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Mourinho: The 15 Year Plan

Started on 20 May 2014 by fmhunter
Latest Reply on 31 July 2014 by pokarioboy
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this is beautifully written, keeps the reader clinging on and constantly refreshing for an update! wonderful story so far hunter!
Mourinho's Monaco! Loving the arrogance, definitely following this to its completion.
Very Mourinho esque. Loving this, will be following :D
So many great updates I crave more
keep it up! :P
As a french player, I will follow with pleasure... Pretty well written for the moment ! :)
This is only my second post on this forum, because the story about the Paris FC hasn't been updated for a while...

IRL, The most reliable players have been the following:
Falcao (great start and weaker then, before he was injured), Moutinho and James, for sure, especially when he had been replaced as a number 10.
Indeed, Ranieri began the season with a 442 or a 4231, but quickly turned into a 41212 (Diamond).

Ocampos and ferreira Carrasco, who had a terrific start, have been removed from the starting 11 after these tactical changes. The 41212 highlighted some players, just as Obbadi, who doesn't come from a very good club (ESTAC) but revealed himself as very important in the tactic...

Finally, keep a close eye on Kurzawa, who wasn't serious enough to play when the club was in Ligue 2, but was impressive this year, insomuch he could have been taken in the french 23 for the world cup. Rivière also had a great start, and Martial ended the season very well.

Hope this will help :) Will keep on reading to see what you can do, and if you can do better than Ranieri ;)
EVERYONE: Thanks very much for your support during the early stages of this story. It has been amazing to see so much feedback :D Then again, you have best coach in the game so it was always going to be good.
fmhunter's avatar Group fmhunter
9 yearsEdited

#6: Like Father, Like Son | 13 June 2014

I glanced over at the clock on the bedroom wall. 06:30am, it unflatteringly read. I dragged myself out of bed, take a shower and sort myself out before walking down the stairs of our beautiful new Monaco home, to find Matilde at the breakfast bar.

She looked upset, quite unusual to her regular bubbly and positive personality.

“Darling, are you OK?” I asked.

No response, she remained just staring straight into the newspaper under her nose. Something was definitely up.

“You are unwell?

“Jose, sit down.” she looked up at me, tears in her eyes.

“What's the matter? You are homesick?” I asked, trying to get to the bottom of my wife's seemingly overnight despair.

“It's Junior, he told me something this morning, it has made me cry.

“Junior? He is a teenager, take no notice of him. I'll speak to him when I come home from work tonight. Was he being rude? Mean? What did he say?”

“No, Jose, you don't understand. He's being bullied.”

I felt the blood searing through my veins and into my head, a metaphorical pain that can only be caused by a family injustice.

It took me at least twenty seconds to turn my thoughts into audio and reply to my devastated wife.

“Bullied? What? At his new school?” I said, trying not to portray my enraged internal state in the flesh.

“He said that a group of older Paris Saint-Germain supporters have been calling him names, and worse.”

”Worse? What do you mean?” spoken in a tone that portrayed the enraged internal state I was deliberately trying not to portray.

”He showed me bruises.” she said softly through her tears.

I couldn't comprehend what I was hearing. My boy, fourteen years of age, being abused at school because his father is a successful football coach.

It is no is no logical. Children, they are very cruel. But at fourteen years of age you should know the difference between how to respect a person, any person, aside from who are their relaties.

I am angry, very angry. I don't hold it against them for saying 'PSG are better team than Monaco' and so on, this is OK, it's what young people do to wind each other up in friendly banter kind of way. But they have been hitting and kicking Junior, laughing at him for who his father is. This makes me so ashamed, but determined to make life better for my son. Trophies must be won to silence these idiot kids.

”My god. I need to go to the school.” I said, a tone unidentifiable with any emotion.

I got in the car and made the 5 minute journey across Monaco to the high school we had taken Junior. Joining a new school is nothing new for him, he has done it all of his life and usually makes friend very quickly – usually because of his surname. Here, his surname has become a problem.

I rolled into the car park at the school, stepped out of my vehicle and took off my sunglasses.

It is a state of the art building, with supposedly bright and talented young children. I turn 360 degrees taking in the place, when I catch sight of a young boy sat on a bench all alone. The boy was sobbing his heart out. The boy was my son.

I stood and watched for maybe ten seconds or so, my heart pounding, a wretched sadness heaped upon my human flesh making the situation unbearable. I walked over, sat next to the boy who was still sobbing, him still not knowing who I was. I put my arm around his shoulder.

“I'm going to get you out, Junior.”

“Daaaddd!” he buzzed with excitement, it filled me with joy to know his suffering had not caused resentment towards his own father.

”Why are you crying son? Is it these bullies? You said you have made good friends since coming here. I don't understand.”

“I lied. I wanted to make you and Mum have an easier life not worrying about me. You have enough pressure on you at Monaco. There are four boys, a couple of years above me. They started saying nasty things about you to me, and then since the media focus more on you, they start to hit me and kick me.”

My heart goes out to the kid, it really does. Punished for having a father who is good at his job, it's crazy.

“These boys, son, how many European cups have their fathers won?”


“How about...English titles?”


“Any titles in football?”

“No, I don't think so.”

“You see, Junior, what this is, is resentment for what you will be in later life. On a scale of 1-10, the important things in my life, if 1 is ice-cream and 10 is you and your mother and sister, football comes about 3. I will never see you wrong, son, whatever grades you come out with. They are jealous of you, they can't stand knowing someone who is destined for greatness, following in the footsteps of your father.”

I then ask the question every kid loves answering in a strange way.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

“A footballer.” my son passionately responded.

“Then you start tomorrow. You have ability, Junior, but you must work hard. I will take you in at every club I manage. I will coach you when I have free-time, in the garden. You can become anything you want to – but a footballer, I can help you with. But know this son, if you become a footballer, some people will hate you. They will say things for 90 minutes that they would never say if they see you in the street – quite the opposite in fact. You need thick skin.”

“OK, I,” he began to talk when he stopped suddenly – going completely quiet and nervous. He glanced over in the direction of a group of boys stood in a huddle, they were staring at me.

Each one of them donned a different PSG shirt from the last few years. They were the bullies.

“Hey, you boys, come here.” I shouted over to them.

“Dad, don't...” interrupted Junior, but I was intent on ending this. It was the ultimate embarrassing Dad moment – but he won't regret letting me have a word.

The boys looked at each other nervously, before the fattest one, for some reason the most confident, came over. His entourage followed with their heads down – clearly not wanting the confrontation.

“What?” said this large boy.

“My son here tells me you think I am a failure?” I said, smiling arrogantly.

“You got sacked at Chelsea twice.” muttered one of the boys under his breath.

“I did, yes. After I'd beaten your beloved PSG in the Champions League.”

The boys had no response.

“I have won one UEFA Cup, two Champions League, more than twenty trophies and league titles. I am a millionaire many times over. If I am a failure, and a disappointment to my son, what the hell does that make your fathers?”

Stunned, the boys all have a problem, for once, finding their words.

“You won't be seeing Junior around here much longer, as he is coming on a scholarship program to become a footballer at AS Monaco, and then any club I go on to manage from here. He will be educated by the teachers I have in place for young scholars at all my clubs, and he will be paid well for doing so – even at 14. So you can punch and kick him, emotionally and physically all you like – he will forever be a better person than you. Run along, little, and big boy. You could do with shedding a couple of pounds my friend – otherwise the coach of your team here might confuse you with the football.”

The majority of the group burst into tears before they all ran away. Me and Junior held adoring eye contact before 'manning it out' and hi-fiving. I ruffled his hair, and we drove home. I told the school that he was coming to be educated at the club – and his days as a victim of bullying were over.

As I stood in the kitchen, watching Junior practice his skills on the back lawn, I noticed an A4 piece of paper folded with Jose written on the front fold.

Curious, I opened it up.

“Jose, I love you. But I hate Monaco, I need to get away. I am staying with a friend in Setubal, my flight was 11:30,”

I looked at the time, 12:00 exactly. Too late. It continued.

“I want to move back to Portugal. I am depressed, it kills me to say, but I am leaving you. Don't try to contact me, maybe one day we can meet again.”

Tears streaming down each cheek, my phone rings. I wiped away my tears – and still in shock and confused, answered the call.

“Mourinho.” I opened sternly.

It was Jorge, my agent.

“Jose! Cristiano is open to talk with you, you must ring him immediately!”

The excitement in his voice was too much for me to handle right now. After the day I'd had, football had such insignificance in my life – I almost hate the game.

Staring straight through the kitchen wall, my life was falling to pieces around me. I closed the phone without replying to Jorge.

I was falling out of love with football.
wow. just wow....

tragedy, then adulation, then tragedy again. this is riveting
fzemdegs: Thanks man! Stay tuned :D
I have never, EVER, fell in love with a story. This, this is amazing.
I haven't enjoyed a story as much as this one since, well... never!
How are your stories so good, This is the best story I've read.
Amazing story! I have enjoyed your Martinez story since the day you started it but this is even better! (Please don't stop your Martinez one tho) keep up the good job!
Amazing last few updates!! Loving this!

Pre-season is always important when at any club - but especially if you have just recently signed as manager like I have at AS Monaco. I turfed out the players deemed surplus to requirements and signed over £100,000,000 worth of players to compensate and build what I hope is a Ligue 1 winning side.


Initially starting our pre-season off was the Fedcom Cup, a four team tournament set-up by our sponsors. We defeated the reserves of Bayern Munich comprehensively but unfortunately just lost out to Zenit in the final. It was all good preparation and fitness training though, and it let me see which players suit best to which tactical system. For the next two teams I decided to play what at the time, was my strongest starting eleven. We won these games and played some fantastic attacking football in each. I then played a weak side out against Paganese and we hammered a very poor side. The next two were final team observations for myself heading into the start of Ligue 1. Hopefully analyzing these games it pays off.

Transfers IN

I completely tore up the squad list when I arrive, keeping only player who can with the title right now. The players who are ready. I also only keep players who are winners. Ready to win. They don't just want to win for 90 minutes, they want to win in training, at home on the games table, they are born to win. These are the players I bring in to replace the dead wood.

Fee: £1M from A.C. Milan
Why?: Michael is a player I know well from coaching him at Chelsea and Real Madrid. He is the linchpin of midfields and even at this age he can be top, top player in Ligue 1.

Fee: £500K from Manchester United.
Why?: Rio is an excellent addition to the team. Gifted with the ball at his feet and a natural leader from the heart of defence. He has represented England many times and even at 35, he can be excellent in Ligue 1. You don't have to be quick to play in this division.

Fee: £22M from Manchester United.
Why?: Phil is one of the hottest young prospects in world football right now. A central defender, brave, agile, versatile, Phil is going to be a very important part of our push for the title this season.

Fee: £7M from Zenit.
Why?: Christian will play perfectly as a complete wing-back in my system. Quick and agile going forward, solid and a contributor in defence. Well worth the price.

Fee: £17M from Tolouse FC.
Why?: Aymen spent last year on loan here and having heard about his performance and potential from my assistant manager, I decided to match the fee agreed in his loan contract, to extend his stay here. He is a very good, young, exciting center back.

Fee: £4M from Sampdoria.
Why?: Sergio also spent last season on loan here at Monaco. He plays well for his team and he is always alert to danger. I knew all about Sergio before I came to Monaco so it was a no brainer to sign him permanently for me.

Fee: £10M from Frankfurt.
Why?: Seb is a fantastic full-back who can look to be starting in our back four very often. I look forward to seeing what Jungy has to offer.

Fee: £19M from Roma.
Why?: Recognized across Europe as one of the finest midfielders in the world at the moment, this signing is a huge one for the club and Alessandro can be a big part of our success this year.

Fee: £10M from Blackburn.
Why?: Jordan has yet to prove himself at the top level in the game, but with me only really using one striker, Falcao, Jordan is a solid back-up. He certainly knows where the nets are!

Fee: £9M from Manchester United.
Why?: Nani is a fantastic player from my home in Portugal. We need more flair in this team and attacking threat from wide positions. Placed on the transfer list, we put it a bid in and signed him. A wise bit of business for the club.

Fee: £5M from Getafe.
Why?: Pedro will be an understudy for the first-choice wingers. He is a very gifted young boy and I have no doubt he can be one of the leading European wide players in the future.

Fee: Free from Manchester City.
Why?: As I said with Rio, you don't have to be quick for Ligue 1. And certainly not the anchor man role I have planned for Gareth. He does well in the Premier League and he's still in good shape. I offer him a lucrative contract to end his career here and took it. Mr Reliable.

Fee: £15M from Besiktas
Why?: Manuel also has a big part to play at this club. We love his attributes and he makes for an exceptional midfielder. I hope he can turn his price into displays because he is certainly worth every penny on paper.

Fee: Free Agent
Why?: Nicolas has been unattached since having his contract terminated at West Brom on bad terms last season. Nicolas loves French football and is also a good replacement for strikers should we face an injury crisis. An experienced player who will be an asset to the club for sure.

Transfers OUT

All of the following players, I deemed to be 'not needed' by the club any longer. I like to keep a small squad. Too many players cause too many problems.

August Fixtures

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