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Racing Santander: Raul's Chance

Started on 25 October 2013 by Jer
Latest Reply on 28 June 2014 by Neal
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@FMHunter: Indeed, it does :D

@Justice: I'll leave Racing :P

@Zapdos: I should, but FM is mean ;P

@Josh: Indeed, great results.

@Walter: Flying high! Consistency is key, in every league!
Racing Santander were pleased to reveal that their current manager, Raul, tied himself to a new contract at El Sardinero. Following impressive performances and results, Racing's current chairman, Angel Lavin, had publicly stated that the former Real Madrid striker was set for showdown talks at the end of the month.

Following his contract extension, Raul sat down with Marca reporter, Angel Liceras, to speak about his future, the contract details and more..

Angel Liceras: Welcome Raul, it's nice having you here.

Raul: Not a problem Angel, it's nice to be here

Angel Liceras: Many fans, pundits and neutral fans expected you to fight for a potential play-off place, yet you lie first in the league table, going into December, where you will contest 3 league matches, and 2 Copa del Rey matches.. How are you feeling about your chances for automatic promotion, and your chances against Espanyol, who lie in 7th place in the Liga BBVA?

Raul: Automatic promotion? No, no, no, we are not thinking about it. Like I said, we are not title favorites, or challengers. We are thinking about the next match, and taking the three points. Myself and Angel have set our goals, which will remain a secret until the season finishes. As for the Espanyol match, we'll bring our best football, and like last year's fixture against Barcelona, we'll give them a run for their money. Maybe we will score a goal or two at home to give us a commanding lead to take to Catalunya. Who knows?

Angel Liceras: To spice it up, we'll have a question from one of your own fans, RacingFan6969.. Your recent change of a 4-2-3-1 tactic to a striker-less 2-3-2-3 has got you three wins and a draw, and is compared to Pep's own 'Tiki-Taka' style. Being a former Madrid player, is it frustrating changing to a tactic that was played by your rivals, and is successful?

Raul: No, not at all. The team were reliant in Imoh [Ezekiel], and with him leaving at the end of the season, we needed a tactic that brought the best of the players that we currently possess. I'm going to be honest here and say that I did phone some big-name managers for help.

Angel Liceras: It is rumored that in your new contract, you requested a bigger wage budget. Now that you have signed your new deal, has the extra budget been allocated, and is the extra wage for a free signing?

Raul: Yes, of course, the budget has been allocated. About a new player, I cannot confirm, for the sake of such deal, even if there is one. My target, like last year's, was to extend the contract of my players, before signing anyone. I, however will choose carefully this year. With the club's debt-ridden status, no free pay-checks can be given.

Angel Liceras: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Raul: That's a trick question, Angel. At least for now, I have 2 extra years with Racing, and I intend to finish the contract. If we manage to get to the Liga BBVA, I'm sure that they will be further talks about a new contract and the cycle will go on and on.

Angel Liceras: Reports suggest that if Racing's financial situation does not improve, you will jump ship. Are these rumors true?

Raul: Of course not. Racing threw me a life-line to stay in football, and I intend to repay the club's faith in me by doing the same, by staying here. Many think that as a manager, I'll go for even more money, but financially, I'm okay.

Angel Liceras: Thank you Raul, good luck with Racing.

Raul: Thank you for having me here, Angel.
Nice job getting a new contract! :D
Excellent updates, as they all have been throughout the entire story, and great results in the last month too!
Great interview :D
2-3-2-3 I like it B)
@Josh: Thanks mate, I do think it's well deserved though!

@Pompey: Thanks mate, means a lot from a SoTM nominee! Indeed, they are great results!

@Walt: It was well written, no?

@Neal: Glad you are enjoying it, God of Plugs.

Contract Renewals for Quartet

Racing fans will wake up to learn that the key quartet, Juanpe, Javi Soria, Josep Sene and Kevin have decided to follow their fellow colleague and manager, Raul, in extending their contracts. Raul, who had only confirmed the extension of his contract earlier this week, had stated that he 'intended to renew the contracts of his players', and after a week of wait, Racing has officially announced the renewals of such players.

Centre-back pair, Javi Soria and Juanpe, both were constantly sought-after by Romanian side Petrolul earlier in the summer. With Petrolul eagerly awaiting for a pre-contract showdown with both players at the end of December, Raul quickly ended the hopes of the Romanian side of getting the players on a free, or on a cut-price deal.

Javi Soria

Key Players: The centre-back pair have signed a new contract, which will see them stay until 2017.

Kevin has contested the left-back spot with Dani Castellano all throughout the season, and with speculation of a move elsewhere, he decided to renew his contract with Racing. The left-back has played 9 times this season, with 2 coming off the bench, whilst Castellano has played 10.


Low Pay-Rise: The left-back will now earn £2,400, £100 more than he did in his previous contract.

Josep Sene definitely played a crucial role in Racing's last title push in the Segunda Division B1, playing 20 times, scoring 10 goals and contributing to another 9. In his first 4 months in the Liga Adelante, he has scored a total of 15 goals, and assisted 3. With his contract finishing in the summer, and sides such as BBVA side Mallorca interested, Racing added 2 years in his contract, and a pay-rise of £800 p/w.

Josep Sene

Best-Player: Racing's best-player of the season has been rewarded with a deal until 2017.
Good to see you're signing these players up :D
@Walter: I'd shoot myself in the foot if I didn't!

December: Winter Champions

Zaragoza 1-0 Racing Santander S.A.D.

Wednesday 3rd December 2014 | La Romareda | Att. 19,501
Liga Adelante

Racing Santander XI: Mario, Gomez, Ilundain, Juanpe, Marin, Castellano, Granero, Duran, Lafuente, Sene, Bollino

Subs On: Francis, Igor Gabilondo
Goals: None
Zaragoza's Goals: Javi Alamo (21)
Man of the Match: Javi Alamo (Zaragoza) 7.3

Racing Santander S.A.D. 1-0 Espanyol

Saturday 6th December 2014 | El Sardinero | Att. 13,597
Copa del Rey
Racing Santander XI: Mario, Juanpe, Gomez, Castellano, Marin, Ilundain, Marques, Chrisantus Sene, Bollino, Gabilondo

Sub On: Ruben Duran, Ander Lafuente
Racing Goals: Dani Castellano (46)
Espanyol's Goals: None
Man of the Match: Dani Castellano (Racing Santander S.A.D.) 7.7

Racing Santander S.A.D. 1-0 Elche C.F.

Sunday 14th December 2014 | El Sardinero| Att. 17,596
Liga Adelante

Racing Santander XI: Mario, Marin, Juanpe, Gomez, Castellano, Ilundain, Granero, Marques, Bollino, Sene, Gabilondo

Subs On: Ruben Duran, Jacobo Prat and Ander Lafuente
Goals: Igor Gabilondo (35)
Elche's Goals: None
Man of the Match: Juanpe (Racing Santander) 7.4

Espanyol 1-2 Racing Santander S.A.D.

Wednesday 17 December 2014 | RCD Espanyol Stadium | Att. 12,141
Copa del Rey

Racing Santander XI: Mario, Marin, Juanpe, Gomez, Castellano, Soria, Duran, Marques, Gabilondo, Sene, Lafuente

Sub On: Borja Granero, Fermin Ilundain, Mauro Bollino
Racing Goals: Josep Sene (12) and Ander Lafuente (90+2)
Espanyol's Goals: Thievy (88)
Man of the Match: Josep Sene (Racing) 8.8

Girona 1-2 Racing Santander S.A.D

Saturday 20th December 2014 | Montillivi | Att. 4,710
Liga Adelante

Racing Santander XI: Mario, Marin, Juanpe, Gomez, Castellano, Soria, Duran, Marques, Gabilondo, Sene, Lafuente

Subs On: Borja Granero, Hector Simon, Mauro Bollino
Goals: Josep Sene (22) and Hector Simon (90)
Girona's Goals: Nacho (9)
Man of the Match: Josep Sene (Racing Santander S.A.D.) 7.7

Great results bar the one loss. :-)
Talk about a great period for the club: signing their manager to a new contract, signing their best players to a new contract, and sitting stop the league!! Well done, La Liga BBVA is beckoning!! :D
Somebody likes their 1-0s (and 2-1s :P )! A very, very good month to be a Racing supporter if you discard the solitary loss. Promotion to the BBVA is most definitely on the cards this season if the boys keep these performance levels up. Good to see Sene going strong still! :D
299.... B)

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