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Premier League Chairman Game

Started on 8 August 2014 by Arvind
Latest Reply on 26 August 2014 by DarylG
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The Chairman Game - how does it work?

This section is more for new readers rather than the actual participants. If you were curious to know - this is how it works.

Each participant or 'chairman' picks a number and is randomly assigned a team to start as.

The chairmen of each club can negotiate to buy or sell players among themselves. Additionally, they also have the option to dip into the foreign and lower league market.

The chairmen also have the power to hire and fire their managers. Some may decide to build their side according to their manager's preferences, while some chairmen may decide upon a style and bring in a manager to put it into effect.

I, the organizer make all necessary changes such as player transfers and managerial hiring/firing and sim the game, posting results of each round of the league and cup games.

At the start of each transfer window, I will upload the save so that the chairmen may take a closer look at their team's performance and decide what changes they want to make to their squad.

The goal? Win more trophies than everyone and dominate English and European football!

The Rules

1) To keep things interesting and fun to read, it would be appreciated if you made story-like updates on the page based on events that have occurred. If you're feeling creative, you could also take a potshot at another club.

2) You may hire or fire your manager at any point. Doing so may be slightly expensive, although in the long run it could well be worth it if he isn't the right man to lead your club. Firing a manager costs you £5m. You may also choose the length of the contract of each new manager you hire.(minimum 2 years) Hiring a manager from a foreign or lower league club costs £1m per year they have remaining on their contract at that club. Note: You may also let go of your manager to another team in the league for a compensation fee that must be agreed between the two of you. Doing this may give you the extra little money you need to make a special player purchase.

3) At the start of the game, you may PM me if you decide to change your manager. Should your choice of new manager be the same as another chairman's, then you will both enter a bidding war - the highest bidder gets the manager. A fee equal to the bid will be subtracted from your budget.

4) To make a transfer between clubs in the league, you must contact the chairman of the other club and attempt to negotiate a fee for the player. If you manage to agree upon a fee, both chairman must PM me with the details of the transfer or loan. It is also acceptable if only one chairman notifies me, as long as he has a screenshot of the agreement with the other.

5) Chairmen may also attempt to sign up to 5 players from foreign leagues(like La Liga, Bundesliga etc) as well as 3 players from the lower leagues(Championship, League One, League Two etc). For this, each chairman must PM the player he wants to buy as well as the bid they want to make for him(as long as it is above the minimum stated below).

For a player whose value is lesser than or equal to £5m, the minimum bid for the player needs to be £1m more than his actual value. You may of course bid much higher if you want to.

For a player whose value is greater than £5m and lesser than or equal to £10m, the minimum bid for the player needs to be £2.5m greater than his value.

For a player whose value is greater than £10m and lesser than or equal to £15m, the minimum bid for the player needs to be £3m greater than his value.

For a player whose value is greater than £15m and lesser than or equal to £20m, the minimum bid for the player needs to be £4m greater than his value.

For a player whose value is greater than £20m and lesser than or equal to £30m, the minimum bid for the player needs to be £6m greater than his value.

For a player whose value is greater than £30m and lesser than or equal to £40m, the minimum bid for the player needs to be £9m greater than his value.

For a player whose value is greater than £40m, the minimum bid needs to be £15m greater than his value.

You may want to bid more than just the minimum bid, since other chairmen may want to buy the same player. If two chairmen bid for the same player, the one with the higher bid gets him. The one with the lower bid cannot make another bid as a replacement.

Chairman List and Budgets

Initial budgets have been decided in such a way that the minnows get an advantage here while the big clubs who already have a top notch squad may need to sell if they want to buy big. It keeps things interesting.

Arsenal - Nathaniel - 50m

Burnley - ImDonkey - 150m

Aston Villa - Hortensius - 100m

Chelsea - TVDLC123 - 40m

Crystal Palace - AaronHJFT96 - 110m

Everton - AlexTHFC - 80m

Hull City - LFC - 100m

Leicester - jasonvilla4ever 140m

Liverpool - TCO - 60m

Man City - Arvind - 40m

Man United - Neal - 50m

Newcastle - edu - 90m

Queens Park Rangers - Shanked - Jay Gatsby - 120m

Southampton - ASR-PSV - 90m

Stoke - The 510 Series - 100m

Sunderland - City2527 - 100m

Swansea - JamesWilson - 100m

Tottenham - fzemdegs - Horatio Jeremiah Humperdinck III - 70m

West Brom - DarylG - 100m

West Ham - Justice -100m

FAQ Section

Coming Soon...

[Updated 11 August 2014]

Competition Prize Money

Premier League - Winners 50M(prize money for other places listed below)

Champions League - Winners 50M
Runners Up - 20M
Semi-Finals - 10M

Europa League - Winners 40M
Runners Up - 12M

FA Cup - Winners 30M
Runners Up - 9M

Capital One Cup - Winners 20M
Runners Up - 6M

Super Cups - Winners 10M
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9 yearsEdited

Enigmatic Knight Ser Jaime Lannister Buys 100% Stake in Manchester United

Westerosi knight Ser Jaime Lannister, head of the Kingsguard, is the new owner of Manchester United and promises a return to glory for the Red Devils. Lannister is known to be very financially secure, always paying his debts, and may be just what United needs.

In a shocking turn of events, it seems as though Ser Jaime Lannister of Westeros has bought out Manchester United Football Club and is now the new owner. The knight of the royal Kingsguard is a self-proclaimed super fan of football and is hoping to raise awareness back in his home kingdom by getting the name out there here at United.

The Glazer family, who were previously in charge of the English top division's most successful ever football club with 20 Premier League victories, quickly agreed a humongous fee with Lannister that is thus far undisclosed to news outlets and the general public. Having already spent so much on just buying the club, Ser Jaime claims the transfer budget will not be "incredibly stupid, like some Braavosi banker" but rather reasonable and fair.

"We are going to return Manchester United to the peak of its powers," Lannister told the gathered press yesterday. "The club suffered an admittedly garbage season last time around with that David of House Moyes fellow, but I think with the right signings and the new coach we can definitely turn things back around and start winning trophies again."

Speaking of the new coach, Louis van Gaal has yet to be reached for comment on his new employer. Coming off of an extremely impressive showing with the Netherlands at the World Cup and employing a number of serious changes around Old Trafford, van Gaal's reign is expected to be a new leaf for the Red Dvils. Lannister assured the fans and reporters that the Dutchman's job was safe as long as he got results.

Louis van Gaal is already being hailed by Manchester United fans as their potential savior after last season's Moyes disaster. Now backed by the new owner, Red Devils across the globe will be hoping that a swift return to the Champions League is coming.

Ser Jaime continued to speak to the press about his transfer policy. Despite saying that his budget would not be overly impressive, he did say it was enough to get another one or two "truly world class players" into the club. Lannister was keen to stress, "We will bring in who we need to bring in. I think the squad could definitely use an extra world class player or two so that we aren't thrashed like Starks this season."

While neither Lannister nor van Gaal has been convinced into naming any potential targets, a number of players have been on the lips of fans and experts alike. The high need for a new center back has led to links with Mats Hummels and Samuel Umtiti, but the major excitement is on the attacking front.

With only the likes of Antonio Valencia and Ashley Young naturally capable of playing out on the flanks, many people are suggesting that Manchester United could dip into the market and buy a superstar winger. German star Marco Reus is on the top of the wishlist, though players like Xherdan Shaqiri of Bayern Munich are also considered very talented options.

Whatever happens now, fans of the Red Devils can be sure of one thing; with an owner like Jaime Lannister, this season is going to be anything but ordinary.
Hi all and thanks Arvind I was called away to go on holiday with one of my clients very suddenly so I had to go and I could not get internet until today. I will be back at about 2pm uk time and Arv I would like in please
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The world of football is stunned, as after Manchester United were taken over by a knight, Everton has been bought out by unknown billionaire, the unfortunately named Del "Chicken" Taco.

Taco, age unknown, agreed a fee that is yet to be disclosed with former Toffees chairman Bill Kenwright, and he is looking to bring in both stars and wonderkids for the upcoming season.

"I definitely want some fantastic wonderkids," Taco explained, "And I've already developed a huge shortlist, of which I am hoping to sign around five with the huge budget I have."

"But not only wonderkids, I want some experienced, fantastic players who can take us to the next level."

Taco has also revealed that current manager Roberto Martinez will be staying in his job for the next season, providing he gets the results he is aiming for. Tony Hibbert (3m), Antolin Alcaraz (3m), Darron Gibson (8m) and Arouna Kone (5m) have all been transfer listed this summer.

Toon taken over by A. Chairman

Newcastle fans have been given cause to celebrate today as chairman Mike Ashley has sold the club to an enigmatic new chairman, known simply as A. Chairman, a previously unheard of Trillionaire.

Chairman, who we are yet to find any information about, has bought a 100% stake in the club for an undisclosed fee, believed to be around the £2.50.

Speaking today, A. Chairman has stated that "I am prepared to spend, something which the previous owner was unwilling to do. In terms of my plans for the club, all will be revealed in good time."

Despite what isn't known, we wish to say what many Newcastle fans would probably be screaming from the rooftops today, Welcome to the Toon Mr. Chairman.

Southampton Reveal New Owner

After former owner Ketherina Liebherr sold half of Southampton's squad, fans rioted and eventually got the Swiss owner to step down. Replacing Liebherr is unknown Chinese billionaire Lin-Chi Zhang. The 35-year-old has earned money in organising cock fights in China. He has promised new players to the fans at his first press conference.

Very eccentric Zhang has bought the club for a reported fee of 350 million Euros from Liebherr, after she put the club up for sale. China's youngest billionaire has a big passion for football, and he has tried buying a club before, without results. It is reported that he tried to buy AS Roma when the Sensi family stepped down, and that he wanted to buy ADO Den Haag, only to see fellow Chinese businessman Wang Hui.

New manager Ronald Koeman will have to impress Zhang, because the owner indicated that "Koeman's job is safe when he performs well here, when he doesn't I might just fire him. I have enoough money for it." Koeman didn't know what to make of the new owner at the press conference: "Zhang is a very eccentric man, but I'm sure that together we can sign some great players for this club, and I'm sure I can perform to his standard."

Zhang has promised new signings for the fans at St. Mary's, and it's believed the club are looking at a new centre-back and a new central midfielder. With a 90 million budget, money shouldn't be a problem for experienced Ronald Koeman.

WWF OR WTF!? Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson takes over at Sunderland.

Social media has gone absolutely insane as new that former WWF superstar and movie star, Dwayne Johnson has bought out former owner, Ellis Short. Many pundits and experts can not understand the situation unfolding ahead of them but when asked about his intentions, Johnson was all buisness.

"To the millions and millions of Sunderland fans who had their ass firmly planted on their seats I want to make you this promise. The Rock promises this, the Stadium of Light will be the most electrifying place in all of sports AND entertainment."

When asked about his chances in the hardest division in football his answer was abrupt and to the point.

"What do you think Sunderland's chances are in the EPL?" - The Rock

"Uh.." - Reporter

"It doesn't matter what Clark Kent the Jabroni news reporter thinks." - The Rock

When ask about the position of Gus Poyet the Rock didn't hold back either.

"Who in the Blue Hell is Gus Poyet?! If it were up to the Rock and the Rock had all the time in the world he would manage the might Black Cats himself but that is simply not possible for the Rock. So instead the Rock will sit and he will sit and ponder and pump money straight into the delightful Candy Ass of Sunderland and together, the Rock, the fans and the Sunderland players will layeth the SMACKDOWN on whatever sorry excuse for a team stumbles in our path to the top."

Dwayne Johnson has made his intentions clear, he has the charisma and money but does he have the football brain and mainly the sanity, only time will tell.
2014-08-08 15:27#188756 LFC :
Awww, I wanted in :(

Sir Tom Jones In A Surprise Takeover

In a ridiculous turn of events the Thai's have sold up to a Welshman.

Sir Tom Jones has bought the club for £45.50p after beating the Thai's in a game of cribbage the game ended when Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha fell onto the floor drinking his second pint of guinness.

It is understood that Sir Tom told him it was coke but not the coke that you sniff, that did not stop Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha anyway and he snorted a pint of Guinness up his nose. while passed out Sir Tom forged his signature and it was ratified by the premier league.

I will be changing manager as soon as I can and have earmarked a Premier League manager who I would like to get in but the luck of the Welsh has came to the midlands

With Leicester guaranteed a lot of money to spend and some deals have already been done with Sir Tom raiding both Everton and West Ham things might be on the up at The King Power Stadium.

Sunderland's Silva Lining.

Sunderland have confirmed the signing of Manchester City trio, David Silva, Alkesandr Kolarov & Scott Sinclair for an undisclosed fee. The three signing will surely add depth and strength to an otherwise shallow Sunderland side.

David Silva will no doubt be an integral part of Sunderland's campaign and new owner Dwayne Johnson couldn't be happier.

"The Rock feels a signing like David Silva shows intent, malicious intent. The Rock knows little David very well and the Rock and David are the best of friends. It only makes sense that little Merlin joined the Rock at the Stadium of Light."

Aleksandr Kolarov is also somewhat of a coup signing for the Black Cats and could spell the bench for their current left back, Patrick van Aanholt. Sebastian Larsson may have a fight on his hands fro the free kick duties also. The Rock was just as chuffed about the arrival of Kolarov as he was for Silva but for different reasons.

"Kolarov scares the milk and cookies out of the Rock. He's got that look in his eye, you know what I mean. That look Serbians and Croatian's have. That's one place the Rock will never go, Eastern Europe. I'm the people champ and Hercules but I ain't stupid. Oh and Kolarov can play too!"

Scott Sinclair was the final of the three City newcomers and the most surprising one of the lot. Sinclair has far from impressed since his switch from Swansea but it seems that Dwayne Johnson is willing to give the once young prodigy another chance.

"You see the Rock see's a lot of ... The Rock in Scott Sinclair. Scott is a kid with a lot to prove, when the Rock first broke onto the scene in the early 90's he also had something to prove. All the Rock needed was a chance and like a bat out of hell I was on the poontang express to stardom. I can see Scotty Boy taking the same train. If he fail I can always Rock Bottom him through a table... Nah I'm just jokin'.. But seriously Scott.."

The trio arrive at the Stadium of Light with a simple task, win football matches. If this is anything to go by, Dwayne Johnson is not messing around and has big plans for the Sunderland Football Club.

Admiral General Aladeen confirms Liverpool takeover

Admiral General Aladeen announces purchase of Liverpool Football Club/

Big News today as Liverpool owner Tom Werner has sold Liverpool to extremist Admiral General Aladeen. The 14 time gold medalist in the Wadiyan games is pleased to have become the new owner of Liverpool Football Club, and hope to lead them to become the supreme oppressors in England most successful club in England.

Aladeen is of thought to of bought the club for half a box of cold chips, however reports have suggested Tom Werner insisted he should get the chips and a night with each of Aladeens' 'partners' which include the likes of Katy Perry, and Megan Fox.

When asked about his views on the youth of Liverpool, he was quick to reply in saying, "Hairy scouser, can you have 150 child warriors here by 5:00pm?"

A pregnant journalist from BBC Sport then asked Aladeen if he was willing to allow manager Brenden Rodgers spend big in the upcoming window, Aladeen replied by asking her how far a long she was with her pregnancy, and if she was having a boy, or an abortion. Immediately after adding: Oh, is there anyway any of you could lend me some money? Maybe... 20 million pounds?"

(Probably won't understand much of what I've just wrote unless you've seen the Dictator :P )

Swansea shock takeover by Albanian Rapper

The well known Albanian Rapper Arian Agushi (GOLD AG) has taken the Welsh Club. After some
economicalls problems in the Jenkins family .

In the first Press Conference he said that Garry Monks job is safe and he will continue to be the manager
of the Welshians . Also he said that he has got 100m budget to transfer big names in the club .
Anyone want a co-chairman? I have an impressive track record when it comes to previous CG's! ;)

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