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The Crew : Road To Recognition

Started on 26 November 2013 by Couragesand
Latest Reply on 27 December 2013 by NVDTahir
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Squad Report

(For GK I have three)

The one spot I really need to improve is Midfielder Left. So far I haven't needed to go too deep.

Giorgi was picked up as a free, Matt is a youngster who is injured at the moment, Andy was first choice but Giorgi and Matt started to increase and develop.

Chad has been at Columbus since 2004, a very loyal vice captain. Danny has been here since 2006 he is very loyal also and they are the best two defenders. Glauber is a good defender also , he has been at Manchester City and is a great header.

Viana is a experienced DM for us.
Tchani is a young guy but he has here since 2011 and other mls clubs.
George is really a backup but he also has time to develop and is good when needed.

Higuain is a beast captain. Felipe could learn alot from him and has potenial. Gaven is a decent player. Anor is a player that is very useful on wings.

All of the 3 are new to Columbus.

I signed Ewerton on a free transfer and he is a very good support figure and fast for his age.
Oduro was here in the start and he is a good striker who scores when he is given the chance.
Bradley Wright-Phillips, Ian wright's younger son. I signed him when New York waivered him.

Quick Notes

Waiver- When a team does not need a player they can waiver him. Any other MLS team can claim him from waivers. If more then two teams claim him the team with the lower position of the previous season claims him for the same wage and contract he had at the previous club.

Who do you think is the best player in each position based on stats?
Who cares about the team, all we need is FEDERICO HIGUAIN! :P
Neal :). Yeap, agree, Higuan surely. I am always having problems with goalkeeper, which is expected but it would interesting to give Giorgi or Matt chance if you will be in position later. I am hoping Viana would doing good but Tchani is ok, any way nice set for DM-s. Maybe would be interesting for Tchani to learn him for playing more forward to mid. Any way good luck mate.
This is shaping up really nicely, can't wait to read more.
Neal : I KNOW :P

Diaze : Giorgi is my starter :P

Pairsy : Thanks
Good update bro, beast squad you have there, especially Higuain :P
Good looking story and some decent players you've got there. There is a perfect balance between players who are great at only one thing, and those who are decent at everything. Hope you can kick on from here.
Just read everything. Good luck!
Im sure that took a while. Nice detailed update and look forward to more!:P
Wow, very detailed update. Can't wait till the next update! :)
Thanks ^^^^^^

Once Again

I'm at IHOP with my girlfriend eating this magnificent Strawberry Banana Pancake

I'm also on my iPhone 5S while i'm on twitter then discover that someone is posting about me still.

I'm thinking to myself, is he serious? I beat Montreal 7-0 I barely drew vs Chicago at Toyota Park. I am higher then Chicago on the league table. I don't know what this guy is on about at all. I was tempted to tell my girlfriend but I decided the other way on that. I don't know why this guy is antagonizing on me. I haven't done anything to him, and even if he is a critic he should go criticize other managers and not me. I have lost my appetite and I didn't finish the pancake when she had to finish her Blueberry pancake.

When I got back home I decided to reply however, I won't be as gentle.

Harsh or not, I just don't care. I could see people bashing on me if I was doing poorly but I haven't been. There is something to say to the media soon.
Joe Swan sounds like a dick ;P
Mmmmmm iHop! Also, eff Joe Swan. Nice update - I love Twitter type updates, keep it up!
Good response there, exactly what people like him deserve :P

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