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Mourinho: The 15 Year Plan

Started on 20 May 2014 by fmhunter
Latest Reply on 31 July 2014 by pokarioboy
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#1: The 15 Year Plan | 31 May 2014

Please do not call me arrogant, because what I say is true: I think I am the special one.

I have won seven league titles in four different countries. I have won the Champions League with two different teams, I have won twenty-one trophies. I am the best.

This is not arrogance, this is the truth. You cannot dispute this. It is a fact.

At some point in the future, people die. And before people die, people's careers die. I've decided that my career must die in fifteen seasons.

I will retire from football, retire from the game I love when the season finishes and I am sixty-five years old.

That is it, that is Mourinho...finished, sixty-five.

My career will have been a failure unless I am universally recognised on paper as the best coach that the footballing world has ever seen.

I have some objectives, and unless the objectives are met before I am sixty-five then I cannot go into my grave and say that I have been a success. I do not need anyone put pressure on me, I put pressure on myself.

I am fifty-one, right now - that gives me 15 seasons to become the greatest manager of all time, there is no doubt, it will be done. I cannot fail.

The objectives in my 15 year plan are noted below.

I want to win the Champions League more times than any other coach. In this moment, I have two. Bob Paisley has three.

I want to win the domestic league in every major European country. This is England, this is Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Holland and Portugal. I need to win the German Bundesliga, the French Ligue 1 and the Dutch Eridivisie for this to be 'mission complete'.

I want to win the World Cup with my home country, Portugal.

I want to win the UEFA Champions League with an English club.

For a coach of my capabilities, for a coach of my record – these are not unrealistic objectives. You may read this and say that I am punching over my weight.

'Jose, don't be so stupid', and so on.

Maybe this is true, but these are your opinion.

Sometimes you do see the ugly man with the beautiful woman, and it's not because she fancies him, but because he has the capability to do things that the beautifal man cannot.

Thankfully, I am a beautiful man with the capabilities of the ugly man.

Mourinho and winning, like father and son. A bond, that cannot be broken.

Story History

2014: AS Monaco | Sacked
2014-15: FC Barcelona | 2014/15 La Liga Champions | End of Contract
2015-: Borussia Dortmund
Awesome start and i will reading
Nice idea will follow.
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#2: A Meeting With Roman | 1 June 2014

The season has been over for a month, and the shame of trophyless season grows on me each day. My first season back at Chelsea comes with no trophy.

This is failure...this is failure.

I stand here looking out onto the pitch, the lights remaining on after an Under-21s friendly.

Emotion, passion, desire, sadness of no trophy, all this feeling in my body.

"We need to change."

An Eastern European accent twinged with devastation cuts through the quiet like a knife through butter. I turn to find the owner of our great club standing in the tunnel.

"You came to win trophies, Jose. You said we would win Premier League."

I had no answer to this, I said during the interview that Chelsea would win the Premier League this season with me in charge. We win nothing.

"Roman, next year my friend. I promise."

"You say this last year too! We win nothing! Empty promise after empty promise, millions of pounds spent on good player, player you say will help the club win titles!"

The harshness in his broken English lingo portrayed to me the severity of what I was encountering.

"You have to leave Jose, me and you, we try it twice now and we cannot work."

It is true to a certain extent. Jose Mourinho and Roman Abrahmovic, we don't get on. It is not a successful partnership. I have my way of managing a football club, he has his way, but he should not try to be coach, he does this too often. 'Jose pick him, Jose pick him, Jose do this with tactics.'.

"Roman, are you crazy? OK, we have a bad season, but with the right recruitment and getting rid of dead wood we can challenge for Champions League title next season."

"I don't want to challenge, Jose, I want to win. It is too late to talk now anyway. In the morning you leave, the board have terminated your contract, the media have been told."

I'm in a state of shock. No discussion, no talks, no vision, just the sack. I came back to my home to win trophies on four-year contract...four-year contract. I see one year and then have to go because Roman says so. There is no arguing with Abrahmovic, an argument with Roman is the only thing in my career that I regret never winning.

Lost for words and unable to fight my own corner, Roman walks away down the tunnel.

The man who holds in his hands the future of Chelsea Football Club, not the future of Jose Mourinho.

I made my way back to my house. Tears streaming down my face as I drive through the traffic. I switch on the radio, it was always going to happen, the first thing I heard.

Stan Collymore, his broad Midlands accent speaking the words:

"TalkSport can reveal unconfirmed reports that Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has been sacked tonight, with official confirmation expected tomorrow morning."

Suddenly, my ego slapped the sadness and heartache out of the way.

I am now unemployed...I am now unemployed. and I am the most wanted manager in the world.

#3: The Russians in Venice | 3 June 2014

After I was sacked at Chelsea, I want to go away on holiday, so I come to Venice. Beauty, and peace. My wife and I are here on vacation as there was no rest at home in London. Press want to speak to me all of the time.

Last night my agent, Jorge Mendes, called to say that three clubs want to speak to me. All I had to say was yes and their representatives would fly out to Venice and talk things over with me. The new season is two and a half months away, and of course I want to manage a football club. It's what I do, without this, my life is nothing. The desire to succeed, the desire to show Roman Abrahmovic that I was the man to lead that club to glory again, it is so rife within me, I would manage anyone...I would manage Taiwan, I miss the game every minute.

Jorge told me that I have three options. A big club in Serie A, and big club in the Bundesliga and big team in Ligue 1, they all want me to manage them, want me to bring success.

I do not agree with talking to teams who have managers, it is rude, it isn't right and it tells me that they may do the same to me in the future.

This philosophy of mine ruled two of the teams out, and so here I am waiting to speak to Dmitry Rybolovlev and Vadim Vasilyev, who are chairman and Director of Football at the club in France.

I organised to meet them in beautiful little restaurant nearby where myself and Matilde (my wife) were staying. I was looking through my phone at the managers linked with the job at Chelsea when the representatives arrived, briefcases in hand.

"Mr Mourinho!"

I stood up from the table where I was sitting alone, and shook hands with the two very hard looking Russian men of great importance. They were both tall, well dressed men, who looked every bit like they were coming to discuss the crisis in Ukraine and not a job in football.

"Mr Rybolovlev, Mr Vasilyev" I said as we all took a seat.

"It is great shame we could not do this in Monaco, Jose."

I joked the location issue off as my wife's fault - start as I mean to go on.

"It is Matilde, my wife, she loves Venice very much. Sorry for any inconvenience caused."

"No, no, please, it is a pleasure. Now, a simple question for you Mr Mourinho!"

"Jose, please, call me Jose." I said, building bridges from the off.

"Jose, of course. The question, now. What is your interest in managing a club with extreme wealth, enormous potential, a former European giant, a dormant volcano?"

My interest in this job was high, though I am experienced in this game and you must let businessman battle for your price. If you seem too keen, they will get you in on the smallest wage they can. You have to make them offer big, as they think you are not that interested.

It is like, when a car salesman is trying to sell you a top of range Ferrari...a top of range Ferrari, you say, 'I cannot afford this', in the hope he cuts money off the price of the Ferrari. He wants you to make a deal with him, and so he will make amends to get you to buy it. If you say that you can buy Lamborghini for cheaper, he will probably try and get you the Ferrari cheaper than the Lamborghini.

"It is is OK. This is big club, I am interested, but I should let you know that tomorrow I am talking to Dortmund, and then the day after I am talking to Barcelona." I said, lying through my teeth in a bad to get a better deal for myself.

"Jose, don't speak to them. We want you, we have contract written out for you - all you must do is sign on dot line."

Vasilyev slid a piece of paper under my nose. There were details of what they want from me on there. Their only philosophy is sign high-profile players, and win Ligue 1. The club finished 13th in Ligue 1 last season and sacked Claudio Ranieri at the end of the season. I know how he feels, but I finished 3rd with Chelsea and had Champions League Final.

I am not foolish, Paris have a better side, they have a better side. I will need big money to work with and be in total control of all things football. A lot of teams have better sides in this moment.

"Three things," I began.

"One. I have at least fifty million pounds to spend on players. Two. I can sell and get rid of, anyone who I want to. And three. Vasilyev is no longer Director of Football. I pick the players I want to sign, I handle negotiation. I pick the team, I do it however I want. I'm Jose Mourinho, if you want success, you can have it, but it is on my is on my terms."

I leant back into my chair and folded my arms confidently. Vasilyev looked nervous, his job was on the line and Dmitry seemed deep in thought.

"OK," said the chairman before continuing.

"Vasilyev will move upstairs with me, the football is down to you. It is one year, and we expect a league championship title, then we evaluate and talk future after that point."

I smiled, and shook hands with the pair, Vasilyev holding clear resentment for the fact that I just removed him from his position without even being in charge.

"Make the amendments to the contract tomorrow morning and email them through to Jorge, you have his details, yes?"

They nodded.

"Good. Then I will sign tomorrow."

We all stood and embraced each other, our partnership was to begin here. I called over the nearest waitress and ordered the most expensive bottle of champagne on the menu, and talked about our future at AS Monaco after I had called Matilde to tell her the news.

The French title, it is in my 15 year plan.
Brilliant writing!
Really good update. Good luck at Monaco.
Interesting start, good luck.
Wow! I have never been so interested in reading a story on FMScout! I'm usually more into news updates and all but this is fantastic!
This looks great! will be following for sure
Best story i've seen on FM Scout so far :)
very good start mate. keep it up!
this is incredible writing mate! Well in!
Very nice start to this! :)
coyb20: Thanks mate!
coldyb: Cheers!
Josh_MU: Thanks buddy :)
HamoudiLFC: Wow thanks man! Means a lot :)
C94z: Thanks man!
Bst222: WOW!!! Now that is high praise...was thinking of cutting this dead last night but shall live on!
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TodayAtTomorrow: Cheeeerrrssss :D

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