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Paul McGrath: Building a Villan Legacy!

Started on 22 October 2014 by No1VillaFan
Latest Reply on 29 June 2015 by No1VillaFan

Capital One Cup Match Day

Extra Time First Half

'90' The first half of extra time is under way and Paul McGrath had some words to say to them at the break but it looked more relaxed this time.

'93' Aston Villa on the front foot here as Kevin De Bruyne and Luka Jovic have combined well to play in Raheem Sterling, who is one on one against Rulli......... WHAT A SAVE! it was low to the right and Rulli makes a wonder save to deny the midfielder his second of the match, but it is all Villa at the moment.

'100' Ozturk has just bought down Ramsey, and he has been given a stern telling off. It is Jorginho who places the ball down around 30 yards out, he surely is not going to shoot here, is he! He has and it was only JUST over the bar!
Welbeck scores a goal that was offside, but it WAS allowed!

'104' Villa on the attack here with Jovic, who plays it to Sterling and he wins the corner off Vermaelen. De Bruyne with the corner and gathered safely by Rulli who gives the ball out quickly to Jorginho, who plays it quickly to Ramsey as Arsenal have five on three here, Ramsey to Welbeck, who was SURELY offside! but he has carried on and passed the ball into the net, IT HAS BEEN GIVEN. That is shocking luck for Villa this afternoon, the players are surrounding, they are convinced it was offside!

McGrath is on the pitch! The Arsenal players can not believe the goal has been given! The players are being ushered away, but the atmosphere has turned on its head here as the Ref blows for half time and Arsenal are just fifteen minutes away from the luckiest Trophy of there lives.
You got so unlucky there. Hopefully you can get the lead back before penalties. Penalties suck in this game
ohhh unlucky!! cup finals don't really seem to like you that much.

Cmon Villa!!
Looks like it's not quite Mcgrath's day, he's not going to play is he? ;)


Capital One Cup Match Day

Extra Time Second Half

'105' So Arsenal get us underway in the second half of extra time knowing they could be just 15 minutes away from winning the Capital One Cup. Welbeck loses the ball straight away and De Bruyne is away, he goes past Patric, past Asamoah and plays it into Rondon, who shoots........ Side netting! Villa start with intent!..... Oooh a corner has been given!

'106' The corner is driving in by Gauld, it is headed away by Vermealen as far as Sterling............GOALLLLL, that was PURE MAGIC by Sterling, who hit a wonderful volley from around 16 yards out and Rulli did not move! its 2-2 and back on.
Sterling makes it 2-2

'113' Villa are all over Arsenal in this second half. Chambers on the ball here, plays it to Gauld, who then gives it to Ward-Prowse. He sets off down the middle, Oooh lovely one-two played there with Jovic and he fires the shot goalwards! Its off the bar again! Villa are fighting here.
Swarbrick has had an absolute shocker of a match this season

'115' Ozturk is on a mazy run here, he goes past Ramsey and Jorginho, hes gone over there though, surely that was a dive.......... OH MY WORD, the referee has shown Patric a second yellow card and sent him off! This is again an unbelievable decision, as Ozturk sticks his thumbs up to the defender as he departs, the Arsenal players are surrounding Swarbrick this time and manager Michael Skibbe is furious, but the decision stands and Villa have a big chance now!

'119' Here is Jovic on the half way line, he passes to Rondon who in turn flicks it to Gauld. Ryan Gauld moves past Riley and Salah, he plays a through ball through to Rondon, who has rounded the keeper! Surely Villa are going to win the match here..........................
Has Rondon Scored, find out soon

(Find out in the next update what happened!)
Godammit Jason! These updates are leaving me so hooked in, Rondon better score!
Dude why do you have to keep us hanging like that haha. BTW i'm comment 666 hahaahaha

Capital One Cup Match Day

Extra Time Second Half
Rondon on the floor

'119' (continued) OH MY WORD! (extreme laughter from the commentator where he can hardly talk) Not only has Rondon missed the open goal (more laughter) he has fell over trying to kick the ball. That is going to end up on TV Shows with the what happened next round and my god does he look embarrassed.

'120' The final whistle has gone and this WILL be sorted by a penalty shootout.

Both sides gather around and now you wonder how the manager's will do this, will they tell the players you ARE taking a penalty or will it be Ok then who fancies it. but before we talk more about that, lets talk more about that Rondon miss! It was so, so hilarious because he has scored far harder goals than that but never in a Villa shirt have we seen a miss like that. He was only 3 yards out, had did the hard work and failed the easy bit.

The coin toss has just been done for the first penalties and it will be Arsenal to take the penalty first and they are shooting towards the end where the Arsenal fans are situated.

Jorginho places the ball down, he is looking a little bit nervous.............GOALLL!!!!! Straight down the middle he went and Leno dived to the left, first blood to Arsenal! 1-0 Arsenal

First up for Villa is Luka Jovic, who looks supremely confident. He places the ball down........BOOM!!! You do not save them! he hit it into the top left corner and although Rulli went the right way, he stood no chance. 1-1

Next up for Arsenal is Welshman Aaron Ramsey, he missed a penalty last time that he played against Villa.................GOAL! no doubt there as he hits it into the left corner, giving Leno no chance. 2-1 Arsenal
Ramsey scores for Arsenal

(laughter with the commentators) Salomon (giggles) Rondon steps up now and the Arsenal fans are laughing at him as he places the ball down. What a penalty! he hits it into the bottom right hand corner as Rulli gambled on a straight down the middle shot 2-2

Up next for Arsenal is Danny Welbeck, he is wasting no time here........... OOOOH it has gone in but Leno almost kept it out as he hit it to the left and Leno got a strong left hand to it but it snuck in. 3-2 Arsenal

Ryan Gauld is up next, the ball is placed down and he scores! great penalty straight down the middle 3-3

So six awesome penalties so far and nothing to choose between the two sides as Mohammed Salah steps up here to try and keep Arsenal in it, he places the ball down. Bernd Leno is complaining about the ball not being on the spot and he is asked to replace the ball. The whistle goes..... It is in! in off the bar and Salah is lucky to have got that. 4-3 Arsenal

Next up is Callum Chambers for The Villans, the former Gunner does look nervous, he places the ball down, starts his run up.............SCORED! and boy does he breathe a sign of relief as he smashed it down the middle of the goal. 4-4

So it is FOUR ALL and Ghoulam is walking up to take the penalty but he does not look happy doing it. He places the ball down and walks to start his run up, WOW he is doing one of the longest run ups I have ever seen! He runs up................. SCORES, Arsenal fans go crazy as he ramps them up even more and it is now all on Villa! 5-4 Arsenal

It is Kevin De Bruyne who is making this long walk up now, he has had a great game for Villa but walks up knowing if he misses..............Arsenal win the cup and Villa lose out in a final again. He places the ball down, Rulli is dancing on the line. De Bruyne runs up...............Rulli SAVES!!!!!! It was a brilliant penalty but Rulli somehow got down to his left and kept it out!
De Bruyne misses the final penalty for Villa

Aston Villa players are on there knees and De Bruyne looks inconsolable as Arsenal fans celebrate winning the Capital One Cup!
What a sad ending to several amazing updates. I say you should continue that style for major games as it got me really hooked and wanted more!
ahahah at Rondon, but unlucky, maybe you should just avoid making finals in the future ;)
Unlucky to miss out on a trophy but there is still a lot more to play for this season.
haha at Rondon

Your officials where awful tho unlucky about losing on penalties

(My reaction to Rondon's miss)
BayernAmerica yeah it was a sad ending, but I will deffo do a couple more matches updated like that.

TMO yeah, Rondon really messed up but I will let him off, we def suck in finals don't we haha

Justice Yeah still an awful lot to play for, who knows maybe another cup final will happen.

Cappy Yeah some of the worse officiating I have seen on FM!

Iconic I felt like that too when he missed!

McGrath: We Will Bounce Back
McGrath speaks after defeat

In the wake of the Capital One Cup defeat Aston Villa manager Paul McGrath has praised his players despite losing out in two finals now. The last time Villa played in a final, they were defeated by Tottenham in the Europa League final but the Villa manager said that things will turn for the midlands club. We have done amazingly well to get to the finals that we have gotten to. We were pretty poor in the first half against Arsenal but we was always in the match. I feel for the guys as they and the fans deserve some silverware this season.

I think we will win something this season and we still have not ruled out the Premier League title or the Europa League. We wish we were int he Champions League but we will get on and do what we need to do this season. Next season however, we HAVE to challenge properly for the Premier League title otherwise this golden generation of Villa players will look to move to more successful clubs. We have a decent run of fixtures coming up now with an international break on the horizon too.

We have matches against Queens Park Rangers, Stoke and Wigan which are all very winnable, plus an F.A Cup match against either Swansea or Stoke so if we don't come away unbeaten this month then I will not be happy!

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