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Mourinho: The 15 Year Plan

Started on 20 May 2014 by fmhunter
Latest Reply on 31 July 2014 by pokarioboy
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August 2014 Review

Post-Match Comments

FC Sochaux 4-3 AS Monaco (L1)

“First of all I congratulate my players, they give everything they have and left all their efforts out on the field, but we lose the game because of things we cannot be in control of. Secondly I congratulate to the referee, he puts in the performance that gets him in the newspapers, it was fantastic to watch, and congratulations to Herve Renard, he set his team up to play some of the most beautiful football I witness. We have four injured players in one match, is this normal? Do the players have no protection in France? I say this because it is true. It is a disgrace, it is an absolute disgrace. We have Phil Jones, who has badly injured ribs. We have Rio, who has a gash on his head from the elbow of the striker, the referee see nothing. We have Toulalan, who has dead leg from the very late tackle of the midfielder, the referee see nothing. We have Moutinho, who has ankle damage from the disgusting tackle right in front of the linesman. Nothing. Nothing at all. We are 3-1 up with twenty minute to play, we have 11 players. Renard tells his players to get an advantage, I end up with 9 players for the last 15 minutes. We lose the game 4-3. I am proud of my team, but we had to play against a team who know rugby and a referee who knows no rules. We cannot win this match.

AS Monaco 2-0 FC Nantes (L1)

”Today I set the team up to attack the opponents and it worked nicely. It is still very early stages of the season but every point matters across the 38 matches, and after losing several key men and the game last week we have to play third and fourth central defenders, new midfielders and a new formation to compensate. We play 4-2-4 with the objective of playing our football in the Nantes half and today it has paid off as we score two very nice goals. I thought Aymen Abdennour was fantastic today, he replaced Rio's shoe very well, as did Abidal alongside him replacing Phil Jones.”

OGC Nice 2-2 AS Monaco (L1)

”For 50 minutes we are outstanding, for the remaining 40 we are not, and so we draw the game. We created chances, plenty of them, but in front of goal we lacked class and when playing one forward you have to support him all game – we didn't do that today. We concede to bad goals in the second half, and with five minutes to go I play two forwards with Falcao and Jordan Rhodes. This makes things look better for us, and Florenzi has a fantastic chance to score in the last minute of the match and misses. It was just one of those days, we weren't good enough to win.”

AS Monaco 3-0 Montpellier HSC (L1)

”I love this performance. It was fantastic. In the first three games I try to build tactics around the players, today I change everything and pick players around my usual tactic. I use this style of play at Porto, at Chelsea, Inter, Madrid. It is a successful way of playing, and I know the secret. I think from here we will continue to coach the players this way and eventually things will click into place. Montpellier are a very good side and are near the top of the table, so this win is a fantastic one and we hope to push on from here.”

Valenciennes 0-4 AS Monaco (L1)

”It is a magnificent performance from my team, using the tactical system I have been coaching the players for two weeks. I have said this before, in relation to the victory over Montpellier - this style of play is bred inside of me. It won me things in Portugal, it won me things in England, Spain, Italy and most important of all, in Europe. Trust me when I say, it will win things in France. I didn't use this in the first few games because I wanted to play around with different systems. No need, my masterclass is implementing on Monaco and we will win trophies. No doubt. We are strong in defence, we are unstoppable moving forward. It is perfect football, it is winning football.

Ligue 1


September Fixtures

Mourinho Says...

We start the season OK. The game against Sochaux should be 3pts to Monaco because the referee has lost his head in the match. He cannot see fouls that are causing injuries nowhere near the ball. That interests me, but for the opening month of the season, as a complete package, it is OK. The future will be much more positive the more understanding of my methods and reliable tactic they become. The first match in September is against Paris, who are top of the table. It will be one of the biggest Ligue 1 matches of the season, and so early on too, it promises to be a great match. But as much as Rafa Benitez has a good team who can challenge for trophies, they will lose this match.

Aaaannnddddd we're off! I'm in Florida as of tonight, so updates won't be quite as often, but trust in me - it will be updated near enough every day :D Just at a weird time to you English folk xD
good work so far. referees these days X-(
a good month! What skin are you using mate?
excellent update! really enjoying this :)
PSG 15 goals scored 0 conceded.

Looks like someone is playing FIFA on amateur mode.
Just read the story from start to where it's at now and it's great Hunter, absoloute class mate! Your writing techniques are quality and I can't wait for the next update! :)

PSG will be a tough game mind, look at that GD :O
I'm really enjoying this story so far, I'm looking forward to the next update! :)
Loving these updates. Good Luck against PSG.
looking forward to the rest of this story and hope you enjoy ur hols
I love this story
EVERYONE: Thanks people!! Next chapter coming very soon...and it's a big important bad boy too!
Simply Brilliant! This Story inspired me to start writing my own story(already have a good save in progress) here on FMScout ;) Thank you very much, and keep up the good work! I'll keep on track

#8: The Strip Club | 2 September 2014

The players girlfriend they will not be happy with me, not at all. But I am single so I have let Monaco players come to Strip Club, call it team building exercise.

I walk into the bar area to get myself another drink, and three of four guys are in a huddle talking.

"You have red wine?" I quizzed the barman.

"Is Rioja OK?"

"That's great, put it on the football tab."

As the barman went tallying up the monstrous bill that was building, a man stood in the huddle approaches me.

"Excuse me, are you Jose Mourinho?" said one of them inquisitively, the Russian accent I was growing to hate.

I nodded as I took a sip of my drink and then waited for his next question.

"You have taken lots of criticism, it is bad. People need to respect the work you do underneath your job title, the football is brilliant. Sometimes people say things without thinking, like you did about the Monaco fans."

From there, a friendship was born. I had befriended the men in the huddle too, all of them pleasant and charming - a multi-national group. They were in France on business, and thought a stip club was the best place to come and let down their hair.

"What do you think of Dmitry? The owner." said one man in the group.

Baring in mind that I've had a bottle of wine and four bottles of lager at this stage, my answer was honest.

"Ahh, he is OK when he wants to be. He comes across to me as a bit of a fool but he pays my wage and gives me lots of money to spend on players so he's a good boss in a football sense."

The men wanted to know more.

"So you have good relationship with him?" said the Russian fellow.

"Yes, up until now, OK. It's when he finds out I've been fucking his wife it'll get ugly."

Silence riddled the group of men.

Unbeknownst to me, my drunken state has landed me in hot water so deep it was more like lava.
Your Updates are still as good as ever and this story is really going places

You are reading "Mourinho: The 15 Year Plan".

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