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FM15 Story of the Month

Neal farted. It stinks so bad.
Started on 5 December 2014 by Neal
Latest Reply on 5 October 2015 by tenthreeleader
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Neal's avatar Group Neal
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Story of the Month

And so returns the greatest monthly story competition there ever was, or ever will be; Story of the Month. Celebrating the greatest piece of story-telling of the site each month, this award is bitterly contested between five of the best stories each month, selected by our premier judges. This thread will be used to announce each month's winner and keep their names written in the annals of history.

Winners of this award will be given a special badge, will have their story set to sticky for 2 weeks, and will, most importantly, get bragging rights over his or her friends across the site! Let the games commence!

The Judges

  • Neal
  • Walter
  • Feliks
  • pompeyblue
  • Josh_MU
  • JasonRM
  • Tallery
  • Jamesg237
  • TodayAtTomorrow

Story of the Month Winners

November: Neal's The Laudrup Legacy
December: pompeyblue's The Hawks - Dare To Dream
January: Neal's The Laudrup Legacy
February: Walter's A Venezuelan Adventure
March: Glenn T's Rodgers' Reds: Class is Permanent
April: Tallery's Valencia CF: Aumento De Los Valencianos AND
Xander and Feliks' Portugal's Great Divide
May: Glenn T's Rodgers' Reds: Class is Permanent AND
pompeyblue's Santiago Muñez: The Revival, Return, and Uprising
June: Glenn T's Rodgers' Reds: Class is Permanent AND
pompeyblue's Santiago Muñez: The Revival, Return, and Uprising
July: shylax's Leicester City - Survival Consolidation Glory!

November Story of the Month

At last, we've gotten Story of the Month officially underway, and following the first vote comes the first victor! It was a tense race at the beginning before our eventual champion pulled away, garnering nearly half of the vote, receiving 18 of the 42 votes cast. Having previously won this award during the FM14 season three times with two different stories, this magical author is back at it again.

Neal for The Laudrup Legacy!!!

Congratulations to Neal on his emphatic victory, the first Story of the Month winner of the FM15 season! With December already underway, the pressure is on to see if Neal can defend his title next month or if a new threat can rise to his throne...just keep writing, and that threat could be you!
Well done Neal! You deserved to win!
Congratulations Nealão on being crowned SOTM winner for the first time on FM15! It's a shame the poll was overshadowed by a different one, but I think the most deserving winner came out on top :D
Well done Neal, there was no doubt in my mind, that you would win! ;)
Congratulations indeed, you've always been a deserved contender for the award and here's another one to your collection! The Fergie of FM story writing ;)
Thanks all of you so much! Really means the world to me that you guys think so highly of my story :D
First of all, congrats Neal my friend! The SOTM count ticks on ;)

In other news, we'd like to welcome 5 new judges to the SOTM panel. These 5 members, Tallery, TodayAtTomorrow, Jamesg237, JasonRM and P-KIDDY, will join the panel to create a 10 man panel which will hopefully bring more variety and excitement to the SOTM competition. Congratulations to these 5, and good luck to everyone for the remainder of the SOTM season!
It's funny, because Neal Congratulates himself for winning SOTM :D

Good job buddy, you do deserve it, and welcome to all the new Panelists!
Well this is an unexpected surprise... ;) Well done to everyone nominated and ofc you Neal!


2014 has come and gone, but before we left, we saw a month of brilliant story writing from the entire community. From a group of 12 nominated stories, whittled down to 5, now whittled down to 1. FMScout, here is your winner.

pompeyblue managed to win the vote emphatically, gaining almost half of the 33 votes cast. His exploits with Havant and Waterlooville has been judged the best for December- but can he retain his crown?
Well done Pompey, well deserved, you story has been class this month :)
I would like to say a massive thanks for all the support on my story and helping me to this achievement - you guys are the best! :D

January Story of the Month

With a new year here came a lot of new stories, as three contestants of January's Story of the Month were nominated for the first time in FM15, most notably OllieGrocott, whose new Milan story is actually his first on the site. However, this month it was a household name who reigned supreme...

Neal for The Laudrup Legacy!!!

Neal's solid tally of 11 votes out of the 33 cast in this poll meant he came out on top with a tidy 33.3% of all votes. Congratulations to Neal on collecting his second Story of the Month prize for FM15 and god knows how many he's got overall by now. (He'll have counted, so he can tell you ;) )

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