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[FM21] UEFA Revival 1.3

A throwback to UEFA competitions of old (including customized formats and nation rankings). Also includes the AFC, OFC, CONCACAF & CONMEBOL. 58 different UEFA files.

By Updated on May 31, 2021   31396 views   66 comments
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Downloads: 3083 / Size: 105.8 MB / Added: 2021-05-01
FM 2021 Fantasy Scenarios - [FM21] UEFA Revival 1.3
Hi all! It's way overdue but better late than never. The UEFA Revival project is finally back for FM21 and I'm planning to make this one bigger than ever. As always there are tons of options currently available, as well as more ideas that I have planned but haven't been able to implement yet. More files will be coming soon.


This is a project dating back to Football Manager 2013. It originally started out solely as a throwback to the 1999-2003 format of the UEFA Champions League, which contained 2 group stages, and has since progressed into a fully customized structure where I've managed to find room to bring back the UEFA Intertoto Cup & the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup. As of now there are 50 separate UEFA files, in addition to the UEFA Youth League revamp and the other continent files so there is plenty of choice for everyone.



- There are various different formats for the UEFA Champions League. Whether you prefer the older, straight knockout system with fewer teams and nations involved, the 1991-93 version which consisted of a group stage for the final 8 teams, the 1997-1999 format with the top nations allocating 2 teams each, the 1999-2003 version which featured a second group stage for the final 16, or the current system with 1 group stage followed by the knockout rounds - it's all included here. Also brand new to the project is the recently announced 2024/25 UEFA format which will scrap the group stage and feature a 36-team league stage. In addition to this there is an alternate version which includes the failed European Super League - 15 founding clubs along with the 5 highest-placed clubs from nations 5-9 qualifying each year.

- If you're someone who prefers the UEFA Cup over the UEFA Europa League, that's in here too - again in various formats. There's the old straight knockout format from the 1990's, or the 2004-2009 format of a five-team group stage before the knockout stages. Alternatively if you'd prefer to continue on with the UEFA Europa League, there are a number of choices for this. In addition to the current format, a 2 group-phase format has been included to mirror the 1999-2003 UEFA Champions League, as well as the older streamlined qualifying stages.

- The UEFA Cup Winners' Cup returns and includes 3 different formats, accommodating 32 nations or 54. Again, it's your choice. As an alternative to the Cup Winners' Cup, the recently announced UEFA Europa Conference League has been included (and can be played from the 2020-21 season). Should the domestic cup winner and runner-up both qualify for continental competition, the place will go to the next highest-placed team in the league.

- Tired of dragging through those friendlies during pre-season? The UEFA Intertoto Cup is included in the majority of the files and while it can not only offer some valuable competitive game time for your squad, there are payouts in each round, along with the chance to qualify for either the UEFA Cup, UEFA Europa League, or the UEFA Europa Conference League, depending on which file you choose. The competition has a number of formats dating back to the 1990's, and up to 3 teams can qualify for higher competition. Intertoto Cup qualification is determined via league position.

- Should you decide you'd like to change things up, the UEFA Super Cup comes with a brand new option of playing with 4 teams in a pre-season tournament. This will consist of the winner of each UEFA competition. There is also an alternative where the UEFA Champions League runner-up will be included. The current format is also included should you prefer to keep things as they are.

- The CONCACAF and CONMEBOL merger into a 51-nation structure is back this year, featuring 5 competitions for teams to compete which mirror the UEFA style. This comes complete with custom graphics. There are 2 different versions of this merger available.

- The FIFA Club World Cup is now available with 5 different formats to choose from which has been a collaboration with L55DS. These include a 20-team format which is loosely based on the 2021 expansion, the original 8-team format from 2000, the cancelled 12-team format from 2001, the current 7-team format and a custom 32-team format. All of these are now compatible with the CONCACAF-CONMEBOL merger.

- Additionally, the AFC Champions League is back as a separate option, and uses the same 2 group stage format as the 1999-2003 UEFA Champions League. The AFC Cup also mirrors the 2004-2009 UEFA Cup format of 5 teams playing 1 round of matches in the group stage. You then have the AFC Super Cup which features the winner of each competition.

- Another new addition is a similar revamp of the Oceania Football Confederation. 18 teams will compete in the revamped OFC Champions League, which features a league stage followed by a playoff round and a group stage for the final 8 teams. Also included is the OFC Cup Winners' Cup, with the winners of both competition meeting each other in the OFC Super Cup.

- Transfer-360 allows you to buy/sell/loan players at any time throughout the calendar year. There are no more transfer window limitations in place, which could be a real game-changer depending on who you decide to manage. As of now this includes 34 UEFA nations that are available in the default database.

NOTE: Transfer-360 now has its own separate download page, which can be found at the bottom of this post

- All of this comes with a detailed file guide to help you decide which file you'd like to begin your save with.



31/05/2021 - Version 1.3

- Error corrected in UEFA Revival file #52 where Super League teams were filling vacant spots in the UEFA Champions League

- UEFA Revival file #57 European Cup reputation updated

28/05/2021 - Version 1.2

- 8 new UEFA files added, including the newly-announced 2024/25 UEFA competition format and an alternate featuring the European Super League

- UEFA Cup and CONCACAF-CONMEBOL competitons now have new IDs

- 30 FIFA Club World Cup files added, which has been a collaboration between myself and L55DS. These feature a 20-team format loosely based on the 2021 expansion, the old 2000 format featuring 8 teams, and the current 7-team setup as well as a 12-team and 32-team format

- The FIFA Club World Cup is now compatible with the CONCACAF-CONMEBOL merger (please see the file guide for this)

- The Oceania Football Confederation now has its first custom format added to the project and features 3 competitions

- Fixed a Group Stage error in various files where teams were dropping into the wrong competition

- UEFA Europa League/UEFA Cup competition history corrected in all files

- File Guide updated

04/05/2021 - Version 1.1

- Corrected an issue in CONCACAF-CONMEBOL 2 where history was stored following the Semi-Final

01/05/2021 - Version 1.0

- UEFA Cup history updated in all files

- File C added for AFC Revamp/CC Merger & UEFA Youth League. This is for specific compatibility in all files containing both the UEFA Europe League and UEFA Cup (in particular UEFA files #41 and #42). UEFA Cup & UEFA Europa League competition history has been separated to avoid duplicates in the club honours in these files

- New versions of the UEFA Intertoto Cup have been added to UEFA files #38, #43 and #46

- File Guide updated





If necessary, make sure to back up your original confederations logos and then drop the files from each folder into the corresponding locations:

Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2021 > editor data
Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2021 > graphics > pictures > trophies
Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2021 > graphics > pictures > logos > confeds > normal
Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2021 > graphics > pictures > logos > confeds > small
Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2021 > graphics > pictures > logos > competitions > normal
Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2021 > graphics > pictures > logos > competitions > small
Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2021 > graphics > pictures > backgrounds > competitions



- As the UEFA Cup and the CONCACAF-CONMEBOL competitions now have new IDs, you may see them appear in your game under different competition names. All you have to do in this case is save your game, quit to the main menu and load your save back up and the competitions will have the correct names.

- During the first season, teams from Greece and Czech Republic may be in the wrong continental competitions when using any files that have the 2021-2024 qualifying structure (Champions Path and League Path). This is something that should correct itself from the following season going forward however.

- With the editor having some changes made to it in FM21, a lot of my files have proved problematic over the last few months, which is what has delayed the project since December-January. As a result of this, the files which wouldn't verify are presented in XML format until I can get to the root cause of the errors in the editor. They should however still work 100% as intended in the game.

- For some reason, UEFA file #37 automatically activates itself if you place it in the editor data folder before starting a new save. Therefore I would recommend only placing this file in the editor data folder if you plan on using this one, otherwise leave it in your 'Sports Interactive > FM21' directory for safe-keeping.

- With the exception of the AFC, CONCACAF-CONMEBOL and UEFA Youth League files, only use 1 of the UEFA Revival files when starting a new game. I've made 58 different UEFA files available for download (along with a file guide) in order to give you as many options as possible as to which format/competitions you'd like to use.

- If the UEFA Cup or CONCACAF-CONMEBOL graphics don't show up in your game, go to Preferences and make sure the "Show unique ID's to assist skinning" box is ticked, as well as "Reload skin on confirm". Then simply add a line of code in each config file for the UEFA Cup graphics, and rename the corresponding graphics to the new ID number.

- You should now be able to register squads for continental cup games at any time throughout the season

- If you are starting a new game and controlling a team that is competing in the UEFA Intertoto Cup or FIFA Club World Cup, you're going to need to start your game before June 20th. Activating Norway as a playable nation will allow you to do this.

- The nation rankings are slightly customized to allocate qualification spots, so a couple of nations have been moved up/down in the rankings for personal preference. You can however change the order in your editor ahead of starting a new game if you wish. I would highly recommend not changing the nation rankings if you intend to use the UEFA Youth League, as it could potentially cause errors. As of now I would also avoid editing anything in the XML files, unless you know your way around the editor and those files.

- If your game is displaying the default names for the competitions (i.e. Champions Cup or EURO VASE etc), try downloading the 'Real Name Fix' from the following link:

Alternatively, you can load the desired file up in the editor and rename the competitions in your database if need be.



I'd like to give thanks to those who have helped me out massively when it came to getting this project off the ground

Roy Race 9 AKA KingRobbo
Freddie Sands

and anyone else who was kind enough to chip in along the way. Your help is much appreciated, and I couldn't have gotten this project completed without all of you.

Additionally I'd like to give a big thank you, with all credits going to the original creators for the following items which have been provided with this download:

Background Images = Full credit to all original creators
UEFA & AFC Metallic Competition Logos = kremmen, and all other contributors from SortItOutSI
UEFA & AFC Trophies = DAZS8, and anyone else that may have contributed
CONCACAF-CONMEBOL Trophies = Full credit to all original creators


Download the metallic logos megapack by kremmen, and all other contributors from Sortitoutsi here:

Download the trophies megapack by DAZS8 here:





Download Now
Downloads: 3083 / Size: 105.8 MB / Added: 2021-05-01
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Discussion: [FM21] UEFA Revival 1.3

66 comments have been posted so far.

  • Trastium's avatar
    what is the folder with the super league and all the competitions activated??
  • nigeljordann's avatar
    Hope we will see a FM2022 as well. I always use the UEFA Revival 28 version every edition! Because then I have no Financial Fair Play and I can edit to have more teams of a country in a competition. Love this and hope we see this next edition as well!
  • Moore's avatar
    Having a lot of fun playing the UEFA Revival 36 data now. I just wish that the Cup Winners' Cup was meant for all nations in this one. Same with all the competitions in the 49 file :/
  • dagdatine's avatar
    Hello, I ask you that you dominate everything ... you could not put together a championship that includes all the leagues, something like 6 teams from the best leagues (Spain, England, Italy) and 3 from the second level ( France, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico) and the rest to replecheja, something like the conmebol-cocachampions archive but with 64 teams in 16 groups ... in order to make a world-wide competition well cheta
  • Champol7's avatar
    Hi Carlitos_85, hey great work!

    I wanted to ask you something: I tried doing a big continental cup edition on my own (not related to UEFA revival), also in FM21, and when I started my game, the option to modify the "detail level" of my continental cups was gone :/ ("North America" was not on the list of continents in the Detail Level screen).

    Have you experienced something similar and know how to solve it? Thanks!
  • JuliO4's avatar
    okay bro don't worry, take your time ^^
  • Carlito_85's avatar
    @JuliO4: I think it'll be over the next couple of weeks now. Had to put it back as I'm busy with some other stuff right now.
  • JuliO4's avatar
    Thanks Bro :) Approximately when would you be releasing the new update?
  • Carlito_85's avatar
    @JuliO4: I'll add that rule for the 2024/25 format in the alts I'm making for files #51 and #52 (without the Intertoto Cup).
  • JuliO4's avatar
    UEFA eliminated the value of away goals.
    Can you put the game on?
    Make an option for those who do not want to play the intertoto cup
  • Carlito_85's avatar
    @Marrant_LaPeine: I'll add an alternate for both files #51 and #52 in the next update, sure.
  • Marrant_LaPeine's avatar
    Possible to remove the intertoto cup in file 51 to enjoy the new Champions League realistically? thank you
  • Carlito_85's avatar
    @Miha: The new Champions League is in files #51 and #52 - the difference being that file #52 includes the European Super League.
  • Miha's avatar
    under what number is the new format of the Champions League from the 2024 season.Thanks
  • wikifirelord's avatar

    Figured out what was the issue. I did not have the both ticked but for some reason it seems like it was picking up 58 as well even though I only had 46 ticked.

    Once I removed 58 from my editor folder it worked fine.
  • Carlito_85's avatar
    @wikifirelord: Did you use files 46 and 58 together in the same save? If so that will be the problem. Only one of the 58 UEFA files should be used per save.

    The Tercera Division XV is actually correct because I overwrote that competition for the UEFA Cup to give it a new ID. To fix that problem all you need to do is save your game, quit to the main menu then load your save back up and it will be called UEFA Cup.
  • wikifirelord's avatar
    So this has started to happen since the recent update (1.3). For some reason with two files I tried the Version 46 and 58.

    It creates two UEFA Cups. UEFA Cup Old and it renames "UEFA Cup" in to Tercera Divison XV.

    I think there is some sort of conflict with sortitoutsi name fix. Because when I deleted "Competitons and other Fixes.lnc" then it named it correctly. But I then lose real names of other competitions.

    Provided the screenshot so you can see what I am talking about.
  • JamesFR12's avatar
    @Carlito_85 , I fixed it but it wasn't that hard because i found the config.file back and saw that there are missing somelines from the codes. So i added it and now i see all the backgrounds.

    And i looked once more in the config.file and i think that everything is now alright.
  • Carlito_85's avatar
    @JamesFR12: It would have been because the IDs for the competitions are those of other competitions which are extinct, so the new graphics need to overwrite the old ones (just rename the old ones by adding backup on the end of the file name)
  • JamesFR12's avatar
    I already fixed it but now it need to be edited so that take some time. But now i see why it didn't worked because the codes and text is totally wrong.

    Maybe you can fix it for me ?
  • Carlito_85's avatar
    @JamesFR12: You shouldn't need to reinstall the game. If you download a background pack for competitions you'll be able to get a config file that way.
  • JamesFR12's avatar
    that's strange because if i look in my graphics folder then i see that the config file is gone. So i probably need to install fm21 again to get this config file back.
  • Carlito_85's avatar
    @JamesFR12: I should have the next update ready by Tuesday at the very latest so there will be a config file included for the backgrounds folder inside of your graphics folder.
  • JamesFR12's avatar
    @Carlito_85 i have no existing graphics packs installed. I see the logo from the competition but not the backgrounds.
  • Carlito_85's avatar
    @pritchard00: I'll run a test in a network save and see if it crashes for me. It may be a network bug because I managed to sim up to 2030 without any issues.

    @JamesFR12: Do you have any existing graphics packs installed? I left instructions on how to install the graphics in the download. You basically need to get the ID of the competition, then add a line of code to your existing config file for competition backgrounds. If you don't have any other backgrounds installed, I'll be releasing an update over the next few days that contains basic configs and you can just place these in your graphics folders.

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