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Liverpool - Powerful Passion

Started on 9 January 2014 by Aaron
Latest Reply on 5 April 2014 by Zap
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Great update as usual Aaron :P
Trop: Thanks for the support man, means a lot!!
Doing great in the league. Keep it up :)
Aaron's avatar Group Aaron
10 yearsEdited

October - All smiles

Atletico Madrid 1-0
Manchester United 2-1
Birmingham 1-1
BATE 1-0
Swansea 3-2
Brighton 1-0

Many expected Liverpool to challenge Atletico Madrid, especially after there recent performances against Spurs and Juventus. They played their game, but it was not enough, and Atletico's defense was just to strong. The only goal of the game came from Spanish legend, David Villa in the 8th minute. From then on, the game was pretty much all Liverpool...but their strike force just wasn't enough and they went back to England, bringing back their first loss of the season.

The North-West derby was to follow, could the current English champions end Liverpool's run in the Premier League? Would the Atletico game be their downfall?
Manchester United took the lead in the 15th minute through Danny Welbeck, a poor pass back from Yarmolenko saw the United striker pounce onto the ball and shooting past Reina to make the score 1-0.
In the 36 minute, Liverpool's possible best signing in the last year popped up with a goal to level the score. Rakitic was handed a free kick by United. The ball was placed 30 yards out, and it would almost be an insult if Rakitic were to score, but that's what we reds love...Insulting United, and our attacking midfielder was let loose on the ball as he struck it into the bottom corner.
Six minutes later, Liverpool won the game, Rakatic picked up the ball outside the box and played it through to an on coming Jordan Henderson who was brought down Smalling! Liverpool, and Rakitic now had the chance to put things right and go ahead, and they did! Rakitic coolly placed the ball right into the far bottom corner.

The first time Liverpool would drop points this season would be in their next match against Birmingham. Ivan Rakitic once again scored another goal early on in the game, however Birmingham were just too resilient, and scored 2 minutes after Liverpool, equalizing through Jonathon Walters. They are the first team to take points away from Liverpool in the League this season.

A third game back in the Champions league, and the reds looked to build on their loss to Atletico, with a win at BATE. The lads got themselves the win they craved, the only goal of the game was scored by Sakho late on, putting Liverpool 1 point ahead at the top, after Atletico dropped points against both Juventus and BATE.

The last Premier League game played this month was against Swansea, a gritty 3-2 win would keep the scousers at the top of table, but this time...on 28 points, however just 3 points clear of Chelsea, and 6 of United.
A win against Brighton and Hove Albion also took Rodgers' side into the Quarter Finals, where they would play Newcastle.

Premier League Table:

Champions League Group B:

Unlucky against Atletico. Great result vs United :P
Unlucky against Atletico and Birmingham but other than that another great month and update :D
Trop: Cheers lad, we were very unlucky and it's really frustrating to drop points!

Pompey: Cheers mate, not really happy with the Birmingham result tbh
Solid defensive eforts for Atletico, your attack couldn't simple "break" them. Your pupils were so happy after winning in the derby that they lost their concentration against Birmingham i guess. I'm confident that you will manage to qualify from the group's first place! Standings looking great, lad! I'll be following.
Adrian: Cheers mate, it's nice to have your support! Are you a fellow Liverpool fan by any chance?
Slit my veins, I bleed Liverpool red!

Gerrard: "We can win the title"

Reporter: Welcome ladies and gentlemen too a BTSport, exclusive interview with the one and only Liverpool and England skipper...Steven Gerrard. Welcome Steven how are you?

SG: Very good thank you, yourself?

Reporter: Very well thank you. So Steven lets cut to the chase! Liverpool are so far unbeaten in the Premier league and have only dropped points once in what...10 games? How do you feel about liverpool's start?

SG: Well obviously It's a great feelin' to see your boyhood club at the top of the table this far in, and it's even better that they are unbeaten, but to actually be apart of their success is an amazing feelin'. It does give us confidence to keep this up and hopefully we will, and we'll be in the mix come the new year.

Reporter: Well, last years target was top 4, and Champions League got that and your flying at the top in a very hard group. Do you think you can get through the group? And what are Liverpool's targets this year?

SG: Well, our targets are to win the league this year. So far, we are top of the table and doing brilliantly so it's our title to lose at the moment. And yes, getting through our group is almost a certainty, but we must perform against Juventus again like we did in our first game for us to have a chance. If we don't perform there, then a win at At Anfield against Madrid is a MUST.

Reporter: So you think you can win the Premier League?

SG: Of course I do. I wouldn't be a proper supporter if I didn't.

Reporter: You've also won the Champions League before, and in a fanatic manner. But how would it feel to win the Premier league, after so many said you never would? And how would it feel to maybe take the Champions League trophy home come the end of the season?

SG: Well it would just be amazing. So many have taken the mic, talking about how many more Premier league medals Giggs has more than me, which is obviously banter, which I can take. But to prove them wrong would be fantastic yes. And obviously taking home the Champions League again would be sensational, however, I don't think we are capable of that this year. We can go far but not that far. My main focus is the Premier League though definitely.

Reporter You also missed the chance to win the World Cup whilst captain of England. Was that a big blow to your career? Will it be the last time you compete in the competition?

SG: Well, yeah! It was agonisingly, (emotionally) painful to lose out in the final. Especially to Germany as well, but I am looking to the future now, it's all about Liverpool and the Premier League at the moment. And to answer your question, at this point in time I am not sure...The last time I play for England will be when I physically cannot run for 90 minutes and will also be my last year at Liverpool. But at the moment I am feeling fit, and well. But by the next World Cup I'll be about 38 and whether I get picked for the squad, I do not know. No one knows. But I COULD be there in Russia, come the next World Cup.

Reporter: Well, that's great to hear. It gives us all a bit of hope. I am sure anyone would want to see your leadership at the World Cup, even the United fans! *Laughs*
Anyway, Rodgers seems to be a manager that likes to bring up talent from the youth systems. How do you help with that?

SG: a Well, being captain comes with a lot of perks. One being respect. You have to use that respect to get to the younger ones and to get them to take in what you're showing them. I teach them all I know, and I give them confidence off the pitch. And when it comes to being on the pitch, I just help them keep their heads up whenever they make a mistake and they learn from those mistakes. But helping them with confidence and that is really all anyone can do, it's up to them to create themselves a worthwhile career.

Reporter: Last question, what do you see yourself doing at the end of your career?

SG: Well...that's a toughie asked by many, haha! I think I want to stay in football, whether it's managing the Liverpool youth teams or managing the full team. It gives me something to do. Because obviously I will still be at my peak. (Life wise, not football) and I am gunna need somethin' to do when I am retired. But I'd love to succeed Brendan as Liverpool boss.

Reporter: Ok, well...Thank you VERY, very much Steven, good luck for the rest of the season.

SG: Thank you, good bye!
Love the update and the story keep up the amazing work
Stevie G, what a legend <3 I hope you can bring him home the title! :D
Omg, Tottenham are doing terrible... Can you tell Levy to come hire me pleaaase??!. Also, same old Gerrard, "this is our season." On a serious note, great detailed update and poor Gerrard missing out on the WC :'(

Pellegrini: "Liverpool will crumble"

Just hours after Liverpool skipper Steven Gerrard gave his opinion on Liverpool's title chances, City manager Manuel Pellegrini has hit out at the reds stating that he believes they "Will crumble".

Liverpool have been in excellent form so far this year, going 10 games unbeaten in the Premier league, dropping just 2 points. They are also at the top of their Champions League group, where they must play the likes of Juventus and Atletico Madrid. Many fans, especially Liverpool fans will disagree with Pellegrini on his views however the City manager seems adamant of a Liverpool slip. Pellegrini said this in his Swansea pre-match interview, when asked on his opinion of the Scousers.

"I personally don't believe they have the quality to keep this good run of form up. Clearly they have been fantastic so far this season but I don't think they can keep it up, they will be in the mix but they won't win the league. They have only really played smaller teams this year bar Spurs and United. They won't win the league I assure you."

And when questioned on Juventus not being a big team, he also revealed his opinion on them and Liverpool's performance against them.

"Well, I have to be honest, Liverpool put in a great performance against Juve, but they were very lucky to win...I mean 1 own goal is lucky enough, but 2??? If you ask me, that is just pure luck. Anyway, Juve aren't that big of a team, just 3-4 seasons ago they were relegated to serie B. Liverpool will beat them again, but that's purely because they Juve aren't a great team. You saw how Atletico beat Liverpool, and that just proves that they can only beat the smaller games"

Well, Pellegrini is likely to cause a huge spat with Rodgers after his comments, and we expect to hear from Rodgers in the coming days. Stay tuned, drama to come.

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