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Wonderkids 2020 by JG - V2.2.1 - MINOR FIXES

An extensive database update that adds multiple young talented players to your Football Manager 2020. Most are U16, but up to U23 are included.

By Updated on Sep 24, 2020   161740 views   376 comments
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Downloads: 32968 / Size: 36.4 MB / Added: 2020-01-24
Football Manager 2020 Data Updates - Wonderkids 2020 by JG - V2.2.1 - MINOR FIXES

Hello and welcome!

As was discussed extensively elsewhere on the site, I have decided to reboot and continue the wonderkid database, as the original author had lost interest! So before I proceed much further, I'd like to provide a huge shoutout to kleed, and his extensive work on the original Wonderkids database, found here! I take no credit for coming up with this idea nor laying the groundwork for it, that's all on him! I'm simply taking it further, now that he chose to discontinue his own version!

Everything in his file is also included here, so only download one, but be sure to send him a thank you, or at least a friendly thought! But now, on to details about this database.

There are no more planned updates to this database for FM20. You're welcome to post links to players as usual, but unless I'm bored one day and decide to make a few more, don't expect further updates until the FM21 version of the database, which will hopefully come out at some point after Christmas.

About the database

This database will be a file simply adding young players into the game. Most will be U16 players, but the occasional player up to 23 may find their way in, if I feel they were unfairly left out of the base game. In the download, a facepack, and an excel sheet are also included, but more on that a little later

As you might imagine, it can be quite hard to find data on young players, especially in England. Therefore, while all players are recreated to the best of my abilities, there will almost certainly be errors here and there. However, if you're more knowledgeable than I, do feel free to leave a comment, and I'll correct it in the next update!

Speaking up updates, everything under V1.0 is initially created by kleed. I have gone through everything and touched up on it, but fairly minor changes nonetheless. V1.1 and thereafter is solely my own work. I will aim to update it with a new batch of players at least once a month, but no promises.

How to install

  • Put the "Wonderkids 2020 - V2.2 - Minor Tweaks.fmf" file in: "Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\editor data"
  • Put the "Faces" folder in: "Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\graphics\faces"

In order to see every single added player, you need to be sure to load the league they play in when you create your save game. For example, to load Fernando Ovelar, who plays in the Paraguayan League, you need to be sure to load this league, either as playable, or manually through the custom database settings.

If/When the faces don't match the players

For the faces provided, I have named them so that ideally, they should load in like they have to. However, if you're like me, and play with a ton of database mods, they're almost definitly not going to match, as the other databases also add players, so the Unique ID's no longer match. So in order to fix this, you need to rename the files so they match the new Unique ID's. Luckily, a tool called Bulk Rename Utility exsist to make this easy. To determine what to name the files, find Shane Kluivert in your game. His ID will be something like 1915386991. So to rename them, just follow it down, as such:

1915386991 (old id) Shane Kluivert => 1915387384 (new id)
1915386992 (old id) Youssoufa Moukoko => 1915387385 (+1)
1915386993 (old id) Claudio Echeverri => 1915387386 (+2)

The order of the ID's will never change, so the order they're in now, is also the order they will be in afterwards. After renaming everything, use the fmXML tool to create a new config file. Then reload your skin in-game, and enjoy your new faces!

If the above instructions weren't enough, here is a video showing how to do it. If you still can't figure it out... I'm sorry mate, but I don't think I can help you anymore then.

Requesting new Wonderkids!

Requests by you guys will be the lifeblood of this database update, so please do! However, I want to maintain a certain quality, so if I can't find an at least halfway-decent image of the players face, he will not be added. Therefore, when requesting, I want at least a name, club and position, and ideally a picture as well! Well, ideally as much info as you can possibly find really, but I'll take what I can get!

The Wonderkids!

Download Now
Downloads: 32968 / Size: 36.4 MB / Added: 2020-01-24
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Discussion: Wonderkids 2020 by JG - V2.2.1 - MINOR FIXES

376 comments have been posted so far.

  • Stam's avatar
    I believe FMTU is the best transfer update. Anyone (with a free member account) can submit missing changes using a user friendly transfer wizard that's much easier to use than the pre-game editor. Then a team of admins approves the submitted changes. 100s of changes are being added daily, while the downloadable update is repacked every night. Check it out at FM Transfer Update. Staff Pick
  • GfxJG's avatar
    GfxJG Page Author1 week ago
    @igorlv: I'm unfortunately not familiar with the process on how to do that, so I doubt it :-) However, you can find an overview of all the players in the database along with their clubs in the attached Excel-sheet, so do share if you end up doing it yourself!
  • igorlv's avatar
    is possible for you create a ddt file, to load all of this wonderkids???
  • GfxJG's avatar
    GfxJG Page Author2 weeks ago
    @Rdf: Thanks! I do plan on continuing it for FM21, but I don't find it likely that I'll have further updates this year :-) I will save your comments though!
  • Rdf's avatar
    Other suggestions, but less important, because all 2005, therefore less clear to evaluate and unlike Roony Bardghji, have a slightly less crystalline talent:

    - Silvano Vos - MC - Ajax
    - Dimitris Kaloskamis - AMC - Panathinaikos
    - Ussumane Djaló - AMC - Benfica
    - Mathys Tel - LW/RW - Rennes
    - Zion Atta - LW - Crystal Palace
    - Zain Silcott-Duberry - AMC - Chelsea
    - José Dinis Pinto Rodrigues - STC - Braga
    - Rodrigo Ribeiro - STC - Sporting CP
    - Ilyes Housni - STC - PSG

    Thank you in advance even just to take a look and not necessarily realize them.
  • Rdf's avatar
    First of all, thank you very much for all the work done.
    I don't know if you still plan to work on this database or wait for FM21.
    If in doubt, I leave you some suggestions.
    They are all 2004, to see better the technical characteristics, they are all present in the database of a site that I have as reference,, in which you can find also pictures of the players, the only thing is that it is in Italian.
    They are:

    - Oliwier Zych - GK - Aston Villa
    - Robin Risser-Birckel - GK - Strasbourg
    - Kayky - Dc - Santos
    - Roméo Lavia - MC - M. City
    - Julian Brandes - MC - Ajax
    - Alex Luna - AMC - Atletico Rafaela
    - Ismaël Gharbi - AMC - PSG
    - Roony Bardghji (the only 2005) - AMC - FC Copenhagen

    Also if you can review the PA of some players who are very underrated in the database:
    - Barry Hepburn - RW - B. Munich
    - Mohamed el Arouch - AMC - O. Lyon
    - Ilyas El Moussaoui - STC - Feyenoord
    - Yadaly Bayo (2005) - MC - Le Havre
    - Iker Gil Lopez (2005) - STC - R. Madrid
  • GfxJG's avatar
    GfxJG Page Author3 weeks ago
    @israelnando: No, one is Ardy Mfundu, the other is Jordy Mfundu, those are two seperate players, they're brothers :-)
  • israelnando's avatar
    Jordy Mfundu is duplicated
  • drazdacz's avatar
    hi i would be very happy if someone fixed the face for JHON DURAN thank you very much if it was possible
  • GfxJG's avatar
    GfxJG Page Author1 month ago
    @GodineBr: I'm pretty sure I included that transfer? I certainly knew about it, but I may have forgotten. Either way, I'll include it in the next tweaks update.
  • GodinesBr's avatar
    next if you can put samuel iling on juventus he went to juventus on 01.01.2020
  • GfxJG's avatar
    GfxJG Page Author1 month ago
    @GodinesBr: A few club transfers, a few typos in names, and some face updates :-) Nothing major :-)
  • GodinesBr's avatar
  • GodinesBr's avatar
    which errors were corrected exactly?
  • GfxJG's avatar
    GfxJG Page Author1 month ago
    @r2d2: My best guess is there's some overlap going. You can make a "wonderkids" folder inside your "faces" folder, you just need a config.xml file in each folder, both the main folder and the subfolder :-) As for the duplicate, just run it twice, first starting at 1, so the name will be from 1 to 449 or whatever, and then again with the right ID so it matches, to avoid duplicates :-)
  • r2d2's avatar
    Bulk Rename Utility.
    when i try to change name it said about duplicate name if the name already exits. but if i set on. it will make names : 1915387365 to 1915387365_1
    cant pass throu this. :(
  • r2d2's avatar
    i took all the pictures and copied them to my faces-folder. -(where i have other pictures)
    copied the codes from wonderkid xml-file to exinsting config.xml
    do this all the time when im missing 1 or 2 pictures . but this time the wonderkids like Mokouko dosent show.
    what can i do wrong.
    i could not have a wonderkid folder inside the faces - folder for some reason. didnt work
    what can i have done wrong??
  • Erikeagles68's avatar
    Thanks you for your quick reply !!
  • GfxJG's avatar
    GfxJG Page Author1 month ago
    @Erikeagles68: Yes of course, whatever the latest version is will have all the players added in that version, and all players from previous versions :-)
  • Erikeagles68's avatar
    Hey, Maybe a stupid question but if I download 2.2 will I have all the players?
  • maroto20's avatar
    @GfxJG Ok, I hope you get bored soon, I really wanted to have these players on my team hahaha anyway, thanks for this great file!!
  • downloadkct's avatar
    Thanks for this great, great update, im starting a whole new save just because of you :D thanks man
  • GfxJG's avatar
    GfxJG Page Author1 month ago
    @maroto20: I don't think I'll be adding any more, I'll add them if I get bored some day :)

    @drazdacz: Thanks!

    @tempura: Thanks for your effort, but it's no issue, I have a Photoshop tool that does it all automatically for me anyways, it's literally 2 minutes of work, if even that lol
  • tempura's avatar
    @drazdacz: perhaps better if you do the extra work for transparency and re-scaling. so here it is.

    I don't issue with Danek's face; he looks OK.
  • drazdacz's avatar
  • drazdacz's avatar

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