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Ultimate Legends and Stars 1880-2016

The most in-depth legends database ever produced for Football Manager 2016, including players and managers from 1880-2016.

By on Jul 23, 2016   46678 views   42 comments
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Size: 6.5 MB / Added: 2016-07-23
FM 2016 Fantasy Scenarios - Ultimate Legends and Stars 1880-2016
Welcome to the Ultimate Legends 1880 - 2016!

Imagine a diamond generation, a world where all the living legends of football between 1880 - 2016 congregated on the earth at the same time. Imagine managing one of these teams. When the opposition you face is likely to have a team full of legends as well. Where tactics are everything because one mistake will be punished.

Imagine putting your wits against the crème de la crème of management and chairman, managers like Brian Clough in their prime. Imagine facing Maradona, Pele, Sindelar, Di Stefano, La Maquina, Torino before the Superga disaster. Imagine facing or managing the best managers and players who ever existed; can you beat the total football Ajax team, or Liverpool made up of stars from the eighties, or can you survive a game against the dirty Leeds.

Can England finally win a tournament and who do you put in goal, Shilton, Banks, Seaman, what about the wings, Matthews, Finney to name but a few, and who are the powers in England now, Manchester United, Liverpool... but since we are going back from 1800, you're gonna have to watch out for Sunderland, Sheffield Wednesday, Newcastle, and other sleeping giants who have WOKEN UP!

Who would you pick to come up against the Austrian wunderteam or the Dutch maestros, or the Hungarian giants, can you defeat the Germans now? Who will prevail and dominate the world full of legends? Can Wimbledon seriously survive the Premiership under the guidance of Dave Basset, what you gonna do when Pele and Maradona come for you? We are about to find out!

The most in-depth detailed legends games ever produced.

Players and Managers from 1880 - 2016.

100% accuracy in statistics.

The return of great teams like the mighty Magyar & la Machina.

The return of AJAX total football.

The return of dirty Leeds and Don F'n REVIE.

The return of his arch nemesis - Brian Big Head Clough.

The return of Wimbledon and the CRAZY GANG!

This is football manager in hard mode! You will need to be tactically sound as your playing some amazing tough teams!

The ultimate football show on earth is coming back for 2016!


Extras - Graphics

This is optional.

How to use the Ultimate Legends 1880-2016 database with FM16

  1. Move the downloaded .fmf file to Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2016\editor data.

  2. Open FM 2016 and start a new save-game with this database selected.


Any custom transfer updates or attribute adjustment files will cause problems with this database. However real names license fix should work fine, as does any media source additions (files that have added more regional newspapers, websites, journalists etc to the database).

Installation Instructions for the optional facepack
  1. Extract the contents of the file using a free tool such as 7-zip or The Unarchiver.

  2. Move the extracted folder to the following location:
    Documents / Sports Interactive / Football Manager 2016
    Replace the folder when asked.

  3. It is NOT necessary to delete your whole graphics folder, just facepacks, as kit and logo graphics will still work fine.


This database is created by Anthony Fenech.
The original thread can be found on SI forums.

Steam Workshop
Size: 6.5 MB / Added: 2016-07-23
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Discussion: Ultimate Legends and Stars 1880-2016

42 comments have been posted so far.

  • Ant1976's avatar
    Does anybody have the database and graphics. Links no longer work .
  •'s avatar
    No update anymore?
  • Supbruh's avatar
    There are 2 Gerd Mullers'. Anyways great database.
  • OverloadEx3's avatar
    Don't know why but that didn't seem to work... Guess ill just play without the graphics...
  • Fenech's avatar
    Hi overload, you need to delete your graphics folder completely and then download the original one from here, then uzip it, and go to game, preferences, clear the cache and reload the skin.
  • OverloadEx3's avatar
    How do I fix the graphics... as some of the players don't match eg, Matt Le Tissier has Nigel Winterburn pic... and Terry Paine has some young black man (don't know who..)
  • Fenech's avatar
    Hi Scott,

    I am doing one final update but it wont be for a while now.. but feel free to let me know and ill do my best to get him in for you.
  • scott1701's avatar
    Fenech have you done the last update yet? I have a player for you to add but not sure if he's there?
  • Fenech's avatar
    The is a Diego Armanda Maradona but that is a 'stadium' named after him, there is only one Diego Maradona player so maybe that's why you are getting confused.
  • Fenech's avatar
    Considering that i made the game, i think that i would know if there were two diego maradona's lol.. and if the photos didn't match.
  • Fenech's avatar
    FM Scout give very clear instructions on installation. This game has been made professionally to the highest standards, tested and retested over and over, so you can been sure that there is only one of every player. the photos do match so please be careful what you say is is an issue for you alone, all i can do is guide you, it is working perfectly. thanks.
  • Fenech's avatar
    Hi Baturay,

    the problem is isolated to you, no one else is having the problem, so it is a problem that you have... I guarantee there is only one of every player, photos do match. what you should do is delete the graphics folder and the editor data folder completely, then go to steam and verify the integrity of your game cache, when that is done, reinstall make sure there is only one editor data file in the editor data folder, you dont need to touch the config folder, then unzip the graphics into your graphics folder.... then load the game, then go to preferences, clear the cache and reload the skin... hopefully then it is working for you.
  • Baturay's avatar
    there is no problem. Player names and photos do not match. Pele is not the same. There are two of Maradona.

    I installed the package in the face before and after your graphics package. "Config" file editledim and getting very much enjoyed. The only problem with player names and photos of mismatches.
  • ilhamrizki25's avatar
    Oh ok that's fine

    But I hope you make at least one legend for every one nations
  • Fenech's avatar
    This is the most in-depth legends game in the history of Football Manager, it would take too long to create a shortlist, that is something that you will have to create yourself in the game, it is not something which i will provide. i am taking a break now, there will be one final update but it won't be for a while.
  • ilhamrizki25's avatar
    Need shortlist pls
  • Fenech's avatar

    ULTIMATE LEGENDS & STARS 1880-2016 V3.5

    It's been fully tested so if it isnt working then it is something you're not doing properly, there will be a final update but it will not be for a while now. thanks for your support and hope you enjoy!
  • Fenech's avatar
    hi guys, everything is working properly and the photos and names do match, if it isn't working for you, then it is something you are not doing right. I have an update coming out soon too. Also if your going to ask a question, then please give as much detail as possible so that I can understand you.
  • Baturay's avatar
    Nice job. Player names and photos do not match. Sample: Pele, Maradona vs vs.
  • raphaelarm's avatar
    Not working! Please, fix!
  • Fenech's avatar
    hi Jamaaaal , i am so sorry, i put the wrong link in while update, try now.... thanks so much for letting me know
  • Jamaaaaaal's avatar
    i dont understand. This is not a fmf file. I can not use it ! How does it work?
  • Fenech's avatar

  • Fenech's avatar
    Hi Borthne1979

    Thank you so much and I have not finished yet.

    I am currently on Hearts, still got a little way to go.

    I hope you continue to enjoy it and this is like a celebration of all the legends and stars since 1880 and who deserve to be there..
  • Fenech's avatar
    Hi Scott,

    The two asian players are on my list.

    the rest of the players are all done and will be in the next update.

    As you wished. and thanks for the support.

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