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The Irish Inquisition: Combating the heresy of the EPL and Celtic FC on the Irish People since 2013

Started on 13 January 2014 by MJK46
Latest Reply on 14 July 2014 by MJK46
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Yes yes another story, will BayernAmerica stick to one?? Yes I will try my best on this one. I have realized that my biggest issue is I play the saves a bit too much and I overload myself with playing and write ups. It gets to a point where it becomes a major chore and I lose all interest. Don't worry, I am still playing with Dijon but that story is over and I will show you guys screenies in GC on how things are going.

Also as you know I created The Capital Cities Challenge, this save will be a part of it and I would like to invite you on a journey into the unknown. I will be playing in the Airtricity League and will be trying to win with a club from the beautiful city of Dublin.

Who will I be? Bohemians, St. Pats Athletic, U.C.D etc.... None of those listed. I will be taking over Irish Giants Shamrock Rovers. If you remember one of my first stories ever here was with Shamrock, I enjoyed it a lot so I thought it would be good to bring it back.

This will not be an ordinary Ireland save but a big change in the way the league is ran. So I won't tell you now but here are a few hints, Russia did this a few years back and Scotland changed things. Can you guess what both changes are???

The manager in charge is me (Mike Korrigan). It feels like the right time to play as myself and I am excited to get this going. Hopefully me being me in the save will make it both enjoyable for me and you the reader.

The title is about my goal to make this club as well as the league the best in Ireland where the people will spend more money on the domestic product rather than foreign clubs.


  • 30+ League titles
  • Not lose to a Northern Ireland club in the All Ireland Cup
  • Develop top players and keep them in the nation
  • Become the number 1 club in the world
  • Win Champions League
  • Win the CWC
  • Win Champions League in Dublin
  • Become a top 10 league in the world
  • Become the number 1 club in the world
  • Become the best coach in the league as well as my nationality

  • Trophies and Awards

    Airtricity Premier Division: 2013/14,2014/15
    FAI Ford Cup: 2015,2016
    EA Sports Cup: 2015,2016
    All Ireland Cup: 2014,2015,2016
    Irish Shield: 2014,2015
    Manager of the Year: 2013/14,2014/15,2015/16
    Good luck mate!
    Good Luck, 'Mike' :P
    FAI Press Release for 7/7/2012

    The Football Association of Ireland is proud to announce a change to the structure of football in the republic. Starting in the Summer of 2013 we will be changing the calendar for football. For the past several years the country has operated on a Spring to Fall schedule.mFrom 2013 on The League of Ireland will be operating on a Summer to Spring schedule.

    "In order to compete with the elite clubs in Europe we need to be on their level, by changing the calendar we feel this will be on small step towards a brighter future."-Paddy McCaul, president of the FAI.

    Having Ireland move to the common calendar will assist in creating a better and brighter future for club and country. One day we hope to be a league in the same conversation as the SPL or even the EPL. The development and retention of Irish players is the number one goal. Also to provide a chance for the national team to be competitive year after year and have a higher chance of qualifying for the World Cup.

    Goals and objective of this changes:
  • Qualify for the 2016,2022 and future World Cups on a regular basis
  • Develop youth and not be so dependent of non Irish clubs
  • Develop the League of Ireland to become competitive in all European Competitions
  • Globalize the Irish brand of football

  • For this the 2013 champion will be decided in a tournament that will run from March 2013 to May 2013. All other cups will be continued as usual. Please stay tuned to for more information pertaining this ground breaking announcement.
    Good luck pal!!
    Seems logical!
    Good luck :)
    Nice title :P
    @TK69:Yep he will be the best ever
    @jason_connolly1987:Thank you
    @Louis O:Haha yeah it's going to happen. by 2020 most Irish will only support Shamrock :)

    New structure announcement

    14 February 2013

    This past summer we made one of the most important announcements in FAI history. The announcement back in July was about a change in the direction of football in the country. After months of meetings we have finally came up with a system that will launch Ireland to the top. Bellow is the league structure made up of four divisions known as the League of Ireland. Below the LOI is the Irish Lower Leagues. The Lower Leagues will not be apart of the LOI System.

    Airtricity Premier League (12 teams)
    Airtricity Championship (10 teams)
    Airtricity League 1 (10 teams)
    Airtricity League 2 (10 teams)
    Irish Lower Leagues

    We also have reintroduced a few cup competitions to complement the old system. First the Irish Shield makes a return to the country. Last played in 1984 it is now the super cup between the champions of the Airtricity Premier League and the FAI Cup. Next is an expansion of the EA Sports Cup. This new version will be between the 42 clubs of the League of Ireland. Finally the FAI Intermediate Cup will now be played between the clubs of the Championship, League 1 and League 2, as well as two clubs from the Lower division.

    Competition Dates for 2013/14 season

    Airtricity Premier League 3/8/13-5/5/14
    Airtricity Championship 10/8/13-3/5/14
    Airtricity League 1 10/8/13-3/5/14
    Airtricity League 2 10/8/13-3/5/14
    Irish Shield 27/7/13
    FAI Cup 14/9/13-17/5/14
    EA Sports Cup 3/8/13-16/3/14
    FAI Intermediate Cup 27/7/13-3/5/13

    Youth Football

    On the youth side of things the U19 Elite and Premier Divisions will feature the 42 clubs that are members of the League of Ireland. They will also be competing for the Coca Cola Junior Cup. With the expansion of the youth program in the republic teams will have a better chance in finding the talent that will assist in the growth of football. Their season will run between August and April.

    For more information please visit
    good luck man :)
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    10 yearsEdited

    Who am I?

    The sport of soccer or football as the rest of the world calls it has been pretty interesting for me. It was not until 2009 when I found my true calling of the sport. Before that I always thought football was some sort of pansy sport for people who are too afraid to get hit. OH! Boy was I wrong! Thankfully the sport and I mix well together and my journey from knowing nothing at all to becoming pretty well-educated has been beneficial. Thank you FIFA

    Around the time I discovered football I was also doing a study abroad course in Europe more specifically the Republic of Ireland. During my year study I was able to be a part of the game more. While enrolled at University I also took a coaching course in order to get my UEFAA for coaching badge. Yeah an American who just discovered the sport not too long ago was on his way to the top of the football world. During my time in Dublin I would be taking these courses and interning with a local amateur side. This opportunity assisted me in learning a new craft.

    After returning to the states and graduating from university I would start my new career in football. My main goal was to get a head-coaching job somewhere. I don't care where, I just want to coach. After realizing I was too good a coach in the United States (it just was not the right fit for me) I returned to Ireland.

    Now for those that don't know my family immigrated to North America from Ireland around the time of the Irish Civil War in the early 20th century. I felt as if Ireland was where I was meant to be. I would end up getting a coaching job with some pub team that was pretty decent. At this time it was 2012 around the time of the announcement. I saw that the Football Association of Ireland was transforming. I want to be part of this so badly I started applying everywhere. I knew we had no chance in hell of making the League of Ireland so I started to find a new job.

    It wasn't until a fateful day. More like St. Patrick's Day that I would get an opportunity of a lifetime. Shamrock Rovers Football Club recently just fired their manager. As soon as that was announced I started applying for a head-coaching job. Now you will ask yourself how the hell does some American get a chance to interview with the most successful club and Ireland? Read on on and I will tell you!

    Well I guess the chairman heard about when I have done in the local Pub leagues as well as impressed with my resume. It all started about noon I was on my way to the pub with team when Shamrock Rovers chairman Jonathan Roche called me. He asked if I was busy that day, while with my buddies getting drunk but you know whatever, and thought this was a prank. While it wasn't and I went on to interview for the job. Now I will not tell you if I got this job are not, find out during my next update.
    My name is Mike Korrigan and I am the next big thing to happen to football since Lionel Messi
    Very good start to the story Bayern :)
    Good luck with Shamrock!
    Very cocky, but very nice update! :P
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    10 yearsEdited


    Ah the day finally arrived interview today that is. For me this was a big day due to the fact I might have my first professional footballing job. Now Mr. Roache had told me that this interview would take place at 10:00AM. Now I'm all for interviews but 10 in the morning is not fun at all. I woke up about 7 AM to have some breakfast and prepare. One thing I was really nervous about was what was I going to wear, first meetings and interviews are always about having a grand impression on the person you are interviewing with. I get one of my nice suits on and I am ready to go!!

    It is about 9:45 AM and I arrive to the stadium just-in-time. Traffic was horrible and I almost was late due to an accident. As a get out I am greeted by one of the clubs interns."Mr.Korrigan please follow me." As I follow him my mind is racing at 1000 miles per hour. So many things are creeping through my mind and I am the most worried about to introduce myself. A while later I am greeted by Jonathan."Mr. Korrigan, it is nice to finally great to meet you." I respond by saying "ahh it's nice to meet you too,sir." After the initial introductions we go sit down and its business time.

    "Michael why did you apply for the Shamrock Rovers management job, especially when you experience in coaching at such a high level?"
    "Well sir, I have been pretty much addicted to football since I discovered it back in 2010. Before I knew about the sport I hated it was one of those Americans who that was a pansy sport, but thanks to FIFA my opinion changed. During my time at University I came Ireland for school, I was introduced with Irish football and fell in love. Soon I would intern with a semi professional club. My dream is to manage this club one day."
    "What you know about this team?"
    "It's considered one of the if not the premier team in all of Ireland. The club has the most titles of any club in the Republic at 17. Also club has had lots of success in many other competitions."
    "If hired what are your goals?"
    "Well just like the FAI I have the same goal. My aim is to help this club to become even more successful than it is currently. Think of this in a decade or two SRFC could be in the same conversations as Barcelona, Madrid,Bayern and United. My goal is to get this club to the group stage of Champions League! These goals might sound really crazy, stupid and outlandish but trust me I will lead this club to the top."
    "Your age seems a little too young to be a manager at such a high level, can you please tell me why that is not problem?"
    "Well I have the advantage of my age were a lot of players especially the youth can see me as a role model. I might not have the resume of many of your other candidates but I sure as hell have the drive and dedication for this job. Think of the publicity you will get. Are you going to hire someone older who might not have the stamina or will you hire me the young and energetic candidate."
    "Well Michael this interview is finished, are you going to be busy in the next hour or so?"
    "Not at all sir."
    "Good, let's go out and get some lunch."

    We are at a very fancy restaurant enjoying some good food and he started to get to know me a little better. I have a really good feeling about this. Why would he invited me out to lunch if I was going get the job. A little while later he told me the good news. I will be the new head coach for Shamrock Rovers. During this lunch we discussed my contract. I will be getting paid about $100,000 for two years with contract extension talks possibly after the 2013/14 season. After that we return to the stadium and training ground. I got the tour and met many players and the current support staff. He told me I could bring my own staff, I don't think that's going to happen since I really don't know many who can coach at such a high level. On June 18 I will have my first ever press conference. During this I will be introduced to the media and the supporters. I hope they are receptive of me.

    You are reading "The Irish Inquisition: Combating the heresy of the EPL and Celtic FC on the Irish People since 2013".

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