- Tick the option "Add players to playable teams" in the leagues choice.
- Enjoy !


Including flags, logos, kits and faces to place in the graphics folder:
Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2015/graphics/

Download: Gaia Graphics Pack

All feedback is welcome (especially the positive remarks).
It would be great if you could let us know of your adventures in Gaïa World here.

IV. Screenshots

Some screenshots as bonus (in French language).

Countries selection

Leagues selection

National leagues reputation

National cups reputation

Match rules

Each club has one identity, I set rules to respect a minimum this identity. These rules apply for every club competition (national & continental) :

The rules are 5 foreigners max per team and 5 homegrown players among the selected team for every match.

Continental Cups

C1 : Gaïa Champions League = 16 national league winners

C2 : Gaïa Supreme Cup= 16 national cup winners

C3 : Gaïa Trophy = 2nd, 3rd and 4th of the previous league

C4 : Gaïa Ultimate Tournament = 320 Gaïa clubs

C5 : C1, C2, C3 and C4 winners in a very lucrative NBA style competition.

Most reputed and richest Gaia clubs

All Trademark teams are owned by a Sugar Daddy and have top infrastructures. However, transfer costs in this country are huge.

For a better understanding of each club identity, take a look of the one of the best clubs in the world (according to the previous screens)

South Korean players with Trademark dual nationality. The club will produce mainly this kind of bi-national players.

The best club player (125 CA) is 43m € at 18 years (the same kind of player is 15-20M € in Marenostrum, the second most reputed country)

To finish, a little summary of the International competitions:

International Cup (Summer 2015) : 16 Gaia countries in a WC style competition
International League (Sept 2014 - Nov 2021) : 16 Gaia countries and around 220 real countries in a competition in 3 steps with a league at each turn.
Gaia Series (Summer 2017) : 16 Gaia countries in a NBA playoffs competitions (3 matchs per turn)
Continental Tour (Summers 2018-2019-2020-2021) : 16 Gaia countries and 48 best countries of each continent in a WC style competition (Oceanian countries are moved in Asia)

And the cycle begins again :)

I think you can see now what is the Gaia World, so what are you waiting for?

Download Now
Downloads: 1468 / Size: 76.1 MB / Added: 2015-07-26
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Discussion: The Gaia Project for FM15

36 comments have been posted so far.

  • Alexandru's avatar
    one month...
  • boonty's avatar
    As I said to tmanjr in a private message, I am a little late because of the holiday (and because I am a new daddy) but in one month I think ;)
  • Alexandru's avatar
    When will the next version exactly appear?
  • tmanjr121's avatar
    When will the newest version be released?
  • boonty's avatar
    I will release in a few weeks a new version of this update with 448 new clubs and 4 divisions per country !

    If I delete this rule, all the clubs will more or less lose their identity. On the next version, I will test how ton increase the quality of the youth produced by all the clubs.
  • Ricardo Cunha's avatar
    Can you delete the rule to play with 5 players trained in club ? i´m on 2022 and still don´t have good 5 players to put on the team sheet and it would be funnier without it
  • StHa14's avatar
    Cos the trained by club is also an issue, but a few years holiday brings eligible players in
  • StHa14's avatar
    Anyone moaning about players try holidaying a few years to begin with. It allows regents to come through and age a bit...
  • boonty's avatar
    You have free agents also who are quite good.
    The (very) good newgens will arrive during the following seasons !
  • favret1's avatar
    @Krysler76 Worked for me, thanks!
  • dillonpike99's avatar
    @Krysler76 I tick that, but all the players it adds are all so bad so there is only one good player?
  • Krysler76's avatar
    @favret1 You must "- Tick the option "Add players to playable teams" in the leagues choice."
  • dillonpike99's avatar
    There is only one player in each team? When I choose 'Add players to playable teams' it adds really bad players. Really want to play this :(
  • favret1's avatar
    Hello! First of all congratulations for the idea.
    I have the 15.3.2, and my problem is that all the teams I see one player, and the others are not available. This also happens with my team, that instead I should know ...
    I leave attached some pictures, I hope will be helpful.

  • Krysler76's avatar
    @SpuddyGames It's for that, it doesn't work with the 15.1.3 :/
  • SpuddyGames's avatar
    @Krysler56 15.1.3
  • StHa14's avatar
    @Krysler76 Hadn't reloaded. Works fine now, cheers!
  • Krysler76's avatar
    @spuddygames What is your game version ? (not database)
  • SpuddyGames's avatar
    Oh, and also the save game is not working.
  • SpuddyGames's avatar
    @Krysler, yes all 18 divisions. It's just the season update day seems to be a few days early.
  • boonty's avatar
    Hello everyone,

    I am one of the authors of this update and the guy who uploaded it on FMScout.

    For all of your issues, be sure that you fulfill all these conditions and there will be no problems

    1- Latest update of FM15
    2- Use the default database when you create the game
    3- Use the 18 Gaia editor files and ONLY THEM
    4- For graphics, place the folder including flags, logos, kits and faces in
    Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2015/graphics/ and untick the option Use the presentation cache (litteral traduction of the french version, sorry if it does not fully correspond to the name of the option in English)

    @Ricardo Cunha : You higlighted the major flaws of this update. I am curently working on a new version and if I find enough time, this will be somehow corrected.
  • Krysler76's avatar
    I don't have this problem, so i don't know, maybe it's a problem with the game version because it works fine with database 15.0 or 15.3 and with steam updates 15.3.2

    Boonty had problems before a game update which helped him.

    But there is a save by boonty for the installation problems
  • Stam's avatar
    Someone reported this problem on twitter:
    Please have a look and let me know what I could reply to him.
  • Ricardo Cunha's avatar
    actually it works with 15.3, i tested myself and it´s good, but there is no good staff, and most of the players of the samsung football team for example are too poor...
  • Krysler76's avatar
    @SpuddyGames You select the 18 data files when you create the game, right ? If yes, i don't know :/

    @StHa14 You downloaded the graphics pack in the article and placed it in your "graphics" file ? And reload skin ?

    @Winbledon Road to CL : Strange because, for me it's fine, all the clubs logo/kits correspond.

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