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A Venezuelan Adventure

The World Is Not Enough
Started on 26 November 2014 by Walter
Latest Reply on 18 June 2015 by Walter
It's like a mini-league at the top, but you need to improve drastically to stay on track. Come on HGFC!
Damn, so tough to take! Focus on the highest position that you can get, so you get more money! VAMOS GALLEGA!
As I mentioned earlier, you really must pick things up defensively. Leaking goals like mad. 9 points off of promotion is going to be tough, but I'm sure you can fight your way back!!
Feliks Yup, we're in a league of our own up the top. Unfortunately, we're bottom, so we'll need to pick things up.
Pauker Yeah, although even in first there's not much money lol. VAMOS GALLEGOS!
Neal Yeah yeah shaddap :P Jks, I know that we need to step up at the back, we're going to focus on that in training. Hopefully we can claw back, thanks Neal !!
Walter's avatar Group Walter
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Plan of Attack

It was time to get serious

The time was 9:30pm. The location was Valencia, Venezuela. More specifically, the home of Freddy Robinson, the American tycoon that had sent his men to kill Bond. His residence was large and modern. It was white and the balconies gave it the resemblance of a bee hive.

After doing some research on Freddy Robinson, 007 had found out he was more than just an oil magnate. As a kid he'd been diagnosed with a syndrome that meant his vital organs needed a warm climate to survive, hence why he is based in Florida.

In the business world, however, he is known for his ruthlessness. He gets what he wants, and he'll do anything to keep it that way. Due to his syndrome and fiery personality, he came to been known as 'Mr. Inferno'. At least Bond knew what he was dealing with.

The driveway was guarded my multiple guards holding rifles, as were all the other possible entrances. He couldn't climb up to a balcony because he'd been seen and there was no possible way he could get in, either.

From the bed of trees and plants Bond was hiding in he picked up a rock and scanned the driveway which he was perpendicular to. Bond found what he was looking for: something breakable that would draw attention away. First, though, he jumped down silently on to the driveway and took out one of the guards. The attack was silent and everything continued as normal.

Scouring through the shadows, he aimed his rock and threw it at a glass screen in a small garden outside the house well away from the garage door. The glass shattered and an alarm went off. Bond sat back as all the guards moved towards the shattered glass and used his stolen pass to enter the garage.


The security pass worked and he made his way through the concrete den that was filled with expensive cars and motorcycles. He found the door up to the ground floor and again used the pass to open the door. It seemed he could get everywhere with this thing.

Once 007 assembled at the ground floor he scavenged for Mr. Inferno's personal space - a bedroom, a study, anything. He arrived at the second floor and he scoured the corridors. Being the time it was moving around was not efficient in the dead of night where darkness plagued the home.

At the third floor Bond struck gold. He found a room which resembled a study. There was a mahogany bench in front of a window overlooking the large lake of Valencia. To the right of the entrance there were large bookshelves that were filled and opposite that was a dark blue wall that contained several paintings and ornaments.

On the desk was an empty whisky glass, books, papers and a desk light. Bond listened for the sounds of guards but it appeared they'd brushed the whole incident off as a false alarm.. or they just hadn't made it to the third floor yet.

He flicked on the light and began scrambling through the papers. There were bank invoices, emails, business stuff and loads more. Until he found something that didn't fit.

It looked like a plan. Bond spread it out in front of himself and read it. It was a map of Southern USA all the way to Northern Brazil. It had scribbles and drawings everywhere, with writing on the side. The icing on the cake was the writing on the bottom right hand corner of the map.

Oooh, things are getting very interesting, aren't they? Can't wait to see where this storyline goes next Walt, and as per usual, I'm loving your writing ;)
this is fast becoming one of my favourites on this site keep it up
Time to go to the drop off point, beat the bad guy, and sleep with the beautiful woman!
Drug cartel, gonna use Venezuela and try and make a single republic, like Simon Bolivar try to have South America.
Wonder what's happening here...getting intense!
pompeyblue Thanks pompey, things are speeding along now.
No1VillaFan Thank you for the kind words.
Pauker Drug cartel, yes. Not sure what you mean with Simon Bolivar and that but ok :P
Feliks You'd want that wouldn't you. ;)
Neal They are! *inserts Bond music*

February 2015: Goaldeneye

Goals were no problem in February

After the disappointing performances of January, February was a short month where we could redeem ourselves with maximum points from our three games. We faced three teams which we knew were below us and were beatable, but we could not afford complacency as the promotion race became even closer than ever before.

February Results

You may remember that day at the Polideportivo Misael Delgado when we nearly gifted Minasoro FC back into a game which we lead 5-0. Well funnily enough, we did it again. 5-0 up at half-time this time, Minasoro clawed back on their home court advantage and nearly stole two points. As you may be able to tell I was not happy at all, and let the team know how angry despite getting the three points.

The last time we faced Central Ítalo we were shocked by the score of 2-1. This time there were no such issues and we finally gave a commanding performance without letting a lead slip. Reyes was mighty fine and his encouraging return from injury was maintained in this match with a hat-trick.

To conclude this short month, we faced SC Guaraní, an extremely tough team who I did not expect to get a result against. Fortunately my players proved me wrong, comprehensively. To beat a top side like that 5-2 is a great performance and shows that confidence is high. Doubles from Reyes and Cañas put us on our way.

February Table

We're nearly there. Due to having not played a game we're 7th but have a game in hand and can jump into 4th. Due to Estrella Roja's significantly higher goal difference we'd need at least a seven goal win in our game in hand to even equal it, which is unlikely to happen.

February Player of the Month

Freddy Granados is an assist machine and despite playing wide out on the left, not in his favoured attacking midfield position. Despite being in a position where you can often get isolated Granados still manages to have such an impact.

Takeover Talk

The takeover is still in negotiations and after infiltrating Freddy Robinson's, or Mr. Inferno, residence, I've discovered that he's going to be using Hermandad Gallega as a way to hide his drug money. The bad news is Robinson and Mea Vitali are in the final stages of negotiations so I'll need to pull something out of the hat.
You ain't getting a nice comment off me boy, that pun is a disgrace to this site.
Jesus, the pun tho
I can't believe you made that pun. Atrocious.

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