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Arsenal FC: A Bould Move

Started on 31 October 2013 by Kane
Latest Reply on 5 December 2013 by k1rups
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brilliant signings and a swift squad transition Kane
Fantastic update, you clearly put a hell of a lot of effort into that update.
Superb pre-season nonetheless, hopefully this is just a taster of what's to come...
Love the update, and the effort into it is enormous. Great job mate.
1. A brilliant update!
2. Could preseason have gone any better?
3. This story is a definite contender for first Story of the Month for FM14!
4. Good luck for the coming season!
NVDTahir: Thank you, so nicely put. :P

Rablador: Thanks, and thanks :)

Pauker: Thank you. :) Not gonna lie, it took ages! And thanks for pointing out the mistake!

Jamesg237: 1. Thanks :)
2. The 1-0 narrow win over FC Nantes could have been better? :P
3. Oh my!
4. Thanks again!

It's great to hit 5,000 views already, just a week into the story. Much love for all the readers, and get ready for the new season to commence!
Torres and Janujaz look very decent! Hope for your sake the squad gels quickly! On a more selfish note are you using fm13 logo's? Cannot seem to find kits/badges for 14 yet? Thanks :)
Goonerkv1985: I am mainly using FM13 logos. On FM13 I ended up using the FM12 Metallic Logos the most due to non-league saves, so am using the standard FM13 logos at the moment. However, if I come across a team with a new badge, such as Everton, I make it myself.
Congrats on so many views already!

Steve Bould Confirmed As Permanent Manager

After a fine pre-season Steve Bould was offered the permanent job

Steve Bould has been confirmed as the permanent manager for the 2013/14 season as of today. Bould was bought in as the caretaker manager for pre-season, following the stepping up of long-serving manager Arsene Wenger, combined with the inability of the board unable to find a suitable replacement.

Steve was in charge as the caretaker manager for just 5 games, but winning all 5 games which included success in the Emirates Cup, while also making numerous sales and departures, was enough for the Arsenal board to offer Bould the contract as permanent manager, an offer Bould has described as "the chance of a lifetime" and an "offer too good to reject in any circumstance".

Arsenal were linked to many different managers while Bould temporarily took charger, with names such as Harry Redknapp, Jurgen Klopp, and even the recently retired Sir Alex Ferguson spread around (although mainly by Manchester City fans). Harry Redknapp leaked news about a possible contract during the friendly against Chunnam Dragons. A tweet was posted mid-way through the first half about a contract agreement in place, which was soon deleted within minutes.

Nevertheless, it was Bould who will become the new manager, his fine display showing brilliant signs for Arsenal, the board and the fans. Due to the new contract, starting with a 1 year deal that could potentially rise to 6 years depending on success.

Fans have clearly displayed their enthusiasm and joy and the move, delighted by the decision, meaning Bould may become a fan favourite soon.

Rablador: Thanks buddy! :D
Great story so far Kane , keep up the great work , i hope to have a story as good as yours one day
A very good pre-season there kane, well done! Also, a long lst of transfers, although each and every one quality players.

And the fact that you put the entire squad list with correct flags, just proves how much effort you put into this!:D
Just read the whole story so far: absolutely brilliant stuff mate. Have been off the site for a while now and that was just excellent to read!
5000 views in and Bould has only just been confirmed as manager!

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