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Stockport County - Hattering Heights

Started on 16 May 2014 by Josh_MU
Latest Reply on 6 July 2014 by Walter
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2014-05-26 19:27#176824 Josh_MU
@510: Great player ain't he? Better than the whole Tranmere team.
We broke your crossbar! And don't you forget it!
Great going :D
Really Impressed im in the skrill premier its gave me a few ideas keep up the good work bro
Josh_MU's avatar Group Josh_MU
10 yearsEdited

FA Trophy Final LIVE

Hello I'm Daniel Powell and thank you for tuning into County TV to see The Hatters take on Welling United in the FA Trophy Final at Wembley. Manager Josh Slater has done a remarkable job on leading County to this final and lets hope the players deliver on the pitch and bring some silverware back to Edgeley!

Now we are able to get a word from both managers, Josh Slater and Paul Buckle to see their thoughts on this fascinating FA Trophy Final!

We have confirmation from both dressing rooms on each line-up respectively which will follow below;

Stockport County's XI

(4-5-1) Atkins; Minihan, Nsiala, Tunnicliffe(c), Newton; Watson, Gardner, Love, Marwood, Mingoia; Jarvis.

Substitutes: Cotman, Hone, Hawkins, Pilkington, Waterfall.

Welling United's XI

(4-2-2-2) Butcher; Fazakerley(c), Needham, Burke, Dhillon; Gallagher, Healy; Harris, Maloney; Connolly, Jeffers.

Substitutes: Smith, Chappell, Dobbs, Benjamin, Faili.

Josh Slater has been forced to make some changes to his starting eleven due to right full-back Josh Brizell missing out due to suspension and John Dempster had to pull out due to an ankle injury meaning Sam Minihan and James Tunnicliffe are put into the squad with both of them being rumoured to leave in the summer.

As for Welling, Paul Buckle names the same side which beat Cambridge at home in their latest Skrill Premier game, with both sides looking to attack it's going to make for a very exciting game.

And now let's go over to our commentator for his afternoon, our reliable Jon Keighren. John, do you think County can do it today?

Of course I think we can! It's going to make for a great game! And yes, good afternoon to everyone here on this beautiful summers day at Wembley where Stockport County will be facing Welling United for the FA Trophy, which County have not won for over a 100 years. It's going to be a fascinating game and I hope Josh Slater gets the lads to perform out there to bring home the silverware!

And here come the teams led by their managers, and now to kick-off! Come on COUNTY!!!

0; Welling kick off.

5; Stockport have the ball and look as if they want to attack, Minihan passes the ball towards the centre where Love is waiting, Love plays it forward to Jarvis, who lays it off to Marwood, this is good stuff from County, Marwood plays it in and JARVIS!!! Oooh! Just wide of the post! Great play from the attacking players!

12; Welling have got possession, Healy plays it up to Harris, who uses his strength to hold up Minihan, Harris taps it forward towards Jeffers who shoots! Wide. Poor effort from a man who has been in good form for Welling this season, and a let off for County, they need to close down the attacking duet of Jeffers and Connolly if they want to stand a chance of winning this game.

20; Twenty minutes gone and there has only been a couple of chances for both teams in this FA Trophy Final, however County have looked more threatening and they look more likely to score in this first half... and oh! Jarvis has won possession the the final third, Mingoia on the overlap, County need to get men forward, Love and Gardner are sprinting up, Mingoia lays it back to GARDNER!!! Oh my word! What a block from Rob Burke! That's surely saved his team from going one goal down!

28; Stockport are yet again on the attack, Minihan has been lively down the right as he links up with Marwood, who cuts inside on his weaker left foot, Marwood finds Jarvis, who is able to lay it off to Watson, who shoots! Over the bar, wasted chance for County there, Watson should have played in Mingoia as he was onside to his left, a big left off for Welling there as we go into the thirty minute mark.

35; County lose possession through Watson which allows Welling to break forward, Maloney has possession, he is able to find Connolly, WOW! Great skill from the forward as he dribbles past Newton, Connolly's on the by-line, he weaves past Nsiala, CONNOLLY!!! WHAT A SAVE ROSS ATKINS! A great fingertip save by the number one for County which has kept the game level after some sketchy defending.

45+2; County are advancing forward, this might be their last chance to try and get a goal before half-time, Jarvis is in possession 35 yards from goal, Marwood and Mingoia are offering options to his right and left, Jarvis... SHOOTS! Well over, wasted chance from County due to some bad decision making from young Nat Jarvis, and that's the first half over, with both teams going in at 0-0.

What an eventful first half with chances at either end but neither team has been able to take their chances. Stockport have been arguably the better of the two teams but they need to get a goal to have any chance of winning this game. Welling have had a couple of chances but they also have been very wasteful infront of goal. Hopefully we'll see some goals in this second half, but whilst the teams are resting ready for the second half, I'll quickly answer some twitter questions from all you viewers out there;

I think we can do it. Josh Slater has done a great job in his first season here and has proven to all of us that he is capable of this job. Looking at the league now, we're ahead by a few points and if we maintain our good form we can get promoted back up into the Football League.

I believe we can keep it up. The Football League is always tough and if we do get promoted, Josh will need to rebuild the team and prepare them. I hope we can maintain our position if we do go up but due to the quality in that league now, it will be a tough ask for the club.

A very good question by Aaron there. It's been an amazing season for us this season and I think all us fans are truly shocked just how good it's been. We could be considered huge overachievers but I think the planning and training has really driven the players to perform well this season, so both Josh and his staff have had a huge part to play. As we've had no pressure this season, we've performed very well but next season it could become an issue as people will know what to expect!

Thanks for your questions! We're getting ready for the second half now, let's rejoin our commentator, Jon Keighren, Jon, who do you think will strike first?

I think County will do it Daniel, they finished strongly in the second half, but yes, hello and welcome back to this FA Trophy Final second half! The teams are making their way out of the tunnels and here we go for the second half, with the score at 0-0.

45; Stockport County kick us off!

51; County have possession with Love on the ball, who switches wide towards Marwood who flicks it on for Nat Jarvis, who wriggles free of his man, he can find Mingoia at the back post! Jarvis chips it towards the back-post... MINGOIA! HITS THE CROSSBAR! SO CLOSE! Some great play from County there, so unlucky!

58; Welling on the attack, Connelly is advancing forward, Maloney has possession, he knocks it forward to Jeffers, Welling doing some good stuff here, Jeffers to Connolly, who cuts past Tunnicliffe... Connolly is through on goal... CONNOLLY!!!! OH MY GODNESS, WHAT A GREAT SAVE BY ATKINS! That was world-class! He's kept County in this game with another tremendous save!

65; County are once again on the attack here, they need to create and finish a chance. Newton is advancing forward, overlapping Mingoia who was possession, Mingoia to Newton, who crosses in a low ball towards the feet of Jarvis, Jarvis has his back to goal, he turns his man, NAT JARVIS! Oh dear, wide of the post again, what a chance for County there, Nat needed to do much better with that chance, and still it's 0-0.

74; There's been hardly any chances for the past 10 minutes, but wait, Here's Gardner sprinting from midfield, can he find Marwood? He can! Great pass up to the winger who can take on his full-back, and does so in great style! Marwood has options, he keeps sprinting, Marwood looks up and picks out Nat Jarvis! What a defensive header by Needham! Both defences have been top notch this afternoon!

82; Still no chances after that earlier County chance, however Mingoia has possession, he runs at the Welling back four, he weaves in and out, Mingoia is doing it by himself! Mingoia needs to beat the final man, Needham, and OH! REF! HE'S BEEN TAKEN DOWN! THAT'S SURELY A PENALTY..? Not given. The County players protest but the referee waves them away. Lemme look at the replay... correct decision. What a challenge by Needham!

90+4; And that's full time, the game ends 0-0 and we prepare for extra time! County had the most chances and they'll kick themselves if they don't win this game!

Wow oh wow, what a half! It goes into extra time at 0-0! I'll let Jon gather his breathe while we watch both manages give their team-talk before we continue the match. County had numerous chances, I can't believe they didn't take them! I think we are almost ready to restart the first half of extra time! Back to you Jon!

Well, here we go again! The first half of extra time! Let's begin!

90; Welling kick us off again.

96; Welling have the ball in their third, Harris to Healy, who finds Dhillon. Dhillon can run at Marwood, and he bypasses a lazy challenge from the County winger, Dhillon drills it to Connolly who has space and time to work the ball towards the advanced Jeffers, he picks him out! Jeffers! Fires over! Bad effort there from the Welling forward, and yet another let off for County!

105; County can attack here with Love in possession, he plays it to Gardner, who taps it on to the on-rushing Watson. Watson finds Marwood, who plays a one-two with Jarvis, Marwood pulls it back towards Watson! He catches it superbly! WATSON! Great save! What a good save from Butcher, both keepers have been amazing this afternoon! And there goes the whistle, it ends 0-0 going into the second half of extra time.

105; County get the game underway.

112; County lose possession! Gallagher has possession in the final third, Welling have options around him! He picks out Harris towards his left who flicks it to his right to Fazakerley, the captain. He crosses the ball in towards Jeffers! But oh! Great decision from Atkins as he punches the ball out of the danger zone! Great defensive play from County there.

120; Welling can mount on last push here, the whole team are driving forward, Burke has possession, he finds Gallagher, who chips it forward to the chest of Maloney, who volleys it towards the feet of Jeffers, who flicks it to CONNOLLY! WIDE! And that's full-time! On to penalties we go!

Connolly steps up first... He looks very confident... He runs up and shoots...! Past Atkins! 1-0 Welling!

Now up comes Gardner, He takes a long run up and fires it.... into the top corner! 1-1!

Now here comes Harris, he's taking a short run up..? He shoots...! Right in the centre of the goal as Atkins dives left! 2-1 Welling!

Newton's next, the County left-back, he takes a long run up and... drills it into the top corner! 2-2!

Here comes Jeffers now, the other Welling forward.... he shoots to the right... SAVE! ATKINS PUNCHES IT AWAY! 2-2!

Mingoia is next, if he scores Stockport can take the lead... he runs up and... scores! 3-2 Stockport!

Here comes Dobbs, he needs to score here... Dobbs! Scores! 3-3!

Now here comes Nat Jarvis, who can make it advantage Stockport going into the final round... Jarvis... SCORES! 4-3 Stockport!

Fazakerley must score here or Stockport will win! FAZAKERLEY... SCORES! 4-4!

And here we go, young Watson can be a hero here if he scores, he takes a long run up... he shoots..... and..... SCORES!!!!! STOCKPORT COUNTY HAVE WON THE FA TROPHY! LOOK AT THEM ALL CELEBRATE! THEY'VE DONE IT! WHAT A GAME!!!!!!!

Oh my GOD! WE'VE DONE IT! We'll have all the reaction as soon as we get it but everyone this years FA Trophy's winners are STOCKPORT COUNTY!

Author's Notes

Thank you all for reading this long update! It was a great victory! I'd like to quickly mention the following people for asking the twitter questions;

Dramatic win! A lot of effort has been put in to this, great update mate. Wish I had the time to do it like this :D
Great update! Detailed, clear, and just brilliant. A lot of effort I can see went into this update, and absolutely fantastic win! Well done!
Really detailed update, brilliant win. Good Luck in doing the double.
Great win and great update! Really well written Josh, and nice graphic to go with it!
@Walter: Yep, a VERY dramatic win, I couldn't even watch the penalties lol. Thank you very much Walter, took a while to write but I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

@Aaron: Thank you very much Aaron! I'm glad you liked it. It was a great win, just a shame there was no goals in the actual game.

@Cfc: Thank you very much Cfc :)

@TVD: Thank you very much TVD! I'm glad you liked both the writing and the graphic. :)
Very detailed update mate! Congrats for the win!
2014-05-27 16:20#176988 AAN : Very detailed update mate! Congrats for the win!
Thanks man. :)

March Report - Extending the gap.

We're in the second to last month of the season, and quite frankly, we need positive results to have any hope of staying top of the league. As well as our league games we travel to Wembley to contest the FA Trophy Final against Welling which will be an experience for all our players! Anyway, to the results we go!

So first we play Welling in the Skrill Premier, which is a taster of the FA Trophy Final. It was a simple game really with Nat Jarvis getting the only goal which was well worked throughout the whole team and finished off with a neat touch, it's advantage Stockport going into the FA Trophy Final!

A game with huge expectation, first versus second but this tie never erupted. Neither team showed why they deserved to be at the top of the table with the only exciting part of the game being a small bust-up resulting in a red card for both teams. We need to improve on creating chances before our next game against Forest Green.

And we did just that. We created many chances and showed just how good we can be when we attack. We forced two own goals by both Josh Lillis and Gary Deegan but you have to admire the wing play from our wide men to force those own goals. They did pull a goal back but hey, we won in the end to earn a vital three points.

Stalybridge were our next opponents, who we really should be beating and we did. We played very well both going forward and defensively, and when we needed someone to get that goal for us, who else but Piero Mingoia, who is making a late surge for Player of the Season, he has scored some unique goals this season and yet again scored a very nicely timed volley into the bottom corner! A solid win and 3 points for us there.

Halifax away was our destination, but our performance was the worst all season. We just couldn't keep hold of possession and they scored two simple goals are some horrendous defending by our back four. Much improvement is needed by the lads, we get to this stage of the season and they perform like this? Pathetic.

Then it was time for the FA Trophy Final! I did a full live match report in the previous post to this, so either scroll up now to see how we fared or go to this link!

And finally, Gateshead. This game was very tough as they are a very solid team. Piero Mingoia took the lead once more, man, what a player this lad this! Amazing quality. However we just couldn't hold on and in the 90th minute they got a cheap equaliser to make the game finish 1-1. Very harsh.

League Table

Despite this month, we're still first and have a 6 point gap from Bristol Rovers! This next month is going to be HUGE! Can we achieve promotion? You'll have to wait and see in my new and final monthly report this season!


Player of the Month

Piero Mingoia

Surprised? I thought so. Piero has been unplayable, he just oozes class. What a signing this lad has been for us, he's scored so many goals, especially only being a winger. I hope he performs this good next month and for many years to come! He has so much potential!
Yes! That's the league all but secured now Josh, surely you have it won now! :P
Great update, and good results. You will win the league no doubt. Keep it up.
Exceptional F.A. Trophy update mate and great results, I can clearly see you put a lot of time and effort into the post with the end product being a fantastic read!
Another good month too, looks like you will go onto win the league now which is great.
One more thing, Piero Mingoia....sheer class :P

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