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Mourinho: The 15 Year Plan

Started on 20 May 2014 by fmhunter
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#4: 'Welcome To Monaco, Mr Mourinho.' | 5th June 2014

This morning I sign a one year contract and officially sit down in my office as the manager of AS Monaco.

I am excited. This club is a serious sleeping giant, and I am happy that I can offer my services to such a historic club. It has been heaped in misery in recent years despite billionaire owners - I am here to change their fortunes. Replace misery with trophies and success. Implement my style onto the club, eventually leaving behind a foundation in place for managers to come and continue success after I am gone.

This is not a long-term project. Winning the league title in France is in my 15 year plan, I must do it, and this is a tremendous opportunity - though with a one year contract, it must be immediate. The transition from Ranieri to Mourinho must be quick, I have my own methods which the players will need to learn.

My main priority is of course Ligue 1. We must fight Lyon, Marseille and PSG in what is a seriously competetive top four. Ranieri was sacked after we finish 13th in the table. The fans want Ligue 1 trophy, I will probably give them Ligue 1 trophy. This is not arrogance, it is a factually based observation.

Before that happens, though, this squad? Tt needs a lot of work. For now, the coaching staff will remain the same until I have had time to evaluate - and the first email I get is from Paolo Bennetti, the assistant manager here. Eventually, I will completely rebuild the club from top to bottom with coaches and players - but right now, I must learn what is already in place. I do not have too much knowledge of the club. I opened the email and it was a report on the squad. Some of it, good, some of it, not so good.

This is how it works with my teams. I try to get smallest squad possible. This way, this way, the team know each other better. The less people there are to talk to the more time you spend with each person. Togetherness is important in any good football team. So is ability. I am here for one season, so potential is not too important for me, especially with the kind of money I expect to be at my disposal.

Any player who is over the age of 21 with an ability rating of less than 3/5, they will go. Sold or released, to me it matters little. I may sound too brutal and heavy handed but it must happen, the weak players must leave to make space for good player to come in. Logic.

For now, every player rated lower than 3/5 in the squad will play and train with the reserves or U19 team depending on how I see fit. This is the hardest part of being a coach. Coming in to a place where you know nobody and then ringing round telling players that they must move on. But I have been doing this for long time now, it is second nature.

After my complete evaluation, I am left with this.

Dimitar Berbatov, I still don't know...I still don't know. If we can do a deal where new striker can come in and do well, maybe Berba will leave. But for now, he stays, and they are the players I will be training in the first-team sessions. Now, we need massive recruitment and I will begin work on that with immediate effect.

The phone on my office desk starts to ring.

"Jose Mourinho speaking." I said still scrolling through the squad report.

"Mr Mourinho, the stadium is full with fans who have come to welcome you. Dmitry says that this is a surprise present from him to you for taking the job." said a soft female vocal. That French accent, almost sexy.

I was totally surprised by this, but it will be a fantastic opportunity to see the fans.

"That's wonderful, thank you. I will come down into the tunnel area now."

My main office, unlike any job I've worked in before, is at the stadium (St Louis II). Which on this occasion has come in handy. I picked up the club gilet off the back of my chair and began the walk from office to tunnel. Perhaps a four to five minute walk. I spent two of the four waiting for a lift before deciding the steps were the best option.

As I walked through the double doors from reception to the dressing room area, there was a mass of club staff crowded round applauding me as I walked in. I nodded, embarrassed by this reception.

"Jose! There are 18,000 Monaco fans out there chanting your name," said Dmitry.

He wasn't kidding, I could hear them.

"Walk into the center circle and wave to each of the four stands. Then, if you will, please say a few words. Vasilyev will hand you a microphone."

Hand me a microphone he did, and without further a do, I walked down the tunnel. The noise growing louder for every step I took. Just as I approached the end, a voice came over the PA system.

"Mesdames et messieurs, garçons et filles, s'il vous plaît accueillent votre nouvel entraîneur-chef à Monaco! José Mourinho!"

I didn't understand this, other than my name at the end. He repeated it in English presumably for my benefit.

"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, please welcome your new head coach at AS Monaco! Mr Jose Mourinho!"

I walked into the centre circle, and waved with gratitude to all four sides of support. Four sides of support, one club.

As asked, I said a few words.

"Bonjour! Please forgive that I do not speak French just yet, I will learn. It is an honour to be training the AS Monaco football team this season. I hope to bring you a lot of success and silverware in the next twelve months. You do not have the greatest team in the world, but you do have the greatest coach. Put the two together for twelve months and you may just come out with the greatest team. I love you all. Au Revoir!"

The clapping and cheering was deafening, even for such a small ground.

I waved for the final time, to all four sides, and headed back down the tunnel.
You're doing a great job on this story
its going to be interesting to see who you take in :)
Bst222: Thanks man :D
C94z: Indeed! There are some BIG names!
I really like the look of this story. Good luck with Monaco!
Nice update, you've got Mourinho's ego just right, good luck.
qwertyman: Muchos thanks buddy!
cfcmarkt: Ha! Thanks very much, have done a lot of studying on him and watched far too many documentaries.
Great start!
Really great start, I hope you will complete the challenge.
A very good start to this story! A great idea, and your writing is excellent! I've been enjoying every update so far, and looking forward to read more from this one! :)
Great Updates!

#5: Budget Meeting | 8 June 2014

I gulp the last remaining mouthful of my morning coffee before grabbing the keys to my Range Rover and heading off to work.

Today is an important day for me. Today I finalize the transfer and wage budgets with Dmitry and give him the list of players I want to bring in. Not only does it contain potential incoming names, but it contains the names of those no longer needed by the club.

I am listening to French radio on the way to the stadium, where my office is inconveniently situated. Thankfully the training ground is nearby so it is not too much of a hassle. The presenters are discussing, as they so beautifully put it: "Mourinho's Monaco". It has a nice ring. A ring that will probably be mentioned in documentaries and DVDs sold in the club shop for the next decade.

Funnily enough, they are talking Monaco in Ligue 1. After the disappointment of finishing 13th under Claudio Ranieri following promotion from Ligue 2 in 2012/13, the journalists on the show feel that the aim must be UEFA Champions League qualification under my management.

No, no. I have one year contract, and my 15 year plan says win Ligue 1. What an opportunity to tick one thing off the list so soon into the plan. Anything other than 1st is failure, it's failure.

I pull into the staff car park at Stade Louis II, a ground minuscule in size compared to its tenant. I step out of my car and take a moment to soak in the club from the outside, what the fans see. A Monaco fan, in recent years, has been a sad man. I don't like sad men, I will make them happy. The players must make them happy.

15 minutes later and I'm sat in Dmitry's office. It's 10am and he's drinking vodka mixed in some ungodly concoction - the stereotypical Russian man if ever there was one. He was almost offended at my refusal to join him in this early morning drinking session. Had he offered Rioja the scene may have been different, though.

"Before I see this...list...let me tell you budget, huh?" said the man with my plan in the palm of his hand.

"Of course." I nodded, anticipating bad news from the tone of his first statement.

"You say you want to win Ligue 1. Not top four, not avoid relegation, win Ligue 1? Yes?"

"Yes, sir." his aura making me uncomfortable and almost intimidated, as though he simply doesn't believe I can win the title after what he saw from Ranieri last season.

"OK. We give one-hundred-and-fifty million. Spend well, sign big name players, sell shirts, get Stade Louis full of fans. Get rid of these fucking useless player."

His blue language cut me and took the shine off what he'd told me, to the point I had to question the budget again.

"One-hundred-and-fifty million pounds?" I exclaimed.

"Yes. This is enough!" he said sternly, as though he was expecting me to ask for an increase on that.

"Of course it is enough, my god, thank you Dmitry. We can achieve great things here with this funds." I said with smile beaming from ear to ear.

"I trust you Jose, if you need more money for wages, come and speak to me. These greedy bastard players are never satisfied. I don't want to see this list you have made. Sack who you want, sign who you want, just win me the fucking title. Now, I have somewhere to be, where are my keys?"

I wasn't going to be the one telling him he's been drinking vodka and therefore shouldn't drive anywhere. If I could have without being papped, I'd have skipped from his office to my car.

I sat in the drivers seat and dialed a familiar number.

"Jorge, my friend! I am well, thank you. Now, Jorge, I want to speak about Cristiano..."

Foul Language: I apologise but it is needed for the use of characterisation.

Holy shit.

That cliff hanger tho xD
Loving this story mate!
Oh lovely end to the last update.

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