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Rise Until Lambs Become Lions

What will PNE's future hold?...
Started on 13 October 2013 by The-forgotten-one
Latest Reply on 9 January 2014 by The-forgotten-one
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Brilliant keep it up!!!

PNE vs Fleetwood!

It just had to happen!
Published on the
13 Sept - 2013 - 08:52

After Paul Huntingtons injury time winner for the whites in the 1st round of the Johnstone Paint Trophy, the Lilywhites marched through to the second round of the competition - it was almost fate, certainly comical.

The result then means that PNE where put back in the pot to be drawn out for the second round.

On the morning of the 7th of September all the teams were drawn out one by one each pitted up against each other, As the pot slowly depleted it seemed more and more likely this fixture would commence and all was set in stone as Fleetwood where drawn out 1st ahead of Preston to make it a 1st return fixture for Graham Alexander since leaving the club at the start of the season.

If we take a look at the two teams for a moment you can see a major difference in form & league position. Preston - Topping League one with an un-beaten record & Fleetwood seeming to be the draw masters of league 2 sat 14th in the table.

At hearing the latest news of fixture Alexander made this comment:

"Wow!.. I was not expecting that, ha-ha I can't believe its going to be my first return since leaving. Hopefully the fans will remember what I did for them, I know most of the lads there and get on with a lot of them however I have moved on now & have to say MY team will be ready to get a bit of revenge on Fleetwood since last time we met. However obviously I was on the other end of the result."

Preston having been able to score a staggering 17 in 5 games to Fleet woods 2 in their last 5
However despite this Fleetwood managed to pull off a staggering 4-0 victory last time PNE journeyed to Highbury Stadium, the headlines heading into the Mid Week clash will be surrounding the much anticipated return of Alexander to Highbury Stadium having worked with the team North End will face, Alexander is surely the ideal man to topple the team he once called his own.

Keith Cule who took over as manager of Fleetwood since Graham's departure has been a rather slugish however he stated:

"We can't wait for this fixture.. A lot of fans feel Graham up sticks and left this club and they want to get one over on PNE just like last time.. I will be wanting my team to being the game to PNE!"

[Spoiler=The Announcement][/spoiler]

Team News
Preston seem the only team to have selection problems during the time with both: Iain Hume & Marius Zaliukas away on international duty.
2013-10-20 21:50#138933 solojames86 : Brilliant keep it up!!!

Thank you solo.. am really surprised by all the feed back am getting! :) was expecting it to maybe get a few views hahaha! :)

End Of Month Report - September


Games: 5.
Win: 5.
Draw: 0.
Loss: 0.

League Table

Transfers In
None This month although I'm currently looking into poaching a few prem youth players.

Transfers Out
Josh Rees - 3 Month Loan - Macclesfield

As soon as my transfer was complete to bring the lad in he was sent packing the other way on loan, We have sent him down as a key player for Macclesfield so hopefully he will be putting in some good performances.

Alex Nicholson - 3 Month Loan - Hereford

I was advised by my back-room staff again to send this lad out on loan, We currently have Clark & Keane contending for the 1st team place so i have no complaints sending him out to keep him match fit.

Grahams thoughts.....
Another good solid month for us!.. we had to dig deep for a couple of results to hang on for the win however we did it. I managed to secure a some new contracts with the current players so I have managed to lower the wage bill a bit as many of the players were willing to reduce there wage demand. All in all a good month.. I cant wait for the Fleetwood game!

My Player of the month this month is Paul Huntington, He has been a rock at the back making some solid tackles and big headers away... even getting up the other end and grabbing some goals for us!.

[spoiler=Done the double!][/spoiler]


I Stride into the pack dressing room with the players getting ready, each and everyone of them doing there own pre-game warm up, The odd one or two acknowledging what was going on around them as the sound of the fans above starts to build up..

Evening Everyone! :I announce as I bang my folder on the white board we asked for..

The whole team stop what they are doing and turn to concentrate on my voice.

Ok boys.. We have been on a fantastic run of late, WE all know that... the players that other room know that.. and by god so do the fans... I pause a second so to hear the fans chanting above.

I know the media are focused on the fact that this is my 1st return here but I don't mind that, They can stay focused on me so I expect you guys to go out there and show everyone just what it means to be wearing that white shirt, why it is YOU that is playing against my old team! I snarl whilst pointing out the players sat on the benches.

I start drawing on the white board and ask Chris (Lucketti)to hand out the team sheet: This is how I want us to set out lads:


Goalkeeper: D.Rudd - You have been in fantastic form lately Dec, want you on your toes and alert.. they haven't scored many this term and I want you to keep it that way.

Rudd claps his gloved hands together.

Fullbacks:D.Buchanan & T.Clarke - You lads I want restricting crosses coming in, wait for your right moment and then try and nick the ball back for us. you lads are up against some fast lads in 'Correa' & 'Brown' so give yourself a yard or two.. then when we are in possession I want you pushing forward supporting them flanks maybe overlapping if its open ok!

They both nod in agreement and then mutter between themselves.

Centre Backs: P.Huntington & M.Zaliukas - Both of you have been on top form.. I want much of the same, Big hard tackles don't give them a inch.. I want you both commanding that back line and marshalling any runners or changes of marking!

Huntington claps Zaliukas arms and both look stern and fired up!

Centre Midfield: K.Keane & S.Dawkins - Keano, I want you sat in front of that back 4.. you have been a rock in this position lately so lots of the same. closing down the man with the ball dropping in to the defence and looking to collect the ball if any of them are struggling with it at the back!... Dawk!.. you sir are out centre mid for this evening, I know you like to get forward however I need you to ping balls from one wing to the other.. maybe try and give and go with Bev.. And dont forget to support Hume if he cant get a ball in the box ok lads!

Dawkins puts his headphones back in trying to stay calm while keano makes a joke with the lads in defence.

Wingers: - S.Laird & I.Hume - Lairdy.. I want you playing early balls into the box Ok!, I don't want you as advanced as Buchanan can over lap you and link up with you, If need be drift inside and support Dawkins and Keano they might need some help closing down!... Iain (Hume), You do what you do best lad.. drop deeper look to collect and drive and the defence.. am not expecting you to play as an out right winger so if you can.. Cut inside OK!.

Again both acknowledge my guidance, Hume joking about with a training football and scot play fighting with Buchanan.

And finally Strikers - S.Beavon & K.Davies - Kevin (Davies) you are captain again for this evening.. I want you using that old head of yours and creating space for this two lads either side of you alright!.. more of the same hold the ball up, flick it on anything that unsettle that back two of there's.. you just do what you do best!..... Bev! again playing great football, keep feeding off kev.. he will get you the chances if you just listen to him and make them runs I know your capable of!

I turn to face the team again

I want us all attacking.. Closing down.. dont give them time to think, Lets show them why we are top of the league above & want to leave here with a win.. I want you to give it your all I believe in you! I clap and gesture trying to pump the team up!

They all clap and cheer.. Big K.Davies booming:COME ON BOYS!

Walking out of the dressing room I wait at the bottom of the tunnel as both teams exist there dressing rooms and line up along the tunnel.....
Good luck and keep up the great writing
2013-10-24 00:52#139303 BayernAmerica : Good luck and keep up the great writing

Thanks! :D I'm actually really enjoying do this story.. usually I just fly thought the games but when you do a story you look in more details at the performances and stuff!.. :P hows yours coming along?!

Preston Batter Cod Army!

Star man Kevin Davies

Preston North End continued into the next round of the Johnstone Paint trophy with a hard a stunning attacking display to beat Fleetwood Town 4-2 at Highbury Stadium.

The Game could of swung either way as the teams went in at half time all square but a harsh penalty in the second half was converted by Scott Laird and a typical targets mans header from Man Of The Match Kevin Davies seal the tie.

PNE were lively right from the start and Huntinton had the first meaningful chance in the second minute as he headed Laird's corner wide.

The visitors continued to press with a flurry of corners keeping Fleetwood pegged back into the own 18 yard box. You could sense it would prove to be a long night for the hosts.

As the game settled down Fleetwood managed to gain a small foot hold in the game and were rewarded for their efforts with a strike from Junior Brown, The young winger was set up via a lay off from Hughes on the edge of the 18 yard box.

As soon as the visitors conceded they looked instantly for a equalizer as Will Hayhurst’s unmarked shot was parried away by S.Davies in the Fleetwood goals.

It was all for nothing as minutes later Iain Hume made a darting run down the by-line and then continued by driving inside and slamming home the ball, Placing the ball between Davies legs.

Two minutes later it was PNE again who struck as a in-swinging corner by Laird was nodded back across goal by Zaliukas & it was Kevin Davies who rose highest to nod the ball into the back of the net.

This set back didn’t dis-hearten the home team as they were again spurred on by the fans to push for an equalizer, and they found it via a marvellous solo effort from John Marquis on the stroke of half time.

Marquis collected the ball in his own half to drive through the heart of the Whites defence only to break to tackles and slide the ball past a despairing Declan Rudd.

As the second half commenced the game become end to end with a chances for both teams to take the lead.

However it was a in the 69th minute penalty that broke the deadlock with Roberts stupidly tugging on Stuart Beavons shirt as knocked the ball beyond him.

Up stepped Scott Laird to side foot PNE back into the lead as he sent S.Davies the wrong way. From that moment on North End controlled the game keeping the ball and passing with ease.

Fleetwood then made all there changed at once and seemed to change their formation to push again for a equalizer.

However the was put to beat with another finish from the veteran Kevin Davies, The ball was cleared up field by Clarke which Davies chest-ed down and flicked the ball out wide for Hume to drive down wing and again drive a ball across the 6 yard line which was converted in again by Davies.
2013-10-24 07:55#139346 The-forgotten-one :
2013-10-24 00:52#139303 BayernAmerica : Good luck and keep up the great writing

Thanks! :D I'm actually really enjoying do this story.. usually I just fly thought the games but when you do a story you look in more details at the performances and stuff!.. :P hows yours coming along?!

The pre game fluff stuff is great. Can't wait until next week when I can get the editor going for it.

October Report

Peterborough 0-3 Preston North End
Hume (18)
Wright (36)
Laird (Pen 82)


Before this game, Darren Ferguson said that he would play us off the part.. well he can eat them words now, as we dominated them shot side.. I decided to play on the counter and it worked a good build up for the Fleetwood Game!

Fleetwood 2-4 Preston North End
Hume (26)
Davies (28, 90)
Laird (Pen 69)

HARD fought victory here!, They were matching us blow for blow... Don’t get me wrong we did dominate in the first 10-15 minutes however they managed to counter us and grab a goal on the break.

We changed a few things and started getting the ball out to the wings to spread play out more, eventually it did pay off and am thrilled we left with the win! Also glad to have one over the ex-employee’s!


I love the fact the team were awake and live to threats... lots of interceptions from the team.. great to see...

[spoiler=Heat Map]

Another stat... We managed to keep our shape well, very organised and also the fact that Beavon (9) supported Davies (14) so much!

Gillingham 3-1 Preston North End
Wright (81)


And the unbeaten run comes to an end!.. should never have lost this game going into the game, Gillingham where bottom end of the table and we just seemed to have an off day.... I defiantly let the team know what I thought of there performance!

Preston 3-0 Bradford
Hayhurst (16, 22)
Hume (34)


Defiantly a display I needed to see, a quick fire 3 in the first half and we take the three points... great performance by Hayhurst who was a massive handful for their right back!

Nott Co 0-1 Preston
Mousinho (87)


Before this game Scott Laird was bigged up massively by the press and Ex players in the press, He came out and delivered a storming performance... getting forward whenever possible to swing in numerous cross's which finally lead to the goal that John (Mousinho) latched onto with a volley within the 18 yard box!, Massive result against two high flighting teams (1st & 2nd) in the league.

Preston 3-2 Crewe
Davies (18, 32)
Phillips (72)

[spoiler=Player Ratings]

Going into this game I felt confident, so gave the lads the target of keeping our run on track, with that they went out fired up... or so I thought. A early goal from Crewe set us back (Rudd flapping at his near post). After that I made three instant Subs and went for it!. Kevin (Davies) using his experience to bustle the ball into the back of the net twice & then again he played a part in the final goal... Beavons cross to the near post put them under pressure and Kevin applied yet more pressure by jumping with Phillips, which was to much for him and the ball bobbled under the keeper and over the line to set up a nervy but successfully finish to the game!
Amazing story so far mate! I am loving it! Your attention to detail and extra effort (with the text messages etc) are really inspiring.
Based on current form, you must be thinking about playoffs or promotion (don't want to jinx you), just hope that your squad stays fit!
2013-10-31 09:41#140461 Lowelife23 : Amazing story so far mate! I am loving it! Your attention to detail and extra effort (with the text messages etc) are really inspiring.
Based on current form, you must be thinking about playoffs or promotion (don't want to jinx you), just hope that your squad stays fit!

Thank you... I know I haven't been updated in a while but am back now... hopefully can get some more up and keep the Whites up there fighting for promotion... maybe the title :P

End Of Month Report - October


Games: 6.
Win: 5.
Draw: 0.
Loss: 1.

League Table

Transfers In
None This Month, As finances are tight we simply can't afford any transfers. We have however a very strong squad which I want to utilize.

Transfers Out
None This Month.

Grahams thoughts.....
We have had a great month, a few results could of gone either way however I believe the experience we have within the team has make it so we have tipped the scales in a number of games. The only blip in this month has been the loss to Gillingham & a few niggling injury's which made us have to rotate the squad a couple of times.

Octobers Player of the month is Kevin Davies, The England pro has lead the line upfront with 12 goals already this season, The big man has been influential in our attacking play holding up the ball, linking play & pressuring the defences of teams we have played ... Maybe in line for another England Call up haha! ;).

[spoiler=Davies stats][/spoiler]

In terms of the manager of the month award... I lost my crown to Russell Slade who lead Orient to 4 Straight wins & One 1-1 Draw in the league... Have to admit his team have only won by a single goal in all of them occasions 3 of them being 1-0 wins.. ha-ha.

Holroyd Return
Posted: Thu 9 Aug 2013
Author: @pnefc

Chris Holroyd will be making his return to Deepdale since leaving the PNE before the start of the season.

Sources close to Chris have stated that he feels he has something to prove to the Deepdale faithful since being released by them just before current manager Graham Alexander arrived.

Holroyd started his football career at Crewe Alexandra, progressing through the club's youth system. He subsequently joined Chester City for the third year of his scholarship, and signed professional terms in 2006. In July 2008, Holroyd left Chester by mutual agreement with a year remaining on his contract.

After 2 season on being a regualar goal scorer he was went on to play for Brighton, Rotherham & Stevenage before (Graham) Westley signed the striker for PNE on a year contracting. However a string of poor performance saw him drop to the bench. This then saw Holroyd join Macclesfield Town on loan & on returning to his parent club, his contract was cancelled by mutual consent. He signed for League Two side Macclesfield.

Graham Alexander was questioned about Chris during his conference:

"Oh... Sorry I didn't honestly realised he played for them to be honest.. The past managers must of taken a chance on him and he must not of made the grade, however am glad he's found his feet in the lower leagues, Some people can't take the pressure of professional football"

Them stern words must of made there way back the to player who took to twitter in a fight of words:

Surly Alexander's words will only fire up the striker, however the PNE fans feel anything other than a Lillywhite win will be disastrous.

Teams News for the two teams:
PNE the only player gracing the injury table right now is Joe gardener, Alexander may see this as a game to rotated players due to PNE's frantic run of games.

Macclesfield have been his HARD by the injury bus there injury room has overflowed with over half the team out of the fixture & to top it off Danny Whitaker Macclesfield star player of the season is out for 7 weeks with a torn hamstring.

November Report

Preston North End 1-0 Tranmere
Davies (18)


Well... Today was a job well done... it was one of them results we just had to grind out as Tranmere came for the draw, they tried to dominate the midfield and catch us on the break with Akpa-Akpro's pace. I'm so glad we broke the dead lock in the first half. It was another great finish by Davies, Beavon slipped the ball through to him and he took a touch to knock it put of his feet and unleashed a thunderous strike into the top right corner! GREAT GOAL TO SEE... had me sliding down the touchline in my nice to pants.

Preston North End 4-0 Macclesfield Town FC
Hume (66)
Holmes (69)
Keane (74)
Beavon (78)


Have to admit... we were not very good today, the score-line flattered us. The quick 2 goals sank them and from then they just didn't put up a fight. That little shit Holroyd will think twice before tweeting about me... I told Zaliukas to hammer him every time he got the ball and he did just that not a peep from the lad.

Shrewsbury Town 1-3 Preston North End
Laird (24)
Davies (44, 90+2)

This was pretty much a standard Tuesday night cup game, We were straight under the cosh and had to grow into the game which paid off in the 24min with a Great strike from Laird. I don't know how many time I'm going to mention how much of a big player Kevin Davies is for this team but bring so many things... Experience, Leadership, Fight & a touch of class he pretty much sealed the tie for us bring on the next round, am starting to smell silverware.

Preston North End 1-0 Colchester

Beavon (16)


After the cup game mid week, I swapped a few players round gave a couple of fresher players a game. I do have players that don't get a lot of game time so rotation may come quick and fast. In terms of the game there's not much to tell... we where very dominant for a majority of the game were only troubles in the first couple of minutes. glad to get through the game with a win, even though it should of been more.

Port Vale 3-4 Preston North End

Mousinho (3)
Duffy (19)
Beavon (82, 86)


A second man of the match performance form Beavon, He latest injury to Hume feels well covered with Stuarts run of form. We got off to a flier going in 2-0 at half time however even after a empowering speech Port Vale pulled two back 2-2.. I couldn't believe it.. I was fuming with the two centre backs, It had to be changed our formation went into a more attacking option putting pressure on Port Vales midfield and we were rewarded with a 2 strikes from now in form striker Beavon. Nervy end to the game but what a game of football for the neutral...

Preston North End 2-2 Bristol City

Davies (29, 71)


I'll take the slack for this one.. I underestimated Bristol and they came back and bit me in the a**, as soon as they went to 10 men we should of not eased off but we did.. and we have to settle with the point... disappointing way to end the month.

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