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A convict's tale!

My fm-story!
Started on 5 December 2013 by Slid3Tackle
Latest Reply on 8 December 2013 by Slid3Tackle
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Finally!! After all this bad years in which I made a lot of bad choices I've done it..I managed to get the UEFA Pro License. But it wasn't easy, hell not! I've been through sone experiences that probably marked me and changed me totally but this is it, I've got to move on with my life...
You probably are asking how I had so much money to pay for the course..well this is a long story that you can only find out if you will stick around, I have only one think to say about how I got into this world of football: Thank you George Becali!
So, you must know that I am a former prison, I was encarcerated in a Prison from Romania because I was caught traficating drugs, and they just throwed me in the jail. My name is Adolfo Escobar, I'm from Panama and am 30 years old. I am in Romania since 2002 and have managed to get romanian citizenship.I am looking for work in the second league of Romania called Liga II and it probably won't be so hard to find something thanks to my relations with the Becali familly. For more details about me, my life and my career stick around.

Good luck man. Glad to see you do a FM14 story!
Thank you mate!

It was a cold day of spring, almost the begining of the summer and the temperatures are still low...but nothing to worry for me, I've got a joint in my left hand, I was listening to some good music and was reading a book about tactics and training methods...anyway, I was enjoying freedom, I missed this feeling so much, but I payed for my stupidity.

As I was about to turn the page and start reading about how much the classical style of training still counts, my phone starts ringing, an unknown number. I answered and this happened:
"Hello mister Escobar, I am sorry to disturb you, I am Eusebiu Dobre, president at UTA Arad."
"I am glad to know you"
"I got contacted by mister Ioan Becali, your agent. I talked about you with mister Adrian Martian, the owner at the club and he seems interested. I called you to invite you tommorow to take dinner with me and mister Martian. Be tommorow at 21 at the Red Rose restaurant"
"OK, see you tomorrow.good bye."
"Good bye mister Escobar"

The big meeting

Of course I couldn't sleep all night and I was thinking only about how it would be...when finally I falled asleep, "RRRiiing" the clock woke me up, it was 8 o'clock in the morning and I have a plane to catch to go from Bucharest to Arad where the meeting will be held.
I've dressed in my suit and went in a hurry to the Airport,I arrived in the last moment but I'm glad I did! The landed on the airport and I went to check in at a hotel and eat something and of course, a little weed, it never hurts!
Finally, dinner time, I met them and this is how it went, after we presented eachother:
Martian (owner): " Look, as you may know, Uta has a great history behind but in the last years we were in misery. We have changed a lot of players and managers but in vain, no real result! I want someone young, someone who comes with a different mentallity and a different view about football"
Me: " I really think I can handle this. Since I was a child I enjoyed and studied football. I dreamed to play on the big stage, but it wasn't at least I have a chance to manage"
Eusebiu Dobre: "Yes mister martin, mister Becali also told me that he is a proffesional"
After more and more talking, around 3-4 hours of negotiations we agreed on a contract: the objective it's to finish middle in the league but to play nice passing football. We have 10 k transfer budget and 734 k/year wage budget.

I am verry happy to anounce that I am the new manager of UTA! Finally I have a chance to prove that the worse is behind me and to really start a new life!

Club Presentation

UT Arad is a football club based in Arad, Romania, founded in 1945. During its history the club won the Romanian championship six times and the Romanian Cup twice.
the team won the Romanian championship in the 1946-47, 1947-48, 1950, 1954, 1968-69, 1969-70 seasons and the cup in 1947–48, 1953 seasons.
2006-2007 was the last season in which UTA was a part of the Romanian first league, since 2008 they are in the second league, every season having big expectations and every season dissapoiting the supporters more and more.
The club's nickname is Bătrâna Doamnă (The Old Lady), the stadium's name is Francisc von Neumann and has a capacity of 7,287 seats.

I forgot to mention, at the dinner, mister Martian asked me if I want to give an opinion on how to be designed the kits for the new season so now I have work to do, we have to play like we look, Perfectly!
Never heard anything about the Romanian league but can't wait to read more about how you conquer it ;)
Nice start mate, a Romanian story will be really interesting! :)
A Romanian story would be awesome to see.
@Neal mate, it's a nice league, too bad that th elevel of coruption it's so high in Romania
@The Madridista @BayernAmerica I am glad that you want to learn more about the romanian football
Hmm, a convict. Will you end up at Millwall? :P
I hope not Louis! :P

In my first day at the club I met the players and the staff. I wanted to know what they want to achieve with this club and if anyone wants to leave they are free to leave...the assistant coach told me that he and the rest of the staff decided to resign as a form of respect for the former head coach, so now I have to form a new staff team.
So with this ocassion I contacted Dorin Micsa, our managing director, and asked him to do a list with the staff available to sign. We are not a rich team, not at all, so we have to find good staff with little money, a very hard thing to do, but still, mister Micsa came in a couple of days with a list from which I choosed some people and am hoping that we will merge together and make a great job.
My staff it's formed from different nations, we have a Slovenian director of foorball, a Makedonian assistant coach, Serbian head of youth developement, Italian goalkeeping coach and the chief scout it's from Gabon. The rest of the staff are Romanians.

About the players isn't very much to say..we have some very good prospects and some very good older players like our goalkeeper or like the two Columbians we have, you'll meet them at the team presentation. I decided that will only buy a central midfielder and a right back, I already assigned mister Aubame the job to find me the players we need.
About the strategy I have already pretty much decided, we will play a 4-1-2-2-1 fromation, trying to get the best of our flanks. It looks like this, but maybe I will change the instructions a little, depending on how the team performs:

Good ol' 4-1-2-2-1! Incumbent staff are usually rubbish, so that's nice of them to resign.
@ ebEliminator since I've started playing FM, I falled in love with this tactic! :P

Team presentation

Hello! I invited you all here to present you my players, the players that I will use this season trying to get a little more than the objective, maybe even trying to promote to the first league. I am very glad with the squad I have at my disposal and with the 3 new signings I can say that we have a very competitive squad.
Before anything else, I wanna thanks mister Aubame, our Chief Scout, for finding exactly the 3 players I needed! As I said earlier we needed a right back and a central midfielder but I decided that we also need a young striker.
These are the 3 players that joind us this summer:

Valerio Capocchiano

A very interesting right back who can also play as a left back. He played for Monza and Siracusa before and I am sure that he can bring a big plus of experience to this team. He was bought as a free agent.

Sorin Pana

At 31 years old, Sorin has a huge experience with a lot of games played in Liga I and Liga II. He is pretty much a complete midfielder, being feared by the goalkeepers because he has a great long shot with his left foot. Also free agent.

Albert Voinea

Albert it's a young striker, a great prospect for romanian football. We loaned him from Pandurii for one season and he will fight for hist post with our experienced striker Apostu.

Now that I have presented you the transfers we made, I wanna present you the rest of the players:

New tactic

beside the tactic I have presented you earlier I decided two make a second one so we will oscilate between this 2 strategies.
The second strategy it's more solid in the defensive area but also the flanks will attack a lot so it's an equilibrate tactic.

You are reading "A convict's tale!".

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