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5-0-5 FULL THROTTLE Gegenpress

Very attacking FM23 tactic that overloads opposition's defense. Loads of goals.

By on Jun 23, 2023   17831 views   2 comments
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Football Manager 2023 Tactics - 5-0-5 FULL THROTTLE Gegenpress
This tactic came to me as the perfect solution after some major clubs took all my wingers away.

I was forced to come up with something that will allow all others regular time and of course to maintain dominance in league and as it turned out in CL too.

Anyway, now to tactics...

This is a gegenpress styled high tempo attacking strategy which main objective is to overload the front and score as much as possible.

I've tested it with Dinamo for a couple of seasons and later with Manchester City. The results were good enough to make me share it for the first time here on FM Scout.

Whole squad is divided roughly in defensive and attacking sections but in a way instead of skipping the midfield they compress it.

The way that's achieved is with CBs and DLP always staying behind and Midblock team instruction which pulls AMCs a bit back towards the back 5 before pressing.


The goalkeeper should be allowed to move around the box and play simple passes with defenders. Depending on the quality of the keeper it could be with D instead of S.

Defenders are free to pass around and start off the attacks either with WBs on the sides or through DLP. If you use CD instead they tend to shoot long balls upfront which in most cases are useless.
Central defenders have MARK TIGHTER.

This position could be played as FB or WB depending on the quality of your players. If you have good offensive wingbacks with solid passing and crossing I would reccomend WB. For more defensive ones FB. However, both are expected to go further up and cross the ball inside.
These players have CROSS FROM BYLINE.

This is the main playmaker in your team. He has good vision and plenty of options ahead so most of the attacks start here. The D option is crucial here! As there are no MCs in front, he must stay behind to stop any counter attacks. This is a player that more-less must have everything - good passing, tackling, off the ball, positioning. This is the core of your squad.
No special instructions.

The two AMCs work sort of like inverted wingers. They support the attack and spread the game. Since the 2-3 attackers are making trouble in the box, these two have a lot of space to play one-twos with them and reset the attack. They stay a bit wider to leave enough room for any through balls towards the strikers and to give more options for DLP.
They have STAY WIDER.

Shadow striker is a menace who charges inside the box behind the attackers and with good finishing usually scores a lot of goals. This is in a way DLF but more focused on finishing the attacks instead of last passes.

Two attackers upfront need no description. Simple AFs nagging the defence and very often drawing them away for SS to storm in. They are intentionally both AFs precisely because of that. AFs stay waaaay up and they are the first that opposition defenders go after. That's the whole point! Your SS is supposed to take advantage of that easily. Anyway, there are two AFs here so even without the help from SS they are lethal on their own.
No special instructions.

This last picture is from the City save using TOP players. Using this tactic home and away finished undefeated with all the trophies. Goal difference is 100+.

Hope you have fun trying it.


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Downloads: 3441 / Size: 45.3 kB / Added: 2023-06-23
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Discussion: 5-0-5 FULL THROTTLE Gegenpress

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  • AndSilva441's avatar
    Very good tactic, if you make adjustments, I learned from some tactics out there, and applied some concepts to yours. Change the attack to balanced, add "aggressive tackling", also, "never waste time", put "fairly narrow" instead of "extremes", and finally, put the instruction "defend" in the goalkeeper, as you said. I'm with an average team, but with extraordinary results, even against stronger teams.
  • Shirocz's avatar
    So far, I'm happy with this tactic. It runs like clockwork. It's very good to watch and it's real football, except for a few details.
    Good job.
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