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The Real McKenzie: The story of Douglas Steven McKenzie

Started on 17 November 2013 by MJK46
Latest Reply on 5 December 2013 by MJK46
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Middlesbrough FC Month in Review
April 1, 2015

It has been an interesting month for newly promoted Middlesbrough FC as they only played in three matches, one that was the Capital One Cup final and the other two from the EPL. They would beat Aston Villa in the final by a score of 3-1 and the two league matches would be a draw against Liverpool and a loss to Arsenal.

On a recent episode of ESPN FC Alexi Lalas said that, "Middlesbrough have been the surprise of the season and have shown what they are made of." He would go on saying, "My biggest issue with this club is that their ticket into Europe has been stamped and they seem demotivated now, especially now that they are now longer relegation threatened."

April and May should be a pretty interesting month for Boro as they face clubs such as Manchester City, Fulham, Norwich and a few others. Our experts believe the club will go 3-2-2. If their form keeps the way it is currently we see them dropping to 16th place.

The club is currently in 13th after a small stint between 8th and 10th place in the past few months.
Great achievement to win the Capital One Cup!
@Neal, it feels great more trophies to come!!
Unlucky against Arsenal but pretty good result against Liverpool!
Hopefully you can have a good next month and get into the top half of the table :)
Haha look at Liverpool, if you can get a run going you can maybe push for the top half?
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20 April 2015

Well this is something new for me. I have never really used journal except during my times at school. Yes I know I am on facebook, twitter and all those other things but now it is time to write what I am feeling and whatnot.

Right now with my job everything is going great. So excited to play in Europe but I am a little worried right now. Mr. Gibson is a great person and rich as hell but he is too worried about the finances. I see where he is coming from but come on man give brother some money, haha.

Well the season is almost over and I am ready to head back to Saskatoon to visit family and friends. I will be teleworking and having a good time. The few weeks will be a great time to rest. Speaking about back home I can't wait to have a few beers at my favourite place in the world with my best friends and brother.

Hmm I wonder what Nicole has been up to these days. Oh how I miss hanging out with here. So I will send her a Facebook message and see whats up. Last time I remember she was living in Regina doing something. I have the biggest crush on here and have liked her since grade school. Time to do my thing.

Well Mr. Journal until next time.
This is a nice way of updating :) Are you going to mix it now, or is this just a one off? Great update :D
2013-12-03 15:04#147716 LFC : This is a nice way of updating :) Are you going to mix it now, or is this just a one off? Great update :D

Mix it up!!!
Nice update mate :)
Nice update :)
Journale updates are always fun, keep it up! :)
13th is pretty good mate, you can still push further up the table though :D really nice so far
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@Joethequin: Thanks

@Neal: It makes this more alive

@NVD: I hope
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Was it a dream??

BEEP BEEP BEEP (4x) and other assorted hospital type sounds are heard....... Breathing like Darth Vader can be heard.

Eyes are opening and starting to come out of something I don't know. I am thinking "Uh... where the hell am I??" At this point I am extremely confused and lost. I start to panic because I am running late for the Norwich match. I wonder did I do something last night??

A few days pass by a few of these so called "doctors" have told me about what the staff have been doing, things that needed to be done for me to get back to "normal". I am thinking I am normal this is not!! I have been in and out of sleep still celebrating my wins over United and the Capital One Cup. Now starting to get back to reality slowly but surely, but still think I am part of Boro. At this point I ask Dr.Kevorkian, "Did we beat Norwich?" He just looks at me weird and did not say anything. I guess they don't want to freak me out or something.

A few days pass and......

"Mr. McKenzie you have some visitors!" (Even after a few days I am still unclear on a lot of things, maybe Steve Gibson is here?.)
"Doug, is that you?"
"Ah, who the hell are you?"
"Seriously who the hell are you and why am I here I need to be with my squad."
"Dude its your brother Bob, holy crap your awake!!"
A female voice that I remember says, "Doug sweetie, I can't believe it your awake and alive"
"Is that you Nicole??" (I have no clue how I remember her)
"Yep it is so good to see you are doing better."
"Guys what the hell happened?? Did we beat Norwich?"
"What the hell are you talking about man?"
"My name is Douglas Steven McKenzie, manager of Middlesbrough FC of the English Premier League."
"Uh yeah you are Doug McKenzie but you are an assistant coach for TFC dude."

The doctor explains to the group that I have been in a state of mind where I think things are true but not.

Stay tuned for what will happen next........................ Why did I end up in a hospital in Toronto?

Reality sets in

Two weks later still in the hospital I am in the recovery mode. Things are still weird but now I am starting to realize Middlesbrough never happened but there is still a part of me that believes that it is real.

Knock Knock
"Come in"
"Hey brother hope you are feeling well."
"Hey Bob, yeah but still do not know why I am here, I should be at the training facility getting ready for the last match."
For some reason I can still remember people and places but do not know what happened.
"Sorry to break it to you buddy but Middlesbrough are in the EPL but you still coach at Toronto."
He hands me his Iphone and shows me
"Wtf man don't be shitting me.."
"I am not man, look at the date it is February 8. 2015 your birthday."
A little while Nicole and my parents come into the room.
"So what happened?"
Nicole hands me a news paper dated 11/6/2014 and it reads.

Yesterday around 9:30 am EST on a train traveling from Montreal to Toronto was attacked by a terrorist. The train had about 10 cars and the initial explosion occurred in car 5. Everyone in car 5 died that day as well as did countless others. The death count so far is about 96 people. Many were injured and were taken to local hospitals. The bombing happened about 15km from the Kingston station after its departure. During this time Canadian officials were aware of a very credible threat to the Canadian National Rail System.

"Damn........ that is what happened..."
"Yeah you have been in a coma since then and what not."
"How long have you been in Toronto?"
"Since early January."
"Oh so glad you are here with me guys."
"So it was a dream that I was with Middlesbrough??"
"Yep, what happened in it?"
"Bob, don't say that your brother has been through a lot."
"It's ok mom"
"Basically we won a cup and kicked Manchester United ass a few times."
"haha but I have bad news my brother?"
"The Oilers failed to make the playoffs again."

A few weeks pass by I am finally out of the hospital. Got a special visit at my place.

"Hey Doug, it's good to see you are getting better."
"Thanks Ryan!! How's the team doing?"
"Great we are getting ready for the season, I wanted to talk to you about your job."
"Ok so I know you have to rehab and all, our team doctors and athletic trainers will help you with your recovery. We will be taking over from the hospital."
"Thank you!!"
"During this time I also want you to become our assistant coach, right now you will be working on that as part time until your rehab improves."
"No way, I can't believe you want me to do this."
"Yes well you were going to get that job anyways even if this did not happen."
"By the way the team made a video for you."
Watches video
"I will see you in a few days!!"
"See you at BMO."

Now comes the rehab and everything else with my recovery.

You are reading "The Real McKenzie: The story of Douglas Steven McKenzie".

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