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Rise Until Lambs Become Lions

What will PNE's future hold?...
Started on 13 October 2013 by The-forgotten-one
Latest Reply on 9 January 2014 by The-forgotten-one
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2013-11-30 15:53#146970 Pauker : Great updates mate, and will be interesting if you secure the JPT :D

Thank you... yes I think Wolves is a hard fixture however if we cam hold our nerve we can get through :P

1 min Kick Off

PNE win the toss and its Davies gets this game underway.

1 min


Davies kicks off by passing to Mousinho, he then lays the ball all the way back to Zaliukas.

He puts his foot on the ball and takes a look before dinking the ball back to Mousinho.

The ball is then played back to Keane, He then chips the ball forward to the on running Højbjerg.

He carries the ball over the halfway line to Davies who turns Priest and plays a through ball for Mousinho who is now one on one.

GOAAAAAAALLLLLL Mousinho manages to release a thunderous strike past the in coming Hennessey and it nestles into the bottom left hand corner via the side netting!

Again Wolves are undone by an early goal, Great play by PNE.

5 min

Whittall upends Højbjerg 25 yards out, PNE continue applying the pressure early on.

Hume steps over the ball as Hennesey organised his wall.

Hume dispatches the free kick.

it goes up over the wall bending towards the corner...... OHHH! Inches wide.

9 min


Clarke has a tug on Smith's shirt as he tries to break away from him.

11 min

PNE fans have already started chanting there latest song.

na na, na na na na, na na na na, na na PRESTON NORTH END

16 min


A fairly silly trip by Lopez on Ismail who felt he should of had a free kick early on.

20 min


A long ball punted forward by Iorfa.

He ball is headed back forward by Zalukas, however it only falls to Whittall who plays a first time ball through for Ismail.

He has made a brilliant run in from the right wing and is one and one.

First time shot!.... GOAL for Wolves he slips the ball in at Rudd's front post and its all square here 20 mins gone.

34 min

Siguroarson with a ambitious strike.

Whittall flicks the ball forward.

It finds Siguroarson in some space.

The ball is hit on the half volley and Rudd does brilliantly to turn the ball around the post.

Wolves starting to believe they can overturn the odds here.

45+ 2 min


Surely the last corner of the half, and potentially the last kick of the half.

Hume drills in the corner from the right hand side.

Priest manages to rise the highest and heads clear.

However the header isn't very powerful and is falls to the young Dain Højbjerg on the edge of the box.

OH WHAT A GOAL!! the young lad leathers a first time volley which is too strong for Hennessey... there was no way he was stopping that shot..!?1/2!


Sorry about that Ladys & Gentleman... but yes that goal was Højbjerg's first goal for PNE.

45+ 3 min

Wow, A devastating blow for Wolves as they go into the break 2-1 down on the stroke of half time.

Half Time

MT - Well.. that was a half of football that was dominated by this PNE team, The early goal settling any nerves & surly destroying any game plan Wolves had in place.

*Murmurs and rustling erupts as fans leave their seats*

MT - A solid first half for both teams however PNE seemed nick that last goal which will hit this Wolves team hard.

RJ - To be honest Martin, I have been disappointed by my teams first half display I was involved in some of the prep for this game and the gaffer wanted us to take this game by the scruff of the neck and we just haven't done that.

MT - Maybe not at the start of the game no but they must of thought they were building into this game and they are going to have to come flying out of the traps now.

*Pre-game music blasts back out as the teams jog back out onto the pitch*

45 min

Substution for PNE teams:

Zaliukas : Sarr

45 min

The Wolves team looking fired up and ready for this second half as they get the game back under way.

52 min

Two corners by PNE and two chances: one falls to Sarr who heads straight into the hands of the keeper.

The second comes swinging in however Hennessey comes and catches in the middle of a few bodies.

57 min

A substitution for either team here:

Davies : Beavon

Doherty : Foley

69 min


Wolves draw level again!.

A kick boot up field by Hennessey from a goal kick.

It gets headed down by Foley again to Ismail.

Ismail carries the ball and manages to beat Buchanan with some fancy footwork.

He then drifts in a cross to the front post and it was Sigurdarson who met the cross with a looping header into the opposite corner.

Game on!

70 min


Foley was penalised for a trip on Lopez, Although he argues his innocence.

71 min

Final substitution for PNE here:

Lopez : Dawkins

82 min

Wolves here have tried to press forward but in all honestly PNE have held there own and surly will go through on agg now.


PNE playing keep ball now between the two centre half's.


Huntington fires a ball up field for the final kick of the game and the PNE fans go wild!

MT - PNE have held there own here a 2-2 draw away at the Molineux will be enough to see them through.

They are going to Wembley

February Report Part 2

Preston North End 2-0 Wolverhamton Wanderers
Davies (1)
Laird (pen 84)


The fans and media had built this game up massively, with the game being shown on Sky I demanded a performance from the team and we delivered 42 seconds into the game!

Great great result lets hope we continue the form into the away leg of the game.

Preston North End 1-1 Layton Orient
Hume (23, 28)
Sarr (59)


A hard game after the recent cup game, We came in on a high and we came out with another 3 points, I feared for the worst when we went one down due to fatigue but we hammered home a quick 2 to knock the opponents confidence.

It just shows you always need that extra goal as a cushion!.

Wolves 2-2 Preston North End
Mousinho (1)
Højbjerg (45+2)


Another Draw away at Wolves... obviously we drew away from home last month and I'm glad we ended up with the same result as we only needed the draw. A quick very quick goal early on and a wonder strike by Højbjerg did enough for us to book tickets to Wembley.

Colchester United 2-1 Preston North End
Davies (90+2)

A tad gutted, we where completely out played in both half's, Watt caused us so many problems, I put some tight marking on him at half time and that seemed to tie him down a little but today wasn't our day, The only positive today was Davies 31st goal of the season.

End Of Month Report - February.


Games: 6.
Win: 3.
Draw: 2.
Loss: 1.

League Table

- In.

- Out.

Monthly Awards
Manager Of The Month

Player Of The Month

Young Player Of The Month
[spoiler=Gavin Massey - Colchester][/spoiler]

Grahams thoughts.....
*Shuffles paperwork & Wembley Ticket around desk*

*Logs In*

February log.. Status: Thrilled. Location: Living room.

Dear Diary,


I'm so chuffed with the results against Wolves, I don't think the PNE faithful will of asked for much more of a late Christmas than a final away day!.

Ok... time to come back down to earth.. because we also have a league title to win, really cant believe we are so far ahead points wise.

13 games remaining which means there are 39 points available... we are already 16 points ahead and the way Wolves have been playing they will not give in until they know it is impossible to not catch us!... but for now all is going well on we are on course to promotions & silverware which we haven't seen for 13 years!

looking at the month I would like to quickly make a note that Joe Garner and a few players have been complaining about lack of game time. After a couple of them turning up late for training I have had to call many of them into my office and telling them that they are either to be let go at the end of the season or to prove to me that we need them because breaking into this team will be hard.

Stuckmann was also a player with concerns however he was more civil about it and organised a meeting with me whilst being very professional leading the line, so in a way I've talked to him and arranged some things for him.

The only real negative to this month was that loss to Colchester, we got battered that game... I think a few of the lads were still suffering from the late night we all had after the Wolves game.

Well to finish off I can't wait to play Westley away at Stevenage next month... he can bring it on, we'll be ready!!

Graham Alexander
Preston North End Manager.
*Logs off*

Open Youth Trails Announced
Posted: Sun 02 March 2013
Author: @pnefc

Preston North End have opened their training ground doors to youngster across the UK who are looking for a bright footballing career.

In recent years PNE have brought many players through their youth ranks, and current manager Graham Alexander will not differ from tradition by agreeing a series of open day trials as to potentially find the next footballing superstar .

Lead by chief scout Barry Marks a short-list has been generated as to potential players Preston may want to try and snap up, when we caught up with him he said:

"The gaffer wanted me sit down with my team and gather him a list of who we believe could have some potential. It will certainly test our network and hopefully all will be successful."

We then managed to grab Alexander's thoughts on the up and coming event:

"Well.. I will be honest really, everyone knows the board have been struggling with finances/budgets and I had a meeting with some of the board and Trevor Hemmings to discuss all of this. I was told I would not get a large budget in future even though we are top of the league at this moment in time.

We all then decided youth was the way to go and this is our first open-day trials in which I will over look and begin discussions with my back room staff as to who I want for this team".

Trails will begin on the 5th of March over at Uclan Sports Arena, applications have come in quick and fast, so if you fancy yourself as being a super star of the future get yourself down.

[spoiler=Uclan Sports Arena][/spoiler]

For more info see our website.

Trail Day - The Introduction.

Graham Alexander
Glynn Sodin
Chris Lucketti

I pull up in the main car park, turning off my engine and have a glance at my phone before I face the day ahead.

God he is so impatient...

I quickly tap back a message, get out of the car & grab my heavy file of paperwork before walking up the the reception of the ground, I was met by my good friend Chris Lucketti who at seeing I had my hands overflowing opened the door for me

"Morning Graham!.. you ready for this?.. we may of under estimated the numbers a tad haha!"

"WHAT! really?..F*** sake.. we going to have to brake the groups up even further, If anyone catches your eye then pull them out for me but I have a short-list of who I want to see."

"Yes ok.. I'll sort out something out not a problem!"

Chris walks into one of the nearby changing rooms and I hear him start an induction as the door swings closed.

I pull out some of my paperwork trying to organise it on a nearby table before I hear a friendly voice from behind.

"You struggling there Graham!"

I spin around to realize it was my assistant manager Glynn Snodin, who has quickly come over and helped me by taking my file off me.

"haha thanks Glynn!, is everyone here? I ask as hopefully

"Yep!.. everyone you wanted personally"

"Even you know?.. he best had be the amount of time I put into talking to his parents is ridiculous"

"Oh yes.. he was the first one to arrive, He looks a bit nervous" he said tapping his finger on the young lads file.

"Well at least he's here!, Well... the only thing to do is to jump right on I suppose."

I take a deep breath before pushing the swinging door and walking into the bustling changing room.

I slam my folders down
"MORNING, MORNING, MORNING welcome everyone, obviously you all know why you are here... Let me introduce myself.. I'm Graham Alexander most of you may know me as the manager of PNE

This dashing gentleman to my left is my second in command Glynn Sodin."

There is a laugh around room as I point out Glynn

"HAHA.. Thank you Graham.. well today we are going to do some drills, a couple of tests and a game or two of footy... we all know the basics about & have done some scouting during your local games, so if you all just show us what you can all do am sure many will be wearing a white shirt soon"

I want to see you all out on the field in 5 mins, and again welcome to PNE."

Trail Day - The Reports.

After a hard day watching pass after pass, run after run, shot after shot it was all blurring into one, Thank god for my back room team for making reports and stats for me to look over

I may as well get started:


[spoiler=Daniel Salihu]

3 new youth goalkeepers, however the stand-out goalie of the afternoon was Owen, He was the player that I had to convince the parents to let him come and try out due to the fact his father wanted to move him and his family back to the USA and seeing he might be the real deal we have snapped him up. he was first spotted one of our scouts who has USA College links (supposedly he was being scouted to sign a pre-contract on a scholarship)


[spoiler=Stan Murphy]
[spoiler=Frank Douglas]

Another 3 new youth defenders, we did a few one on one drills and both Joe & Stan were most impressive with very good tacking ability for there age. When we did a few corner drills Frank showed so much determination and great heading ability he must of got on the end of 3 of the 5 plays he was in.


[spoiler=Zac Siddall]
[spoiler=Ian Yoemans]

The amount of midfielders that came forward today was unbelievable!, however I'm very very pleased at the lads we have given youth contracts too. Jonathan Russell possessed a very high level of leadership & effort to work for his team in the final football 11v11 game he was also in a very good physical condition.

The other lad am extremely pleased to welcome to Deepdale is Alex Jones.. what can I say he was one of the lads Chris Lucketti pointed out for me as he wasn't initially on our short-list, but after seeing him he was the 1st lad we gave a contract too... extremely surprised as the lad originally came from London and came up just to try out safe to say he will be being broken into the youth/1st team sooner rather than later.


[spoiler=David Burns]
[spoiler=Frank Dixon]
[spoiler=Casey Dowie][/spoiler]CA: PA:

To get through the amount of strikers that we saw we had to bring in some of our staff and youth team to be goalkeepers, was a good laugh though. I think the hard work has paid off as well I think we have discovered another gem in Manc David Burns, I need to get this lad under the wing of Kevin Davies as he is spot on for being a future target man, possess a lot of strength, determination & the finishing prowess to certainly be a future star.


Some great youth players signed today. Our scouting team have done us proud and now we have a few youth players that can knuckle down and progress, maybe we will see one or two of them in the first team in future.

March Report

Preston North End 2-1 Walsall
Hume (41)
Humphrey (83)


As per many games this season... we went 1-0 down and yet again we have had to change mentality, Super sub Humphrey got the winner... what a thriller!.

Oldham 1-1 Preston North End
Lopez (78)

A hard fought north west draw away from home... don't get me wrong I'm disappointed to break the dead in the late stages to then give away a pen and gift them a equalizer.. 2 points lost I think I just hope we can grab a few more wins to see us over the line.

Stevenage 0-2 Preston North End
Dawkins (26)
Davies (71)


HAHA... stuck that in your pipe and smoke it Westly. Any win against an enemy of football is a good day!, Dawkins started proceedings with a volley from just on the inside of the 18 yard box and then Davies sealed it.

Preston North End 1-1 Sheffield United
Davies (82)

FEW! how did we get a point out of that.. Wright with an own goal so late in the game nearly made us surrender all 3 points with rally forward led by our man Davies made sure it wasn't TOO costly.

Swindon 0-2 Preston North End
Beavon (19)
Zaliukas (65)

This game became a bit of a slug fest, the game was so stop and start because of all the fouls from both teams it didn't fully get started.. at least we were still able to hit two past them and gather them additional 3 points to secure a play-off spot at least.

Preston North End 1-4 Peterborough
Hume (20)


Absolute trash I think the fans were right to get boo'd off at the end.. no fight, no passion... safe to say I told them what for. This has been our heaviest defeat in the league to date, horrible feeling!.
Good matches .
Too bad the last game.
Good luck .
2013-12-08 17:29#148395 bebero : Good matches .
Too bad the last game.
Good luck .

thank you! :)

yeh been ploughing through games all season but seem to be taking our foot off the pedal recently.. haha!...
Those youth players F*ck me they look good Alex Jones and David Burns look promising
2013-12-09 13:44#148500 Cappy13 : Those youth players F*ck me they look good Alex Jones and David Burns look promising

I know!!!.. I was so surprised when especially thous two poped up on screen!.. Defiantly stars of the future, Maybe a new England center mid & the new Tim Howard.
2013-12-10 08:57#148632 The-forgotten-one :
2013-12-09 13:44#148500 Cappy13 : Those youth players F*ck me they look good Alex Jones and David Burns look promising

I know!!!.. I was so surprised when especially thous two poped up on screen!.. Defiantly stars of the future, Maybe a new England center mid & the new Tim Howard.

Aye, those lot look like they have potential! ;)
The 510 Series: Most defiantly!... I love this time of year when the new youth come through the ranks! :P

Pre-Match - Johnstone Paint Trophy Final

MT - Martin Taylor
CK - Chris Kamara

*Crowd Erupts in the background*

MT - Good afternoon to you all and welcome to this sunny Sunday afternoon, we come to you today from Wembley stadium where Preston North End take on Coventry City for the Johnstone Paint Trophy, My co-presenter today is none other than Chris Kamara.

CK - Afternoon, I can't wait to see these two teams in action... we have two teams here who have battled there way though numerous rounds only to finally have a shot at the trophy, I'm excepting big things & potentially a great game for the neutral

*Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Preston North End* Echo's around the ground.

*CITY CITY CITY CITY!* Is the response.

MT - Both sets of fans in fine voice, lets hope the action on the field is exciting and passionate as these of fans have already shown by building a fabulous atmosphere. Chris I believe you have the team sheets for today's game, any specialist tactics being deployed by any team?

CK - Aye yes, managed to get my tablet working again! haha.. I'll start off with the Coventry City line up:

Murphy (c)
Willis - IIori - Daniels - Adams
Barton - Lobjoit - Thomas - McAleny

And lining-up for PNE today:

Keane - Zaliukas - Sarr - Buchanan
Højbjerg ----------- Lopez
Hume --------Beavon
Davies (c)

Both teams a really going for it today and why not, Its a sunny afternoon... both sets of fans are here in force... this truly is what football is all about!

MT- PNE line up with what looks like there strongest team at this moment in time, with no major injury's to contest with Alexander has had his pick of the bunch with his team flying high not only in the cup but the league as well........

*Safety announcements are hear echoing around the ground.*

.... Their have been rumour coming out of Deepdale that this may be Kevin Davies last season at the club due to his age.. he has been a fantastic servant to football & may very well want to finish on a high if the rumours turn out to be true. He has been in fantastic form scoring goals like a mad man this season.

CK - HAHA! yes he certainly has!!! looking at his scoring record this season he has scored more goals than Messi & Ronaldo:

Kevin Davies: 45 Games, 33 Goals.
Cristiano Ronaldo: 44 Games, 30 Goals.
Lionel Messi: 36 Games, 22 Goals.

abit of a fun fact for you there...

*Both teams leave the field to a roaring applause of the fans*

MT - Obviously this isn't all about PNE they are completing against a well established football club. Although Coventry City haven't been blowing anyone away this season (17th Place League One) they have some very good players who in a game like this could easily be a match winner.

They come into this game on the back of a 2-1 away win over promotion hopefuls Brentford which in turn just shows how dangerous they can be.

CK - What does surprise me about this line up is that they are without top goal scorer Carl Barker... he isn't injured or unfit... we will have to see if we can find out about that.

MT - Most certainly that is very strange... the other talking point is that ex PNE youth graduate Adam Barton is also playing, he left under bad terms back when he was at PNE so it will be interesting to see how the fans react to seeing him on the team sheet.

*Entrance music starts blaring out*

And we have just heard that the teams are lining up and ready to come out onto the field.

To Be Continued....

You are reading "Rise Until Lambs Become Lions".

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