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FM23 Better Greek Football by AlexMorakGaming (Updated)

A new Greek Football system and structure for a better Football Manager 2023 experience in Greece.

By Updated on Sep 13, 2023   5095 views   7 comments
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Downloads: 603 / Size: 12.9 MB / Added: 2023-09-03
FM 2023 Fantasy Scenarios - FM23 Better Greek Football by AlexMorakGaming (Updated)

With this editor data you can enhance your gameplay in Greece in Football Manager 2023.

Some major changes are:

  • Starting from 2023, just like IRL, skipping the 2022 World Cup (select Seychelles as starting nation).
  • 10 playable divisions and 5 cups (including a Super Cup).
  • Increased reputation to every Greek club (+1000).
  • Increased reputation for every new Greek Competition that I've created.
  • Increased Youth Rating for Greek Nation (better regens will be generated).
  • Increased attendances for every Greek club and increased season ticket holders will make the teams to build new and bigger stadiums and will generate more income.
  • TV contract for every Greek club, depending their starting division.
  • Big prizes depending the position that every club finish at the end of the season (like Bundesliga and Premier League).
  • Increased salaries and prices for players, with that we want the money that the clubs recieve will be spent.
  • Increased sponsorships through the years for all clubs based on reputation.
  • Increased training and youth facilities based on reputation of each club.
  • Sugar daddy (front) for every Greek club.
  • Money for wins, draws, loses and progressing through the cups, in order to make the sugar daddies more reluctant to leave.
  • New transfer windows and new transfer and loan rules between the teams of each division.
  • Starting XI and match squad rules with minimum Greek home grown players.
  • All players that have the Greek nationality as first or second will automatically be home grown at nation, to help the match squad registration.
  • You can choose between the normal version and the version that Cypriot teams also play in the same divisions and now are Greek for more difficulty. Everything of the above was fixed for the Cypriot players too.
  • You can use the graphics that I've included to this package.
  • You can select if you want to play with the new UEFA format (starting from 2024) or don't, and keep using the current format with the groups.

The league and cup structure:

Some extra notes:

  • It's important to follow the instructions inside the RAR file that you downloaded.
  • Starting the save file will take a little longer than usual because of all the changes.
  • I recommend not to take any team from 4 bottom divisions and to have only the top 6 divisions as playable, otherwise your processing time between days may be slow.
  • I also recommend to start with max 100k players and to enable Add players to playable teams. Also disable Do not add Key staff.
  • Don't use any other editor data with changes in Greece and Cyprus depending which editor data you selected. Also don't use any editor data file with promotions and relegations..

Download Now
Downloads: 603 / Size: 12.9 MB / Added: 2023-09-03
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Discussion: FM23 Better Greek Football by AlexMorakGaming (Updated)

7 comments have been posted so far.

  • alexmorakgaming's avatar

    No it's not realistic at all. It's totally fantasy. The AI don't win any major European trophy, except ECL but the money that they spend is a a lot. I suggest to play with smaller teams than the big 5, and try to develop good regens.
    Yes you can use whataver transfer editor file you want, and other changes also, but do not use a file with promotions and relegations and Greece's editor files too.
  • Bmal1's avatar
    This is awesome just a couple of q?
    -is it somewhat realistic? Olympiakos dont turn into the next Al hilal SFC do they
    - And can it be used with new FMimside V4 data update or FMTU update?
  •'s avatar
    Many thanks Alex. It is really perfect!!
  • alexmorakgaming's avatar

    Due to the World Cup, there are a lot of matches. Don't know exactly but it's ok with me, I don't like the 2022-2023 season anyway
  • Vakama2619's avatar
    Hi, just curious, why does the db crash if you start in 2022-23, have you tested it at all?
  • Thomas05's avatar
  • Hathor's avatar
    Excelent work. i will give it a go !!
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