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What The Future Holds

Started on 12 November 2013 by JasonRM / First Post
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JasonRM's avatar Group JasonRM
5 yearsEdited
The countryside in Italy felt like the break I needed. I was just about 2 hours out of Rome, but it seemed like forever away. Whenever I looked outside, I saw nothing but green. Trees, bushes, and the like. No people though. I had grown tired of people, pestering me, frustrating me. I couldn't be normal anymore, so I fled. I fled here to my gorgeous mansion. The place was beautiful and I had it all to myself. No servants, No family members, no women. Yes, the house was for me and for me alone. It had a gorgeous view of the perfectly crystal blue ocean. Every day, for exactly 2 hours, I'd go and swim, to make sure I stayed in shape. After that, I'd cook myself some pasta and read a book. It was my only form of entertainment, seeing as I didn't have a TV. Yes, I was completely isolated from the real world, except for a simple phone I had, which I hardly ever used. When I had first moved here, I loved it. I was away from the thrill, the excitement, the desolation, and the pain of society. For once, everything was calm and boring. It felt like the house was a cure for the depression I had picked up during 2015. The whole world crashed on me then, both physically and mentally, so I had fled the scene in 2017. I retired with plenty of money and moved here, as a hero to some and as a villain to others. Yes, at first it was perfect. But now, the house and the scene had lost the shiny appearance it had when I first moved here. By now, I was fed up with routine. I long for The thrills and heartbreaks that were so constant when I was in Rome. It's time for a new challenge.
Great writing mate, but the big question is......Who the heck is this person?
2013-11-12 13:47#143230 Jozef : Great writing mate, but the big question is......Who the heck is this person?

All will be revealed in the next update ;)
JasonRM's avatar Group JasonRM
5 yearsEdited
After complaining so much about the lack of thrill in my life, today was certainly quite the contrary. It started off like a normal day. I got up, went outside and swam for 2 hours. I am in and started to make my pasta when the phone rang. The phone didn't ring often. Usually, only relatives and old friends called me, asking how I was doing. I assumed that this call was no different, so I went and picked up the phone. However, it wasn't one of my relatives this time. It was Damian Comoili. It was a name I hadn't heard before. It sounded foreign, not Italian, but French. Immediately I asked how he had gotten my number, It was a private number of course, not one that could be found on the internet. However, he didn't reply, and told me he had a job to offer me. If I could make it too the La Pergola by 7:00, he would like to talk to me, and ask me a few questions. He then hung up. It was not an easy choice. I pondered it for what seemed like hours.

The last time I had been in Rome, it hadn't ended well. That was 2 years ago, back in 2017. I was feeling pretty depressed already by then. However, that wouldn't compare to the pain I would feel later on that night. I had gone out to dine with an old friend on the Roma board, but I was stopped before I could make it to the restaurant. Two men in Roma kits came towards me and started screaming dirty insults at me and throwing cans. I tried to ignore them at first, yes I did, but I couldn't. The truth was that I was planning to move away from Rome, to rivals Inter, who finished level with us on points this season. I was sick of Roma, and everybody knew it. Plus, Inter were going to hand me a ridiculous contract, 80,000 euros per week for what would be my final season. In fact, I was going to tell my friend at dinner that tonight. The Roma fans, who knew all of this from the press, were sending me hate messages and death threats. To them, I was the symbol of the club, just as much as the badge I wore 582 times over the course of my career. But I was finally finished with the dirty club that had refused to play me over the course of the season. Then one of the men took out his iPhone and started taping the encounter. That's when the rage flew over me, I pointed the finger in the middle of my hand right at the two people who were tormenting me and said, well some things I maybe shouldn't have said. Those words were on the internet seconds after I said them. When I looked on twitter tomorrow, #TottiOut was trending worldwide. I was fined 350k pounds and was suspended from Roma. Inter canceled my contract and I retired. Then, I fled.

All of this rushed through my head when I paused to think about what the man had told me. Then I walked outside, stepped into my car, and started driving towards Roma. My fate would be decided there
Damn, I looked up Totti to see if the 582 appearances was him then I look at like the next sentence and it's about Totti :P
2013-11-12 14:50#143254 Louis O. : Damn, I looked up Totti to see if the 582 appearances was him then I look at like the next sentence and it's about Totti :P

Haha. Totti hasn't actually played 582 games in real life, but he has played quite a few in Football Manager from 2013 on to 2017, when he retired.
Great update m8 but sorry...I don't think Damian Comoili sounds French!!! :P
2013-11-12 15:00#143258 AlexSonwild : Great update m8 but sorry...I don't think Damian Comoili sounds French!!! :P

He is, trust me ;)
Very nice start, typically :)
La Pergota was one of the fanciest restaurants in Rome, so I wore a suit and a nice hat, which I put over my eyes so that no one would recognize me. I walked into the restaurant at 7:00, and asked the waitress where Mr. Comoili's table happened to be. She lead me to the table, and there I saw a well-dressed man with a diplomatic smile offer me to sit down. The man introduced himself has Damien, and asked me how I was doing. After some small talk, he finally mentioned the subject I so wanted to talk about. He told me that he worked for Newcastle, a team in the Barclays Premier League. Last year, they managed to get Champions League football, but this year had been nothing short of disaster. They finished 12th, and failed to bring home anything for the trophy cabinet. Therefore, they had sacked their previous manager, Lee Clark, and wanted someone to take over. They wanted that person to be me. It came as a shock to me of course, after what I had done here 2 years ago, but Mr. Comoli said that I would be the perfect person for the job. They needed a manager with a harsh attitude, someone who could motivate a squad, and after all my years at Rome, they thought that I could do that and more. This time, I made my decision quickly. I needed something to work for, a goal. Without that, my life would be boring, similar, and unhappy. So I took the contract, and signed, and with that, my life changed forever.
Ooh, a Totti story, interesting indeed. Good luck!
JasonRM's avatar Group JasonRM
5 yearsEdited
My first few days in Newcastle were like the weather, somewhat dreary. I anticipated a smooth transition from player to manager, and I thought that at least for the time being, I would be kept alone. Of course, the English press thought none of that, and Cameras were thrust in my face right as I exited the ugly airport in Newcastle. I answered none of their questions because I had to go to a press conference and meet the press that would be hounding me all season. The press conference was what I was fearing most. Hopefully, the journalists would stick to the present, and not the past, but I was sure they would be nosy and annoying and remind me of the events of 2 years ago. Before the press conference, I had to meet the chairman. He gave me a tour of the facilities, which included St. James Park, a stadium whose name always hung up in the balance. The chairman was an amiable man, who looked like he really cared about the club and was proud about having me as a manager. He boasted of a strong squad, although I highly doubted I would be working with a squad of much talent, considering that the squad finished 12th last season. The pitch was quite nice, but ah, one of my assistants, Joe Kinnear, was not very smart. Legend says he tried to sign one of his own players.

The first thing I did as Newcastle manager was fire the Joe-ker, pun intended. I was scheduled to meet the players later on tomorrow, but first, yes first I had to meet the press. There must have been 100 cameras that flashed in my face when I walked into the press room, but I was used to it, I did many interviews while I was at Roma. However, I wasn't prepared for the English Press. Before I could say a word, there were microphones being jabbed in my face and press people asking questions I couldn't understand. I told them to back off, but It took a good 4 or 5 minutes before the press people finally calmed down. The first part of the interview was fine, but then, of course, one of the press people asked how I had changed since the incident in Rome 2 years ago. I hesitated, then responded saying, "Perhaps I didn't act the best them, I was frustrated. I am ashamed of my actions back in Rome but perhaps not all the blame falls on me. Getting swearerd at and getting hit by cans isn't something anybody reacts well too. However, it was the wrong thing to do and I am sorry for it. Nothing like that will be happening again and It won't be tolerated under my regime. Nobody shall be making the same mistakes I made 2 years ago. Now, back to football and not the past". That shut them up for a while, and for the rest of the conference, the focus was on football and not Rome in 2017. The questions I were asked were generic, and I had prepared for them. I tried my best to give answers that could be interpreted in different ways, so that the papers would get no wind of my plans for the season. And with that, the conference ended. I headed to bed in my nice new apartment, just about 5 miles from the St. James, or Sports Direct Arena, god knows what it's called. Tomorrow, I would meet the players.
Really liking this so far!
Keep up the good work :)
Are you going to keep Chocolini? Oh wait you fired Kinnear :P
Well, my first pre-season as a manager has come and gone, and It’s been anything but uneventful. As expected, I was given a mediocre squad to work with, with no talent at fullback or at defensive midfielder. The squad was filled with old, overvalued, and overpaid players who I had no need for. Maybe they had once been fantastic players, but the players I sold this window all were replaceable. And replace them I did. We brought in a total of 11 players, 2 of them on loan, for 74.85 million pounds. The players we sold added up to 78.37 million pounds, which left us with a healthy profit. Of course, the staff was no good either. The 3 scouts I inherited as manager of Newcastle would not cut it, especially since 2 of them were sub-par. Those 2 had their contract terminated, while I brought in 7 new scouts to be my eyes at the club. I’m not expecting big things at first, considering I’ve mixed and matched the squad. However, I based my training around Team Cohesion, so that the players would learn to play with each other. It’s risky to do a complete overhaul like this, but the club needed it. We've transformed an old club into a young one, and hopefully that would yield results.



Elvis Skopljanic- 23 million Pounds (LB)
Elvis was the player I spent most on this transfer window. By no means is he the best, but he plays at a position where the team is seriously lacking in depth, Left Back. Plus, the young Croatian has fantastic potential. Elvis is a great tackler and a great long thrower of the ball. He can be our Rory Delap. He’s also a born leader. However, he’s quite raw, and needs to get lots of game time before he can reach his sky-high potential.

Karim Rekik- 13 million pounds (CB)

Karim Rekik is a little bit of a bust. After being touted as one of the next best center backs in the world at a young age, Rekik signed from Real Madrid, and then Arsenal. However, the Dutchman, still 24, couldn’t excel at either clubs, and was transfer listed at Arsenal. Considering Rekik was still a solid centerback with a high ceiling, I took a gamble on him and signed him up for 13 million pounds. He’ll fit into a rotation with my 2 other center backs.

Simeon Tanev- 12.5 million pounds (CB)

Simeon Tanev was the second signing I made in the window. He can play both center back and right back, and excels at both positions. The Bulgarian, just 22 years old, is fantastic and both heading and tackling. He’s also extremely strong, and he isn’t slow at all. At first I believed I had no chance of signing him, considering he was co-owned by the two biggest clubs in Italy, Juventus and Milan, but in the end, we managed to get great deals from the two clubs, especially Juve. In total, we paid 12.5 million pounds for him, a fee that I think will be paid back with great performances.

Nicolo Barella- 8 million pounds (CM/CDM)

Barella, a talented CDM from Italy, was one of the last signings I made this window. However, he was one of the best. The 22 year old is an an accomplished passer of the ball, and one of the best decision makers at the club. Barella rarely loses the ball, and he should be a fantastic player in the middle of the pitch this season.

Emanuel Fernandez- 7.5 million pounds (AML, ST)

This transfer was a bit of an emotional one, considering the player I wanted to pry away was from Roma. Thankfully, it didn’t take too much time to iron out a deal. They wanted just 7.5 million pounds for a fantastic wonder kid who was already a massive threat. He’s fast, and a great header and finisher of the ball, so luck for the 19 year old to be scoring bags of goals up front for Newcastle this season.

Benjamin Mendy- 5 million pounds (LB)

The Frenchman was signed for cover at left back. He’s fast with decent tackling, so he should do just fine at back up for Elvis at left back. Also, at 25, he qualifies as one of the veterans, considering as the side we have is very young.

Javier D’Amico- 4.7 million pounds (CB)

Getting Javier D’Amico for the paltry fee of just 4.7 million pounds was one of the bargains of the season. He’s a brilliant center back; he can tackle, he can head, he can mark, he’s strong, and he can even take corners. There’s not much not to like about this guy, and he’ll be a stalwart in our lineup for years to come.

Luis Arada- 3.8 million pounds (CB, RB)

Like Simeon Tanev, Luis Arada can play both center back and right back. Simeon Tanev however, is miles better then Arada, who will provide cover at both right and centerback this season. He’s a very limited full back. He can tackle pretty well, but he’s mediocre at everything else really. Thankfully, it’s a no risk transfer considering the fee we paid was extremely low.

Yamn M’Villa- Free (CDM)

Yamn M’Villa, now 29 years old, is an excellent signing for us considering that he was let go on a free transfer. We snapped him up before any other club can approach to sign the Frenchman, and he’ll start there this season. Mentally, M’Villa is one of the best on the pitch, and he combines very well with his teammates. Hopefully, his veteran prescience will help our young team mature, so that we can go on and meet the goal the board asked of me, a top half finish.

Maninho- Loan (ST, AMR)

Maninho, a young Brazilian, was signed on loan from Chelsea for the rest of the season. He can play both striker and attacking right midfield, 2 positions where our depth was top quality. He’s a very clinical finisher, with excellent strength, so he would be perfect for the poacher role up front. Also, when on the pitch, the Brazilian can hit the most wonderful free kicks, so maybe he can contribute some off set pieces.

Gaetano Rosa- Loan (RB)
Rosa is a half decent full-back who we signed on loan from PSG. He should provide cover for the right back position this season.


Jordan Rhodes- 21 million Pounds (ST)

Jordan Rhodes was one of the first to go when I became manager. The English man was overvalued, and I was glad to ship him off to Liverpool for 21 million pounds, about 10 million pounds too much in my opinion. Rhodes was a good finisher and not much else, and I doubt he’ll be getting much playing time for Liverpool this season.

Dedryck Boyata- 13.25 million pounds (CB)

Like Rhodes, Boyata was a one-trick pony. He could tackle, but that was just about it. However, Zenit saw something in him and snapped him up for 13.25 million pounds, an offer I just couldn’t turn down. His wages will not be missed.

Ola John- 12.75 million pounds (AML)

John is a bit better than some of the other players that left Newcastle this summer. He has a decent first touch, and is quite good on the ball, but due to the depth we have and Attacking Left Midfield, he was no longer needed. At. Madrid snatched him up for 12.75 million pounds, and I wish him the best there.

Mamadou Sakho – 11.75 million Pounds (CB)

Sakho , who at 29 was getting on in years, was sold for 11.75 million pounds to Fiorentina. The Frenchman wouldn’t get much playing time in our new defense, so he was offloaded to Italy, where he will be on 86k per week.

WIlfried Bony -10.75 million pounds (ST)

With both Manhino and Emmanual Fernandez coming in this window, the 30 year old Wilfried Bony was no longer needed. He was a good poacher, but he wasn’t much else, and I don’t think he would have fit the system I’m trying to implement here at Newcastle. He’s headed off to Frankfurt, where he will try to resurrect his career.

Dan Burn- 6.25 million pounds (CB)

With a whole plethora of new center backs coming in, Englishman Dan Burn was considered surplus to requirements. He’s headed to Southampton, where he will earn 59k a week.

The squad gets it’s first test in the Community Shield against Manchester United. I was unaware we had won the F.A. Cup at first, but It means we’ll be playing in Europe this season, in the Europa League. Hopefully we can progress far into the tournament to boost morale and earn some well-earned cash.

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