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A Venezuelan Adventure

The World Is Not Enough
Started on 26 November 2014 by Walter
Latest Reply on 18 June 2015 by Walter
so much football! :p Great update Walt, I'm hooked like a meth addict now (pun not intended)
Get outta there Arango!
Great update Walt .
Amazing start Walt! As I've always said your writing is quality ;)
Nealão Good to hear!
Zap Now now, the football will come :P I'm sure it wasn't!
Feliks lol why would Arango be in London?
Hashim Thank you
Josh_MU Oh you flatter me :P Good to hear, too, Josh.
hooked already. great start!
Fantastic start
Fantastic update Walter, but then your updates always are of great quality ;)
TodayAtTomorrow Glad you like it:)
mo_123 Thanks
pompeyblue Thank you pompey :P

The Escape Plan

You need to think quickly in situations like these, and sometimes it can lead to poor decision making. I decided I wouldn't just call a random cab and exit out the front door of my home, I'd have to make my way round the back of the house.

Only problem was that was not possible. My home lead straight onto the next and so on. I'd have to find another way out. Luckily, my home was built for these situations and I knew what I had to do next. It was going to be tricky and hard with this suitcase lagging behind me.

Live weather reports were coming from the radio in my living room as I got to the fire place. On the top of the mantle above it there was a statue I'd found on a holiday in the hills of Hong Kong. I jerked it up and then rotated it in a clockwise direction three hundred and sixty degrees.

Twice I had to do that, seeing as though it didn't work the first time. However I remained calm and just set about getting it done. After I had done that a little doorway to the side of the fire place in the wall opened and I entered through that and down the steps.

The door shut behind me and locked immediately. After two minutes of walking I finally entered the secret garage which was kept under ground. I got into the car and started the engine before driving off.

My destination? Heathrow.


Arriving at the airport I had to be as quick as possible. I think this was an appropriate time to use all of my connections to at least try and get through this system as quick as possible.

I arrived at the customs area after buying my ticket to fly to Ecuador. After that I'd get a boat to the Galapagos Islands where I'd have to hide for a few months. I doubt I'd be able to stay very long in one place at a time, at all.

I went up to the security guard next to the customs area and showed him an ID card. He quickly ushered me through a door and in a matter of minutes I was in the winding corridor leading to the plane door. The good thing was it was a private jet.

The rain outside was still horrendous but luckily I was in shelter. It was now just a case of whether the plane would be allowed to fly. I silently hoped that it would and I'd be out of here quicker than ever.
The Galapagos Island sound quite nice, I hear they have good turtles.
I have a feeling he's going to end up in Venezuela, believe it or not
Ecuador? You should check out a Liga de Quito game before you head out to the galapagos and stare at turtles with Neal. Gripping, really loving this so far!
Nealão Indeed they do ;)
Feliks You psychic, you
Zap Nah I'm more an Barcelona SC fan myself :P Thank you for the kind words.


The plane managed to get off the runway and it also managed to survive the huge storm that seemed to have engulfed the hole of the western hemisphere. Even as we glided over the Atlantic thunder, wind and rain seemed to be following us wherever we went and I felt it was only a matter of time before something went wrong. The dark blue of the ocean was underneath us and we were in the midst of a series of big grey clouds.

Other than that, everything went according to plan. I caught no sight of any assassins hot on my tail so for now I was safe. Only for now though. I looked out the window and saw land. I think it'd be French Guyana but it could easily have been Venezuela, too. That'd make it about one o'clock in the afternoon, there. But I was landing in Guayaquil, Ecuador, so it'd still be a few more hours.

Or so I thought.

The plane began to rock and I had to tighten my seatbelt. We continued to bounce up and down in the air before a crack of lightning came out of nowhere and hit the wing of the plane, putting a huge flame on the side of it.

The plane took a huge dip and the dense vegetation of the Amazon rainforest below became all too vivid in my eyesight. That was when the situation became even worse. The pilot clicked a button on the right of his seat and before I could stop him he flew up out of the plane in an ejector seat.

He'd abandoned me. Left me for dead in a plane that was spearheading its way into the deep overgrown branches of the forest. It all came to me in one sudden moment of realisation. The pilot was obviously part of the conspiracy to have me dead. He'd gotten through the system and managed to become my pilot where no one would see me die. Unfortunately for him I planned to die another day, I was too young to go now.

I managed to undo my seatbelt but then I was instantly thrown into the cockpit. I then fought my way back into the pilot's seat and grappled with the controls, desperately trying to soften the inevitable crash landing.

The plane's engines made ominous noises but I was still able to direct it back on course and at least get it flying normally again. Although it was rapidly dropping and I was inside. Now the vines and branches were all too clear, and I think I could even see the startled expression of a Brown Spider Monkey hanging in the canopy of the rainforest as I crashed.


Slowly but surely the man fell onto the ground. Immediately he opened his phone and called the man that was in charge.

"Yeah boss, he's dead for sure."

You are reading "A Venezuelan Adventure".

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