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A Venezuelan Adventure

The World Is Not Enough
Started on 26 November 2014 by Walter
Latest Reply on 18 June 2015 by Walter
Walter's avatar Group Walter
9 yearsEdited

Hello... Again

Hi FM Scout. As you know my last story with FC Porto failed. It was a stupid decision to start it as I knew sooner or later I'd like to play a lower league management save, and that is what I'm doing now. I will sincerely try and stick to this one, as I think that it has the potential to be a really good save. Finally, I am hoping to write an enjoyable story for you guys, but I'm also hoping to create a template for new writers on this site to use as a guide and hopefully that can make for some great future stories!

Who Will I Be Managing?
As if I'd tell you! As is the norm in the Football Manager 2015 Stories section, the identity of my chosen club will not be revealed in the introduction post, nor in the first few posts. The club is a small one that is down in the depths of their country. They've got the basic core of their squad already but I'll still have the opportunity to shake things up and hopefully not stir up any drama.

Also, I'll get the opportunity to add a different storyline other than the usual management of some unknown club in a footballing backwater. It will be interesting in my opinion but the focus will still stay on the manager and the journey.

Who Will Be The Manager?

I'm sorry and I'll admit, I only put this in because, well - it fills space. My manager's identity will also remain a secret, but clues will be dropped here and there in and amongst the first few updates. If you want to have a guess, feel free but if you do know the answer please don't spoil it for me and everyone else as it's part of the fun.


This here will be my index and trophy cabinet. I'll make a big effort to keep this up to date regularly unlike some of my former stories where it's become something of a history book that stops halfway through or just never begins. I'd also like to credit Jay's FM Shit., the Facebook page, for the inspiration of this save. (If that gives it away please don't spoil it for others).

I'd also just like to mention that this first post, and my apology note on my Porto story, are filled with clues as to where I will be managing. It's your chance to try and figure out who'll be the head honcho throughout this adventure!


Index & Trophy Cabinet

This better not suck.
Ermahgerd it's here
This better be good.
Vamos! Andale Andale Andaleeee

Didn't think anyone would start a Venezuelean story, but then Walter goes out the extra mile to prove me wrong, good luck amigo.
Lower League Venezuelan football?! This is right in the dungeons of the game :P Would be cool to see you become a South American journeyman. Not sure what you have planned, but good luck :)
Looks like it is going to be another extremely interesting Walter story. Good LUCK!
Looking forward to see a South American Journey . Good Luck !
2014-11-26 04:06#201348 Neal : This better not suck.
This pretty much.
Woo, another Walter story!
Good luck my friend, I know this won't suck ;).
Nealão I'll try ;)
Feliks 2nd comment glory!
Neal Tallery It will be, hopefully.
Icarus Thank you for the kind words
Paddy I'll be looking to stay at one club for the duration of this save, and bring them to the pinnacle of Venezuelan football, and maybe South American football!
Xander Thank YOU
Hashim South America is very underused on the site!
Neal Josh_MU I'll try :P
pompeyblue At least someone has a bit of faith :P Thanks Pompey!
I really hope this story lasts as it has a lot of potential to be a really interesting save. Good luck Walter!
2014-11-27 11:36#201476 Jamesg237 : I really hope this story lasts as it has a lot of potential to be a really interesting save. Good luck Walter!

Thanks James, I hope this lasts too, I'm sure it will - I've already got quite the story to tell.
Walter's avatar Group Walter
9 yearsEdited

On the Run

It was a rainy day in London, an overcast grey sky blanketed the city and a constant drizzle coupled with the bite of a chilly wind made it all the more an ugly day. Nevertheless a crowd of around ten people stood under a big pine tree, surrounding a three metre long hole in the ground. All the men and women present were dressed in black and there was one man in a long robe reading from what was presumably a bible, as he was leading this "funeral". No one really spoke and they all had their heads titled towards the ground with solemn expressions.

I watched through a tinted window as the group slowly began to walk out of the cemetery and drive back to their homes where they'd sit in front of the fire and try and keep warm on this dire day. That was to be expected, I would've done the same.

But that was everyone except one.

A man of about 6'0" in height and a fairly stocky stature remained behind, just looking at the ground, seemingly stuck in the moment. After realising he was the only one left, he quickly lifted his gaze and walked off tentatively.

He started walking in our direction and his eyes seemed to look directly into mine. "Drive," I instructed the man in the front seat. He quickly sped off and out of the cemetery. My time was up and my cover had been blown. That man knew I was not really dead.

We drove along the wet roads of London and back in to the suburb of Chelsea. The driver stopped right outside my home and I quickly got out while giving him the fare for the ride. Casually I walked up to the front door, unlocked it, and entered. It was empty. But something in me told me that I wasn't alone. I went into my bedroom and grabbed all my possessions. Clothes, money, passport - everything. I needed to get away now.

Once I was done packing I grabbed my suitcase and was about to run out the front door when I realised there was a note lying on my bed. I inched closer towards it, scanning my room for an intruder or someone that was waiting for me to fall in to the trap of picking up the note. I picked it up without harm and read the black scribbled writing.

"Read carefully. This is for your eyes only, I know you're not dead. That is why I will come and make sure that you are. Don't even try and leave."

I read carefully, my gaze locked on the letter. Was this the work of the man from the funeral? Right now, I knew only one thing. I needed to escape, and fast.
Tense start to the story, already hooked!

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