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NARIGON Skin FM24 V1.00 + No hidden attributes

NARIGON Skin was created from Base Skin. A simple customized skin that prioritizes information in panels over graphics.

By Updated on Nov 06, 2023   48201 views   41 comments
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Downloads: 12433 / Size: 23.6 MB / Added: 2023-10-19
Football Manager 2024 Skins - NARIGON Skin FM24 V1.00 + No hidden attributes
For years, I have customized my skins because I like simple skins and panels of different skins.

Remember, my work is totally free.

Last update:
* Released
* + No Hidden attribute version

Hidden attributes will be visible when in-game editor is available.
For now only RCA.

Having trouble seeing the percentages?
Follow this simple tutorial.

Narigon Skin FM24 Preview

How to use the NARIGON Skin on FM24

1. Download NARIGON Skin 24 Vx.x

2. Extract the contents of the downloaded .zip file to your skins folder, which by default is located here:

> Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2024 > skins >

3. Go to preferences in-game to clear cache and then select the skin.

4. Confirm or reload skin

5. Close FM and open again (is for Physical Condition in Percentage)

6. Have fun.

NARIGON Skin - Credits and Thanks:

Base23 Skin by bluestillidie00
OPZ Elite Skin by OPZ
TangFu Skin by Tracisloo
Heffem Skin by Krysler76
MichaelMurrayUK (mods & widgets)
Support received SI Forum by bluestillidie00

Download Now
Downloads: 12433 / Size: 23.6 MB / Added: 2023-10-19
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Discussion: NARIGON Skin FM24 V1.00 + No hidden attributes

41 comments have been posted so far.

  • Andy5128's avatar
    May I know how to fix the scout recomendation which is not appearing? I really love this skin.
  • Si Supersonic's avatar
    Cracking Skin :) Really like all the alterative background options :)
  • ArbieG's avatar
    Yo Dandy, been using your skin past 2 FM's, i love it.

    Found a wee bug of scout recommendation not appearing in scout views in FM24, managed to find a fix by adapting person properties.xml without breaking fit/con. Let me know if you want me to the xml file over send over and save you some time.
  • DANDY's avatar
    Thanks guys for the info.
    When I have time I will start modifying and correcting those details.
  • Bothan Spy's avatar
    Hi Dandy. Hope the update is going well. I have noticed a couple of things that might need correcting. on the staff attributes screen, anyone with a score of 20 in their traits, shows up as 3 dots. also, on the players attributes screen, in the fitness tab the dialogue looks a bit squashed and cut-off.

  • Dohny's avatar
    is there a way to set default opacity, so i dont have to change it whenever i load up
  • Dohny's avatar
    @RaixnQuinzo you need the in game editor for hidden attributes
  • kid2sports's avatar
    Hi Dandy, your skin is really cool, but i have a problem, the label for the player's condition (CON/SHP) does not appear on the columnn, can you fix it ?
  • alanbessa's avatar
    Dandy, don't ever leave us man, ty for another year! Another great skin! The only one i use.
  • RaixnQuinzo's avatar
    Hello, just a couple of questions/suggestions.

    Question 1: How do you enable hidden attributes?

    Suggestion 1: Could you do something for the Country profiles? The default ones look really plain/bland.

    Suggestion 2: Potentially re-work the club/nation "General" profile, include city for the clubs etc, main city for the countries. There's a few other skins with good ideas for it, just for a better aesthetic viewing.
  • DANDY's avatar
    @Bothan Spy
    I tried to make modifications before but it gave me conflicts with the profile.
    I'll try again when I start making modifications.
  • Bothan Spy's avatar
    Hi. Thanks for the reply. I have created a photo shopped mock-up of what I meant by placing the nationality shield/logo next to the players nationality in the attributes screen
  • riggs94's avatar
    Hello @Dandy

    here is the pic :

    This is what your skin looks like

    This is what it should be

    And there's no way to make a custom view that includes de scout score.

    Other than that, really amazing job, thankyou for your work.
  • DANDY's avatar
    The percentage and the properties.xml file are a pain. Some have been able to configure it well and others have not been able to do so.
    The solution I found was to select the Narigoon skin, restart the game and then it is possible.
    I have consulted the people who have been able to do it and they have not done anything different from my configuration, it just works for them.
    I'll see what I can do when I start with the customizations, now I'm focused on getting it free of bugs that spoil the players.
    Thanks for the report.
  • ryusukey0515's avatar
    hi @DANDY

    The issue of scouts score recomendations is one that I am also facing.
    One solution is to delete the skin properties file, but then the % fitness display will disappear.

    I think there is a key to the solution in person properties.xml, but I couldn't find it further.
  • DANDY's avatar
    @Bothan Spy
    Thanks for the warning.
    I think it is a screen resolution problem. I test it in 1920*1080 (standard size)
    There is a small detail that I must correct in the shield because you can see the colors of the shields above, I have also noticed that it is missing where it should say vice captain
    *) I have tried to edit the attributes panel and it creates conflicts with the profile.
    In the player profile I have created a portrait that shows shields and nationality. It's called Nose Pictures

    Thanks for the warning.
    Could you upload a picture so I can identify the place. I'll see what I can do.
  • Bothan Spy's avatar
    Also, just a small thing, but could you add the flag logo/picture next to the players nationality in the the 'attributes' screen thanks? much appreciated.
  • riggs94's avatar
    Helllo @DANDI this is fantastic work.
    I love this skin, I just have a big problem with it; It makes disappear the scouts score recomendations (0-20 or E-A depending on what language you play). I can't even try to make my own config because there isn't scout recomendation anywhere to put in my own config view.

    Could you please try to solve this problem ? I really wanna use this skin But it just makes me lose to much time not having the scout score reccomendation.
  • Bothan Spy's avatar
    Hi hope you are well. Found a couple of issues on the club profile page which I have highlighted in red. the league logo overlaps the team badge and it cuts off some dialogue in the fixtures panel. I am using metallic logos from sortitoutsi

  • DANDY's avatar
    I want to leave the skin as good as possible until the official release of Football Manager 2024. Then I will start the modifications, I will take all the ideas into account.
  • ryusukey0515's avatar
    @Dandy This skin continues to look good.

    This is where the report is, but is it possible to give an alphabetical rating as well as a default skin?
  • michaelandrews's avatar
    @Dandy, sorry mate, have mislead you, the space in the central space is being used when there is information to provided. As for the last lines of stats being missing is just because I have a lot of options selected and the panel has not height enough to display all. My bad.
    Hope you continue your amazing work and thank you so much for sharing it
  • DANDY's avatar
    I thought that what happens in tactics was a Football Manager bug.
    I'll see what I can do to solve it.
  • PF_Pino's avatar
    The only thing that is keeping me away from this skin is that green circle on the tactics panel referent to the capacity of the player to play the role. seems like its bugged in some kind of way, if you change the role the circle doesnt change but if you go to other panel and get back it changes
  • DANDY's avatar

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