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Liverpool, You'll Never Walk Alone!

Started on 5 July 2014 by Aaron
Latest Reply on 21 September 2014 by Aaron
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I imagine how happy you were with that last minute goal, a fantastic game and very well written and detailed update. Great job!
Walter: Wasn't it just, I was buzzing after we scored in the final minute. Mostly because it brings a more exciting story for you guys :)

Joe: You could say it was luck, but it was just what we deserved in the end.

Neal: Ah, they were brilliant! I honestly can't believe Rossiter did so well!

Oz: Imagine what I'd be like if we hadn't got the goal...After all the chances we had! xD It was a great game and I am thrilled to have won! On to the Champions League then... :D
Best Liverpool story ever, brilliant writing!

Champions League Final 2015 | Liverpool vs Manchester City

Lineker: Good evening everyone, and welcome to the Champions League final's live coverage on BBC1. The 2015 Champions League final brings Manchester City and Liverpool together for the second time in the space of a week.

The last time these two sides met, was a week ago in the FA Cup final. An FA Cup final that saw Liverpool's Florenzi smash in a 94th minute equalizer in to the back of City's net, and an 18 year old score the winning goal on penalties. Jordan Rossiter.

So, today I have Dutch legend Clarence Seedorf and French magician Thierry Henry with me to speak about this huge match. So, Thierry where's this one going?

Henry: Well, I think before the FA Cup final we all thought Liverpool were going to win the match no problem. They won the game, but like always they did it the hard way. City played really well, which has swung me in their favor slightly. We saw a really good performance and I can see the Citizens getting their revenge.

Seedorf: To be honest, I think Liverpool will still win this. Thierry, you raise a good point but remember what Danny Murphy spoke about in the build up to that match? Complacency. That Liverpool side was complacent to start with, and it was also considerably weaker than Liverpool's starting 11 today. Liverpool have a much stronger side today, one which I expect to tear the blues apart.

Lineker: One point that has been raised by many reporters, is the fact that in the FA Cup final, City fielded their strongest side and were beaten by a weaker Liverpool side. A week later, Liverpool have fielded a completely different team, and City only have two or three changes with Negredo, Zableta and Richards coming in. Richards is considered by many to be quite a poor full back, especially when compare to Alaba who started the last game. Should City have rested their better players in the last match?

Seedorf: I think they should have. In my opinion, it was a stupid move from Spalletti to field such a good side. Especially when they have the chance to win their first ever European trophy. I mean, they have won the FA Cup before, I am sure the fans would rather they won the Champions League than a domestic cup. This team can still compete tonight though, they aren't out of it. They'll put up a fight I think.

Linker: Also, John Flanagan starts for Liverpool today, when Serge Aurier is fully fit. Jordan Rossiter doesn't start this game either. Even when he earned himself man of the match in the FA Cup final. Thierry, good or bad choice from Gerrard?

Henry: I can't really call it to be honest. The last match proved just how good youth can be when you put faith in him, and I think John Flanagan is fully capable of replacing Aurier tonight. As for Rossiter, he's a lot younger. 18 years old. You can't be overplaying a hot prospect like him at his age. Especially at this point in the season.

Can you imagine what it'd do to him if he was to say, make a poor back pass to the keeper and have Jovetic intercept it and scored the winning goal? It would destroy him. I think he'll come on as a substitute, and I think it's a good decision not to start him. Whilst he may cope well with the pressure, it takes one small mistake. Henderson and Florenzi will be able to take the flak for a mistake like that better than he would.

Lineker: Ok, well the match is about to kick off so we'll now hand you over to our commentators John Motson, and John Champion.

Liverpool XI: Pepe Reina(c), Flanagan, Subotic, Sakho, Umtiti, Markovic, Henderson, Florenzi, Insigne, Suarez, Borini.
SUBS: Rossiter, Sturridge, Sterling, Reyes, Ewandro, Coutinho, Agger.

Manchester City XI: Hart, Richards, Kompany(c), Dragovic, Sagna, Sandro, Zableta, Sanchez, Aguero, Jovetic, Negredo.
SUBS: Kjetil Haug, Karim Rekik, Bossaerts, Silva, Jesé, Milner, Fernandinho.

Champion: So, get comfy everyone. Jovetic and Aguero are about to kick off as both Liverpool and Man City lock horns to decide who's the strongest side in Europe. Will it be Manchester City, or Liverpool John?

Motson: It's gotta be Liverpool hasn't it? Much better side. Quality in depth. The City team will be a little worn out after the FA Cup final, so yeah, Liverpool 3-0.

Champion: Here we go then. Manchester City have kicked off, and Kompany has the ball at his feet.

2'- Champion: Both teams have started well. End to end at the moment, here's Liverpool now though with Henderson on the ball. Fizzes it on the right to Markovic, Henderson makes a darting run in to space...Gets it! Suarez running on, Henderson makes the pass! Suarez makes a heavy touch past Kompany, SUAREZ WITH A CHANCE!! SUAAAAAAAAREZZ!!! GOOOAL FOR LIVERPOOL!!

Motson: WHAT A START! WHAT AN UNBELIEVABLE START! Liverpool off to a flyer in this game, a wonderful goal from Luis Suarez.

Champion: Well, if you thought he was a legend before, there's no doubt about it now. Especially if Liverpool go onto win this game. Liverpool strike early.

8'- Champion: Florenzi has the ball in the centre circle. Back pass to Sakho, who finds Umtiti on the left. Umtiti with a long pass onto the opposite side of the field. Markovic brings it down...My word Umtiti is incredible at long passing. Markovic can attack now anyway. Crosses, BORINI! Ooo!

Motson: Unlucky there. it's gone just wide, as the replay tells us, Hart has not got this one covered and it's only just skimmed the post. Man City let off with a warning here.

12'- Champion: Sanchez is on the left with the ball, goes to cross! Blocked by Flanagan. it's a throw in.

Sagna with the long throw, on to Jovetic, back to Sagna. Jovetic is in the box, receives a lobbed pass, where are the defenders?! JOVETIC! SAVED! JOVETIC AGAIN, GOOOOAL!! Manchester City hit back, as Jovetic wheels away in celebrations!!

Motson: That is really poor by Liverpool their. Rubbish defending. Credit to Flanagan for stopping Sanchez' initial cross but he's caught ball watching from the throw in and doesn't track Jovetic. And he capitalizes brilliantly. Reina will not be happy with his defense, they really didn't do him any favors their, and Liverpool's lead is lost.

13'- Champion: Liverpool will get the game started again then. Suarez and Borini have kicked off, and it's found it's way to Henderson. Flanagan running down the right wing, good pass from Henderson to his English teammate. Flanagan now, Markovic is running on, he's pulled Zableta with him, Suarez has exploited the space left as Flanagan passes. Great play. Florenzi and Borini pushing forward, Suarez bends the ball in to BORINNNNNIIIIIII!!!! LIVERPOOL'S LEAD HAS BEEN RESTORED!

Moston: Well, ya talk about Liverpool's defending being poor. Look at that for defending. Pathetic! They've only just scored as well. I said Flanagan got caught ball watching before as well, but in this case Zableta is caught out for tracking his man.

Brilliant knowledge from Markovic to pull his marker out of position and in the end it's all about the Luis Suarez' cross. It's a beauty, and credit to Borini with the header. He smashed it past Hart! Liverpool lead again! A minute after City equalize...

30'- Champion: Richards with the throw in. It's poor. Straight to Diego Reyes who has come on for Florenzi. Back to Reina who clears the ball, oh and look at this, it's going to come down to Borini who's in acres of space, first touch is a flick on to Suarez who's now one on one! How did Borini create that?! It's all about Suarez now though, Hart comes out! SUAREEEZZZ!!! HIT'S THE BAR! Over the goal for a goal kick!

Moston: City really are knocking on deaths door here. They aren't tracking runs, they aren't keeping the ball well enough at all, and their back line is way too high. They need to really pull their socks up.

45'- Champion: Well we've had a fantastic first half. A lot of chances for both teams, mostly Liverpool who have been a lot better than their opposition. At half time, the score remains 2-1 to Liverpool. Goals from Suarez, Jovetic and of course Fabio Borini. Back to you Gary.

Lineker: Well, what a brilliant half it has been! 2-1 Liverpool, all three goals coming in between the 3rd and 13th minutes. Did we expect this, Clarence?

Seedorf: I did actually. I thought Liverpool would go at City with everything they had, and I did expect goal or two from Liverpool. Just not in the third minute. I think Liverpool have been too good for City today. I am surprised they scored really.

Thierry: Actually I didn't think we'd have a Liverpool goal. But we have two. They have really impressed me so far. Play the way they have been and the Champions League is there's for a seventh time.

Lineker: Well, football's a funny game so maybe we won't see a Liverpool by the end of 90 minutes. Anyway, back to your commentators, John Motson, and John Champion.

45'- Champion: Yes, welcome back everyone. Still 45 minutes to be played, but expect it to be an exciting 45 minutes. Suarez and Borini have got us underway once more...

50'- Champion: Here's Richards on the right. Back to Kompany. Now Zableta, good punt up field to find Alexis Sanchez! Brings it down, takes on Flanagan brilliantly, here they are now! Low cross in!! AGUERROOOOOOOO!!! OOH offside!!

Motson: Very, very unlucky here. He has scored, but he is only just offside. It's a good decision from the linesman, he was definitely off, but not by much. Good effort from City, keep playing like that and they will get a goal no problem.

57'- Champion: Suarez can run forward with the ball now, and does. Takes on Kompany, he has support in Borini. Good pass, flag stays down, Borini's in the clear! Suarez stays along side him, what can Liverpool make of this? Henderson is pushing up as well! Borini pulls it back to HENDERSON! HIT'S THE BAR! SUAREEEZ!! OH!! How did he miss? The goal was wide open!!

Motson: I think that's the first good chance the Reds have had in the second half. Really unlucky from Henderson. It's a good strike, it's curling into the top corner but doesn't dip enough and hits the bar.

I don't know how Suarez missed, the goal was open and he's five yards out! Really unlike the goal machine.

65'- Champion: It's been end to end football so far, but a great half of football. City have it now though. Negredo with his back to goal. Aguero sprinting toward the Spaniard, collecting his pass. Sanchez is breaking through the Liverpool defense, good pass from the Argentine! SANCHEZ! Blazed it over.

Motson: High, wide. Pathetic effort from Sanchez really. I can't see City getting back if they keep this up. He's 30 yards out for god sakes!

72'- Champion: Here we go then. Henderson on the ball, a Liverpool stoking the fire. Onto Reyes who has Richards and Kompany on him. He's moving into the left channel, the defenders have been pulled away from position yet again, and Markovic will take Reyes' lobbed pass into the box! great ball! Markovic is literally on the touchline, where's it going? Borini's there, Suarez's there...Passes to BORRIIINNNNNIII!!! BORINI FINDS THE OPEN GOAL, TO MAKE IT 3-1!

Motson: Good night City. Good night Manchester City. I think that'll be it John. Great goal there. Really great goal. Very creative from Reyes to find Markovic with a great ball to Markovic who just sweaty's it to Fabio Borini for his second goal of the game.

80'- Champion: City have been really demotivated by that last Liverpool goal, but they are on the ball now with the chance to attack. Could be a goal, here's Sandro. Short to Sanchez. Through ball Aguero! HE'S IN! PASS TO JOVETIIIIICCCC! OFFSIDE!

Motson: Oh my word! It's City's 3rd offside goal in two games against the Reds!! Was that offside? Oh, it's a tough call to make, but you know what I think the right decision has been made again.
Brilliant officiating again. City will feel hard done by though!

90'- Champion: Well, City can feel as hard done by as they like, but the referee is about to blow the whistle...AND LIVERPOOL, REMAIN CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE! THIS IS THEIR 7TH TROPHY. AND WHAT A WAY TO WIN IT!

Motson: Oh they have been delightful all campaign long, they have been amazing today, they fully deserve it! City had two offside goals, but that won't matter to Liverpool, the Champions League trophy will remain at Anfield for another year!

Champion: Well, me and John will leave you, but we'll hand you back over to Gary, Clarence and Thierry!

Lineker: So...Thierry. Can you summarize that game for us?

Henry: Yes well, I think overall Liverpool were the better team. They had many chances, they took three of the 13 the thirteen they had. City had their chances as well, they had 9, and took three also but unfortunately for them two were offside. Liverpool deserved it though, I thought City would win, but the Reds were very impressive today, and they showed exactly why they are the best team in Europe.

Seedorf: I completely agree Thierry. They showed the world what they can do. Last season, I put their Champions League win down to luck after the quarter final, but this time round I'm putting it down to quality. They are the best team in the World right now in my opinion, and they'll only get better. Their squad is very young.

Lineker: So, Liverpool have lifted the Champions League for a seventh time in their history, and they become the first team to win the trophy twice in a row. We'll leave you now, but be sure to watch the Reds lift the trophy, in a matter of minutes...

And it is another trophy to you, a great update - detail and result wise.
Congrats on getting the mighty reds back to where they belong! Champions of Europe once again. Hopes for next season? Any new players lined up?
What an update, good luck for next season!
So detailed, but sooo good as well!

Gerrard - "We're Far From Finished"

It's been an incredible season for Steven Gerrard's Liverpool. His side have made history by winning the septuple, and becoming the first team to win the Champions League twice in a row. Liverpool also took it upon themselves to retain the Premier League title, and win the Fa Cup, The Capital One Cup, The Club World Cup, The Super Cup, and the Community shield.

So, after the seasons finish, it comes as no surprise that the Liverpool fans will want to hear from the man behind this brilliant football club. Yes, today we bring you an exclusive press conference with Steven Gerrard.

The Liverpool skipper, and manager will be reviewing the previous season with journalists from various different news papers, and sports news websites, as well as discussing other things such as transfers, contracts and the future.

So, here he is, the man behind the wheel. Steven Gerrard. Enjoy.

The Guardian: Good afternoon Steven, can you tell us in your own opinion how you think last season went?

Gerrard: In all honesty, I think it's obvious what I think, but regardless I'll tell you.
In my opinion, this season just gone has and most likely will be the best year that this football club will ever go through. Seven trophies in a year. It doesn't get much better. Of course when next season is upon us we have the chance to make it ten trophies in a year, but let's not think to far ahead.

This was a great season for the club, the players and the fans. I think now that every single one of these players have experienced what it's like to win big competitions, and many of them, they will be hungry for so much more. Even young Jordan Rossiter knows what it takes to win a major trophy now, and he's 18.

This season will really help us progress. We want to retain as many trophies next year, and I have full confidence that we will be able to do that now that our team is a big one, and a title winning one.

The Daily Mirror: You talk about making progress...You've just won every trophy there is to win in a single season, haven't you progressed enough?

Gerrard: Of course we haven't. There's a long way to go yet. Any point a manager starts to think he or his team is the finished article, is the point he will start to decline as a coach, and the point his team will fall from grace. We have an extremely young squad which can only get better, and it will get better.

Take young Nicola Murru for example. At 20 years old, he has helped his new team win nine trophies in two years. By the time he is 25/26 he could have helped us onto so much more, and I believe he can be one of the best left backs going when he's that age. Right now, he's not close to being the best full back, but he's still stupidly good, and when he is close to being the best, our team will be a lot better, because as an individual, he can give more to the team than he can now. Same goes for most of the other players. Borini, Ewandro, Coutinho, Aurier...Many more as well.

The Observer: Do you currently feel that any incoming transfers will be unnecessary? Your team holds amazing talent in every position there is to fill, some positions having more than one talented player to use, is there any need for more signings? Is your squad set to how you want it to be in a few years time?

Gerrard: I can assure there will be one or two players coming into the club. Or at least we hope. There may be a few out goings as well. Our transfer business won't be massive though, the team is nearly set and ready for how I see it in a few years.

The Liverpool Echo: if it's nearly set, then doesn't that show us that you're starting to think of your team as the finished article?

Gerrard: No, as far as transfers are concerned, yes. We don't need many more players to complete the squad, but the current players can improve greatly. Transfer wise we are nearly finished, but the current team is far from what I think it can be.

The Sun: You have a few ageing players in your squad such as Glenn Johnson, and Jose Enrique, and Pepe Reina, will either of those players be leaving the club this summer?

Gerrard: Sorry, which paper are you, I didn't catch the name?

The Sun: The Sun.

Gerrard: Ah ok! Next please?

The Daily Mail: Er...Steven, Are you surprised by how well you have done in your first season?

Gerrard: If you told me I'd have one this much by the end of my first year as a manager, I would no doubt have told you to p*** off and most likely would not have believed you. The first month or so was awkward, as I didn't really know what to do, but I soon got the hang of things and right now I'd say no I am not surprised. Rodgers left me a fantastic squad to work with, which only needed a few improvements here and there. Right now, I expect this squad to be winning this much, honestly I do.

BBC Sport: Are there any players in the academies that have been impressing you? Any players that look like potential world class players?

Gerrard: Well, there are. Ryan Gauld is a player I admire. He's not done great on his two loan spells but he's only young. He's impressed me here and there and he's a player that excites me. He might not be in the academy but Rossiter has impressed me a lot, and he can see many more games coming his way this next season. There are many players I could mention. Andre Wisdom will be getting a lot more games, Jerome Sinclair is developing nicely, Mick Grundy looks like he can be an absolute monster, and he's only 17.

There are so many players I could talk about, but I'm not sure we have until the start of pre-season.

Sky Sports News: A few questions, Who's improved the most, and impressed the most, for you?

Gerrard: Everyone's improved greatly but if I were to pick one player, probably Fabio Borini. He's been simply amazing in the last two years, he's still young and can improve greatly still but he has been vital to the team this year and last. As has his teammate Suarez.

Coutinho, Markovic, Sterling. All players who I could say have improved greatly too.

As for impressed the most, I think everyone's on a par with each other. They've all been as good as each other and I can only praise them for that. If I was to pick anyone, it would have to be two players. Mamadou Sakho, and Jordan Henderson have been vital to the team. Despite Reina being captain, they've been true leaders on and off the pitch. Especially Jordan, he's really grown on me as a player and a person, he's improving day by day, and he just reminds me of myself at his age. A great player, a leader, and a determined, loyal human being.

So, that's as far as the interview went. It's been good to get an insight to the managers own opinions, stay tuned for more news and gossip surrounding the Reds!
A great interview, I really liked the style and writing. Fantastic job!
Great interview!
A great interview. I can't see Gerrard ever calling a player a "monster" but still brilliant nevertheless!
great interview, really well written, and the brush-off of the sun was a good detail too! keep it up man!
macario_fierro's avatar Group macario_fierro
8 yearsEdited
Wow. I bet that The Sun reporter pissed his pants after you ditched him like that :))
Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates! I've been in Liverpool for a few days which seems to have given me a lot more motivation to write! Next update should be out tomorrow, cheers :)

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