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SSD'19 Skin v2.3 by

This year Shark offer to you, the skin which he used. Its a dark skin with an Instant Result button. Made for 1920x1080 resolution

By Updated on Dec 01, 2018   79504 views   55 comments
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Downloads: 15621 / Size: 14.5 MB / Added: 2018-11-04
Football Manager 2019 Skins - SSD'19 Skin v2.3 by

Download the SSD'19 Skin (Shark's Skin Dark), a dark 1920x1080 dark skin for Football Manager 2019!

This is the skin than Shark making for himself, but later decided to improve and share it with community !


"Instant Result" Button
Backgrounds compatibility
Team panels optimized to show stadium and city pics
Player & Staff panels optimized to be used with DF11 Faces of our partner
We let you discover the others options we offer to you.


-6/11/18 : v2.2 :
- New Background opacity selector,
- New match titlebar
- New resume (end match)
- Transparent boxes fixed
- Player Panels fixed
- Others some minor tweaks

-20/11/18 : v2.3 :
- New Player Box (tactic assets)
- New Player Training Box
- New Player Profile (some minor fix)
- New Match Panels
- New Backgrounds (Dressing Room Added / Tunnel / Press Conference)
- New Colours for some text

WORK IN PROGRESS This skin could be updated, as soon as Shark decided to made new versions.

Screenshots (click to enlarge)



  • Shark : Developp the skin.

Community Skin Developper

  • michaeltmurrayuk wannachupbrew pikawa94 wkdsoul


This creation (SSD Skin) is a property of the site and is in free use for personal use only. The only authorized download links are the official links available on the site.

Additional Information : (Website link)
[email protected] (Website email) (Twitter)

Download Now
Downloads: 15621 / Size: 14.5 MB / Added: 2018-11-04
Groot_FMSLife's avatar
About Groot_FMSLife

I'm a french Engineer in computer Science. Graphism is a hobby for me ! I'm the owner and administrator of (French forum dedicated to FM)

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Discussion: SSD'19 Skin v2.3 by

55 comments have been posted so far.

  • mattstrac89's avatar
    How do you get the city pictures to appear on the profile page? For me, they're not appearing despite the fact i downloaded a cities pack
  • Ozyy's avatar
    Done! Top!..:D
    Ty m8
  • Ozyy's avatar
    Thank you, Shark! I appreciate your willingness to answer me and give me the information I need. Thanks again. I'll give you the feedback later.
  • i_am_the_shark's avatar
    @Ozzyy : Just open "player attributes panel3.xml" with text editor such as Notepad++ and edit the values I've highlighted. First add the size on line 24 and then adjust the two other values if you don't see the attributes. (if the size of the font becomes too high for the width of the container, you'll see dots instead of numbers)
  • Ozyy's avatar
    hello shark!
    Is there any way to change the size of the attribute numbers in the player profile?
  • i_am_the_shark's avatar
    @Phrek : Sorry I didn't see your post earlier. I guess you've downloaded Kits for Flutskin because it uses the same code as in Vitrex city pics. If you want city pics back, you have to rename the config.xml file in flut kits so that the game will no longer read it. But when you want to play with flut skin the problem will be that you will have city pics in titlebar. You'll have to choose.
  • Phrek's avatar
    Any idea why this is happening with city pics?

  • i_am_the_shark's avatar
    @ Thatsgold007 : You're the first one to say that. If my skin was the cause of this issue, I think I had other complains before.
  • Thatsgold007's avatar
    Hey bro really love the skin.
    However my game crashes when i click on U23 Premier Division International Cup or any other leagues.

    To confirm that it is the SSD19 skin, i changed it to the default one skin and then tried without any issues so only crashes when i'm using the SSD19 when clicking on any of the leagues.

    Please investigate
  • Jamie Aubrey's avatar
    Anyone know how to fix this ? I haven't changed anything and suddenly I've lost 2 kit images, I have all the kits and was fine until last night

  • ROBBO44444444's avatar
    this is shocking
  • i_am_the_shark's avatar
    @mtmt : You can change that in the options in-game.
  • mtmt's avatar
    Hi. How i can change player color attribute? thnx.
  • i_am_the_shark's avatar
    @Jamie Aubrey : You have to edit titlebar.xml in panels/generic folder then add or edit one of the logos in it to show kits instead of logos.
  • Jamie Aubrey's avatar
    If I wanted to add the team kits to the title menu how would I go about that ?
  • i_am_the_shark's avatar
  • TBszmty's avatar
    Hey, I notice that you've enabled pictures for cities too, which is awesome! Is there any link to where I can download the pictures and the config file?
  • i_am_the_shark's avatar
    updated to v2.3
  • MrTimmy12's avatar
    It somehow got fixed when I tried to load the skin later that day. Apologies.
  • suchard88's avatar
    @i_am_the_shark awesome, like this its perfect! cant wait for the update....
  • Ozyy's avatar
    Thank's shark! Thank u very much.
  • i_am_the_shark's avatar
    @suchard88, @David Crash

    @MrTimmy12 : I'm sorry but I can't help, you're the only one to report that.
    @all : new update will be released soon.
  • David Crash's avatar
    Can somebody show me screanshot of the player profile?
  • Groot_FMSLife's avatar
    Suchard88 i'm sure Shark will pass soon and see your remark :)
    Maybe in the next update mate
  • suchard88's avatar
    Great skin, but i am still missing the player preferred moves panel in the playerr profile. thats essential for me so i hope this will be fixed in the future!

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