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A Venezuelan Adventure

The World Is Not Enough
Started on 26 November 2014 by Walter
Latest Reply on 18 June 2015 by Walter
What is it with mystery people targeting managers these days! :O
What Feliks' said
How's this lad just know how to fly a plane at the end there? :P
*Insert comment here*
Feliks ikr :P
Tallery #bandwagoner
Nealão You may be on to something ;)
Justice *Insert reply here*

Into The Wild

As a kid I'd travelled with my parents everywhere before their untimely death. My dad's work meant that I got to see many wonders of the world and also partake in many other activities that a child my age may not normally get to see or do. Things like rock climbing, skiing, hiking, camping, surviving, were all in my nature.

Over the last four days I'd had to put that to use much more than ever. After scouring the wreckage of the plane for anything - food, money, water, I managed to dig out my suitcase and retrieve some possessions. I walked for days on end, using ancient temples as shelter and the sun as my clock and map.

I crossed rivers, climbed trees, made fires and caught animals for almost a week before I finally, finally stumbled across civilization. I came into the town of Puerto Ayacucho, capital of the Amazonas state of Venezuela.

But to ensure I survived even in the urban jungle I needed two things - accommodation and employment. Something I could not find in this small city of only 41,000 people. I needed to find a bigger city with more opportunities. That is why I decided to head to Valencia, Venezuela, who happened to have nearly 800,000 more people.

With the last remains of money I had I rented out an apartment for a month, knowing that I'd need to find a job quickly. After long deliberation I decided that a little help from the outside was needed, even if it wasn't meant to occur.

I rang the number from a public phone across town so I could not be traced, even though they thought I was dead the possibility of being found again was high so I'd have to be alert at all times.

The phone rang twice, three times, before the intended receiver picked up. We had a conversation about organising a shortcut for me to get work somehow. He agreed and I put down the phone.

Two days later I was walking home past a bar. On the window there was a man with a cowboy hat holding a golden gun, and inside there seemed to be a brawl, too, so I decided to quickly evacuate the area.

When I returned to the apartment I found an envelope sitting in my doorway. I opened the door, checked the apartment inside before sitting on my bed and reading what was inside of the envelope. First was a blank white sheet of paper saying: "Here's your shortcut."

I delved further in to the envelope and pulled out a laminated piece of paper that was about A4 size. It seemed to be a license or certificate of some sort. It all made sense once I read the first line of the piece of paper, and where destiny would be taking me.


I laughed a little. A football manager? And I thought my job was stressful!
More great updates Walter, I'm loving the backstory.
Now time to find a club to manage, eh?!
:O nice update
nice update: loving the building of the backstory, and also the mystery surrounding your destination
The manager is Bruce Wayne you heard it here first
pompeyblue Yup, and staying in the job for the foreseeable future.
Justice :O indeed
TodayAtTomorrow Glad you like the backstory, I've tried to minimise it so we can focus on the football but this introduction makes my managerial appointment slightly less... well weird :P
Feliks You're actually on the right track lol

Sorry for the delay in updates. School is still quite busy with post-exam stuff and updates have been slow to come out. From now on they should be a bit more regular, and the next one is biggie (aka you'll find out my manager's identity :P)

What an update, yet again. I'm really damn curious to know who this guy is!!
2014-12-03 11:06#202327 Neal : What an update, yet again. I'm really damn curious to know who this guy is!!

That will all be revealed very, very soon! ;)

Welcome To...

After "attaining" my coaching badges to the highest National Level I decided that I'd need to find a club pretty close by in order to minimise my movement as right now I think settling down in one place for a month or so would be good.

After surveying all my options I found a little club in Valencia, Venezuela that fit my criteria perfectly. Now all I had to do was impress the chairman and notify him of my managerial credentials - or the fake ones that I'd managed to get myself from a certain little friend.

Now I sat in the waiting room of the club's headquarters, only a small office. A man with tanned skin and a dark beard approached me. He called my name and gestured me into the office for the interview.

Kevin Mea Vitali (Chairman): Good afternoon, señor, I've received your application and it is quite impressive. Although you've never been a full head coach before I think your résumé is quite impressive. Is there any particular reason why, one, you're in Venezuela, and two, you wanted to manage us?

Me (Interviewee): Thank you. I am in Venezuela because I needed a change of scenery and I find it quite nice here. I applied for the job because one, it is in close proximity to where I live, it's a club with a fair amount of history but also one that needs that little spark to ignite it on to bigger things.

KVM: Interesting. It also adds here on your resumé that you speak fluent English, German, Spanish and French. You're also a qualified diver and attended Eton College amongst other fine educational institutions. That is quite an impressive past but what could you add on a football scale?

Me: I believe I've had enough playing and coaching experience, as well as many lectures on man management and leadership, to know enough about how to get a squad happy and playing for and with the team. I think that's beneficial if we are going to bring success here.

KVM: If brought in as the manager, we'd require you to lead the team to a safe, mid-table position this season with the aim of just slowly pushing ourselves back up the Venezuelan league structure. Do you think you can do that?

Me: Yes.

KVM: The staff setup here is already pretty good but if you feel the need to adjust it you have the right and any of the staff members will accept mutual terminations of their contracts. The only thing not at the club is a doctor, do you feel the need for one?

Me: A Dr? No. I shall cope fine without one. I don't think I'll need to rearrange too much but I'll have to assess them in a working environment first, if that is ok?

KVM: Great. If you were to get the manager's role at the club, you'd be paid a basic weekly salary of £525 a week. The transfer budget would stand at £50k and the wage budget at £2.5k. Do you believe you could perform as expected with these amounts?

Me: I do.

KVM: Is there anything else you'd like to add that you think I should know? As in what your goals are for the future, where you think you can take this club and any philosophies you have?

Me: I feel as if under me you have a determined, young manager who is adaptable and can lead this club to unexpected heights if given the time. I have no philosophies I wish to be judged on, however, as I feel the freedom of choice will be a good one for me.

The chairman nodded, smiling.

KVM: Consider the job yours, then, Señor - welcome to Hermandad Gallega Fútbol Club!

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