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Mourinho: The 15 Year Plan

Started on 20 May 2014 by fmhunter
Latest Reply on 31 July 2014 by pokarioboy
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That letter tho
That, simply put, is the greatest letter I have ever read.
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January 2015 Review

Post-Match Comments

“This game, it was was boring simply because Granada put 11 men behind the ball and make it impossible for us to get past as they foul is whenever we get free. Puyol gets into a war of words with the striker and his frustration results in red card, I did not see why he was sent off, I was looking away when the incident happened but I will speak to him. However, it shows he cares and wants to win at all costs, and was as frustrated as the rest of us. Granada could maybe play rugby in England, this was not football. I think the way they play is a disgrace. Cesc, Neymar, Xavi, all injured in this game as a result of their barbaric way of playing. The referee did not see the disgusting tackles but sees what I am told is Puyol raising his hands. It makes no sense to me.

”For this game I field weaker team and I am pleased with the performance. The Copa Del Rey is not for me a priority nor is it a priority for the team or the club and so to draw is not too bad. Should we lose the game over two legs, it is not the end of the world, as we focus on bigger incentives."

”What more can be said? Seven zero. My players are the best in the world and we kill an OK team. They try to outplay us, but we get the ball back within six seconds every time and we score seven goals, and they score zero. It was vintage Barcelona and vintage Jose Mourinho, there is no way we would lose this game, too much talent, too much tactical awareness."

”I said after the first leg, defeat is not the end of the world. We field many young players with no experience and we lose the game. I am proud of the young boys trying their hardest but I am not hurt by this exit from the cup. We will win other trophies. That is all I am saying."

”We did not lose this match. Two two is the final score. Mangala scores a header in the last minute, there is no reason to rule it out. The referee says to me that there is a push in the box, I look at the replay and make me watch it with me, he apologises. Unfortunately apologies do not make points in a league season and today we have fallen short of a referee performance. It will not be the last time and you cannot stay undefeated forever, we must move on."

"Again more criticism from people who write stories but think they are good coaches? We win the football match and we are still a long way clear in La Liga so why persist on trying to talk about style of play or red cards, yellow cards, mistakes, conceding goals. If we score more goals than the other team in a match I don't care how we do it. Thanks." *stands up, walks out*"

"I think that four one is good reflection of how we play. Eight zero better reflects the game as a whole. The incident with Carlo is gone, I spoke to him after the match, we shake hands, we both apologise and we will have a glass or two of wine after the interviews in my office. There is no problem. He makes comment about physicality, I say something I shouldn't and it embroils into mountain from molehill. It's gone. We were fantastic, we beat bitter rivals in special match and the Real Madrid fans hate me. They seem to forget that I won them trophies not too long ago - but that is football, fans forget. They like to jibe the people more successful than them, it is only jealousy."

La Liga BBVA


UEFA Champions League


1st Knockout Round: Manchester City

February Fixtures

Mourinho Says...

"I cannot complain too much about this month. We still sit top of La Liga by a long way, our unbeaten run is ended by a mistake from the referee and we beat Madrid 4-1. To me, that is fantastic month. I am enjoying everything, my staff have gelled beautifully with those in place from Gerardo Martino's reign and we continue to build on the firm foundations. The Champions League is a massive priority for not just me and my 15 year plan but the club. We want to return to being known as Europe's best club. That is my main goal, and alongside La Liga it is our biggest priority."
messi is in phenomenal form, even for him
You should cruise to the league but it's a shame you finished 2nd in the group.
Shame about the two losses in the middle but well done for hammering Madrid ;)
EVERYONE: Thanks you guys :D
This is one of the best stories I've ever read on the site. Your update style is original and amazing and the personal updates are class. I'm sure you're going to inspire a lot of future writers with this story.
AlexTHFC: Thank you so much man!!!
I've followed FMScout for many years, but I've never made an account... until now.
And I've made it just to be able to thank you for this AWESOME story! :) Please keep writing!
By the way, you should consider turning this into a book when you're done, because it feels that you get Mourinho (almost) better than Mourinho itself, and so far you're doing great. :)
Congrats. :)
I agree with Lemitus, your writing is incredible! :D
EVERYONE: Thank you so much for your comments and reading.

Lemitus, Justice: I can't thank you enough for such a wonderful comment Lemitus, it's that kind of message that really keeps this story going. Justice, I thank you also for agreeing with Lemitus xD
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9 yearsEdited

#15: A Puyol Revelation | 16 February 2015

I was walking in down the training ground tunnel after a heavy session, in preparation for our UEFA Champions League second leg tie with Manchester City when a familiar face came in my direction.

"Boss! I've been meaning to speak to you all day." said Carles Puyol.

"What is the matter my friend? You are enjoying your place in the first eleven?" I said, thinking he would be thanking me for his time in the team in the long-term absence of Dani Alves.

"Of course, I thank you for that." he said.

"It is a pleasure to have such a fantastic servant and capable understudy at my disposal, Carles."

"But it isn't that I've wanted to speak about..."

I nodded and urged him to continue as we both walked down the corridor.

"How long are you planning on being here, gaffer? I know your contract is until the end of the season but, surely you'll stay longer?"

"As my club captain, I will tell you, but it is between us. If I do not win the Champions League, I will go. That is my objective, if I fail, I go."

He looked upset, but as though he was up for the challenge.

"OK. I can understand you have ambition, but I and all the players want you to stay."

Suddenly, I become suspicious, I know when Carles has something to get off his chest and this is one of those moments.

"What is it, Carles? What's wrong?"

He stuttered, and then began.

"Um, well, I spoke to the President on the telephone last night."

As club captain, that's quite normal, I thought.

"OK, what did you talk about?"

He stuttered again.

"Um, OK, hear me out. If Barca do not win the Champions League this year, your contract will be terminated as you've just told me. But, if you do win the Champions League, you are still leaving. Next season, I will be Barcelona manager. I'm sorry I had to tell you like this, but I do not like the sneaking around from the board. I just want us to go out in success, the players love working with you. You are an amazing man and coach."

I didn't know what to say, I got a little emotional and hugged Carles firmly.

"I will carry on as though I don't know that. I appreciate your honesty, you will be an incredible coach of Barcelona, I have no doubt."

Deep down, I was hurt. The board had stabbed me in the back...big time.
Scandal at Camp Nou! Well, I guess now its a definite you're leaving Barca
Release him! Release him quick!!!

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