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Racing Santander: Raul's Chance

Started on 25 October 2013 by Jer
Latest Reply on 28 June 2014 by Neal
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Yay! You sacked the right one. :P Good luck Jezzabel!
@Walter: Hehehe, it would be interesting :P..

@Louis: I wanted to do Tenerife, but they're in the Liga Adelante, which wouldn't qualify as a LLM story :P.

@Wellsy: Thanks mate, means a lot from you.

@AlexSonWild: Thanks, hoping to see you read and comment in this story!

@Kane: Hahaha, I ASKED YOU about it, so if you aren't satisfied, well, you can go screw yourself :P.

Raul's Weirdest Week Yet

In a shocking turn of events, recently retired Raul Gonzalez, signed for Racing earlier this evening, as a manager. The new manager was quickly snapped up by Racing chairman, Angel Lavin, as the player announced his retirement of the beautiful game earlier this week.

Of course, this bizarre week had to start for Raul somewhere, and it happened in his last club, Al-Sadd. After a reported bust up with the chairman of the club, Mohammed bin Hamad Al Thani, his contract was terminated immediately, with the player returning to the warm beaches of his native country, Spain.

It was not long after when Florentino Perez, the current Real Madrid president, gave the legend another shot at playing for Real Madrid, which Raul, gratefully accepted. However, after a week under a trial with the recently-appointed Real Madrid manager, Carlo Ancelotti, the Spanish striker called on an unexpected press conference with Florentino Perez, to announce his retirement.

Raul Gonzalez

Raul playing in a friendly during his short trial at Real Madrid.

In the press conference, the recently retired player said,"I'd like to thank all my team-mates, managers, all the people who made this dream of becoming an international superstar, come true. But, in everyone's football career, each one of us knows when its the right time to retire, and unfortunately, it is for me now." The football legend, continued before he shed a tear,"It was the hardest and biggest decision of my life, which I spoke to my family about it, and they agreed that I should retire. It's been a wonderful career, but it is time I should retire."


Raul speaking to the press about his retirement.

After a few days of tribute to the recent news of the Spanish player, things got weird again, as Raul, along with his new boss, Angel Lavin, confirmed his appointment to Marca, Goal and Sky Sports, between others. The Racing chairman, who had Hector Cuper, Alvaro Cervera and Fernando Hierro reject his offers to take over the club, was over the moon, in his Twitter account. It said..

Very happy to have a legend that will give his best to get us where we truly deserve! We'll give him the full backing and you can expect some interesting play from the former Schalke and Real Madrid player! Hala Racing!
Good luck.
Great update sad to see the legend go but oh well :D
Let's see how the legend does as a manager.
@Justice: Thanks mate.

@Wellsy: Thanks mate, the day it really happens, I'll probably cry.

@Arvind: Let's see.

First Day; Part 1

As I drove my Audi A8 toward the club's facilities, I received a call from the chairman, Angel Lavin. He sounded excited, yet worried, and told me to head towards the club offices. I swiftly made a U-turn and drove to the offices.

As requested by the chairman, I arrived to the offices 15 minutes later, something I didn't know he wanted from me. Surprisingly, there was no media waiting for me, taking some pictures of my face. Of course, I was grateful that the press failed to show, hoping for it to happen again in the training ground. I walked into the office, where Lavin expected me, and he greeted me, happily. He explained to me that we needed to get some of our targets straight for the upcoming season, and I agreed.

From then on, we walked silently into his office, until I cut the ice, by asking him,"Who's your favorite player from the squad?" He looked at me, surprisingly that I spoke, and responded,"Mario, our goalkeeper. Perhaps the best from the squad during these times." These times.. Was it really that bad?

Then it was when I saw things differently. The offices seemed old, and very unappeasable to any player or staff member that arrived. I sighed, and sat down into an old chair that was in front of Angel. He passed me a folder, and quietly said,"We need you to improve this." I was shellshocked, the club would lose £3 million without any signings, or any additions. I looked at Angel and told him,"I can help you, get you some money from the domestic cup, but this, I can't do this." I cleared my throat and said,"£3 million is a lot of money. I might decrease some losses by selling some players, but I can't slash all of that." Lavin looked like he was about to cry, perhaps knowing that if he didn't start to increase his profits, he would be the last chairman to have managed Racing Santander. Calmly, yet assuring, I told Angel,"But I can assure you promotion. I can assure that next year we will be in the Liga Adelante, and that we will get some money from our transfers. If it means selling Mario, I will do it. This club will not crumble under your reign or mine." The chairman managed to make a smile, and thanked me, before he dismissed me.

It wasn't 9 A.M. already and I sensed that this was going to be a long day..
£3m is indeed a lot for a Spanish 3rd division side. Northwood's C.D. Constáncia story has taught me that much :P
Some very nice updates Pauker, already the makings of a great story.
@Louis: I might get my top player for 1 m, which would be a lot for me :P

@Walter: Thanks for the early support.

First Day; Part 2

After knowing that I would be going to work on a tight budget, I knew that I had to watch the team first, and ask my assistant manager who were the best.. and who were the worst. I arrived at the training facilities, and asked my assistant manager, Alejandro Dominguez, to ask the staff to meet me, to get to know the people I might be working for some future years to come. I noticed how bad the staff was, as I had to remind Dominguez about 10 times to call the staff meeting, which I had to do at the end. I thought to myself,"I'm sacking this sack of potatoes as soon as I get a replacement.."

The staff were pretty decent, except a few. As I wanted to explain my personal goals for the club, and what were the actual goals put on by the club, I scanned the room, to see that a pair of the fellow staff were listening. I saw one on his iPhone, and another one picking his nose.. I was disappointed, but I asked my assistant manager to ask those two, plus another three to meet me at my office. I headed back to my office, to fire all these five, useless staff members.

They strolled into my office, believing they were the right ball of the Pope.. I told them to sit down in my new, yet old office. My assistant manager, Alejandro Dominguez was closing the door, anxiously waiting to leave, until I asked him to stay. Dominguez, the assistant manager, the only one to be nervous, sat down, while the other 5 staff members stood up, confident. All was about to change, as I said,"What you earn here in Racing, doesn't reflect to your skills or the respect you give to the club or what you represent. It's been the first day, and you haven't showed an ounce of respect to me, or the club." I cleared my throat and said,"Here's your release fees.. Each of you will get £10,000 for your release, and that's what you will ever earn from being on a football club, because I will make sure no-one signs you up, because you all don't show the passion for football." Every person's eyes were fixed on me.. I saw anger, hate, and some of them, sadness, knowing that they will never be at a football club again.. Now, I had to find a new Physio,Head of Youth Department, Director of Football, a Coach, and an Assistant Manager.

They all left my office quickly, except for Dominguez, who was shell-shocked to be fired... I told him,"Look, you can stay at the club, until the new assistant manager arrives at the club, but by the end of that day.. you know what will happen." Dominguez, speechless, nodded, agreeing that he was only delaying his eventual departure. I slapped him on the back and told him to get the training ready, and get some of the numbers of the agents, to get the positions filled of the new staff departures, except the assistant manager role.

The training was pretty much myself telling the squad how I wanted to see them play, and what tactic I'd be using most of the season. To start though, we made some fitness drills and I decided to test out who were the best players of the squad, by making them play a match. By the end of the practice, I knew that I had two top goalkeepers in my squad, knowing that I might have to alternate them, or sell one of them. In the defense, we needed a new left-back, as we had none, which forced me to play Iñaki as a left-back. I jotted down that on my note-pad, and continued to analyze the match. Unless we added any new centre-backs, Juanpe and Javi Soria would be our starting centre-backs. Our right-back was pretty solid, his name was Francis, and he seemed like a leader.. A potential captain? Once again I jotted down the new information.

Racing Santander

Racing's squad training

The two man midfield was a very hard thing to choose. We had three players that played in that position comfortably, so we would need to add someone, to have as back-up, at least. Ruben Duran was definitely going to be one of the two, but either Andreu and Borja Granero were going to settle with the bench. One man had my eyes on him, Ander Lafuente, according to Dominguez. A 30 year old, who had played most of his career in Cartagena, and only to be signed up by Ponferradina, and released, to fall into our arms. Surely, a man to lead us this season. Up front was Miguelez, a decent striker, but I could see him in the middle, playing as a #8 or a #10.. I jotted down my information, and saw the rest of the training thinking about the £3 million I'd have to trim down..
Got major hopes for this story, already we've been treated to some fantastic updates :D Keep it up :)
Quality Updates and a really interesting story so far :)
@Rablador: I have high hopes for this story as well mate, and I'll be trying my best to give you those 'fantastic updates'. :)

@Silas: Thanks mate.

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