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Pep's New PERFECT 3-3-3-1 FM23 Tactics!

Today we go over the system that Pep Deployed against Sheffield United, a very interesting 3-3-3-1 system. That is designed for use with top teams.

By on Apr 25, 2023   33551 views   11 comments
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Downloads: 6676 / Added: 2023-04-25
Football Manager 2023 Tactics - Pep's New PERFECT 3-3-3-1 FM23 Tactics!
If you wish to view a more in depth breakdown and further tactical analysis check out the below video! I also have gone to the effort to make Attacking/Defending variants which can you find in the video!

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Downloads: 6676 / Added: 2023-04-25
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Discussion: Pep's New PERFECT 3-3-3-1 FM23 Tactics!

11 comments have been posted so far.

  • Dauxy's avatar
    holiday tactics really should have thier own category, what even is the enjoyment lol play a mobile game and afk mentality
  • mytacticissobad's avatar
    @Stam I'm not here to talk about stealing or anything like that. In many cases when I try tactics that are said to be inspired by several IRL teams who use possession based, there are too many crossings in the game even though they are in the build-up phase. I know I'm new to the game, but is it that bad that I can't replicate the build-up phase IRL? So, if Kimmich and Goretzka can't build up in the game and often pass very measurable overhead balls every 5 minutes, then can that be called Possession Perfect? -I often change highlights to Comprehensive even Full Match just to enjoy the build-up phase so I know what's going on there-
  • Stam's avatar
    @mytacticissobad: As I said, I'd like to see some actual proof. Accusing someone of stealing is a serious statement which I don't take lightly.
    Anyway, I can relate to people being irritated by the titles some creators are giving to their tactics, but just remember they're YouTubers who are trying to go part-time or full-time and it's difficult to standout. I'd suggest taking these fancy words with a pinch of salt.
    Regarding that quote about results being better if you don't holiday, I consider it reasonable because human managers can tweak a tactic if needed during matches (assuming they can figure out what needs to be tweaked).
    P.S. It would be better if you didn't try to create 3 accounts in the same hour.
  • mytacticissobad's avatar
    @Asdaser never mind, no point in doing that. they will indeed huddle over each other and won't care about input. I believe many people have the same complaint with the "amazing" work tactics. on the one hand, I am also very annoyed by the use of the word "overpower" and so on, without explaining to new players the specific conditions that allow the term to work perfectly, maybe they are trying to be elitist? "This tactic was tried on vacation, so the results will be even more amazing if you play for real." I'm done with this nonsense
  • Stam's avatar
    @Asdaser: That's not exactly proof that he steals tactics from other users. For example, people like Knap or GYR also release "holiday" tactics in testing leagues. The frequency alone doesn't mean stealing from others. If you have something more specific to point out, please send me a pm with details.
    I don't have time to get into a save, let alone test tactics.
  • Asdaser's avatar
    @Stam he is a Spammer because every second tactics posted on the site is from him and they are sh1t tactics because are tested in holiday mode only

    Try one of them and let me know which works
  • Stam's avatar
    @Asdaser: Do you have any evidence to back this accusation up? We don't tolerate this kind of behavior you're describing.
  • lowerleagues's avatar
    this dude is a spammer and should be banned from this site

    Unfortunately, he seems to work for FMScout!
  • Asdaser's avatar
    Of course it doesnt work
    any tactic posted by JoshDaly is sh1t, , he steals the tactics from other users and changed a bit
    then "tests" them on holiday mode

    this dude is a spammer and should be banned from this site
  • Poma's avatar
    It's not even a "play" tactic, he's only doing holiday tactics!
  • mihaitza982's avatar
    Is this actually good?
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