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The Real McKenzie: The story of Douglas Steven McKenzie

Started on 17 November 2013 by MJK46
Latest Reply on 5 December 2013 by MJK46
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:O Shocking Story Twists FTW

No but seriously, awesome story!

P.S I'm glad you didn't really whoop United! ;)
2013-12-04 12:16#147827 TK69 : :O Shocking Story Twists FTW

No but seriously, awesome story!

P.S I'm glad you didn't really whoop United! ;)

Thanks for the comment man. You still have to give me some credit for beating them a few times with a semi crap squad lol.
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Journal Entry #1
10 June 2015

Dear journal,

This will be a new thing for me. I rarely ever journal before so I will try to attempt something new. My psychologist recommended that I do this as a way to cope from the stress and trauma from the attack and the false reality I was living in.

It has been a crazy last few months. From that day to now. As I write this journal on the eve of the attack. I still cannot believe what happened on the train that day, thinking about it or seeing headlines just hurts me. I feel so bad for every family that was effected. To this day I am so thankful I came out alive and am able to continue on with things. The club is setting up a fund for all the victims and that makes me happy. I will be doing that too.

Rehab has been interesting. First I was given basic physical therapy, that was hard but so glad I have fought though things. The motor skills portion of rehab has been interesting too but I won't get into that. Meeting with the team psychologist we discussed a lot. Most notably my false reality as she calls it with Middlesbrough FC. I can still remember a few things from it and have written down what went on. I will always remember the 4-2-3-1 I used with a DM. Apparently was that I felt I was the current manager of the club and my brain triggered a sequence of events with my name and identity attached to their manager.

Since I was cleared to go back full time things have been good for me and the club. Ryan and I are a good team together. We are currently first in the league and are looking to get the supporters shield. Still early but I have faith. Being part of the TFC family is very important and their support has meant the world to me.

I am so happy Nicole has been with me since the incident. She is something special and I give her all the credit in the world for leaving her job back in Saskatchewan to take care of me. Without her I doubt things would be so good.

The one thing I hate the most is that I can't drink for another month or so.

Until next time.
You can't drink! :O
2013-12-04 13:01#147831 TK69 : You can't drink! :O

Sadly not :( damn doctors
Great updates and shocking twist :)
Wait...what if you waking up in hospital is a dream? :D
2013-12-04 18:30#147842 pompeyblue : Great updates and shocking twist :)
Wait...what if you waking up in hospital is a dream? :D
@Pompey if that happens then lol.

What the... o.O ?!?! Lol love the twist though mate xD
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10 yearsEdited

Journal Entry #2
7 December 2015

Dear journal,

What a great season for us. We won the 2015 MLS Cup!!! What a great achievement and it feels good. Everyone in Canada should be proud of the achievement. Ryan thanked me for this since late in the season we switched to my tactic and went off from there. We beat LA Galaxy by a score of 2-0 preventing them from winning title number 6. Probably the most disappointing aspect of the season was the loss in the Canadian Championship. At least we are in the CCL.

The support from fans and family has also been a great thing for me. If it was not for the support my life would be a wreck right now. That honestly sounds really fucking stupid and should cut the pity me shit, since people lost their lives that day and I act as if I am spoiled.

Well anyways the biggest shock happened when Ryan sent me a text message Sunday evening that made me very puzzled. That's right its not that we won the league but it was this....

"Hey Doug are you busy?"
"Nope just got back from the Leafs game what's up?"
"I am leaving the club for personal reasons"
" am I getting fired??"
"I don't know but Tim will call you tomorrow."
"Ok cool."

Wow this totally caught me by surprise. As soon as I arrive home I go on the net to see if there is any news of this. Nope nothing yet. So it's time to go to bed and get a good night's rest.

As the morning comes I have my phone right by my side. RING RING RING

"Morning Doug this is Tim Leiweke, how are you?"
"Good sir, Ryan sent me a text about what happened."
"Were you shocked?"
"Yes I was honestly at first I thought he was joking around I guess not."
"With that I am calling to see if you are up to taking his spot, you have done so much for this club since joining a few years ago and we feel you are a viable replacement. We feel the club has grown since you joined"
"Awesome and thank you!!"
"Can you come down to the office later today to sign your new contract?"

5 hours later I made it to the ACC (Air Canada Centre) to meet with Tim and co. We talk a bit and then he gives me a pen to sign the new contract. I cannot believe that will be the next head coach for TFC. What is even better is that it will be on the 20th anniversary of the league. A press conference is set in a few days.

That is basically what went on in the last few weeks.

Until next time!!
Nelson leaves TFC
December 8, 2015

TORONTO- Newly crowned MS Cup champions Toronto FC have made a very shocking announcement. Manager Ryan Nelson has stepped down from his coaching position with the club. Team representatives have confirmed this. It is unknown as the reason he has left the club. We were not able to get any answer from Ryan but he did pass a long this from his website.

Dear TFC Fans,
I am so sorry to inform everyone that I am leaving TFC. This was a hard decision and I hope you all understand. I did all that I could for this club and it was just time to move along. Now I can't comment about the reason for this departure but trust me it was for the good of the franchise. The new head coach should be a boost to the club.
Thank you,
Ryan Nelson

Tim Leiweke of MLSE made an announcement hours later that the club has a new manager. Assistant Doug McKenzie will be become the club's ninth head coach since the club formed in 2007. The Saskatoon native joined FC in the summer of 2012 on a free transfer from Scottish Club Dundee. After the 2013 season he left the playing role and became a coach. During the middle of 2014 he was on the train that was bombed and was left in a coma for months. After that and a brief stint of rehabilitation he joined the club once again on a full time basis. This will be his first job as a head coach.
Well that was quite a shock indeed O.O
So after some thinking this change was STUPID as hell. I am going to end this but this will not be the last of Doug McKenzie maybe he will pop up in the future or maybe he is no more who knows?

My next story I will have him back but make it way more realistic as I progress through the ranks. Sorry to all of you that followed and are disappointed I did the change in direction. I was honestly getting burnt out of Boro and didn't think clear enough.Should have just killed it.

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