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Racing Santander: Raul's Chance

Started on 25 October 2013 by Jer
Latest Reply on 28 June 2014 by Neal
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I'm Back

Over the last few months here, I've lost the ability to write from time to time, and ever since kick-starting my former story, Juventus F.C. - The Return of Nedved, I've lost the ability of desiring to write updates, but from this moment on, it all has changed. I remember feeling that way after my Norwich City success, and C.D. Tenerife helped me to cure that awful feeling. Thankfully, I've found a team that will hopefully cure that disgraceful feeling, and it is... Racing Santander!

Why Racing Santander?

I've decided to go with Racing Santander, a team that went from producing stars such as Ezequiel Garay, Sergio Canales and Giovani dos Santos to having a rapid fall to the Spanish third tier. Much like Spanish clubs, anything can happen, as you can see teams like Albacete, Real Oviedo, Tenerife and Racing itself falling into the depths of Spain's lower leagues. I've done a Tenerife LLM story in the past, which I can't do now after Tenerife were promoted. However, Racing were relegated to Tenerife's expense, and I'd like to take a fallen Spanish team back to where they really belong.

Who Is The Manager?

The manager is former Real Madrid legend, Schalke 04 and currently, an Al-Sadd player. If you haven't guessed it (you sir, are a freaking retard), it's none other than Raul Gonzalez Blanco. A legend to all football fans in the world, Raul is a player that simply, can't be hated, and having previous experience with Raul before, I couldn't see myself doing a Spanish LLM story with anyone else! Let the good times begin!


  • Reach the Liga Adelante on first asking.
  • Build a team of Santander, or home-grown players, or former players
  • Reach the Liga BBVA in three seasons.
  • Sign Ezequiel Garay and Sergio Canales in either of the capacity as a player or back room staff.
  • Have all trophies for Racing by 2020
  • Clear Racing's debt, and take them from 'Insecure' to 'Rich'.
  • FIRST COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    A great start to the story Pauker. It is good to see you wanting to get back into writing. Good luck for the coming season.
    Whoop whoop Looking forward to this one buddy. If you need a CB I am here. :D
    Great manager choice, if it is even half as good as Juventus, it will be amazing :D Cant wait
    @Walter: First reply to the comments :D

    @James: Thanks mate, it will be fantastic t see you as well back into writing :)

    @Orichieva: Thanks mate, I'll always need a CB, especially if I am to win promotion this season.

    @LFC: Thanks mate, it means a lot to say such words! Be tuned in for the next updates!

    Menendez Sacked!

    Today, the Racing Santander board announced that they had mutually terminated Alejandro Menendez's contract, after he failed to guide the club into an inevitable relegation to the Segunda Division B1, Spain's second tier. The former Castilla manager was hired in a glimmer of hope to take Racing out of the relegation places, but he failed to do so, which got him the sack now in July.

    The Spanish manager, wrote a statement in the club's official website by saying..

    "Today, I mutually leave Racing Santander, a club that I will always have close to my heart. To have such a team in the third division is a disgrace, which is something myself and the board acknowledged that I could not take it forward. Today, I will also embark into a new journey with Thailandese club Buriram United, a club where they have accepted me, and my tactics."

    Alejandro Menendez

    Alejandro Menendez managing Racing Santander in his short spell at the club.

    Angel Lavin, the current chairman in Racing's situation also wrote in the club's official website by saying..

    "We'd like to offer Alejandro Menendez the best of luck in his pursuit on his managerial career. We'd like to thank for his services and mostly to what he accomplished here at Racing. On the news of the new manager, we will be searching for managers that with a very small budget will get us back to the Liga Adelante, and hopefully by two seasons, to the Liga BBVA, where this club really belongs. I'd also like to ask the fans to give the new manager a chance, and when we appoint him, we will try to give him the full backing of the board."

    Angel Lavin

    The current Racing chairman speaking in a press conference after they relieved Menendez of his duties.

    However, many Racing fans are worried about their beloved club, not with the sack of the infamous Alejandro Menendez, but with their crumbling financial state that the club currently holds. At this time, Racing owe a total of £32.5 million, which will perhaps terminate the clubs existence, unless someone invests heavily on the club.. or someone takes them back to the Liga BBVA, where hopefully, they will return their money.

    Racing Santander's Fans

    Fans terrified at the idea of playing in the Segunda Division B1.
    Who could the manager be? God, it's a hard one! :/
    Hey look! A Paucas story!
    @Walter: Haha, it's too hard!

    @Edu: What does that mean :P?

    Alvaro Cervera rejects advances from Racing

    As the pre-season days get closer and closer, Racing fans get more anxious on who and when the new Racing manager will be announced. Many fans are hoping for an experienced manager that has previously worked with the club, to know his way around. As for many fans had hoped for, Alvaro Cervera, the current Tenerife manager and former Racing manager, was rumored to be in Racing earlier this weekend. But, Lavin, who had Alvaro Cervera as one of the top targets on his shortlist, called for an uncalled press conference, which prompted more rumors about Cervera signing for Racing. However, Lavin disappointed the press, by coming with all but Alvaro Cervera, who seemed all but to leave Tenerife for Racing.

    The Racing chairman, disappointed, told the press,"Alvaro (Cervera) has officially declined our offer we put in the table, as he thought that the club were not good enough for him, and didn't feel adequate over his first spell here in Racing. Myself and the board members, along with the staff inside the club will try to find a suitable replacement that will please the fans and most importantly us."

    Angel Lavin

    The manager explaining why Cervera rejected him and his club.

    After the short press conference, a whole parade of recognized managers and unknown as well went in Racing's facilities and had 'long talks' according to a inside source. Most notably, Hector Cuper and Paco Fernandez were the ones that were mostly recognized, even though Fernando Hierro and Raul Gonzalez, the current Al-Sadd player entered Racing's facilities. However, the latter seems to have had a 'friendly' chat with Lavin, which supposedly wasn't about the managerial role. With the pre-season approaching, which manager will take the reins over at Racing?

    Hector Cuper

    The former Racing manager is a major contender for the available post in Racing.
    Mmm Hector Cuper would be interesting.. so would Fernando Hierro and Raul ;) Nice update s as always Pauker :D
    blehh Tenerife was better :P No joke, I have no idea how on Earth Racing got down to the 3rd divsion, but they won't be there for long, will they Mr.Mysterious manager?
    Great start so far. Good luck :D
    Yeah, Jeremy's FM14 story! :D Great start m8!

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